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e riaiBis o
, a;
by I'nubleday Dnran Co,, 1 no.
Ho tumid mi - n n 1 1 it ii t m, n ml no one
Viii-w III story. An officer found ho
win acquainted wllli tli country, and
ho ni tiuiilit a I .iik Otoriif) scout In
ttino to lm captured hy ItoRxri and IiIm
rniiKcn on Christmas eve of 17fift. lie
4-miiifi1 In January niii win hark at
I'orl Ciirllluii curly In February, when
It learned Hint I'll nl Tai'he In d been
tiiin nf tint l iciu li oMfcrs nt (Inwi'KO.
Vint tlml lm luul been killed, Jcetin
felt a pang nf regret. Lately he lui'l
been thinking nf I'll III Tnrlie and (if
'liiliii'lli'i mother, wondering what
Ihelr nlilimlit would be when some day
ho t til (1 llii in what had liujirui'l after
tli nuiHNiici o nt Tontctir manor.
There U no letter of Information
which rover Hi" lapse In Jeem' mili
tary hNiory between February and
August of 17".'. lit which lime lit whs
present nt (ln rupture of Tort Wll
Hum Henry, or Kurt Cenrge, nml wit
nessed lliii iiuincre of ll r.iigllsh
H ii rrl hi iti hy ut iitroltiitila French In
illiin li'i by the A tiffin k Im. Here
Jeems tm i i luivn experienced nn un
nsiial thiH k, fr 'miii n f i cr tin killing,
when In their madness some of (lie In
llnn were rooking English flesh n
spit nml In kettles, ho cmne upon the
Mark f rocked priest who hnd accom
panied the Alu'iinkl nml foiuii) him to
tie t lie Jesuit. I'lerre Itouliaud, who
liuil mad Tolni'tte hi wife nt Chrnuf
ili). Father Itmihnuil m even then
preparing tlmt eyewitness ilortimeiit
which wnt tetllel to become a vain
hie pert of Jesuit end French
11h)i history, em! whoae hunilrei) or
jnore ace yellowed pages, written moat
ly hy torchlight amid scenes of hor
ror, one limy rem In the Jesuit
archives nt (Juehee. The prlet saw
Jeems, lint o Intent was he upon hi
task and o (rent were the changes
wrought hy sixteen month tlmt he
1UI not recognir hi in, Bin Jeein left
till prnence without making himself
After Port William Henry end the
I ei 1 1 1 In li t Frenrh successes which pre
coded It, Jeein began to feel the In
evitable pressure which U Imund to
crush the life from a country t tint Ii
'iiornimily outweighed hy It antag
onist' Th Ktigllsh rolniite hnd put
nn end to quarrels among themselves,
and tnlllioti and a hnlf people were
tut In motion ecu I tut the eighty thou
umi (I In New France, and hehlnd thU
Inundating force were powerful
1lh armies and a ktlll more powerful
Kngllsh niivy already Inspired hy 1'ltt
nnd Wolfe. A Te Penin were sung
because of hi vMorles, Montcalm knew
Hint New Frnnre wn hovering nt the
brink of ruin, hut nt no time did the
outcome of hi heroic context pre
with greiiter certainty upon himself
thim upon Jeem.
A the ruptured cannon were rushed
from Fort Wlltlnm Henry to Tlcon
lerojtn, Jeem surrendered hlmnelf, a
Montcnlin wn doing In another wny,
to the lut rhnpter In hi fnte. There
wn no K"iil nt which he rntild nlm,
nothlue for which ho could piny; win
ning for Cntindii, ahnuld the iiilrm-le
of ultlninte victory come, could hold
no more of noliire and hnpplnen fur
lihn Hum defent nt the Imnd of the
Vjigllnh. There were time when hi
rretich nnd Kngllsh Imdy wn dlvldeJ
" nt'iihiHt llxelf, when hi mother and
cpt.lhiih Adnms and nil they stood
for looked upon him questlotilngly
from out of the pnst a If he hnd
turned Irnltor to ome preclou piirt
of them, yet In aurh a way that they
could not condemn him. In hour like
these, the spirit of Tolnetle ciimo to
Id aide nnd plnred her hnnd In his,
and he knew It wn fur her he wn
fighting, for the home which would
liave been their, for the country she
-would have mnde a pnrndlse for hint.
