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procreation of the range or in ben
efit to the forest in the prevention of
lot by fires or otherwise orer the
old system. The disadvantage is all
to the sheepman.
President Thompson in comment
ing on statements of Mr. Cleveland
thought his estimates were very con
servative; his experiences would lead
him to believe that the figures should
be raised materially.
This view was also taken by J. B.
Buddleston of Lone Rock. Mr. Hud
dleston also called attention to the
serious question of getting herders
under this system, stating that it was
next to impossible now to get good
men to accept such work, as they
were strongly opposed to the propo
sition of lying out of nights; such
men as he was able to get would
agree to stay with the sheep on the
bedding out proposition, but his ex
perience proved that they did not do
so, and the sheep were left alone.
He felt that the estimate of tost as
given by Mr. Cleveland was very con
servative. Furthermore, Mr. Hud
dleston was right after the proposi
tion of getting rid of this ruling
and would help all he could in that
Grant Harar of Long Creek also
gave his indorsement to what had
been said.
George Sperry, for more than for
ty years extensively engaged in the
sheep game in both Oregon and
Wyoming, and many seasons helped
in trailing of sheep to the eastern
markets, added his testimony regard
ing the proper handling of sheep in
bedding, and plainly showed where
the present system was wrong.
Feeling that the association here
should go on record in a proper way,
President Thompson appointed the
following as a committee on resolu
tions: W. H. Cleveland, J. B. Hud-
dleston, F. Wilkenson, E. 0. Neill
Geo. Krebs and W. P. Mahoney. Act
ing with them were Attorney Bryson
of Walla Wall aand Attorney C. L.
Sweek of Heppner. This committee
got busy at once and brought in.
their report, which was unanimously
accepted, as. follows:
Whereas, the Umatilla Permittees
association, in special session nssem
bled, has gone on record unanimously
opposed to the Forestry regulation
of compulsory one-night bedding of
sheep in the National Forests, and
Whereas, the Wenaha Woolgrowers
association now has appealed to the
Secretary of Agriculture the wisdom
of enforcing said rule in the National
Now, Therefore, be it unanimously
resolved by this association that we
heartily join the Wenaha Woolgrow
ers in their appeal, and that we com
demn as impractical, excessively ex
pensive in application, resulting ii
heavier range losses and of no benefit
in conservation of any natural re
sources, the one night bedding sys
tem. (Signed) W. H. Cleveland, chair
man; J. B. Huddleston, F. Wilken
son, E. 0. Neill, Geo. Krebs, W. P.
Mahoney, resolutions committee.
Following the report of the 'com
mittee the question of financial as
sistance in the matter of the appeal
wa3 taken up. to which the stockmen
present readily responded, and around
$300 was subscribed and paid in for
this purpose, to be used as needed.
The sentiment was also express :d
that the help of tho Oregon Wool
growers association would be much
appreciated in this move of the sheep
men for relief from the ruling re
quiring one night bedding, and they
will likely be asked to co-op- rate at
the coming annual meeting of the
association in January.
Irwin-Hodson Co, General.... 46.25
Latourell Auto Co, General 6S2.25
Thomson Bros., General 1.85
B. P. Stone, General 50
City of lone. No. 10 297.50
Bark of lone, Roads 264.79
W. U McCaleb, Gneeral 11.40
Tum-A-Lum Lbr. Co., Gen- .. 50.00
Gilliam A Bisbee. General .. 27.24
Peoples Hdwe. Co., General 7.5S
F. Shively, General . 38.55
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voice so strange and hollow that he
did not recognize it as his own.
The figure drew nearer the house.
"I'm OUie Baxter. For goodness'
sake. Horace, don't tell me you've for
gotten your only brother-in-law. I "
"Go away! You're dead!"
"You come down here and let me
in," cried the other. "I'll darned soon
show you I'm not dead."
Mr. Gooch was now convinced. It
was Oliver Baxter and ha was very
much alive.
"Well, what do you want?"
"I want to come in and spend the
nig-ht with you, that's what I want."
Presently the two were seated in
Gooch's warm kitchen.
'Now," demanded Mr. Gooch,
"where have you been all this time?"
Mr. Baxter stretched out his wrin
kled legs, and filled his pipe and lit
it, all the while keeping his keen lit-
te eyes on his brother-in-law.
'Well, sir," he began presently;
"I hunted this country over before I
found her. She remembered every
thing. It took me nearly two weeks
to get her to admit that she lied,
and I guess she wouldn't have done
it if I hadn't offered her a hundred
dollars to tell the truth."
Are you talking about the gypsy
who' told his fortune?" inquired Mr.
Gooch, comprehending suddenly.
les. Queen Marguerite. I finally
got her to confess that .everything
she said was false. Oliver am t go
ing to be hung any more than you or
I. All spite work, she says. Got mad
at all of us."
"So that's what you've been up to,
you blamed old idiot," exclaimed
Gooch. "Letting us all think that you
were dead! That reminds me I was
just wondering whose body it is, since
it cant possibly be yours. The one
they found in the swamp yesterday,
I mean."
