Heppner weekly gazette. (Heppner, Umatilla County, Or.) 1883-1890, July 17, 1890, Image 3

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THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1890.
Union Pacific Railway-Local Card.
No. 31, miztfl. leavfw H?piiner 7:45 a. m.
No. 3?, " arrive ' Saw p. m.. daily
excnpt Huucbiy.
8tntre leaves for Canyon City daily,
exce) t Sunday, at 6 :30 a. m.
Arrives daily, except Sunday, at
5:00 p. m.
There i? Having of 16 bonrs in time
and 81' ip canh by taking this route tu
0. W. Li.mlar fc C( ., 4'2'., Fifth St.,
f "tlapil, Or., are mi' '.orized to make
a--tiHjiik contracts for the Gazette.
They will ajs make orllectifu8 for this
Job printing :u Pendleton prices at
the (jazktte oflice.
A tine line of gold enH, pencils, etc.,
at E. J, Klocum's drug store.
Mat. I.iihtenthal will open your eyes
in prices of his boots and shoes. You
can buy them no cheaper in 1'ortland.
The Newton wauon, hacks and other
vehicles, the largest stock in Heppner,
can be found at (iiliiam & Bisljee'a. Call
on them.
Before purchasing your house furnish
ings, call on Gilliam & liisbee. The) also
do tin-roofing at the lowest figures.
The SI Buckingham Sc. Ileoht, men's
shoe will not rip. Best in the market
for the pnoe. Buy them at M. Lichten
thal's. Gilliam & Bisbee have added a stock
of tine machine oils. Remember them
when you Deed anything in this line.
Go to Mat. Lichteuthal's for the Lud
low lailies' shoes. Every pair warranted.
Also "Fargo" $2.51) ladies' kid shoe.
The best shoe for the money in the mar
ket. o vou want some dried venison? Go
to J. VV. Matlock & Co.'s grocery store
for it, and everything else in their lines.
The iiiohI complete stock of groceries in
Coftim k McFarland have made a lib
eral offer in presenting customers with
a beatiful bound volume for every $25
worth of goods purchased iu the Line of
dry goods, hoots, shoes, etc.
Roberts & Simons are prepared to re
pair broken agricultural machinery, shoe
your horse, and in fact there is nothing
in the blacksmith) rig line that they are
oot able to do.
The Standard Mower, for sale by Gil
liam & Bisbee, has all the latest improve
ments front out, aud is arranged for
cutting over either rouhor level ground.
Their "six-foot" mower is guaranteed to
run as light as any ''three-fujut" machine
in the market
Don't stink your house up with com
mon sulphur matches, but supply your
self with Barber's Odorless Parlor
Matches. Wilt not take your breath
away to inhale the smoke. For sale by
Leezer & Thompson.
Net oasli buys its value in goods Bny
where, but different merchants have dif
ferent amounts to oiler for a oertaiu sum
of money. For full value in groceries
and all kind of supplies go to J. W. Mat
lock & Co., Heppner, near skatintr rink.
All varieties of canned goods on hand.
Bananas at the "Model."
Ice cream at the "Model."
Fresh candies just in, the choicest
stook in Heppner.
The "Model" can furnish parties with
ice in small quantities.
The "Estaella," "Dirago Club" and
other tine cigars always in stock at the
All kinds of soft drinks at the "Model."
Try their soda aud sarsapaiilla.
In fact the "Model" is the only cigar,
tobacco and ooufeotionary store in town.
They make a speoialty in these lines.
Tub Best Remedy. Wright's Para
gon Headache Remedy for uead'iehe and
neuralgia. Harmless, tasteless, no bad
effects. Stops pain in five minutes.
Hold by A D. Johnson.
A SrrMMKR Friknd Wright's Black
berry Cordial. Once used always used.
Reliable and prompt. Pleasant to take.
Indiauensible for summer troubles.
Bold by A. D. Johnson.
Are you married? It not, send your
address with stamp, to the American
Corresponding Club, P. O. B" 043,
Clark ibum, W. Va. 37u-4'22
Weight's Jamaica Ginger Strictly
Pure. An excellent remedy for cramps,
colic and where a tonio for the stomach
is required. Sold by A. D. Johnson.
Children and grown folks like the
fruit chewing gum which is kept at the
"Model." Ask for it. "7.