Hlie grew neiiror aa the lurenesi of an
nppronehlng end crept upon hltn, nnd
lie felt tho beginning of a comfort he
liad not known before. It wm the
roniolntlon nf omctlilng uhout to hap
pen. Something that waa troinendoua
nnd flnnl. Souietliltig tlmt would have
to1 do with her nnd with him. Ho
knew whnt It wa and waited pa
tiently fur It na another yenr pnssed.
Then dime Tlconderogn, that July
8, 1758, when over n apnee of a hun
lred acre one could not walk with
out aliilnlng tho aolea of his shoci
with French or KiikIImIi blood tlmt
red day In blatory nnd herolim when
threo thotmiind toll-worn, hiiruaacd
aeldler of New Franco faced six
thousimd Itrltlsh rcgulnri nnd nine
HioiikiiimI Anierlcnn mllltliiinen; tho
4liiy on which Jeema nnd hli comrade
drove buck tho wave of scarlet nnd
pild nnd n thmiNnnd kilted Hlghlund
cr of tho Hlnck Watch led by Dun
can Cnmplioll of Inverr.we, until, na
Montcalm wroto to his wife, even tho
bullet-icnrrod trees seemed to ha drip
ping blood. Through hours of tumult
nnd death, Jeems londed and fired, nnd
Blabbed with Ills bayonet, nnd tho
thing for which ho was wnltlng dkd pot
como. Men fell Around hltn, tens nnd
neon1 and hundreds of them, as tho
day wore on. Ho anw whole ranks
Hhlver nnd crumble before blun!s of
fire. Hut when It was ended nnd tho
KngllHh dropped buck In a Inat aimiHh
Ing defeat, ho wus tinscnlhed except,
for bruises and ponder burns on his
Hut Montcnlin retreated, und thU
puxxled Jeem. The army beKiin to
leiirn the t rut h as, weary nml foot
lore, It turned toward Quebec, Hit
piiclty, folly, Intrigue, and falsehood
had fed nt tho heart of New France
until It wu honeycombed by the rot
teiuun of dissolution. Montcalm wn
It one slur of hope, nnd a autumn
came, then winter, It leetued to Jeem
that Moiitciiliu'i (iuil hud deserted hlin.
The St. Lawrence win filled with lirlt
lli shlpH. The linrvct w-it meager,
and a barrel of Hour rout two hundred
fninc. Kven Mmitnilm ate horso
flesh. Ktlll he did not lose fnlth In
(iod, A thousand scoundrel headed
by Vntidreull had fattened on the na
tion's downfall, and he pmyed for
them. "What a country l" he ex
claimed, ''Here all the kimve grow
rich and tho honest nun are ruined."
A fti;litlng mini, a man of aword and
deiith, he kept hi fill Hi to the end.
"If we are driven from the St. Law
rence," he w rote to hi wife, "we-will
descend the MUsliixIptil and make a
final stum! for France among the
Kwamp of Louisiana."
Thus planned and prayed the man
whose bleached skull I now shown Pi
visitor In the L'rsullne convent at,
Quebec. Through the spring nnd sum
mer of 17'ti, Jeem watched the
splderi a they w.ive their web ever
closer about Quebec, the Inst French
stronghold In Amerlcn. It wa In May
of 17.".fl Hint Tolnette hnd been killed,
and It wn In May of 'M that he first
law from the Moiitmurenrl shore the
mighty rock which so long hnd been
the mlstres of the New world.
Four month Inter, on the mmt
eventful September 13 of written his
tory Unit "To-morrow Morning" which
will never be forgotten he stood on
the I'laliii of Ahruliam.
Moiiti-nlm's (iod wn about to com
plete an Immaculate elegy which hung
In the sir like a mlk'hty chorus waiting
for ' whispered command to begin.
To Jeem Hulaln, faring the sun and
the thin red line of the Itrltlsh acrosi
the meadow where Abraham Martin
had grated hi rattle, fate wa bring
ing an end to uncertainty and chaos.
It had missed hlin at Fort William
Henry, at Tlconderogn, at Mont
morencl, but here he could feel It
presence an escape a relcne from
bondage something greater than Iron
or flesh a the crlniMiii lines drew
nearer. He felt the spirit of what
Montcalm had said to bis doomed
heroes a few minute before. "Cod U
surely watching out the I'lulus of
Abraham today."
It wa ten o'clock, the hour of the
crisis. At dawn It had been fogey;
at six shower had .'alien ; now It wa
hot. It mtcltt have been July Instead
of September. In darkness twenty
four Itrltlsh volunteers had climbed
the steep hols'it from th river, hang
ing to bushes, digging their finger
Into crevices of roik. craw ling with
their face against the earth, making
their wny foot by foot. "I nui afraid
you cannot do It," Wolfe hnd said,
looking at the pllllke hiat'knes above.
