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Entered t the Postofnce at Heppner, Oregon
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Odd Fallow' Hull t Heppner, every third
Saturday of each mouth.
G. W. Khka, Adj. -. W . Smith. Com.
THURSDAY. DEC. 8, 1904.
Elk's Memorial Service.
Beyond time's whirl we brightly see
The tun shine through the cypress tree;
Not bopeles pass our dead away.
For we shall view the breaking day
Across the mournful marMes pluy."
The Elke oi Heppner held their an
nual o tuioriiil service in the 1 O. O. F.
hall Sunday afternoon. The service
was very largely attended and the exer-
rjorw were eplendid.
two by the orohMtr7 itnwwa-y w-
K.k's outruns ceremonies. Ihvme bles
sing was invoked by Key. J. V. Craw
ford. The quartets, "Hope Beyond" and
"Lead Kinuly Light." by Mr. C. O.
Huelat, Mr. and Mrs. J A. McKee and
J. W. Shi, lev were exceptionally well
rendered and were duly appreciated.
The eolos "Beautiful Isle of Some
where." by Mrs. V. E. Reed, and "One
Sweet, Solemn 1 nought" by Mrs. C. O
Huelat, were splendid numbers and the
manner in which they were rendered
was very pleasing.
The reading of "Thanatopsis" by Miss
Beatrice Goodknecht was a pleasing
feature of the program, but the princi
pal feature of the service was the ad
dress by J. P. Kavanaugh of Portland.
Mr. Kavanaugh is not only a pleasant,
but a forceful and able speaker, and his
address reflected much credit upon him
self and the Elks.
Following is a list of the tieparted
brothers of the Heppner lodge: E. L.
Matlock, Wm. Penland, Charles White,
Tbos. Stubblefield, J. J. Roberts, J. J.
Harris. B. F. Vaughan, Charles Ingra
ham, and Frank Natter.
snd the cattle re taking on flesh rapidly, j
lr. Vincent says, while there have Mo
to sales on the creek lately, the beef;
market is loosing op, and by the first cf ;
the year he es peets otTeruigs as ntgo as
four cents for good beef stock.
R. C. Wills and Harry Johnson were
passengers for Portland Monday. They
went down to secure houses for the
Wills and Johnson families, who will
move to Portland to reside. Mrs. John-
son aud ton Percy weut down luesday.
Mrs. Harrison Chapin of Hardtuan, re
turned Friday evening from Boise City,
Il.ho, where she has been the part two
months. Her daughter fcuilh is attend-
iw hie'n school in Boise. Mr. Chapin
came down from Hardman Friday to
in et his wife.
The farm residence of J. Parkins, six
miles north of Lexington, was burned
ne day last week with most of its con
ems. We did not learn the origin of
the fire. Mr Parkins was in Heppuer
Sun-lay after carpenters and will begin
the work of rebuilding at once.
Blind Jim, one of the Columbia river
Indians, died five miles from Paterson,
Wash-jOutbe 221 of November, 1004.
falling on him some time ago."'" lie was a '
well known character to all old-timers
aronud Heppner. His age, as near as is
known, was sixty-five years.
Miss Flora Myers, who has been nurs
ing H. E. Warren, who has been sick
with typhoid at the Brock residence, had
the misfortune to break an arm last
Thursday morning. She stepped out ol
the door to the slippery walks when she
s ipped ana leu, ami in protecting ner
a;lf from a hard fall her arm was broken.
W. P. McMillan, who was in the city
from Lexington Monday, says although
he has not yet footed up the amount of
wheat received at me Lexington ware-1
house for shipment, he thinks it will be
fully 200,000 bushels. The wheat is now
practically all in and shipment is pro
gressing nicely.
Services will be held at the Catholic
church, Heppner, on Sunday, Dec. IS,
and also on Christmas day.
Come and inspect ...
our Christmas Goods
Muko this your head
quarters during the
Initiate Thirty-Eight,
lone Camp of 1. O. O. F., which was
recently moved from lone to this city,
held its second meeting in the I. O. O.
F. hall Monday night. Great prepara
tions had been made for this meeting,
as there were forty-three applications
for meniberehip, thirty-eight of whom
were instructed in the degree work. E.
E. Sharon, tcribe of the state camp, was
present to confer the degress. J. A.
Woolery, F. M. Griffin and oiher mem
bers of lone assisted with initiation-.
The camp now has a membership of
about seventy-five and is in a very
heathy condition financially and in en
thusiastic workers.
At midnight a very elet-ant luncheon
was served in the epaciouB dining room
of the lodge building, and although it
was gi-rved exclusively by men, it was
apetizing just the same and was thor
oughly appreciat-d
There were ew casualties for so Urge
a number to be im iated during one
night, a majority of thtin being go,d
risers, however. The goat li.rew ne
man over a stake-md rider fei ce m.d
sprained his hip, and 'he 1 tt can'li a'
was landed i" a tu' of waier by t
billy goat.. It was about 3:30 Tu-p"a
morning when th s ha. pei,el an ever
one was glad of it, that s tle we
glad there were 1.0 ni" e ca i i ea
ride, as ti e goat was ho and awful tn a I
It was 4:00 a. in. wb-11 t e gavel :!
On the last seen-. A diZu- or 11 re
the new rnembiis ar from L'-xinuton,
the remainder of llei'pner aa 1 vicinity.
