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    SUCH IS LIFE-Pcrfcct Papa!
By Charles Sugliroc
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life, jH7
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A photograph of this child, Rita Gor
don, so greatly attracted the managing
director of Mdand's biggest chocolate
firm that he named one of his prin
cipal brands "Klta," and used the
baby's picture to decorate all his choco
late boxes. The child's father dis
posed of the copyright on her features
for a period of ten years In considera
tion of a payment of $2,.VX) per year.
Mr. Gordon Is a Tole of Scotch descent
Police Chief Defies Bank Bandits
Watertown, S. D. Bunk robbers re
cently active In states of the North
west who attempt to raid any of the
three banks of Watertown will have
to come to town In a war tank, for
je II . - v. k- - . , '
Jackie rhlll's of Montreal wno was
the only athlete at the British empire
games, held there, to curry off two
empire championships the high tower
laid spring board diving titles.
This Was Reckless Drivins Once
1 .-.
Stalin Hailed as Lenin's Savior
ilofcow, U. S. S. H. How Joseph
Stalin, undisputed leader of the Soviet
domain, once turned barber and cut
the board and nnistnche of Lenin Is
revealed In a dramatic account of the
scone Just written by Gregory Zlnovlev.
"I remember how Stalin, armed with
scissors, clipped beard and mustache
Rt the very moment,' Zlnovlev writes
In an article In Tavda telling of
Letiln's escape In July, 1017.
The arrest of the foremost Rolshe
vlk had been ordered by Kerensky't
provisional government as a measure
of public safety. Lenin was hidden
In the apartment of a certain AM
douev and a great controversy raged
In Bolshevik ranks as to whether ha
ought to give himself tip.
Zlnovlev gives Stnlln much of the
credit for the fact that the leader was
not handed over. Lenin himself was
Inclined to give up, on the theory ad
vanced by many friends that the gov
ernment would not dare hurt him.
Moreover, the widespread charge that
he was a German agent, some of the
Bolsheviks feared, would find support
If Lenin continued to hide.
But Stalin, OrdJInikidze and others
Insisted that the risk was not worth
It. According to Zlnovlev their work
helped the central committee of the
they will have to face machine gun
and rifle fire. Through efforts of bank
officers the police department has been
provided with a machine gun and two
extra magazines of cartridges for di
rect protection of the bnnks. A sei
ond machine pin will be kept at police
headquarters for emergency purposes.
The machine gnn used for the direct
protection of the banks has been
mounted at a concealed point where
It commands the Intersection on which
the three hanks are located, and In
the event of an attempted bank rob
bery the landits would at once be ex
posed to the fire of this machine gun,
which In nn Instant could sweep clean
the street corners housing the banks.
In addition to this machine gun pro
tection, eli'ht citizens who are expert
marksmen and possess high powered
rifles have formed an organization
and will co-operate with the police
and the sheriff and his deputies In
protecting the banks.
Thus at the slightest alnrm, should
bni.k robbers appear at any of the
batiks, they would Instantly be under
a hail of machine gun nnd rifle bul-
HIs Name Is Tate and
Tag for His Auto Is T-3
London. Spelling your name on
your motor license tag is not a stunt
thnt can be done by everyone, yet
Harry Tate, comedian, does It Ills,
number is "T-S." nnd It took consider
able trouble to get It, he says."
License department employees, how
ever, are usually accommodating when
motorists' requests for trick number!
are within reason.
"We spend a lot of time dodging
l.T for the superstitious ones," says
one employee. ."We give them any
thing they want, If we have It."
Bolshevik faction to reach the de
cision by which Lenlu was bound
that he must not let himself be ar
rested. It was after that decision was taken
that Stalin and some comrades went
to the Allidouev Hat and arranged de
tails of the escape. Stalin's tlual con
tribution to the plan was to find the
scissors and perform the barberlng on
his leader.
Zlnovlev Is convinced that had Lenin
surrendered lie would have been sum-
U -H- M i l l' H I I I r l-i I- H i t- ! I t
Although the very enrVy "bells"
were . long metal bars rather
than the Inter cup-shaped affair
we know, the latter came Into
being early In the Fourth cen
tury. The largest he'll In the
world is the "Tsar Knloko!"
which weighs 10.1 tons; It Is In
Moscow. The larger bolls do not
move but are struck to produce
the sound.