Hut they did. Namelca In history,
they deMroyed the old map of tint
world ittid put another In Its place. In
that hour twenty four men ruined
France, gave rise to a greater Eng
land, rrcutcd a new nation.
At the top, Vergor, the French offi
cer, slept soundly with hi guard. To
him fate might have given the glory
of keeping the old map Intact. lint
be was killed before he could wipe
the dare of slumber from bis eyes.
Wolfe's path wa made, and llko a
thin at renin of red ants the Hrltlsh
continued to nscnid the trull which
had been Mused for them.
Vnudreull, the governor, the arch
villain who lost half a continent for
France, lay In hi cozy nest of In
iquity a short distance away dream
ing of sensual days with the faithless
Madame do I'ticim and planning a fu
ture with tho king's own' mistress, La
ronipndour. Across tho St. Charles,
expecting the Itrltlsh In n different di
rection, sleepless, worn, robbed of
every chnnce to win by the weakness
and Imbecility of this favorite of a
king's mistress, was Montcalm.
Gave Life to Further
In order to discover tho yellow
fever germ Pr. James Carroll sacri
ficed his own life by permitting an
Infected mosquito to blto him. He was
member of the honrd thnt wn ap
pointed by the United States govern
ment to Investigate the ncute Infec
tious diseases then occurring on the
Inland of Culm, lie submitted himself
to Inoculation, with a consequent se
vere attack of tho fever. Ho recovered,
but died seven years later In Wash
ington, September lfl, 1007. Ills death
was regarded as nn ulUinuto restiH
of tho dim-use. Doctor Ctirroll was
born In England June B, 1854, nnd
was a physician ajid surgeon In tho
United States army nt tho time of his
nppolntinent to tho Ilnvuna yellow
fever commission.
Th other members of the hoard
rah am
WNU Harirlc.
Jeems was with tbu battnllon of
Culeiino which had come up from Its
camp on the St. Charles at six o'clock
In the morning, Its white uniforms
thronging the rldgo of Huttes a-NcTeu,
from which It beheld the Hrltlsh mole
hill growing Into a mountain.
About him Jeems saw the Plains of
Abraham, and a strange song was In
his heart as he thought that Tolnett
had been of this soli and that her
great great grandfather had given
name to the earth soon to run red
with blood. The i'lalns were wide and
level In most par!, with bushe and
trees and cornfield dotting them here
and there. They were the front yard
to Quebec, a field of destiny lying be
tween the precipitous descents to the
St Lnwreuce on one side and tint
siuikellke, lazy St. Charles on the
other, with a world of splendid ter
rain spreading In a panorama under
the rye.
As he lay watching with the men of
(lUlenue, Jeem could scarcely have
guesed that this scene of pastoral
beauty wn the stage upon which one
of the epic tragedle of all time was
about to he enacted. A feeling of
rest possessed hltn, as If a period had
come to mark the end of the confu
sion and unhapplnes which had held
hlin a victim for three years, and he
felt mysteriously near the presence of
Influences be could not see. He was
a product of times when faith In the
spiritual guidance of the sffalrs of
men was strong, and It was not diffi
cult fr blra to conceive that Tolnetta
was close at hi side, whispering la
word w hich only hi soul could hear
that he had come home.
Six o'clock grew Into seven, seven
Into eight, snd eight Into nine. In
front of him England was forming.
Hehlnd him, tricked and outgeneraled,
Montcalm was rushing In mad haste
across the SL Charles bridge snd un
der the northern rsmpart of Quebec
to enter the city through the i'alac
(ate. At the edge of the I'lalns of
Abraham the boyish Wolfe, poet and
philosopher, wa preparing for glory
or doom. In the quaint, narrow
streets of the town were gather
ing hordes of Indians In scalp
locks and war paint, troops of itarved
and cheated Canadians ready to make
a last stand for their homes, bat
talions of Old France In white unl
form and with gleaming bayonet,
battle scarred veterans of Sarre and
Liinguedoc snd Itousslllon and Itearn,
fed on meager rations for week but
eager to fight for Montcalm. Ahead
where Jeem was looking, were quiet
and order and the stole sureties of
England's morale. I'.ehind w-ere cour
age and chivalry and the Iron sinews
of hemes In the throes of excitement
nnd undisciplined rush.
