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NO. 21.
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Signs of Spring
Coming is a warning that Your ..Blood
neodrt attention. You cannot tell what .
disease may bo lurking there. There's
nothing better, cheaper or handier to
use than the
Red Blood Tonic and
Laxative Pill
They should bo used by every one dur
ing tho spring months, Every box
guaranteed to give satisfaction. 1'rico
60c per box.
Grocery Store
By purchasing 125.00 worth of goods at this utore you re
ceive free of chargo a net of this beautiful ware -
No Stale Goods
. . CALL
And see us and we will treat you right.
Cor. Main and Willow Sts.
Have just opened a new
Mloon at tbe corner of
Main and May street! .
Finest Liquors
and CigarB
Pendleton Beer.
On Draught
Hot and Cold Lunches
Heppner, Or.
Pat Dougherty and William
Morton Duel With Guns.
Contractors and Builders
A share of the patronage
Office one door north of Scri vner's
I blacksmith ibop, Main street.
Anyone thinking ( icrurtnf a
mnuument !' a departed re
lative or Iriunrt Will do well to
gel our prtcei before purchasing
We aro prepared to do ill Cemetery and building work at reduced prlcea.
4jiarwwatarwitar.tr--sir mrm mrmttmiK n4rf rfo ttjtmmm m..mmrm mmm ww-mmm
Heppner Marble
andGranite Works
I have engaged in the gen
eral drayage business and so
licit a share of the patronage
All kinds of dray work done
with promptuess and care.
Dougherty, Who Is A Wealthy
Sheepman of Butter Creek,
Was Shot Through the Lungs
and Will Probably Die.
Willitm Morton, a sheephiirder, shot
and fatally injured Patrick Dougherty
early last Saturday evening at tbe ranch
of the latter, about 30 miles from tbe
city. Morton bad been employed by
Dougherty for several weeks. Saturday
misunderstanding arose over tbe
matter of wages. Both men became
enraged, and Morton left the ranch, say
ing be would return later to adjust the
difficulty. '
Morton went to Pendleton, secured
milk making. It grows in tbe orth
Yakima district abundantly, where ex
periments have been carried on for
several years, and is naturally adapted
to tbe billy, sandy soil found in tbe
northern and western portion of Uma
tilla county. ,
Many homesteaders in tbe vicinity of
tbe, Columbia- rivir on tbe northern
border of Umatilla county are going to
experiment with all the dry land crops
possible, in hopes of finding something
that will produce a good crop of forage,
without irrigation, as there is a large
rea there that cannot be irrigated,' and
is not suited to wheat. .
38 caliber revolver, and returned to
Dougherty's place. Dougherty had ex
pected trouble and armed himself.
When the two men met there was an
exchange of shots. Dougherty received
a wound directly over tbe heart, which
the physicians say will prove fatal.
Morton was captured by Special Deputy
Armstrong Sunday morning at a farm
house three miles from Dougherty's
ranch, returning to tbe city with the
prisoner that afternoon. Morton says he
shot in self defense, but refuses to talk
Doughorty is a wealthy sheepman
and has lived in Umatilla county for
many years,
MINOR & I0VK, Props
Breeders of C. B. P. Bocks
and S. C. B. Leghorns From
March, 1, Epgs for setting
$1.25 for 15. From Choice
pen $2.25 for 15.
Bingle Birds
or Palr
i rati
Republican Nominations for
State, and District. .
F. B. Vangban waa in our city Mon
day from lone.
Geo. Pearson of Butter creek, is re
ported to be quite ill with plurisy this
Edwin Andrews returned Tuesday
evening from a short basinets trip to
Andrew Carlson, a ptominent farmer
of Eight Mile, was transacting basinets
In town Tuesday.
Mrs. J. W. Matlock 'who has been
visiting with a daughter at Spokane the
past few months, returned Saturday.
Dr. Taggart reports the arrival of an
eight pound girl at the home oi.Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Hayman on April 16.
A. C. Petty s was in our city Tnesday
from lone. He ia very much encouraged
with the crop prospects in his locality.
Wo Matlock of Lone Rock, returned
Saturday from Portland, where he took
Geo. Perry to a hospital for medical
treatment. lie reports that George waa
getting along nicely when he left.