Mrs. Otis Patterson, at the "Model,"
has ioe for sale in large or small quanti
ties. Fresh roasted peanuts at the "Mod
el. The "Model" has new potatoes and
ci(ubage. 77.
Strawberries by quantity or dish at
the "Model." "7.
ENCE. Chicago, Nov. 13th.
Mr. Wisdom: Dear Sir: I beg to
thank you for the delightful and refresh
ing "Robertine" you so kindly sent me.
I have used the toilet preparations of
the most celebrated manufacturers of
Loudon and Paris, but consider your
liobertine" the superior in point of
puritv aud excellence. Wishing you the
unbounded success which vou deserve, I
remain. Faithfully yours.
May 2'J, '!!. Emma Abbott
Taken up, on May 8, by the subscriber,
Wing on Rea creek, 12 miles from Hepp
ner, one roan gelding, nine or ten years
old weight 800 pounds; branded Hon
left shoulder. Left stifle, 91 ; right shoul
der horizontal H with H above and bar
iwitkhali orcleoverit, below, lhe owner
man bav-s the Baroe by proving ownership
atud paving tuecnarges.
J. A. Fristok.
nntm in an issue of the Cen
tki for advertising purposes oosts
-o,i iu Harpers ou. a. yen.i.
advert it
emit in one column ol iuo
" vrihiine costs 826,554 for the
Chicago a 1300OO for the highest prvo
lowest and These figures will doubt
ed columns. t fo mea wuo jnVest
less be of inte. . anJ nutter theru
two or three do .extensive advertis
selves that they i. frequently ask
ers, and to those aiot be printed
whv country papers
as cheaply as eity paj '
i- oil "ho realize
It will be gratifying to all . . , ,
the vital necessity o purity.n , MK
i ... tl.ut Hibbard s r . . . .
TO ivuow " " PIOOU
Svrupcanbe reiieu -
medicine. Mr. B. C. Robmson, of
l.oll Mich., savs
- ,, :t(.,
Gextlkmkx:-I have suffered in lei ,
lv billiousuess aud rheumatism lor ov.
three years, anu i Tr., Hearing i
a i 3 -i .i an ill nil v icui i
edies that 1 nan lost ... r ,,:.
1; .,.,.1 tridtlPVS tO
my uri "
tii.n and done more io p....-.- j
than auvtuing j
-1 have ever !
..in.-n.i recommend it as a
wl medicine. Very truly yours.
" I l . .lTVt,l
of Hibbard s Rheumatic davlight trip through the beautiful uacne "'.' wuC.,
a bole and found it helped me. I t , "a, a Enabling passengers to view : grim death in the person of a 900 pound
nsed four bottles, and it has restored :f t Jlbe Snake j be fastening his grip obout them.
hlood River.
1). V . I V - - '
Marshall, Mich.
Here and There.
Arthur f'offio of Arlington is in the
city to-daj.
Mrs. Emma Plants, of Milton, is visting
her sister, Mrs. S. P. Garrigues, iu this
Sam Creeson left this week for Pen
dleton, where he will spend the summer
iu the harvest field.
Mrs. C. L. Andrews went to Albany,
Or., on last Monday morning, where she
will spend the summer.
Henry M. Stanley, the African explorer,
was married to Miss Dorothy Tnnant,
at London, on July 12.
Theo. Danner, the photographer, took
an excellent picture of Heppner Band
on last ftuuday evening.
Geo. Gray and family left on Monday's
train for The Dalles, where they will re
main a short time visiting relatives and
Rev. A. Horn, German Lutheran min
ister, will hold service in the school
house, Heppner. on Sundav. July 2i). at
11 o'clock a. m.
J. C. Roberts and Oscar Borg received
their uniforms Tuesday morning. Hepp
ner Cornet Band now has eighteen
men and all uniformed.
W. H. Crowlev, of Loog Creek, was
in town several days this week. The
shop acknowledges a pleasant call from
the young gentleman.
Uncle Jack Morrow returned from
Chicago on Saturday evening, where he
has been attending a meeting of the
World s r air commissioners.
Anyone wanting a sewing machine
should oall on Mrs. Patterson at the
"Model". She has a bran new one for
sale very cheap. Call and see it
The residence of J. W. Bosworth at
Waitsburg, Wash., was burned to the
ground last Thursday, with nearly all its
contents. Loss 82,000; insurance, $1,000.
