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Friday, June 5, HKH,
I do most nnxiousl wish to we the higher tletfrcus of edu
cat'on jriven tothw higher degrees of jrenius, and to all de
j.;i uh ti it, i.o much as may ennMe them to rend and under
stand what is going on in the world.
Tin t Jfviwn
at school ci.osr;
The end ha come, an come it must
To all things; in the sweet June day
The teacher and the ucholar trust
Their parting feet luHvptmte ways.
They part: but in the years to he
Shall pleasant memories cling to each,
As shells bear inland from the sea
The murmur of the rythmic beav'i
One knew the joy the sculptor ! i.;k
When, plastic to hu lightest toi t h,
Hit clay-wrought inodclslowly g, . f
To that fine gruce ilt-Mred so much.
fc'o daily grew before her eyes
The living f! ape! '.vliim i she wroul.i
strong, U'luN-r, iiiuo.'i i.tly wise.
'J he child's thought with the's h ait.
And one shall never quite forget
1 be voice that called from lica:n and play.
The firm bntikindly hand that set
ller fed in learning's ph usant vvajs.
J'llni C. Uh'ttWr
NOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN to the legal voter of School
Distfict No, 35, of Morrow County. State of Oregon, that a School
Meeeling of Raid district will bo hcni at th school house on the
15th day of June, 11)31, at 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon for the
purpose of liscuHiin,'j the budgat herein after set out with the levy
ing board and to vote on the proportion of voting a special distric
The total amount of force needed by the said school district
during the fiscal year heginnig June 30, 1032, and ending June 30,
11)32 is estimated in the following budget and includes the amouns
to be received from the county school fund, state school fund, ele
moritaay school fund, special district tax, ahd all other moneys of
the district.
When the budtfi.t meeting i held In connection with Hit annujl ichixil
meeting, llic fnllhwlntf provision of ttlion 232, School l.owt ofl92V,
thoulil be oliu-rvid: "Unill the ballot are counted at leatt one hour aft
er the Nine et tor the met ting in ilUtrliU of the second chiuei, any le
Kiil voter oi the u'Utiltrl shall be entitled to vote upon any matter be
fore the mretiriit
Estimated Receipts
Amount of Bonded Indebtedness $34,000.00
Amount of Warrant Imlebtet'dejs 15.1C3 G4
Total Indtbtcr.tfS
$4P,1G3 C4
Ualsd this 23rd day of May, 1031.
Delia M. Corson - Ruth R 'asson
Dist. Clerk
Chairman of fcclml Board
1. Balance on hand at beginning of school
year (third Monu:.y in June) for which
this budget is made $
2. From county school fund, ..$ 991.21
3. From state school fund 220. (K)
S From tlfiii -i.tnry school fund 1417.80
0. For tuition, pupils below highschool.. 050.00
7. From county high school tuition fund
for tuition and tr;nortati"n 2181.13
10. Total e ti.-natc-l receipts .
Estimated ICxpenditures '
Element. High Total
1. Personal Service:
"Tli? JtiiMihitioii vj J mil ion is llir t liiii!niil its youth"
Our reat financial system U sick so is our eelucat.
ional system. In each of these immense enterprises there is
a fundamental law 1u.i iuiu.cel and it is only a matter of
cxpeiment and time until each will be headed toward per
fection. Many seemingly great educators are slower in learning
than some of their dullest puiils. They employ every rem.
edy from pills to crutches to keep the akward body of edu.
citiou on its feet, in order to hold the good will of the peo
ple and thus retain their jobs.
In short they cater !o spoiled children and ignorant
parents just because it looks best.
As a result we, the people of this vast nation, pay as
much hard earned money for the progress of education as
we do for the suppression of crime.
We are going nowhere fast.
Here's the trouble-Parents have acquired, the idea that
knowledge is something that can be poured into a child. No
greater lie was ever believed.
The whole responsibility for 'learning' has been placed
on the teacher. A teacher can teach and that is all,- the pu
pil mnst do the lcsrr.lng if then i any done. The modern
pupil comes into the doss room, slouches into his seat and
looks at the teacher, fishy-eyed as much as to say, "well, here
I am, now learn me, damn yt u."
Here's the cure. Fire every loafer in the entire system.
Help educate these who truly feel the need of such posses
sion. We would'nt Keep inefficient men on a job - why keep
them in a school? They're a hindrance and a menace to our
The time is not far distant and the trend is fast on its
way when editors will be compelled by the treat underly
ing law governing our educational system to turn their atten
tion from tlx notions of people and use their own neglected
brains to bring about a method to help educate only thoje
who can be educated an let the others drop. That's the way
the law works, People, like water, reach a level.
We must be hopeful. K volution needs time. Look at the
automobile twenty years afco.
Melvin L. Kailian
(1) Superintendent.. $15;',0.
(2) Clerc .... 2.').
2. Supplies 20.
3. Elections and publicity 35.
4. I'gal service 15.
0. Total expense, Cen Control. $21M.M
1. Personal Service:
(1) Teachers ...$1200.
(2) Teaching 1125.
(3) Teaching 1215.
(4) Teaching .. . 1350
2. Supplies 50.
3. Text books, desk and Intl. 10.
4. Text books. 110.
(i. Total Expense Teaching . $1)00.00
1. Personal Service
(1) Janitor. & other Serv. $5 10. $270.
2. Janitor's supplies 50. DO.
3. Fw-I 300. 300.
4. Light and jover 100. 100.
5. Water 45. 45.
" $1800" 00
$ 10.
8. Total Expense of Operations .
1. Repair and replacement
furniture and Equipment $ 10.
Repair and maintenance of
buildings and grounds . 100.
4. Total Expense Maintenance & Rep $220.00
2. Library books $ 25.
3. Supplies, repairs, etc 10.
3. Transportation of pup-'ls
(i) rriijul sorvL'e 1635.
f. Tolid Expense Agencies
1 Insurance 100.
5. Total Fixed Charges $200.00
1. Principil In bonds $1500.
2. Princi . :.l on warrants . . 4285.
4. Inter: 't on bonds 1900.
4 Interest on warants 1000.
1) Total lk-bt Service $g683 00
5. lotal Lm ency
$535. CO
Summary of Estimated Expenses
For School yew from June 30, 1031 to June 30. 1932
Hecnt meetings of the State
Board of Control have been
marked by disagrecnt with Hal
I loss in the storm center.
I. ? .li'iful Pro, r
lli'lici'l I.hiiSh Hli'M'iii ' n will Hie
iif 'nr nf I if ir:iyir i;limln'i "When
ilic iliiy relnrns." Tin' completo pinyer
Is: "When I lie ilny returns, return
lo iir, our kiiii mill comforter, nn1 cull
in tin wllh mornliiK Moon imil with
morning lionrln eiiKor lo Inhor vnitvt
to lo lmppy, If linppim u ahull tic our
portion n ml If Urn il.iy hImII he
mnrkpil for sorrow, . iiii to en
dure tt.M
, V1' ' '' "V '
w. r ' 1 re.
Personal service
Supplies .
Maintenance iuM repairs
Debt service .
. 535 00
I on. Ihil I toss
Total estimated expenses for the year $25,510.00
Potal Estimat d receipts not including
proposed tax 5,819.20
Balance, amount to be raised by
district tax $19,CC0 8o'
1 K.t till
'Vfj ll
Vlr B. Kuiv
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B. Kyne vividly portrays the ex
citing adventures of Elmer Clarke
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