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In what it la and what it docs con-
latest Fleotrlcal Novelty.
Down nor Atlantic City, N, J.,
there has bean In successful operation
for HTiril mouths au experimental
trolley road minus tha trollujr. Mora
astonishment atlU there U no third
rail or storage battery to be aeen on
tulning the best blood-purify lng, ' tbla unique bit of road. Without any
alterative and tonio subBtancca and PPrent niMM 01 the au-
.. ., . , . Important electric current, motor cara
effecting the mont radical and per. wlll iTllw , X),ooo-pound load on thia
manent cures of all humors and all road. Of couree, the secret of It all
eruptions, relieving wcuk, tired, ,n ,ho application of a new sys
languid feelings, and building -P rX--!
the whole system is true only of twaan tba rulla whore a metal button
Hnnd's Sarsanarllla-vnl!U nbove to turouKb which
iUUU. A UU( AUfJUf (CCU ,.,,., tim powerful current carried
No other medicine acts like it along wlrea In a aubway. A person
no ottior medicine lias done so
much real, substantial good, no
other medicine has restored health
and strength at so little cost.
"I u troubled with serofula and esms
Boar losing my nrealirbU For fuur months I
eould not so to do anything. After taklut
two bottles of Hood's ttarssiifti-llla I could see
to walk, aud when I had Uknn alicht bottle I
aould i ai well at ever." Busis A. Uaims
ton, Wit ban, N. 0.
Hood'a Saraaparllla promisee to
cure and keeps the promise.
Tha Ilalra of tha Head.
Ttt'd-liulrcd people) are loss subject to
Imlilnoas thim others. A doctor ex-
lihilua tho matter thus: The balr of
tho red hen tied lit relatively thick, one
red hulr being almost na thick a Ave
or three brown lmlis. With 30,000 red
linlrs tho scalp la well thutched, where
as with tho Kama number of fair Imlrs
one la comparatively bald. It takes
nearly KIO.ooo fair and 105.000 brown
lialra to cover udeijtmtely an ordiuury
Conflicting? Kviilonoe.
The Widow 1 wonder why Minerva
wan culled tha goddess of wisdom?
Tha llaohelor l'robubly because aha
wasn't foolish enough to marry.
Tha Widow Then why waa Solomon,
who hud a thousuud wlrea, called the
Wisest man?
Eight relative! of Premier Sadden of
New .oalaud draw ou an average of
t'J.1,000 each lu aalary from the government.
Flno'i Cure U a aood couirh nedtclne.
It has cured cotiiths and colda for forty
yean. At druggists, 23 cents.
might atep on tbla button and one of
the ralla at the aame time and not
receive a ahock, but, aa the car passes
over, a powerful mngnct nndorncatb
attract the button and In raising It
establishes the circuit which auppllei
the motor with enough of the essential
fluid to propel the car along the tlx
teen feet of track to another point of
contact. The aavlng of ezpenac In
Installation and maintenance over
that of tho old ayatema, the freedom
from overhead wires which so serl
ously Interfere with tho fighting of
fire In the cities, and the Immunity
from fatal shocks which It insures are
factor which wlll no doubt bring
about It rui)ld adoption.
Meant What It Said
Mr. Lelghton lms none of the spirit
of a burgfiln hunter, and Mrs. Lelghton
decided that to have blm accompany
her ou one of her Monday expedition
was moro of a trial thun a pleasure, In
splto of bla capabilities us bundle-car
"Kdward, I wish you would look at
that golf vest and seo If you don't
think It Is exactly, In every particular,
like the ono we saw at Itrown's. That
was only $3,70, and this 1 $4.25. I'm
sure I don't know what they mean by
culling these bargains," sold Mrs,
I can't see that It says they are
bargnlua on that placard," said Mr,
tiCighton, In an uncomfortably clear
tone. "It soya, 'These good are being
sold regardless of cost,' and probubly
they are, my dear."
The total annual revenue of Russia,
according to tha Inst report, waa $1,
Mule Willie.
Willie Mr. OldlKjy, why do they aay
you are lu your aecoud childhood 7
Mother Willie!
Willie Oh, 1 know: It'a because you
are buhlhendnd, just like baby Dick.
Uoston Transcript.
riTO Pmrmeiwntlf unna. wonuornarvoasMse
Ilia aftar flratday'suMof Ur.Kllnc'sUnalMs
Jlalorr. Hvnd fur r,M mt trial hntllftanft traallM.
In. K. U. Kline. Ui..W Arab a., rtilladalsfcla, i'a.