Senator Blackman returned from San
Francisco last Monday evening. He left
Mrs. Blackmail and the children there,
where they will spend the remainder of
the summer.
The death of General Fremont is an
nounced. He departed this life on Sun
day afternoon, in New York city, after a
short illness, of peritonitis. His age was
about 78 years.
All person whose accounts at Leezer
& Thompson's are due are requested to
call and settle the same without delay as
we are needing money and must have:
it, so don't procrastinate.
In our item about the fishing party
last week, we forgot to mention the name
of Dr. B. F. Vaughan, who should bav
come in for a share of the honors. We
are sorry Doc, for it was unintentional.
Col. T. A. Houghton, of The Dalles,
paid Heppner and Co. E, 3rd Reg.,
O. N. G., a visitit on Monday evemug.
Co. E. was complimented by the Col. for
their good attendance on drill that even
W. A. Johnston, of the firm of Johnston
& Sloan, this week sold his share in
the business to T. K. Howard. The
business will be continued at the old
stand by Howard & Sloan.
A. R. Hopkins, of Spokane Falls was
in the city for several days of
thi9 week. He is a printer by trade, but
at present is looking for a location to
start a newspaper. This office acknow
ledges a pleasant call from him.
Geo. Monroe, or Jpeg leg" as be is
more oominouly called, was arrested
and pnt in the "cooler" Monday night
for drunk and disorderly. Tuesday
moruing he was brought before the re
corder, who agreed to let him off on a
promise that he would leave the town,
which he did immediately.
While the people of the Eastern
states are suffering from the extreme
heat we, of Eastern Oregon are enjoy
ing mild summer weather. It isa little
too warm perhaps in the middle of the
day for oomfort, but no sunstrokes have
been reported yet and the nights are
cool enough for a person to sleep com
fortably under two pair of blankets.
Prof. Leon's athletic and Novelty Show
arrived iu town yesturc'ay evening and
gave an exhibition of feats if strengib,
boxing etc. This is a good show e d
ever thing was done exactly as adverti (L
They show again this evening and one . i
the features will be a glove contest by
local sports. Those who did not see the
show last night should attend this even
The little four year old son of George
Kidder w as badly burned on Saturday
evening, ilia clothing was ignited Irom
firecrackers, and before help reached
one side was enveloped in llamas. B.
C. Kidder was first tu reach the little
fellow and his bauds were badly burned
teariug off the burning clothes. The
sufferers are getting along as well as
could be expected under the oircum
stanoes. Pendleton Tribune.
Yesterday evening we were shown
seme samples ot oats and wheat
by Jas. Roberts that beat anything we
have seen in Morrow county thus far.
They were from the ranch of T. J. Mat
lock. The osts, of which Mr- Matlock
has 70 acres, is 5 ft. 4 inches high, and
well headed. The wheat is 4 ft. 2 inches
high and Btands very even iu a field of
40 acres, aud will no doubt mak a heavy
yield as the beads are larse and well
A Good Showing. The following is a
statement of the amount of mouey paid
out of the treasury of Morrow county,
for the last four years, which is a good
showing for the oonnty: Paid state tax
es, S30.278.08; paid on county warrants
and interest 872.308 11; paid out for
schools. $32,974.90; total amount paid
out, 124,501.09.
Which people in run down state of
health derive from Hood's Sarsaparilla,
conclusively proves that this medicine
"makes the weak stroug." It does not
act like a stimulent, imparting ficticious
strength, but Hood's Sarsaparilla builds
j up in a perfectly natural way an cne
I weakeued parts, purifies the blood, and
assists to healthy action those important
organs, he kidneys and liver.
No SccH Troirle at Ocr House.
Exchange: Go stand where I have
stood, go feel what I have felt, eat olam
mv half cooked food, and fish and eggs
that smelt. Go and take what I have
took, go bear what I have borne, throw
teaoups at the cook and swear as I have
sworn. Go live on juiceless steak, and
soggv bread half baked; at midnight lie
awake and ache as 1 have ached. Go
gnaw with all your might on tough
doughnnts and pies, and stop before each
breath to piok ont hair and flies. Go do
as I have done make of yourself a fool,
by winning as I won, a girl from a cook
ing school.