Jeems saw none of this and Doth
lug beyond the distant red line. The
I'lalns lay In sunshine, w ith bird wings
flushing, crows feeding in the corn
fields. The earth was a great oriental
rug warm with autumn tlutlngs, the
woods yellow and gold In a frame
about It The gun of Samoa, of
Sillery, of the boat In the river made
sleepy detonations, and on the rise of
(Suites n-Neveu Jeem might have
slept, lulled hy that never-ending
monotony of sound, the warmth of the
sun, the blue of the sky, the stillness
of the I'lulus. He closed his eyes,
snd the sliver nnd gold mists of sun
set rose about him, the ends of days
In which he saw the I'lalns peopled
again, first by Abrnhain Martin and
his cows a hundred and thirty-four
years before, then hy Tolnette, his fa
ther nnd mother, Hepslbnh Adams
and himself. Here was a place he had
known, n plnce hi feet had trod, his
soul hnd lived. He heard th earth
whispering these things, ths earth
which be held between his fingers as
If It were Tolnette's hands.
In the town, priests and nuns were
praying, and a bell sent forth Its
melody, a cheer to mnn, another ap
peal to God. New Franc was on her
knees, and Montcalm was on th
I'lalns, some of his men coming
through the gnte of St. Louis and some
through that of St John, breathless
and eager, to where the banners of
Gulenno fluttered on the ridge.
Fight on Yellow Fever
were MaJ. Walter Reed, also a phy
sician and surgeon of the United
States army, Dr. Jesse I-nxcur and
Dr. Arlstldes Agrnmonte. Doctor Ijis
car accidentally contracted the disease
during the experiments nnd died, and
Major Heed died of appendicitis In
Washington tho year following tho
conclusion of the experiments, his
death occurring on November 23, 1W2
Lair Weather
As defined by tho weuthcr bureau,
a clenr day Is one on which the sky
Is three tenths or less covered with
clouds. Tho word "fair" used In con
nection with the weather forecasts In
dicates that three-tenths or lew of
clouds nnd less than .01 Inch of pre
cipitation are expected during th p
rind enve-cd h the forces"
. ii ftpus M Wis tl fl4M
Th robin received message from
some of the winged fairies who help
to make the music
of Fairyland o
Of course, you
know though, that
the one who lead
the little orchestra
of the fairies, Is
the Fairy Vbab.
Well, th ones
who were taking
around the mes-
W''AY9pa f,,r ,,ab
YfUntl'Cf'.Jn went to th nests
of, the robins near
by and at the side
of each nest they
put a twig on
which were the
"Come to the
concert tomorrow
morning. Every
"Com to t h
robin Is wanted! The fairies will sing
snd play and the robins are asked to
sing too." ,
.Nobody else but the robins nnd the
faLrle would have understood those
words on the twig for It was Just
a way the fairies had of pulling the
bark on the twig which made the rob
ins understand.
Th next morning, bright and early,
th robins were awake.
"It's the day of the concert," they
said, and they chirped happily while
they were pruning their feathers and
making a great effort to look their
Grandpa (tobln had on a fine waist
cont of red snd hi trousers were of
speckled gray.
His cost wss of dull brown and un
der his right wing he carried a walk
ing stick.
All the other robins looked very
handsome too.
They began to fly OTer the tree
where the falrle had said th con
cert was going to take pTace.
And what should they hesr but a
constant pounding on th trees. "Peck,
peck, peck," they heard,
i "They must be the ones who'r go
ing to play the drams," said the rob
ins, and they said this after hearing
the sound, snd also seeing the mem
hers of the woodpecker family there,
"Ves, we're going to beat the drums,
and also find some Insects for our
breakfast Inside the bark of the trees.
"We're going to do two things at
once, and do them both better than
some can do two things st once."
They laughed about this. They real
ly weren't conceited.
Mr. Downy Woodpecker w-as wear
Ing a black and whit suit which wss
most becoming.
Ill collar was or red ! It was a
truly, beautiful one.
Soon came Fairy Thab, her little
fairy musicians and the Queen of the
"(lood morning
all,' they shouted.
"Good morning,"
chirped the robin.
And the Downy
Woodpeckers be
gan beating the
drums by way of
saying good morn
ing. Then the music
Fairy Ybab
waved her silver
wand while her
little head went
from side to side
to keep time with
the music.
On her head she
wore her best sli
ver crown, and her
Beat th
huir was very black and very long,
Mr. iHiwny Woodpecker and his
family kept perfect time with their
drum-drum drumming,
And the concert was a glorious one.