We are told that, lu many directions,
It la the Impossible which la true. Per
haps Uie extravagance of the follow
ing story, told by the New York Times,
may help vouch for It accuracy:
A book club had engaged lu the
study of "Hamlet." Hut two meetings
bad taken place when one member
met another at an afternoon tea.
"Aren't you dying for the next meet
ing of the club?" she asked.
"I don't know. Why?"
"Why, because we're studying 'Ham'
let'l Aren't you simply crazy to know
bow It comes out?"
The Clause or It.
"Wbat'a the cause of all this twaddle
about elevating the atago, I'd like to
"Want to get It above the level of the
womcn'a hate, I auppose.
Fact's About Japan.
Among the Japanese one divorce
take place for every four marriage.
The Emperor of Japnn 1 the direct
descendant of the Emperor Jlmmu,
who ascended the throne 2,504 year
ago, making the dynasty older than
any other dynasty that exists or ever
did exist
The true name of Korea Is Choson,
meaning "Land of the Morning Calm.1
It 1 by this name that the country la
designated In diplomatic paper at the
State Department In Washington.
Japanese soldlera are fed on lice,
sited fish, dried seaweed and pickled
plums a diet that la almost univer
sal In Japan, except In the navy, where
rations of meat are served. Soldiers
are allowed meat when on campaigns,
bnt rarely eat It.
Bad aa a Bullet.
Hospital Physician This man seems
to ba half dead, aud yet I cannot find
anything the matter with him. Where
la ha from?
Ambulance Driver I got him at tha
door of tha Ht. Fashion Assembly Hull
There Is a ball going on there.
rbyslclan Ah, I see. II probably
stepped on a lady'a dresa aud slit euld
It All Depends.
"They tell me," aaid the youth, "that
men who work live longest Do you
believe It?"
"Well," remarked the snge, "It de
pends a good deal on who they try to
Tha Mistletoe Hough.
The mistletoe hung In tha custls hall,
he holly branch shoos on tha old oak
nd the baron's retainers wen blithe and
And keening their Christmas holiday,
The bnron beheld with a father's prld
His beautiful child, young Ixivell's bride;
While she with her bright eyes seemed
to be
The star of this goodly company.
I'm weary of dancing now," h cried;
Here tarry a moment I'll bide, I'll
And, I.ovoll. be sure thon'rt lint to trace
The clow to my secret lurking place.
Away she ran and her friends began
Euch tower to search, and each nook to
And young Iovell cried, "0, where dost
thou hide?
'm loneome"without thee, my own dear
They sought her that night, aud thty
sought her next day,
And they sought her In vain when a
week passed away;
In the highest, the lowest, tha loneliest
Young tovell sought wildly but found
her not
And yean flew by, and their grief at last
Was told as a aorrowful tole long past;
nd when Lovell appeared, the children
Seel the old man weeps for bis fairy
At length an oak chest that had long
lain hid.
Was found lu the castle they raised the
And a skeleton form lay mouldering
In tha bridal wreath of that lady fair!
O. sad was her fate! In sportive Jest
She hid from her lord In th old oak
It closed with a spring! and, dreadful
The bride lay clasped In her living
Thomas Haynes Bayly.
tell, but the ones who are piepsrlnt
volumes of biographies of the moneyed
men of the country In which the per
son approached may have bis history
written up at so many thousand del
Ian a page. There la also tha biblio
maniac, who fastens himself upon Mr.
Morgan to dispose of some ancient
torn, colored In red by a uiouk and
in yellow by father Time.
Mr. Gates has had opportunities to
place himself In the class with Ksntos-
Dumont as a navigator of the air and
to become a second Castro In the for
mation of a new South American re
public. Three men with theories of
airships who needed only money to
make them fly have offered Mr. Gates
a handsome share In ventures If he
would produce the capital for construction.
Mr. Hawley, who was a protege of
Collie P. Huntington, has been be
sieged more by Western promoters be
cause he came from the Pacific coast
Offers of Interests In mines In the
Western States and In South America,
Mexico and Europe have been cast at
blm as If the whole world were a
Klondike and be the first miner on
the ground.
"1 Know Pe-ru-na Is a Fine
Worn Out System.
Tonic for a
"Only Watting."
Only watting till th shadows
Are a little longer grown,
Only waiting till the glimmer
Of the day'a last beam Is flown
Till the night of earth is faded
From tha heart, once full of day;
Till the stan of heaven are breaking
Through the twilight soft and gray.
Only waiting till tha reapen
Have the last sheaf gathered home,
For the summer time is faded,
And the autumn winds have coma.
Quickly, reapen! gather quickly
The last rip hours of my heart,
For the bloom of life Is withered.
And I hasten to depart.