For Sale. Furniture and undertak
ing business in Heppner. Business
worth from S2300 to $3000 a year. Will
sell stook and carriage for cost and trans
fer lease. My sole reason for offering to
sell this business is that my health is
poor and I am obliged to chsng olim ate
or have recreation. Call on or address
C. M. Mallory, Heppner, Or. 82 2t
Ob Tuesday, July 29th, low rates will
I be in effect for the round trip between
t'oion Pacific points ana kalt Dake City,
ivi all an opportunity of visiting the
stropolis of Utah and indulging
" - . - . i.
rater swim at the !
in tne or a 9811 w
celebrated Itarafia
Beaeh- uiacking a
.i .formation cau be obtained upon
application to ny
ticket agent Union
j Pacific System.
T. W. Lee, i
'1 Pass. Agent, i
a heaituy ' Their cries struen terror to the tiaart ot
etmlpd time or
No Good. We had begun to think
that Heppner was going to have a rest
from Bnide shows and entertainmeuts for
one season at least, but we have been
dissappointed oi that line ouce more.
The McKanlass minstrels were advertised
to show here on last Saturday evening,
and a large audience greeted tbem at
the hall, expecting of course to see a
first class entertainment, but were badly
fooled as it turned out to be only a second-class
nigger show. Their jokes,
songs and dancing were all old, not a
now feature being introduced. Everv
one in the audience left the hall at the
close of the entertainment very
much dissapp iuted and no less
disgusted. A Suud.-iy afternoon ooncert
was announced but no one attended, so
they turned the concert iuto a rehersal.
Should that company see fit to come
back to Heppner again, they will have
to show to empty seats if they show at
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
you satisfactory results, or in ease of
failure a return of purchase price. On
this safe plan you can bu from our ad
vertised Druggist a bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. It
is guaranteed to bring relief iu every ease.
when used for any affection of lhroat,
Luugs or Chest, such as Consumption,
Inflammation of Lungs Bronchitis, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc., etc.
It is pleasant and agreeabe to taste, per
fectly safe, and can always be depended
upon. Trial bottles free at A. 1). John
son & Go's Drugstore. 1.
Accidentally Shot. Frank Cunning
ham, aged 17, son of J. H. Cunningham,
of Castle Rook, accidentally shot him
self last Thursday. He hud charge of a
band of sheep iu the mountains, aud
was carelessly whirling a six-shooter,
which was discharged, the bullet enter
ing the left leg about four inches above
the knee and ranging upwards. After
the accident the boy walked about two
miles to the cabin, where he got a horse
and rode as far aa D. A. Hamilton's
place, when he became exhausted. Mr.
Hamilton hitched up his team and
brought the young man on to town, and
medical assistance was procured. The
boy is getting along nicely at present,
but the physicians have not been able as
yet to looate the ball.
Read the hospital reports, read the
medical puplioations, read the daily
newspapers, and learn how wide-spread
is heart disease, how diffioult of detect
ion it is to most people, bow many and
how sudden are the deaths it causes.
Then read Dr. Flint's Treatise on Heart
Disease, and learn what it is, what cau
es it, what diseases it gives rise to, what
its symptoms are, and how it may be at
tacked. If you find that you have heart
disease, ask your druggist for a bottle
of Dr. Flint's Remedy. The treating
may be had on application to Mack Drug
Co., N. Y.
The Pendleton people are over $200
short on their celebration expenses.
The shortage will be made up by sub-
csription, or otherwise it will have to be
paid by the committee ot arrangements.
The great appetizer, tonio and liver reg
ulator. In use lor more than oo years in
England. Posititive specific for liver
oompl'iint. Bad taste in the mouth on
arising in the morning, dull pains in the
bead and back of the eyes, tired feeling,
dizziness, languor svmptoms of liver
complaiut. Remedy Dr. Henley's Eng
lish Dandelion Tonic. Relieves consti
pation, sharpens the appetite aud tones
u.j the entire system. Get the genuine
trom your druggist for $1, and take ac
cording to directions. 74-426.
From the Eagle:
Wm. Hughes and Albert Matteson, of
Heppner, are euioving a recreation at
the McDuffee Warm Spring this week.
Slock inspector, Walker Hintoo, Mo
nument, called upon us last Wednesday.
He reports considerable scabby cheep in
the county at present, especially on the
South Fork of the John Duv.
Thomp Keiffer came over from Hepp
ner Moui'ay, returning again Wednesday.