The robins never sang better,
At least the Fairies said so, and I
heard several grownups who didn't
know what had been happening, mak
ing the same remarks.
Good Adric
If a hard lesson Is to learned, do
not spend a moment fretting; do not
lose a breath In saying "I can't," or "I
do nut see how," but go at It, and keep
at It. That Is the only way to con
quer It.
If a fault Is to be cured, or a bad
habit broken off, It cannot he done by
Juat being sorry," or only trying a lit
tie. You must keep fighting It, and
not give up fighting until It Is got
rid of.
Who Can Answer This?
If a Hottentot tot taught a Ilotten
tot tot to talk e'er the tot could totter,
ought the Hottentot to be taught to
say aught, or naught, or what ought
to be taught herT
If to hoot and to toot a Hottentot
tot be taught by a Hottentot tutor,
should the tutor get hot If the Ilotten
tot tot hoot and toot at the Hottentot
'utor? Outlook.
Hot Dog
Ted My feet hum like the dickens
do you think a mustard bath would"
Nod Sure 1 There' nothlig better
than mustard for hot dogst
Turkey Refute to Part
With Old Royal Galley
Turkey's precious royal pleasure
galley, dating from the reign of Sul
tan Mohammed IV, will neter be
sold no matter how many fluttering
offers are mode, according to the di
rector of the nazal museum at latan
but, Turkey. A lirltlsh enterprise re
cently offered the government a large
sum for this unique craft, proposing
to tak It to the United States for
exhibition purpose. Th offer was
The galley, believed to date back
to 1050, Is 40 meters long, r'4 meters
wide, Vk meters deep and weighs
I.'jO tons. It was manned by 144 men,
three to each jar. Thelalnt use at
that period was so good that even
now It Is almost as fresh as when
new, particularly the blue. The
gilded prow Is long and sharp, but
the remainder of the galley Is curi
ously overhung after the fashion of
ancient Venetian craft In the stern
Is the Imperial cabin with a triple
cupola supported by columns and
completely overlaid with mother-of-pearl
and tortolsd-shell mosaic, stud
ded with garnet glass. The ruhln Is
flanked by two gilded gryphons and
entered through a balustrade adorned
with four large balls of cloudy crys
tal. In addition to this masterpiece of
medieval boat-builders' art, there are
13 other caique In the same build
ing graceful craft once propelled
with glided oars, scores of which are
stacked In the half-forgotten naval
museum beside the Golden horn.
World Awaiting Volume
of Poetry by Eskimos
Knud TlasrnusHcn, the Arctic ex
plorer, ha sprung a surprise upon
the world
He has celebrated his return to
civilization, after many years of wan
dering In the wilds, by publishing a
volume of poems by Eskimos.
It will be Interesting to s.-e the
poems In English. We may be sure
Itasmussen has presented them
worthily In print, for. with hi Euro
pean education, he has the advantage
of being half an Eskimo, and so
thoroughly understands his subject
It seems natural for primitive peo
ple to talk of wild picturesque
poetry, onrhymed, but full of beauty
and Imagination, such as we see
fixed for all time in the musical
name which the Red Indians gave
to rivers and lakes and mountains
In their native land.
It will be remembered by some
that scholar have declared the Es
kimo language contalnt, only about
two hundred words, which should
add greatly to the labor of the
Mailt Co 50,000,000 Miles
More than 50,000,000 mile were
traveled lost year In about 15.O00.0o0
hour by automobiles carrying Unit
ed Slstes mall.
Dr. Pierce's TeHet r best for liver,
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Uiativt thre for a cathartic. Adr.
Caught Cold Likely
nenry Your engine Is coughing
bsdly again.
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muffler off Inst night
Coated tongue, bad breath, constipation, bilj
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at any gooi druRRitt Relieve pnmtik
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Clear out poisons. You (eel fine, eat anything,
Freedom Will Be Short
An eaglet, his egg blasted out of
a cliff near Los Angeles, Calif., has
been hatched In an Incubator and is
hobnobbing with baby chicks When
the primal urge comes to cat his
birth-fellows, he will be presented to
an aviary.
HAT a relief and satisfaction
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Young Husband Last night when
I got home my wife hnd my chair
drawn up before tho fire, my slip
pers ready for me to put on, my pipe
filled and
Cynic How did you like her new
bat Tit-Bits.
h-i.--.Ym -.Tut
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