Oulr waiting till th angels
Oreo wide the mystic gate,
At whose feet I long have lingered.
Weary, poor and desolate.
Even now I hear tha footstep,
And their voices far away;
If they call me, I am waiting,
Only waiting to obey.
Only waiting till the shadowe
Ar a little longer grown,
Only waiting till tha glimmer
Of the day'a last beam Is flown.
Then from out the gathered darkness,
Holy, deathless stan shall rise,
By whose light my soul shall gladly
Tread IU pathway to tua sines.
Frances Laughton Mace.
am j-sw. mm s
Boil show the blood is in a riotous, feverish
condition, or that it has grown too weak and slug-
flrinK irk thrnw nfT tllA Knrtilv imntiritia uliiMi L'-.
then concentrate at some tpot, and a carbuncle
or boil is the result. To one already enfeebled
by disease, boils seem to come with more frequency,
causing the intensest pain and greatest danger to the already weak and
debilitated suflerer. All skin eruptions, from the sometimes fatal car
buncle to the tpitefuf little cat-boil, are caused bv bad blood, and the
only way to avoid or get permanently rid of them is to purify and
build up the deteriorated, polluted blood, and counteract the humor
and noisons : and nothing will do this so auicklv and thoroughly aa
S. S. S., which is the acknowledged king of blood purifier and great
est of all tonics. Where the blood has become impoverished and is
poor and thin, no medicine act go promptly in building up and restor
ing it richness, purity and
Btrength. The time to Cure Allegheny, Pa., June 11, 1803.
a hr.il in hofnrA it r1v0. rrom tne age or twenty or thirty I waa aorel
a DOll 1 peiore It aevel- i.fflt0t.d with large, awful bolls on my faoa and
ops, when It It in a State body. As soon as the? would haalnpinoneplaoe
J ini.lmimn (...,.,'. they would break out In another part of tha body,
Of incubation or formation end thla oontlnuad for ten year. I tried averji
in the blood; for boils are, thins-Ioould hear of to get relief, butnothlnr
nfter all onlv this imniiri. did me any a-ood. I bad but little faith In 8. B. B.
alter an, oniy me impuri- doln- mQn,i wh.n i t.n u. but after t&kin.
ties and poisons bubbling It for ahort while the boll becan to dlaappear,
tin tVirniirrh thn sliin end 1 eontinuad on with tha medicine, taking sis bot
UP. inr..ugn 110 B1"ni antt ties, end all the bolls entirely disappeared. Five
this Wlll Continue in spite yeare have elapsed sinoa that time, and X have
r j i . never been bothered slno. showing that the cure
oi poulticing anu lancing wa, p.,,,,.,,,,,,. x had eome thirty or forty of
till the blood gets rid of the most pstnful bolla one aver bad, and to ba
j. ... ,it.,i" entirely rid of them by your great purifier,
its accumulated poison. B. s, b. cuts me under a debt of rratitnd to
i.ne way to iop dohs is - -
to attack them in the blood.
and this is what S. S. S. does. All danger of boils is past when the
blood has been thorouchlv nurificd and the system cleansed of all mor
bid, impure matter. I? you are subject to boils, then the same causes
that produced them last season will do so this, and the sooner you begin
to put your uiooa ana system in gooa
order the better the chanco of going
through the spring and summer season
without boils or other painful and irn
tating skin eruptions. S. S. S. is guar
anteed purely vegetable, and can be
taken with perfect safety by old and
young, and without harm to the most delicate constitution." It is
mild and pleasant in its action, and unequaled as a cure for boils and
kindred eruptions, Write us if you would like medical advice or other
information. T1IE SWIFT SPCCIflC CO., ATLANTA, OAs
Millionaire Whose Uvea Are Made
Miserable by Craukaand Promoter.
Three men In the Wall street dis
trict, New York, receive requests In
the courso of a year to back schemes
the financing of which would break
the Bnnk of England or bankrupt the
government of the United States. They
are John w. Gates, J. ricrpont Mor
gun and Edwin Hawley. These propo
sals run through the whole gamut of
human Ingenuity, from a new method
of scratching matches to the promo
tion of a South Amerlcnn revolution
or the prevention of earthqunkes and
other seismic disturbances. They pour
In by letter and persons from all quar
ters of the globe.
These things are the penalty of spec
tacuiar wealth. They are some of the
troubles that beset the man who makes
bis millions with a blare of trumpets
and under the glare of limelights.
Mr. 0 u tog bas been bounded so by
inportunste persons that be hardly
dares set foot In the street He was
Importuned In restaurant after restau
rant until In self -protection he bad a
dining-room fitted up In bis office and
there be now takes bis luncheon. Mr.
