The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, October 03, 1930, Image 3

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CHILDREN will frf t, often for no
nnpurcnt reason, liut there's al
ways Cuntorinl llurmlcss n the recipe
on tbo wrapper; mild and bland es it
tastes. Hut ill wtitlo action soothes
youngster more surely than t uioro
powerful medicine.
1 hut's the beauty of this special
children's rnncdyl It may bo ftlven
tlio tiniest infunt an often as there
is need, la caws i4 colic, diarrhea or
similiir duiturbancc. it is invuluublo.
A coulcd toiiKtio rails for Just a few
dros to ward off count iimtion; so
docs any sumption of bud breath.
Whenever children don't cot well,
don't rent well, or Imvo any llttla
iict ilils pure vrgrtable prepara
tion is UBuulIy all that's needed.
August Day Eventful
in American History
August 3 has proved to be such an
v Mil ful date In American history
tlml the Wur department has Issued
a Ions comment on It, Incorporating
the following farts:
It began the World war, which con
tributed most to American hletory.
It marked the opening of the Pan-
ma canal.
It marked the peace treaty 1.13
years ago between the government
and the Indians of the Northwest,
giving us Ohio, Indiana, Wlscomdn,
lilchlgnn and wcntern Pennsylvania.
This treaty followed one of the most
terrible and diniructlve Indian wars
In Arm-dean hUtory, In which George
lingers Hark, "Mud" Anthony Wayne
and others distinguished themselves.
Real dyes givo
richest colors I
FOR every home usey Diamond
Dyes are the finest you ran buy.
They contain the highest quality
anilines that enn be produced.
It's the anilines in Diamond
Pyes that glvo such soft, bright,
new colors to d rentes, drapes,
lingerie. Diamond Dyes are eaiy
to use. They go on smoothly and
evenly; do not spot or atresk:
never rive things that re-dyta
look. Just true, even, new colors
that keep their depth and brilliance
In spite of wear and wsihing". 16a
packages. All drug stores.
H,SK t Quality for 50 Yiar$
Ended Long Family Line
The find noble family of Sweden
ha: been extinguished with the death
of Count Magnus Bnihe. Keeping a
time honored custom, the fiiio-yeiir-old
Prude coat of arms was broken
against the coll'.n nud the nrctdtUhnp
threw the key to the burin vault in
a nearby lake.
Impotiille Task
lou can't blame a woman for feel
In hrr huMmnd Is unreasonable
when ho Im lnts on her loving til in as
be does htniHclf. That's one thing a
woir.un can't do even with a hulr
pla Cincinnati Enquirer.
Uie for Spiders Webs
Strands of the webs of spider nrs
Ofccd for cross lines In mlcro.icopes,
range finders and other exacting In
strunients. The web Is wound cn
card like thread.
Makes Rapid Growth
r.nnilioo grows to a height of more
thnn 1(K) feet In Ceylon. It has been
known to grow as much ns 10 Inches
In a day.
Among other evils folly hns also
this, that It is always beginning to
live, Seneca.
Picked Up After Taking Lvdta
Pinkham'a Vegetable)
Towsnda, fa. "I was working In a
silk mill and got so tired and rundown
that 1 weighed
oidy 89 pounds. I
was not well
enough to do my
work. As soon as
I began to take
Lydia E. link
ham's Vegctablo
Compound, I bo
gan to pick up.
After being mar-rii-il
fur thirteen
iAiiJl years, I had a
hfihv hov and tho next year I had an
other boy who now weighs 87 pounds
and is healthy as a bear. Tho Vcgotablo
Compound boa helped m in a doscn
wave and I top? others will try it too."
fans. C. D. Johnson, Webb Street,
It D. tfO, Towands, Pennsylvania.
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5C00? UP THE POUtaH ly
THE FEATHERHEADS TutTut! Insubordination
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WING f-VtiU CAN tITU&t? CALL - v t DfSUf
C Wstsra Kmptur Cuoa Wl-U f Vi g Crff eTteftrg.
Our Pet Peeve
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lViaywA)d VtA
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Finney's on Duty, Too
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Lill :ii.i:l.S
:l B is"
"Blighted" Areas Due to
Imperfect City Planning
The causes ond cure of "blighted'
urbim areas were reviewed et the To
ronto meeting of the National Asso
ciation of Heal Etitate Hoards by Ilnr-
laud Ilurtholomew of Kt. Louis, noted
city tilumilng eriKlneer.
He snld the symptoms of such a
condition are frequent vacuncles In
property and a Ri-nernl appearance of
decay, with little of a re
newed imtrket for the district The
cnim be attributed to uncontrolled
bir;e scale growth. Skillful city plan
iiln, he said, is both the cure and th
"Much Is snld and written today
npon the subject of decentralization
of cltleo," Mr, Tartholoinew said.
"At the ncces to the downtown dis
tricts becomes liicreetdnly difficult,
new ftrowth will undoubtedly take
place In outlying oreas, but before we
advocate and .encourage too extensive
decentralization of our cities we need
to know very much more about them.
Our bllpht dlHtrlcts are largely the
result of opening up new areas of un
limited size."
Remodeling Offers No
Problem to the Wise
Many old houses over the country
built long simple lines and kept In
good condition, are exce!lent for re
modeling. There Is hardly a city oi
town where there ere not fine old
places waiting fur some architect with
taste to make them into modern at
tractive homes.
Tl.e owner is most fortunnfe whe
recognizes the right kind of old hone
befme be buys It for alteratlnn pur
poxes and who knows what to do with
It after he has bought It There ari
Iwo Important factors In remodeling
Flrr-t, to get a house with possibilities;
second, to rearrange the exterior and
Interior with the necessary plumbing
heating and lighting In an effectlvt
way without excessive cot or unnec
essary tearing down or destroying.