. 1530. Wcitern Newirartr t'nlon.J
lets from wliKh no living thing could
emerge. "We are ready," said Chief
of I'ollce Olson, "to make It hot for
nny bandits ho pick a Watertown
bank to rub."
II I J I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I '
J The Anonymous t
Dn of Mn, Univertity of T
i 1 1 1 1 1 h 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 i n-m
I have never written an anonymous
letter, iongh I can eaHy see the nd
vantages of sueh r
procedure. One
could so easily l
ibis method correct
social and civb
errors. Jack up
one's friends and
all without being
Ui irunj, ,' lull'
A Intn trunliti) iifiinv
1 '
Y son. u woui'i ne
cesitllale, of course.
the disguising of
one's handwriting
or possibly the bor
rowing of a neigh
typewriter or stationery and
the mailing of the epistle In some
other post office than one's own, but
Los Angeles. Dr. William George
Schnell, young scientist, claims a for
mula to produce light as bright ns the
sun'a without the use of electricity.
Ills Invention ussertedly Is composed
of the Kame atoms which compose
the sun.
Doctor Schnell, University of Colo
rado and University of Dresden grad
uate, said the formula really was a
reproduction of the sun Itself.
"For," he said, "the compounds
which make up my Invention are
composed of the same atoms as the
sun.. In some ways we even have
the gun cheated for we can produce
a hot or a cold rny 11s we desire."
Doctor Schnell said the test of
burning wood by a magnifying glass
had been equally succersfiil with the
sun and with his Invention.
The Inventor said he had Illumi
nated entire rooms with Ids mysteri
ous light find has conducted other
"Hard Boiled," but This
Rooster Hatches Eggs
KInston, N. C Edgar Trotrnun'a
burred My mouth Rock rooster, that
hatched two broods of chickens last
summer, now Is the proud parent of
a half dozen young guineas. The
rooster failed to tnke as a Joke Trot
rnun'a act of placing the guinea eggs
under hlin. The rooster, although a
hard boiled bird, bus motherly Inclin
atlons. -
V VI ''sir-'
Scientist Promises Wonderful Light
madly executed nnd the whole course
of-ltussan history would have been
different. Stalin's foresight Is thus
shown to be In, part responsible for
saving not only Lentil's life but the
whole Soviet revolution. Thus, lis
Stalin's power Increases, more and
more stories of his early wisdom and
Importance are resurrected In the
memories of those who knew hlin In
the early days.
U. S. Population Center
Movei 25 Miles Weit
Washington. The renter of popula
tion of the United States has moved
westward 25 to 110 miles In the lnt
decade, census bureau olllclals esti
mate. Although It will be several months
before census statisticians determine
the exact point ropro.entlug the center
of population, It Is likely to be close
to 11 merit, Sullivan county, Indiana, n
town of about l.'OO population, '.')
miles from the wesnrn boundary of
the state.
In 1100 the center (if population was
foiiud to be 1.9 miles wet of White
bait, Clay townsh'p, Owen country,
Indiana. In 1010 it wus In Blooming,
ton, Iml.
these details would be easily managed
by nny resourreful person, no that de
tection would be difficult. If not I in
possible. And think of the ftdvantagrs !
How easy It would be to prod the
Indifferent, to correct the erring, to
tell some people we knrw frankly Jut
what we think of them, tine could
threaten without the slighted physi
cal danger, nor need otie be particular
as to the language he used.
I have always wanted to tell Greene
of his grammatical errrrs. He Is a
graduate of two colleges and has a
string of degrees after his name, but
he never gets onto his feet without
saying, "L'very person should look
after their own business," or, "If any
one has anything to say they should
speuk out." and so on. Ho seems
never to have learned that there Is a
definite relation between pronouns
and antecedents. An anonymous let
ter would do the work admirably, I
11 m sure.
Boliins was telling me of certain
'olngs-fin In his neighborhood scan
dalous, quite Illegal In fact. He world
like to put the local authorities wle
to things, but In doing so It might In
volve hlin In some person, i embar
rassment; he might get big name In
the paper, or be called as a wltne-
"r stir up a row with his neighbors.
He does not want to bo the recog
nized cause of getting some one into
trouble. Here Is where the anony
mous letter comes In beautifully.
C'orrlgan Is not doing his duty; be
Is lying down on bis Job, If one's eyes
do not deceive one; he Is actually not
honest. What could do the work bef
ter In such a ense and get a moral
wanderer more quickly back upon the
straight path of virtue than a good
hot anonymous letter? It Is personal
tests to the entire satisfaction
noted scientists.