Morgan baa been forced to adopt the
same method.
One of tho-things that bothers Mr.
Morgan most, although It cost blm no
money, 1 the camera with a fiend be
hind It It there 1 ono thing be hates
more than all others it Is being photo
togruphed, and be has become an
adept In springing from the door of
his office building Into a coupe and
banging the door behind blm . It was
he who wus the recipient of the pro
positi that he finance a scheme for
making earthquakes Impossible. Just
after the eruption of Mount Telee a
Frenchman wrote him, most earuestly
asking hla help and assuring blm there
were millions of dollars In the plan.
Scnrcely a dny pasr.es but soma ninn
writes to blm of tho nuearthlng of a
priceless painting, disfigured by time,
but bearing beyond all doubt traces of
the work of some desd master. An
other class of men whose palms Itch
for some of the Morgan money are
ths book agenta, not only the Inoffen
sive ones who bav editions d luxe to
Why He I Generally Left In tha Bear
by the Country Boy.
That the country Is the better place
to raise boys Is the teaching of all ex
perience. Go over the list of the men
who have done things in your city. A
large majority of them are country
bred. Why?
The boy wherever you find him
needs wide spaces for the development
of the vital forces that are in him.
lie Instinctively covets elbow room.
'iue boyish swath is a wide oue. He
Is ueoessarlly noisy. He bubbles over
for the same reason a tea kettle does,
He Is full of spontaneity and runs
over. In the city he Is cribbed, .ca
blned and confined. He has little
chance to let himself out What won
der the roundly developed country lad
beats blm to the goal.
Poor city lad.. Here Is the picture
Secretary Shaw gives of him, In a re
cent address: "The boy Is the most
valuable product of society, but In the
city he Is not fairly treated. He lacks
a chance for the free play of bis na
ture. His parents seldom give blm a
gymnasium or a D0P or even a room
of bis own. They are afraid he will
spoil the furniture. Jt Is too expen
sive to let him do as he pleases. So
they give blm money and let him go to
the streets wblcb are often an open
gate to bell." The picture Is true.
Poor city lad. There are no wide
echoing fields or shady woods where
he may wander at bis will, giving full
play and proper vent to the life forces
that run riot In bla veins,
there Is no call of the wild. For him
there la no company and touch of Na
ture which the country boy knows
and, feels.
At home they say of the city boy
that be is rude and awkward and de
structive. What wonderl The only
wonder Is he doesn't explode. He Is
all boy. That's why he Is worth rais
ing! Expressions oi energy in the boy
spell Force. He has In blm the mak
ing of a man. Why scold him and
spoil bis temper for being what he Is?
Why spoil blm by trying to make him
what be Is not?
An unspoiled boy city or country-
Is about the finest thing on two legs.
He Is affectionate under his vest He
Is sympathetic If you know how to
reach bis sympathies. He Is honest
And frank. And above all, be stands
for fair play. Later on, as a man, he
may lose many of these virtues, but as
a boy be Is admirable.
Give the city boy his chance. Let
him go to the country at every oppor
tunity. Let him build a (hop In the
back yard or In the cellar If be choos
es. Give blm a room of his own. Of
course the room wlll be topsy turvey
betimes. Of course. He Is not a young
gentleman. He Is i boy, God bless
him. Let blm bring his comrades
home with blm. Iet them together
romp and raise caln. Give the city
boy a vent The country-raised boy
has beaten the clty-ralsed boy because
he has had a better chance. Des
Moines News.
If- ' l f ' '
Hon. Nelson Rice of St. Joseph, Mich., knows of a large number of
grateful patients in his county who have been cured by Peruna.
Hon. Nelson Rice, Mayor of St. Joseph, Michigan, -writes:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Colnmbus, Ohio ;
Gentlemen: "1 wish to congratulate you on the snccess of your efforts
to win the confidence of the public in need of a reliable medicine. I know
Peruna is a fine tojiic for a worn out system and m specific in cases of ca
tarrhal difficulties. You have a large number of Kratcful patients in this
county who have used Peruna and have been cured by It, and who praise
it above all other medicines. Peruna has my heartiest good wishes."
Metson Rice.
MADfH ADDII M AVIcatarrh in any form or la grippe. A
mi .vv,.,... ...... -r nf
Weak Nerves, Poor Diges-!
tion, Impure Blood,
Depressed Spirits.
The sun bas just crossed tbe equator
on its yearly trip north. The leal
To him equator is shifted toward tbe nortn
nearly eighteen miles every aay.