James Ross of Dale, and Percy Hughes
arc reported to have purchased 200 head
of yearlings and two-year old steers
from Wm. Hughes a few days ago. We
did not learn the price paid for the stock
Thos. Grimshaw purchased this week
2000 head of yearling ewes from O. B.
rarnswortn, paying tnereior (1.75 a
head. This is the first sale of sheep
thii haa been reported in Mot row connty
thit seaaon.
Voter who have not yet registered
will bear in mind that there yet remain
only abont three week in which they
can rejrf-ter to entitle them to vote at
the coming Jane election. The re-
resident '8t,t'on booke close May 15.
The Oscar Mitchell ranch, which waa
sold at aherifFa sale Tuesday afternoon.
of Portland, arrived ... j,m i k Mr. Mitchell himself for
Miles Mulligan left here Saturday
morning for Washington.
Wm. Ferguson, formerly a
here, is visiting among friends here
Dr. F. P. Opie,
I have Just received a new stock of
groceries, 'full and complete in
every line, and am prepared to fill
all orders for large or small quan
tities. : : : s ' : ' : :
W. M- Ashbaugh.
All The Leading BrandB of
ClRorB in Stock. :::::::
Agents Hazelwood Ice Cream
t ABhbauKh & Ayern. ,
We are Prepared to
offer prompt service.
We have five good teams and
your orders for Wood, Coal and
anything in the drayage line will
receive careful and prompt at
tention, CONOVER & CRAY
He will probably . locate $2000. This ranch, which is located at
the mouth of Rbea creek, ia conaidered
. . i ....... ...
waa neia among the best in tbe county ol its sue
school and the price for which it sold is a very
reasonable one. '
Rev. W. O. Miller will preach at the ome lhree faonthi oa
Methodist church next Sunday morning RDet creek, upon a charge of burglar!-
here Monday.
Tbe 8th grade examination
laat week. Se vt ral pupils of our
tried it
Hon. C. W. Phelps Gets Nomi
nation for District Attorney
and W G. Cole for Joint Rep- .
At the Republican state convention
held in .Portland last Thursday the
following ticket was nominated i
Supreme Judge Frank A. Moore, of
Columbia county.
Dairy and Food Commissioner J. W.
Bailey, of Multnomah.
Presidential Electors J. Jf . Hart, of
Polk; James A. Fee, of Umatilla; Grant
B. Demick, of Clackamas; A. C. Hough,
of Josephine.
Delegates to Republican National
At large H. W. Scott of Multnomah '
S. L. Kins, of Benton : W. B. Aver, of:
Multnomah, and Ira S. Smith, ot Mal
First Congressional District J. U.
Campbell, of Clackamas, and J. M.
Keene, of Jakeon.
Second Congressional District Charles
H. Carey, of Multnomah, and '. C.
Richards, of Baker.
In the Sixth Judicial district, com
posed of, Morrow and Umatilla counties,
Hon. G. W. Phelps of Heppner, was
nominated by acclamation.
The Congrssional districts as well as
the state convention were quiet affairs.
There were two candidates for Food and.
Dairy commissioner, J. W. Bailey and
Charles Holmes. The reeuJt of the con
test waa 215 to 142 in favor of Bailey.
Both Williamson and Hermann had
a walkover for the nomination as con
gressmen from their respective districts..
W. G. Cole of Pendleton waa the
nominee lor joint representrtive ol
Morrow and Umatilla counties.
and evening.
We were much pleased to see Byron
Tyler in town Saturday. He is rapidly
regaining his strength.
W.P. McMillan returned from Port'
land, Saturday. He bad been in at
tendance at the Cdngreealonel convention
Wm Southerland. who has been in
zing a aaloon at Spray and taking from
a slot machine about 136, was found
guilty by the Wheeler county court
Monday and sentenced from Fossil to
one year in the penitentiary.
Hon. J. M. Glass, the prohibition lec
turer who spoke in the M. E. Church
Monday evening, was given a very large
hearing and good attention. He is a
speaker of considerable force and
the employ of D. P. Doberty, resigned thoroughly posted on his subject, which
We are showing some
17 and 21 Jewel Hamil
ton Watches, Silver or
Gold filled, dust proof
cases, most reliable
watches made, at mod
erate cost.