Mr. Baxter inquired with sudden
interest: "In the swamp, eh? Out
in one of the pools? Why, it must be
Tom Sharp's body. Tom Sharp was
killed with an ax right out there on
the edge of the swamp thirty years
ago. He was killed by a gypsy Say.
Horace, if they think that body is
mine, who is supposed to have killed
Mr. Gooch experienced a strange
and unsuspected softening of the
"A man that used to work around
your place," said he, after a moment's
Silence fell between them. Mr. Bax
ter was thinking profoundly, his brow
wrinkled, his eyes fixed on on of his
bony hands.
"Just so it wasn't Oliver," he aaid
at last, swallowing hard. He had re
moved the gaudy muffler. His Ad
am's apple rose and fell twice con
vulsively. "I'd hat to have people
think he did it."
"Don't worry about that," said Mr.
Gooch brusquely. "Get along to bed
To the Editor:
I wish to make a frank statement
through your paper regarding the
comedy that appeared at the Star the
ater last Sunday night.
With regard to the charcater of the
play be it said that as it was put on it
was exceptionally clean. It was very
much more so than the advertising
might indicate. Our objection was
based upon having known a play.
film, bearing the same name, "The
Girl From Colorado," given some
years ago, and was forbidden in the
city of Salem, to be repeated the sec
ond night. We are glad to know that
the comedy in question was far from
being identical in character with the
film. An appended statement to the
petition, eliminating all reference to
the character of the play, though af
ter it had been presented to the
churches of the city, was given over
my signature, and that should have
been noted by the spokesman for the
What was emphasized in the peti
tion, was the request for Sunday clos
ing. Ihis, the church organizations
did express themselves upon, either
orally or in writing. It will be a sad
day for Heppner, or any other town,
when there is not in it a class of
people who feel it necessary and prof
itable to hold some time sacred for
associations and study for .the deeper
life. Whatever liberties men may
take, there is not a mother's child
in town that does not know that an
utter disregard for the Sabbath is de
moralizing, and few men ever get far
enough from their childhood to be
rid of a sense of shame for its dese
cration. The spokesman of the occasion was
very assertive in his appeal to the
audience, to demand their rights as
American citizens, referring to the
matter of Sunday shows. The asser
tion was of course made upon the fact
(to our everlasting disgrace) that we
have no state Sunday closing law.
Would he say that because we have
no such statute we therefore have in
Oregon no Christian Sabbath? Dare
any man say that there does not exist
in the hearts of a multitude a pro
found regard for the sacred day?
Where does real law abide? On in
flammable paper, or in the life of the
people? It' is no mark of gentleman
ness to tramp upon the conscience
and practice of the men who, with
their toil, their blood and their Chris
tian ideals have laid the foundations
of our honored State.
The statement of "rights as Amer
ican citizens," needs analysis. No
man has a right to breathe upon an
American audience unmodified state
ments of "liberty." When the acid
test is applied some things that sound
well in oratory, may in the analysis
bear color of Hnarchy, bolshevism, or
treason. Dar anyone deny that the
Sabbath as a day of rest and wroship
is on of the foundation stones up
on which tho Republic was estab
lished? Where are th people who have
made no place, (or jarred it out of
its place) a time in which to give
concentrated thought to th moral
and spiritual interest! of life? Whcr
is France today for her infidel at
tempt to alienate herself from Sab
bath keeping? Ask the doughboys
who waded their mud and bled for
them. "Lord God of hosts, be with
us yet, lest wt forget, lest w for
get." E. C. ALF0RD,
Pastor Community Methodist Church.
The Girl From Colorado.
She has com and gone. Her pas
sage across the amusement firma
ment was not particularly spectac
ular, though possessing many attri
butes of a celestial visitor.
She entered Morrow County'i sys
tem via lone, where she was greeted
with great acclaim on the 12th, made
a twenty-four hour turn about the
county seat on the 13th and vanished
on her outward journey through Lex
ington on the 14th.
Like comets of old she was regard
ed by the superstitious and uninform
ed as probably possessing Satanic
characteristics, but like all imaginary
bugbears, in the light of experience,
she proved to be only what she was
Her Heppner visit promised to b a
little disconcerting for a short per
iod, probably because of her choos
ing an unlucky date like th 13th for
her perihelion demonstration.
If her orbit proves elliptic and her
gossamer does not become too atten
uated, ah may visit us again some
day. If not, we doubt if many years
of travel will furnish her with a
more select audience of the same size.
Th vaudeville between acta wi
enthusiastically applauded.
Manager, Star Theater.
Apples Aplenty For
The School Children
'Say It with flowers" is a some
what popular slogan and one that
w see published a great deal. This
conveys too much the Idea, however,
that some little attention la to be
paid to on after the scenea of this
life have passed. "Say it with apples"
at Christmas time is mors appro
priate. Santa Claus has left an
abundance of fine Hood River apples
at the atore of Case Furniture com
pany, and Mr. Case has authorized
us to state that this Christmas sea
son he is going to pass some of these
along to th children of th county.
