Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, December 16, 1926, CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS' EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Be It remembered, that Courfty
Court mot in regular session at the
Court House in Heppner, Morrow
County, Oregon, on Wednesday the
1st day of December, 1926, the same
being the regular meeting of said
Court when all officers were present
and the following proceedings were
had, to-wits
The road petition of V. L. Carlson
was read and Emil Grotkopp was ap
pointed viewer to act with regular
viewers and Saturday, Dee. 4, 1928,
was set as date for making survey
and view of proposed road.
The eourt considered the budget as
proposed and continued the same
pending the receipt of the State Tax
from the State Tax Commission.
The following claims were approved
and ordered paid:
C. B. Orai, sealer... ... 8.15
A. J. Chaffee, overseer 100.00
Lydia Ritchie, pension 10.00
Rebecca Knight, pension 25.00
Julia McEntire, pension S2.60
Ida Fletcher, poor 15.0'i
Henry Cramer, poor 25.P0
Harry Archer, poor . 15.00
. Belle Courter, poor 20.00
Mabel Howell, poor 20.00
G. A. Bleakman, Co. Ct. 21.00
L. P. Davidson, Co. Ct. 65.30
R. L. Benge, Co. Ct.. 36.15
J. E. Smith, Co. Ct. 25.00
W. F. Barnett, election 4.00
Leo V. Root, election 6 00
Pac. Tel. A Tel. Co., Cur. Ex. 3S.66
Kilham Sty. Co., sheriff 1.57
Union Oil Co., sheriff 20.00
Vivian Kane, sheriff 115.00
Paul McDuffee, sheriff 115.00
M. D. Clark, Ct. He..... 2.90
Glass-Prudhomme Co., clerk 4.79
Gazette Times, various 156.70
Sam Hughes Co., Ct. Hse 2.05
Heald-Menery Co., Ct. Hse 3.90
H. M. Walker, Supt .. 67.49
W. A. McCarty, juvenile 13.00
Phelps Grocery, poor . 1-15
A. E. Perry, watermaster. 28.22
G. W. Grim, Spl. 1 74.36
C. E. Glasgow, Spl. 1 136.81
Robert Anderson, 14 19.97
Gazette Times, roads . 29.40
B, P. Stone, general 10.50
J. K. Gill Co., general 10.00
J. W. Kirschner, general 90.00
City of Lexington, 11 Sbb.K
C. E. Carlson, 14 ...... 16.50
H. E. Peterson, 9 43.50
Carl Leathers, 20 - 8.36
A. J. Chaffee, general 1.75
Arlington Nat. Bank, roads. .. 252.44
F. A S. Bank, roads 1,100.59
Bank of Tone, roads 499.32
1st National, roads 3,106.62
1st National, market 1,360.21
Bank of lone, market ..... 2,769.00
F. & S. Bank, market 944.60
Gabriel Powder eo., market.... 43.10
F. Shively, market 28.00
The Community Supper
Really Like Chrittmas
inPHBSB community suppers
1 are always stupid 1" declared
a pretty girl to a small group
around her. "I wish we could put
some pep and fun Into this one and
give the people a good time. Some
tiling really like Christmas and not
so dull." .
The others looked dubious and
scratched their heads. "What'U we
dot" they asked.
"I know," declared the pretty
girt. "Just got the Idea. Now
listen everyone: Why not Imitate
the way they used to do In oldeo
times t A minstrel In the gallery,
lota of minstrels I Singing and
playing on horns and things ! Hide
them by screens covered with
greens. Let the people get seated
at the tables, then pipe up with old
songs every one knows. Dress the
minstrels In gay colors. Then have
them come down the stairs sing
ing and playing. Let them wine
among the table. Have jestet
in front joking and making fun. A
real old English cuntom. It wffl
help a lot and give the diners a
good time. ,
"And," added another, fired with
enthusiasm, "red candles on the
tables, wreaths at all the windows,
waitresses with red ribbons about
their heads and a sprig of holly
tucked over one ear."
"Not to mention," laughed
third, "a dinner of roast turkey,
cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes,
rolls, coffee and mince pie!"
"Kliht-o!" said the rest.
And so It was done. The very
merriest community supper that
was ever given In that town. Pa
tience Eden.
(A. ICS, VfMUra Hawap&ptr Unloa.
Sing Heigh-Hol Unto
the Chriitmas Holly
NOTHING quite so typifies the
spirit of Christmas as a bough
of beautiful, glistening follaged and
scarlet-berried holly. Holly seems
the quintessence of Yule and
should, and generally does, oceuigr
the place of honor In Christmas
There are states where the holly
Isn't to be found In great abun
dance. In some sections of the
South a limited supply must be
made to serve the purpose. For
profuse decorations other greens
fashioned from sprays of Irish yew
whose fan-like and lacy foliage Is
ideal for "this use; and, to There ;
are the beautiful, waxy leaves :
from the magnolia as well ss cedar.
But the holly bough, of course, :
of all Christmas green Is the love-
llest and most popular, not only !
here but In other lands, snd In !
Frame, In particular, as Brittany
grows it In quantities. The holly
is of slow growth and propagated
by seed which do not germinate un
til the second year. We think of
holly berries always as being red,
but some kinds bear yellow fruit,
some white, and some others
The holly has a commercial
value that Isn't generally known.
ta even-grained and hard wood Is
Ivory white sk.1 Is used for Inlay
ing and as an ebony substitute for
teapot handles and other articles,
when stained. The leaves are used
In medicine. Frances Marshall
Morgan. '
((5. 1111. WMtira !wr UaUa.)
Eat It by the Ton
Twelve hundred tons of plum
pudding are consumed In London
at Christmas.
Start Day Early
In Finland it is a custom to at
tend church services at Ave o'clock
on Christmas morning.
Case Furniture Company
assmi mas
Mine's In!
I Is Yours? I
bMMi, Loaiagt . Use i
Farmers & Stockgrowers National
Heppner Bank Oron
After a whole year of waiting the holidays are
here so eat, drink and be merry.
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tables and unusual activity in the kitchen because
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I?!!! . . i bb! , . .asBgBsssgsBssaBssg , nTTTTrS ."':',... " r2E " I T5SSSIS5IZI2SIS5!ISSSIIISIIISISZSSr j
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