He reports the feed yard business, in
which he is engaged, lively with prospects
fair toward maiutaiuiug a good trade du
nnir the year.
An accident happened to one of the
miners of the Sloan & Haskell placer
mine last week, which totally paralyzed
bim for the moment, tie was struck m
the back of the neck by the hydraulic,
which taps a reservoir some distance
above, rendering him unconscious for
some time but doing no serious injury
more than impairing bim for work for a
few davs.
J. B Keeney lntorms our reporter
that it is his intention to have his head
quarters for his entire stage line from
Heppner to Burns, here at Ljong Creek.
This will make a ready market for any
amount of grain and hay in this section.
Having several Eastern Oregon mail
routes in charge, it delayed him in put
ting bis teams on the Heppner and Burns
route for some time, but he assures ps
that he will have the line in good satis
factory working order in the near future.
From the News:
The nitre fact of the prisoners escapiug
from the jail Sunday night caused a
creepy" feeling along the spine of many.
It was just two years ago Saturday night
whu n two prisoners murdered deputy
sberriff Lockwood and escaped from the
jail, and the excitement of that occasion
is not easily shaken off or forgotten.
It is evident that the escaped prisoners
made a key out of a case knife and un
locked the outside door of the jail, po
king a wire through the grating and lif
ting the lock so the key could be insert
ed. Three knives were known to be in
the jail, and only one could be found af
ter the boys left. That one had been
tempered in the fire and used for a tile.
Ed. Sheffield is another good man
gone wroDg if all reports and suspicions
are true. Sheffield drove Jas. Loiton's
team to Heppner after a load of freight,
and while th re hired & fellow to drive
the team back, saying that he intended
going up to Idaho to visit some relatives.
The fellow started over here with the
load of freight, and while in oamp the
first night three of the best horses stray
ed or were driven off. They could not be
found in the entire country, and Mr.
Lofton took over some horses to take
their plaoe and bring over the load. It
is a bad looking state of affairs.
A bear made a visit to the sheep camp
of Kenneth McRace away up in the
wilds of the Blue mountains south of
this valley at the witching hour of mid
night lately and watched the somnam
bulent beauty of the two herders for the
space of a while, and then, not finding
any salt bacon or fresh mutton hanging
in the camp be concluded to sample a
herder or two by way of whetting his
appetite. He therefore approaohed one
of the sleepers and grabbed him by the
aiioulder, pulling him out of the blan-
keta. Ul course ine neraers yenea as
the bear and he ran away from th em af
ter scratching one of the men pretty
severely. It is safe to prediot that they
bave not slept on the ground id open air
since tnat memoraoie occasion.
Perhaps you are run down, can't eat,
can't sleep, can't think, can't do any
thing to your satisfaction, and you won
der what ails you. Y'ou should beed the
warning, you are taking the hrst step in
to Nervous Prostration. You need a
Nerve Tonic and in Electric Bitters you
will find the exact remedy for restoring
your system to its normal healthy con
dition. Surprising results follow the
use of this great Nerve Tonic and Altera
tive. Your appetite returns, good diges
tion is restored, and the Liver and Kid
neys resume healthy action. Try a bot
tle. Price 50c. at A. D. Johnson fe Co's
It was reported here a week or so ago
that Mrs. G. W. Foor, of B iise City.
Idaho, formerly Mrs. Fuller, of Heppner,
was dead. We have been informed thai
tha report ws untrue. Mrs. Foor has
beeu very ill but is on a fair way to reco
very now.
Amongst our visitors from Heppner
last week were Messrs C. and T. Khea,
Cha. Lewis aud iYliss E. Swaggart of
Pendleton, who has been visiting friends
iu yuur burg.
The McKaulas Minstrel Comedy Co.,
showed here Friday to a food audience.
They went to Heppner where they Bay
they received a royal reception.
Prof. H. Leon who has a knaok of I
breaking stones with bis fist, gave an
exibition here Tuesday assisted by two
pugilists who ere this is in print will
have given Heppner a repetition of their
The new sheriff Wilcox, is now on deck,
his predecessor. Sanderson, having gone
to California.
Saturday Frank Cunningham of Castle
Rock, had the misfortune to send' a 44
calibre bullet into his left leg. He
came down to be treated be Doc. Baoon
who was unable to extract the wicked
Mark. C. Thompson, former henchman
for C. Wenner has accepted a position
with Coffin & McFarland here.