Jeweler and Optician.
his position, Monday, and went to Hepp
Charlea P. Barnett. of Pendleton, has
been visiting among friends a few days.
He will remain daring the shearing
The Odd Fellows will celebrate their
85th anniversary, April 20, at this place,
makes his lectures quite interesting
He fully explained the proposed local
option amedment to the constitution
which is to be voted upon at our coming
state election.
11. C. Ashbauzh. who has been in
Prescott, Arizona, the part winter, re
turned last Friday. He does not like
Arizona on accou at of the extreme dry
climate. He says there was not a drop
Arrangements are being made for a good of rain fell during his stay there from
i7 i v r Portland. December 1, to March I. On nia return
ill be the orincipal speaker. The
The Margarita Fischer Co.
The Margarita Fischer Company con
cluded its series of engagements here
Sunday evening instead of Saturday aa
waa at first announced.
This company, which has been re
organized, is very much stronger than
ever before and made a decided hit.
Miss Fischer's support was so much
stronger than at former engagements
here that there was a marked improve
ment in her appearance.
Should Miss Fischer return to our
city at any future time, which she ex
pects to do, she will be assured a very
large hearing. '
W. O. W. Social
The W. O. W. and Women of Wood-.
craft gave the third of their series of
socials in I. O. O. F. hall laat Friday
A short program, consisting ot music,
recitations, etc, was followed by light
refreshments, after which various
games and social converse concluded
the evenings entertainment. There
was a large attendance and as tbe
he stopped over a few weeks in California, omen of W oodcraft are splendid enter
but saw no place that be prefers to Ilepp- tertainers a most enjoyable evening was
T. W. Stewart, who was in from the
mountains Saturday reports that the
snow, where the sun got a fair ahow at
it, la practically all melted away, the
warm days of the past two weeks hav
ing a telling effect upon it. However,
he says the roada have suffered aa a con
sequence of the high waters from tbe
rapidly melting snow. The road from
Parker's mill to Mahogany Ridge, along
Local Institute
Dear Teachers : You are hereby noti
fied that a local inatitute will be held
in the public school building, lone,
Oregon, Saturday April 30, TJ04, be
ginning at 10:30 o'clock, a. m. All
friends of education are invited to at
tend. Yours very truly,
Co. Superintendent.
Watchmaker aud Jeweler
Lexington band will furnish music.
There will be a barket dinner. Every
body la invited to come.
A New Forage Plant
The new forage pant, teosinte, which
has attracted such attention in the
Yakima country, will be grown on
several Umatilla county bill farms this
year, says tbe East Oregonlan. Many
Inquires have been made of local seed the creek, haa waahed out, to such an
.,.,. ftlih .eed. while none eaieui wai .a buuok .l.-w.c.
luvu awa j
. at - .- la a S tit vaBnnt llmA It
MUmi..,...M'. . " QuteBnperf,nctcomeng down from in the aping my wife and I were Uken
will be introduced nere. man jMt FrUUy rapidly with diarrhoea and so aevere were the
The demand for forage crops that will moitiDK snow had so swollen Willow pains that we called a physician who
grow on tbe dry uplands of the county crtek that three bridges had been carried prescribed for us, but his medicine failed
u .in. av.rv ear. and drv- and awav and It waa oeceseary to iora me w give any reuei. a irieou u-u -
alfalfa, teosinte. Kafllr corn, sorghum creek. At one croeaing their hack etuck bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
cane and other hardy plants will, be in a anil so ugnuy mai me warn inn ui.naue. au.w; u ...uu. ..
tested thoroughly In this county this oouldn't pull it out untlll a part of the each of us a dose and we at once felt the
drift was removed. The horses swam eflecte. I procured a bottle and before
It is claimed for teosinte that It grows for a few feet, but got Into shallow water using the entire contents we were en-
.u . t.n,t .iil.nut Irrigation, before the back cauaht In the drift other- tirely cured. It Is a wonderful remedy
and produces a heavy crop of coarse wiae they would have probably drowned, and ahould be found In every household
,l.iuir. which has proved to be but beyond a good wetting for the boys
very nutritious, fir fat producing and no damage resulted
An Open Latter.
From the Chapin, S. C. News:
II. C. Bailey, Editor. This remedy ia
for sale by Slocum Drug Co.