Mothers Be Careful
Of the health of your pbildren. Look out
far coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough. Stop I hem in time One Minute
Cough Cure is the best remedy. Harm
less and pleasant. Sold by Heppner
Drug Co.
Notice: Referee's Sale of Real Prop
erty. In the Circuit Court of the .Stale oi Oregon,
lot Morrow county.
C lyde C. Pai ne. Edmund E. Sallng and Arte
uiina Saling. plaintiffs.
Kobert Saline. Milton F. Morgan, Artie Mor
gan, Andrew Mo-gaii, Levi Morgan. Mary Mot
ran, William Morgan. Harry Morgan, and
Helen Morgnn, defendant.
Notice U hereby given that under and b)
virue of a decree and order of sale made in the
above entitled court and cause, on the '2nd day
ul ixx'eoibvr rtlrm-Ung me as Referee In
j ariiiion to t-U the real, Mali- ht-eiiiafK'r ile--ribed,
1 will on xattuday the Tib dv of Janu
rv lsi5, at tiu hour of li o' l k a at the
front door of the court h"iie at H" rif r, Ore
gnu, ell to the h i k ti e t bi.iil.-r for rali in hand
nil the following devnUM nali-Uie u-wit:
The S W ijtiar er and the -i E quarter ard the
V quarter of .Section 1. T. 1. s. K iT, K. W.
M., subject to coutirruatiou by atd court.
K. F. II I VS.),
I'.ifi ree in Partition,
We now have on display one of the finest and greatest lines of Christmas Coods ever
Mechanical toys, steam toy, electrie toy,
wheel goods in the greatest assortments; (no newest lueus. we 01111"" pui ;uai--wt-
tion to our magnificent showing of high grade mechanical toys; models that will in
terest both young and old. We also want to call your attention to our complete doll
will be carefully stored away; delivered
department. Holiday goods selected now
whenever you say, : : :
Steam Engines
Fire Engines,
Loop the Loop
Magic Lanterns
China Sets,
Toy Ranges
Key Pianos,
Fancy Dressed
Manicure Sets
Books, etc.
I n
The Key that Unlocks the Door to
Long Living.
The men of eighty-6ve and ninety years
f age are not the rotund well fed, but
hiti, spare men who live on a sleder diet
i'e as careful as he will, however, a man
pist middle age, will occasionally eat too
much or of some article of food not suit
e l to his constitution, and will nerd a
ilose of Cbxmberlaia't Stomach and Liv-
1 r Tablets to cleante and invigorate his
totnach and regulate his liver and bowel
'VI rn this is done there is no reason why
1 iie average man shotilt not live to old
' lie. For sale by Slocum Drug Co.
lil 1
LyOntiH made tit
Eight Per Cent.
e u uy
4 Per Cent
g vnrtvf Tvttittrtrvviiarfsvtifrfrivvtvvrf nn nm
Heppner Meat Market j
Loin Steak - . . to cents
M utton,
Round Steak .
SlU41l(4. . ,
BoiiinK Beef, forequarter
Prime Ribs .
4 to 8
8 to Id
6 to 8
3 lbs for 25
3 to 5
7 to 8
: Not only the price that count, but we yive good weight, poun-l for pound. 1
:: THONE 117 ::
J THt HhPPNER MEAT MARKET, Ceo. French, Proprietor S
Beware of Counterfeits.
''DeWitt's is the only getmin- Win h
Hazel Salve" writes J L. Tu kr of Cm
tre, Ala. ''I have used it in my family
piles, cuts at.d burns lor years and can
recommend it to be the l- M calve on the
market. Every family thou!d keep it, as
it is an invaluable household remedy,
and should always be kept on hand for
immediate use. Sold by Heppner Dru g
Chas. Hornor, who bat been visiting
bis father here the past two weeki, left
Tuesday for Hood River, where he will
wi.it for a time with his mother before
returning to Portland.
C. II. Bartholomew of Currinville, has
been in Heppner the past week with a
view to purchasing a Morrow county
ranch. Io cae he makes the deal he
will move back to this county,
Geo. Conser and C. E. Ktdficld took
some Pendleton parties out to vtsit the
Heppner coal mines Sunday, returning
Monday. The Pendleton people were
very much pleased with the mines.
J. K McGregor, superintendent of the
Thompson Creek Coal company, wet in
Heppner the first of the week to attend
S meeting of the stockholders. Tbeie
have been no new development! at the
mines lately.
O. W. Vinctnt, who was in from Put
ter Creek several days the past week, re
porta beef cattle are doing fine. The
dry, crisp weather of the past few weeks,
has been very favorable for the ftt 'em,
ATA "V T T T T V T S T 1 T
i lie i V i vjixrv
have ju-t received a large shipment of Fall
and Winter goods, consisting of dry and
dress goods; FlannelctlfH, Flannels, Ladies'
and Children's and (JentV Underwear, Men's
and Boys' Clothing, Hats and Shoes. Also
a great variety of Ladies' Suits, Skirts, and
Jackets. Having bought all these lines di
rect from the manufacturers at a special re
duced price, for spot ca?h, we are, there
fore, prepared to sell the fame at New York
prices. Cojne and judge for yourself, as a
trial will convince you that you will get the
best value for your money at the
Near t li e Pnlace Hotel
Mr. R. F. Hynd has
identified himself
with this bank and
will commence active
work within a few
We Pay
4 Per Cent
tUc bavc Xewts 8. Clarft
jfatr Souvenir Dollars for
!!1 TINES lbs lie lap! Droit Advertise in il.
II te.