Capt. G. Pope and J. E. Hampei were
among our Tuesday visitors.
The ferry boat is being repaired pre
vious to boat inspection ou the 18th
John Cunningham swam a horse
across the river Sunday.
S. G. Hawson, of Fossil, drove in
Sunday evening and is staying with his
brother Dock.
Lone Rock is represented by F. Sween
ey aud W. H. Colwell.
H. C Condon, F. G. Rollo and Mr.
Chipman took a trip of twenty miles np
the river Sunday.
The "boys in blue" have orders to be
at the armory hall Wednesday for in
spection by the Colonel.
Hank Putnnm has returned to town
after a two month's absence.
L. BInmentbal has just come from
Stockton, Cal., where be bas been stay
ing for a month with his family.
The calm before the storm wool is
uearly all shipped and we are patiently
waiting for wheat.
The World Enrlc'ued.
The facilities of the present d.-.y for the
production of everything that will con
duce to the material welfare and comfort
of mankind are almost i;::amited and
when Syrup of Figs was firr.t produced
the world was enriched with the or.ly
perfect laxative known, as it is the only
remedy which is truly pleasing and re
freshing to the tasta and prompt and
effectual to cleanse the system gently in
the Spring time or, iu fact, at any time
and the better it is known the more pop
ular it becomes.
For Week Ending Wednesday, Jane 19. 1890
Mean Mean Pre- t'har-
Date Temp. Max. Min. Bar, cip. acter.
JoTylO H5.II0 Sl .01) 45.511 3U.245 0.IU cl'r
11 119 50 Sfi.Ut 52.(10 ii.'l.l:!.'. 0.(10 fair
12 B5.50 78.(10 uU.00 J.20."i 0.IKI cl'r
18 60.50 7K00 4K.0O aU.liC) 0.110 cl'r
14 08.50 85.00 49.00 .lO.IKO I 0.00 cl'r
15 71 50 85.00 48 00 30.095 0.00 cl'r
16 78 Oil ta.'KI 51.00 311.030 I 0.00 cl'r
what is
It Is that Imparity in the blood, which, ac
cumulating in the glands of the neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellings; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or feet; which develops ulcers in the
eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or
deafness; which Is the origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many other manifesta
tions usually ascribed to "humors;" which,
fastening upon the lungs, causes consumption
and death. Being the most ancient, it Is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons are entirely free from it.
How Can
It Bo
By taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, which, by
the remarkable cures it has accomplished,
often when other medicines have failed, has
proven itself to be a potent and peculiar
medicine for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. If yon sufferfrom
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla.
My daughter Mary was afflicted with scrof
ulous sore neckfrom the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. Lumps
formed in her neck, and one of them after
growing to the size of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. We gave
her Hood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and
all indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J. S. Carxtle, Nauright, N. J.
N. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
SoldbyalldniggisM. $l;atxfor$5. Prepared only
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IOO Doses One Dollar
The Read to Wealth
Cannot be successfully traveled with
out good health. To reach wealth or any
coveted position in life requires the full
possession and operation of all the fac
ulties kind nature has endowed us with.
These conditions cannot exist unless the
physical being Is In perfect working
order, and this is impossible when the
liver and spleen are torpid, thus obstruct
ing the secretions, causing Indigestion
and dyspepsia, with all of their accom
panying horrors.
English Dandelion Tonic
exerts a specific Influence over the liver,
excites it to healthy action, resolves its
chronic engorgements, and promotes the
secretions ; cures indigestion and consti
pation, sharpens the appetite, tones up
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Golden Female Pills.
For Female Trregnlar
ities; uothinelikethem
on tlie market. Hever
faiL Sapcessiully used
by prominent ladies
monthly. Guaranteed
to relieve suppressed
Don't be humbueired.
Save Time, Health,
and money ;tate no oth
er. Sent to any address,
secure by mail ou re
ceipt of price, 12.00.
Western Bianclj, ox27, PORTLAND,
Sold by A. D. Johnson & Co.,
I Agents for Heppner. tf.
Shopping by mail
affords advantages to
out-of-town people
which are of special im
portance. They get
advanced styles, larger
assortments and lower
prices. HALE BSOS.