These results are not hard to ac
compllsh after a little study r.nd everj
owner who contemplates remodeling
should give consideration to the pror
lem before he buys a place. Dot after
Matter of Remodeling
Louise I'argelt, home builder editor
it the Chicago Tribune, predicts 1H".0
111 be the greatest rehabilitation year
In the history of tl.e country. "We
lee remodeling made simpler and
tu-ire profitable for the home owner
every pausing season; that Is, remod
eling when n house has successfully
passed two tests. For usually a home
must be adjudged structurally sound
L' It Is worthy of being remodeled, and
also noi require more than one-third
of Its Interior to be torn out. Thert
sre exceptions to this general rule, at
to most rules, but. on the whole. It It
I fairly wife one to go by. Indeed, In
I most remodeling campaigns, as little
s possible Is torn out of the old place
but much U added to It Instead."
Paint at Protection
Molstuie. the mot of ail I rouble with
lumber ntul ineiuls, is the enemy ol
svery property owner. In sections of
ihe t 'iritry where the temperature
varies with Ihe seasons, excess moist
ure In the air Is Inevitable. For this
reason, building materials must be
protected from tho weathering It
:aiisea, and paint. In this connection
is the Ideal preservative. It senis the
pores of the wood and forms a pro
:ectlve coming over metals, thus pre
senting the entrance of moisture, and
:he progress of weathering ami rust
ing, t'sed on concrete and stucco,
paint prevents surface cracl.s. damn
lefs, and subsequent crumbling and
fluking off.
Towns to Avoid
And the Joke of the load Is the
small town that erects a "Welcome"
sign and follows It up with nuothei
announcing a speed limit of "twelve
tulles per hour." Thai Is no welcome
to the tourist. And there are othei
Injunctions concerning cutouts nnd the
like. Most towns admonish the motor
ist to protect Its children but the town
lights every effort to protect those
children by routing the hlghwar out
side the city limits. Lincoln Slutt
improve Horns Grounds
Old lawns should be gone over care-
hilly. Unsightly depressions which
canned be removed by rolling can be
eliminated by lifting the sod. tilling
with good soli, and replacing the sod
Where this Is Imprnctlciihle. tine loam
can be spread over the lawn to a
depth of tlnee Inches. The exisilng
grass will force Its way through the
new soli.
Value, of Facs Brick
Many old houses have sturdy
frames, despite the shabby and old
appearance of the exterior. Given a
veneer of face brick, these houses
will put on an appearance of new nnd
will give service thnt compares well
with un entirely new home, for the
brick exterior provides protection
ognlnxt the elements end lakes on
added beauty with the years.
Community's Handicap
An ugly, disordered, unpalnted and
neglected community ttlllea ambition
the real foundation of prosperity,
in use over 47 Years
Really Helps Bowels
Don't you want this way of mak
ing the bowels behave? A doctor's
way to make the bowels move so
well that you feel better all over I
JJr. Caldwell's Syrup Tepsln
doesn't tarn everything to water,
but cleans out all that hard waste,
clogging your system. It cleans
yoo out without any shock, for It's
only fresh laxative herbs a famouf
doctor found so good for th
bowels, combined with pure pepata
and other harmless ingredients.
A doctor tXould know what U
lett for the loueU. Let Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Tepsln show you hovr
soon you can train tho bowels to
move freely, erery day, the way
they should. It's wonderful the
way this prescription works, but
It's perfectly harmless; so yoo can
use It whenever a coated tongue or
sick headache tells you that you're
bilious. Fine for children, too (It
tastes so nice) and they ought to
have a spoonful the minute they
seem fretful, feverish, or sluggish,
or have a sallow look.
You can get the original prescrip
tion Dr. Caldwell wrote so many
years ago; your drug;Ist keeps it
all ready In big bottles. Just ask
for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin,
end use It always for constipation.
Da. W. B. Caldwell's
A Doctor's Family Laxative
Calsam of Myrrh
Tbo H.el
Dr. F. B. Duude of Kolse. who re
cently discovered In Oregon a car
load of fossilized scales of the
mesothrorlum, tracodon and other
enormous prehistoric lizards, said la
an interview in Warm Springs:
"You can tell a tracodon's scales
from a nicsothrorium's as easily as
you can tell a white man from a col
ored man."
Then Doctor Daude chuckled and
went on:
"Take a colored man's leg. It Is
planted In the middle of his foot,
lie has as much foot behind bis leg
as before It,
"A colored man was waiting down
the street one day. Suddenly be
looked round and said:
" 'Roy, git off niah hceL Git la
tlrely ofr.'"
Spent Evening at-Horn
rie My dear, I got a coupla tick
ets today
She Good! Are they for the
opera 7
lie No; one was for parking too
long, and the other for crusMug a
red light.
New Species
The average American Is a mm
with both feet on the ground ai d
both hands In the nlr. Life.
A word to the wise Is sufficient)
and to the timid, a mere scowl Is.
OENUINE Bayer Aspirin his been
proved safe by millions of users for
over thirty years. Thousands of
doctors prescribe it. It docs hot de
press the heart. Promptly relieves
Headaches Neuritis
Colds Neuralgia
Sore Throat Lumbago
Rheumatism Toothache
Leaves no harmful after-cfTccta
For your own protection insist on
the package with the name Bayer
and the word genuine as pictured
Aspirin is the trade-mark of Bayer
manufacture cf inonoaceticaciJcstcf
of tulicylicacid
f3 H 6162