With the return of the aa a comes tbe
bodilv ills peculiar to spring. With
one person tbe nerves are weak; anotb
er person, digestion poor; with other
the blood is out oi order; ana etui om
en have depressed spirits and tired
All these things are especially true
of those who have been suffering with
course ot reruna is sure to correct all
these conditions. It is an ideal spi ing;
medicine. Pemns does not. irritate
it invigorates it strengthens. It
equalizes the circulation of the blood,
tranquilizea tbe nervous system and
regulates the bodily functions. reru
ns, unlike eo many spring med'eines ia
not simply at physic or stimulant or
nervine. It ia a natural tonic and m-
If you do not receive prompt and sat
isfactory results from tbe use of Peru
na, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giv
ing a fall statement of your case, and
h will be pleased to give you hit valu-
able advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Jarring an Actor.
"What did you think of my death
scene?" ssked the actor.
"Well, It seemed to me it came a little
too late In the piece," was the reply.
Chicago Evening Poet.
Mothers will llnd Mrs. Wlnalows's Soothing
Ijrup the best remedy to uao tor their children
during the teething penou
A drop ot blood which might hang
from ths point of a needle contains
1,000,000 red flattened corpuscles.
- .
sc- ro ruu. s-atkulap
MtwawmimieiiwrE.- poHTttNo wt,
The president of tha Republic of An
dorra, in the Pyrenees, gets the smallest
salary paid by any civilized government
It ia only $15 a year, and he thinks of
asking for a ten per rent increase, which
would make it $10.50.
Making Good Cltlsen.
A 13-year-o!d Italian boy lately pre
pared an essay on the duties of cltlien
ship, for a club in New York. Among
the rules which he laid down ire the
"If I want to be I good citizen I
must be true to my country, true to
my state and true to my city. It I do
not vote I wlll not be doing my duty.
1 must have my own Judgment to vote
for the man I think Is best qualified
for the office for which he has been
nominated. If I don't I won't be doing
my duty. I must not let anybody
bribe me to vote for a man I think not
fitted for an office. It will also be my
duty to be Industrious and self-sup
porting, so as not to be a burden snd
a nuisance to the public. I must pay
taxes, so that the povernnient can be
maintained and the omcers or tne gov
ernment paid, because the government
Is for my good. H hen It Is necessary
I must help to maintain order and al
ways be ready for public service, and
In case of war servo my country. I
should know the history of my country
and be an Intelligent reader and close
observer of current events."
Perrin's Pile Specific
No Cast Exists it Will Not Curt
Bnsala's Purchases.
Russia bought from the United
States In 1008 nearly 120,000,000 worth
of goods, which Is double the average
for previous years, ind sold the United
States nearly lll,ntA),000 worth, which
is an increase of 0) per cent over pre
vious years.
We give a man credit for being
level-headed If be isn't abovs our level,
in v;e
alt W
$25.00 PER DAY
(letting Water.
OU or Coal wHh
Marie In all sizes snd
styles. Write (or Csls-
un ana ni oi uiers in
HOWARD E. BURTON, Assaycr and Chemlit
BnKimcii prices, Jold. Sllrer. Lrd. SI : Uold. hiu
Tr,7jc; liold. Sajc ; lncorCoppr, e l. Cyanide tmts.
Mailing rnvplapert and full prip lint ftentonappllca
tinn. Control and I'mpln work solicited. l.ad
lie. Colo. Itelereuce Carbonata .N'al't Can.
Beall A Co.
U Commer
cial Block.
S4.00, S3. 50, S3.00, S2.50
W.la Iou.glas Bhoea
are worn by more
men than any other
make. Tlie reason
is, they liold their
6hape,iltte tterywear
loncrer. and have
greater intrinsic
value than any
other shoes.
8oJd Eomryufhlr.
J M.mmm. M m m mnm prlra on lultHM,
hiU(l WL qe C'oruna Coltakln, which le
Mm wHra cmnMded totmttia flnmit I'atanS
LrathftrrvS fvi-mlucafl. fait Color yrtili usatf.
lihiiaa rr tu.5tt cnti ttr. w rtt fur Cnuins.
XV. J- XMJ LOLAS, Brockton, Mm,
P. N. U.
No. 181904.
v-ttltiff to frd vrtlar pi I
inn ppvre. i
Ara not manufacturers
rcsrul&r construction, but
Our Own Special Construction
Put up with full knowledge of the re
quirements of this rough western coun
try. Made to stand up, and will stand
op, better than any buggy Bold at any
oe. II
taing like the price.
you want a
troiKi oil fsvty sa a moderate price), try our
Itee Line." You can't beat It. We
have the " Bee Line " Koad ugons.
300 Flrat BtrsMt.
L.12W1S 5fc