& CO. make a special
ty of this business. Their
patronage extends from
Arizona to Alaska, and
is constantly on the in
crease. There are rea
sons for such a heavy
trade. Do you want
to know them?
Hale Bros. & Co.
XOS. 825, 827, 829, 831, 833. and S35 K ST., and 1020 NINTH ST.
Saorameto, Cal.
They aim to give
satisfaction in every
transaction. . You can
send to them with the
certainty that you will
be treated with the same
courtesy and attention
as though you were at
their connters. They
fill orders promptly, and
take no unfair advant
age of patrons. If you
have not been satisfied
with the way other firms
have treated you, note
the change in sending to
You Will Find that You
Can Get the
the Least
J. W. Matlock & C.'s
New Grocery Store, next door to skating rink
When They Say they Keep a Complete Stook They Mean It. See for Yourself.
The Moat Complete Line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods,
Meats, Salt, Glassware and Queensware, Anything and Everything.
j 6C
oi ; -
- L "
The above 32 Lots, situated between the original City of tleppnar and
the Mount Vernon Addition, are finely located for Residences, be
sides, being EXTRA GOOD LAND. The whole property, or any
part thereof, is now offered for sale,
TERMS: One-thiid cash; one-third in one year, and one-third in
two years, with approved security and 10 per cent, interest.
Apply to
It requires no exper
ience to order from us.
Our illustrated cata-
logue, issued twice a
year gives illustrations
and describes faithfully
evervthinof in onr im-
mense establishment.
It is a book of 100 pag
es and shows you every
thing that faohion de
mands. Though laree
and expensive we send
FREE to all. It
gives you prices that
you little dream of.
No matter what you
need you cag get it at
They carry immense
assortments of Dry
Goods, Household sup
plies and all kindr of
wearing apparel for
both sexes. Samples
of all good by the yard
sent on application. It
pas to deal with them
because they buy more
goads in the East and
abroad than any house
on the coast. Tes evi
dence of it is their prices. I
Most Goods
MoDey at
of the Same Class for
- ' WW.
: vv
Heppner, Or.
will txavel well wlien sliod by
Grenei'al Bl?cksmitlis & Fariers.
Horsesuaeing $4.00 w Span aftei Slay 1st, 1089.
3VXa.t ockCoruer, Alaiii Street, Heppuor, Ox-
CT 1 T TV 7
This Popular Millinery Establishment Las a Fresh and Neat
Stock Just Open for Inspection at the
Hands of the Public.
New Hats! New Styles! New Prices!
- tf
r (15g.-T " '
Bred by Thomas DeuhnrBt, Whittingbam, Scotland.
Hattie, Chicago, Illinois, August, 1889.
Xt2 li lMt?l tJU of Great Britain
ITIilv five - year
Oclllllj' the season at
ni4-T-iii o 20 to insure,
XtJlIllfe. gleleap.:
Are You Going to Paint Your House This Spring? If so, Call on
We have just received a fine line of MIXED PAINTS bought at assignee's sals
which we offer at very low prices. Also a stock
of the celebrated
a complete stock of Oils, Colors,
Brushes Glass, etc., etc.
A Full Line of WALLPAPER of the Latest Styles Just Received
From Chicago. Call and See Them at the
tf A. D. Johnson, Prop.
! !
And Piping Always
on Hand.
Ch emlonu, I "nto n t .Mn. IU-itio!.
. '.viio;.
The Finest Assort
ment of GOLD PENS in
Eastern Oreo-on.
.AS't for Portland
Leezer & Thompson's Corner,
HEPPNER, - - . . tf -
Saddles,Harness, Whips, Spurs, and every Con
eeivable article article kept in a First
class Harness Shop.
Repairing; ti Specialty !
Kept Constantly on hand the Celebrated Heppner Salfe
Go to their store for the Improved WHITE SEWING MACHINE.. Warranted tot
five years. Don't buy elsewhere till you examine tbik machines and
get cash prices.
7 A A C7
Shire Stallion.
Imported by John Me-
, Shire Horse
and Ireland.
- old chestnut stallion, and will make
S15 for
the season, $10 sin
Hardware, Tinware, Grantee,
Wood and Willow Ware,
Bii.l Cages, XEw HOME Sewing Ma
chines and a complete line of
Groceries ami Confectionery !
Oils. Grlass and
: Main Street,