Mr. Case will furnish, free, to all
public school teachers and all com
mittees of the Sunday schools of the
county who are putting on treats for
their pupils, sufficient fine apples to
add to their treat, and there could
be no more appropriate item on th
"bill of fare" than a supply of these
excellent Hood River apples. Figur
out your needs and call on Mr. Case.
5 v . .
A Child Can
Feed Your
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R. E. Shurte, Sheriff 66.00
L. P. Davidson, County Court 24.00
G. A. Bleakman, County Court 21.00
J. J. Wells, Assessor 41.48
A. H. Johnston, Poor 100.00
M. A, Frye, Court House 2.13
C. E. Hunt Co., Cur. Ex. 8.78
Pac. Teh C,o. Cur. Ex 30.72
Irwin-Hodson, Office 23.23
Remington Type. Co., Assess. 1.58
Geo. McDuffee, Various 42.15
Gazette Times, Various 97.50
Glass-Prudhomme, Various 110.65
Sam Hughes Co., Ct. House .. 1.35
C. A. Miller, Court House . 3.44
Gets It Mfg. Co., Court House . 1.25
Heppner Light Co Ct. Hse. 68.65
, Phelps Grocery Co., Poor .... 7.00
Wm. Wilson, Poor -.. 20.00
D. A. Wilson, Jail 28.60
Humphreys Drug Co., Jail .... 9.48
Matt Hughes, Refund 17.73
Rostein 4 Greenbaum, Fee
ble Minded 62.25
J. K. Gill Co., Library 13.81
Gilliam & Bisbee, Court Hse. 26.55
H. M. Walker, Bupt 123.30
Case Furniture Co., Poor .. 92.60
W. L. McCaleb, I-G 22.62
Bert Mason, 1-G 7.20
Gabriel Powder Co., I-G . 26.68
H -Cooper Cor., I-G 488.16
W. F. Haberlach, I-G . 11.25
Tum-A-Lum Lbr. Co., I-G 33.10
W. L. McCaleb, I-G 77.10
F. Engelman, I-G ..... 15.90
K. L. Beach, I-G 42.95
Tum-Lum Lbr. Co., I-G 93.40
Gilliam 4 Bisbee, I-G 15.66
First National Bank, I-G 2,763.66
Tum-Lum Lbr. Co, 1-G 57.05
F. A B. Bank, J-G 287.88
Bank of lone, I-G - 660.91
F. E. Parker, Mo. 19 61.90
C. E. Glasgow, No. 1 . 106.79
John Osteen, Br. 16 151.76
W. L. McCaleb, Salary 166.68
H. McDuffee, Stingle - 86.00
J. W. Kirschner, Stingl 116.00
E. Bucknum, Stingle 9.00
Wm. Bucknum, Stingle 8.00
First National Bank, Roads.... 3,006.83
W. O. Bayleas, Roads 84.80
Ion Independent, Lena-Vincent
Daily Bond News, Lena-Vin-
Tum-Lum Lbr. Co., No. 6
City of Heppner, No. 12
f, A 8. Bank, Koads
Heppner Elev. Co., Gen
Le Blocum, General
with our prepared feeds. They require no
mixing. When you buy them from us you
get the pure undiluted article that nour
ishes. If you want healthy poultry use
"O.K." prepared poultry feeds.
Brown Warehouse Co.
Phones: Warehouse 643, Residence 644
Not being able to carry a credit system I
I am forced to return to a strictly CASH
basis. Make your money count; I offer
you good reductions for the cash, which
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Vases, Cutlery
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useful gifts
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General Hardware
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Til Christmas
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Open Evenings
Till Christmas
I. O. O. P. Bldg.
' Heppner, Ore.
Star Theater
"NIP 0' SCOTCH," two reel comedy, and
Sixth Episode of "RIDDLE RIDER"
An enjoyble, thrilling and live-wire program
Jacqueline Logan, Malcolm MacGregor, in
From Maud Radford ' Warren's famous
novel. An up-to-date picture you should see.
SUNDAY and MONDAY, Dec. 20 and 21
Lon Chaney, Norma Shearer and John
Gilbert. in ,
Seldom does the screen echo the heartbeat of human
ity, its tears-, its joys, its laughter, as dsoe this
It will capture your heart. It is unquestionably one
of the most gripping stories ever filmed. Don't miss it;
it's showing two days. Children 20c, Adults 40c.
TUES. and WEDS., Dec. 22 and 23:
Lois Wilson and Warner Baxter in
A masterpiece of mirth which proves that
hilarity begins at home. A story of how to
stay married.
Also Reginald Denny in "DON COYOTE,"
Tom 'Mix in DICK TURPIN.
Willard Louis in The Man Without a Conscience.
Special cast in STOP FLIRTING. .
Raymond Griffith in THE NIGHT CLUB.
Every picture mentioned in this ad is a good
one. There may be differences of opinion
as to which is the best, but that is a good
thing. If we all thought alike life would not
be worth living.