Doctor Kchnell disclosed that he be
lieves his Invention eventually will
eliminate all forms of outdoor elec
trical signs and lights, Illuminate
Jreq Produces
of I
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McMillan of Oakland, t'ulif.. shown with n tree In
nelr back yurd which produces sixteen varletlea of fruit. McMillan began
he budding on a young plum tree years ago and now It hears peaches, plume.
. run'':-', apricots, nid ulnionda of various varieties. Any time of the yent
he.-e l fruit rlpeulug On be bruuvbtm. ' r ' ... ...
.nj Jvv'uiuA iJ , J
7 " 'y V.'i,-?
A 1 . i-v . -''l
Hand painted flowers are ued In an
ifiVelhu manlier to decorate tills
charming white tnfTets evenlut gown,
posed by l'.crnke Claire, motion pic
ture star.
ly safe, and It might be effellve, or
so a good Many people think.
We nil get nnonjtnotis letters, or al
least tho.-e t.f us do who occupy any
positions of public triiiit or Iniluenre.
Soiuetltnes III spite of th effort at
disguise It Is eay to determine the
authors, and In every c . It Is the
coward who writes such a letter. The
man who writes you anonymously Is
the one who has not tlu bmkbons or
the courage to stand before you fare
to face and say wtiat be thinks. Jl
Is not willing to take the rr"ionp!b!llty
of citizenship. There are certain evils
to be correct I'd, certain Irregularities
which should be Called to the Atten
tion of ofl'clals. certain facts which
he might eal!y establish, but he la
afraid. He Is Interesting but he does
not illsturb many people, for he Is Just
a plain coward.
( Ci 130. W-trn Nmitr I'nlun )
SpsaMng of Tl.irtn
F:.!t Lul.e t'lly. I'th. A stiper!L
tlous boixlno nicv bi'iu' over a son
born tMr. ninl V.r. J;ne A. I'Ider,
according to Ir.fonimiloii d's
closed until some time nftrr hl blrth,
lle was born on Crl-lay the ."t!i, ,
tnlnules -iist lol.lrl.-lif, end h Is I'm
l'.th living member of I. Is dlred
desirable If it Is due
to n swelling brain.
Think and study and
swell your bruin.
homes, cook food nnd assist medical
woilt, through Its X-ray qualities,
The formula for his light producer
Is very simple, he snld, containing cer
tain minerals which are mixed with
oils and acids.
Variety of Fruit
W A ""'"'''I head Is
r-ii W III I I
A fSeorgln rtnlesmnn tells the story
of nn aged iirgro who saw 11 a extraoi
(lin.ii) luoMn; Insliuinent III tho shop
of an optlehm. He gazed In open
mouthed wonder, an I, turning lo tha
optician, Inquired!
"What Is II, hesr ' '
"Thai," replied the optician, "Is an
"Mm'," muttered the other, Ids eye
still fiutiiied mi the thing as bo
backed out. "slio' (hit's what I' was
af eared li was I"
Hug You'rv out of a Jtib agnlnt
Wh.ii's the trouble!
Wood lloier I he Increased use of
inctul furniture I
I long 10 l iii.uti-d. I fir
Tlx I'ovcrlr that sulka about.
I put loin nionry In ih rr
1 woiuler who will likt ll cut
Sams Fata for Him
"Yes," said a sad eyed limn, "I mar
ried the widow of a man who was
hanged, mid I thought thai In the cir
cumstances there would be qu com-part-oils
with the late lamented. Il'it
I was inlMaLcn."
"Did she prale him Just (he sBmeT
"Well, not exactly, but we had not
been married a month before she do
eland thai hanging Was too gixxj fur
Not tha Bread
I.ndy (In bakers shop) Your
frctu h rolls are really far loo small.
I can put a whole one Into my mouth
t once.
P.aker I rnn quite believe (bat,
miolain, but It's not the f .1 u It of ttm
bread. Holing llalv Tliiimu (OoteD
burg). A Liltla to tho Good
Yes." .iM l ailiiei roin(oel, "I
OliCO bought a bol'IIS gold brli k. Hut
I've got the brbk."
"N there an) satisfaction ll limit
"Son.e. A b'l of people Invist In
gt trlcli schi'ines and thai I get qnr
thing except 11 letter savin', 'Money
received.'" Washington Mar. .
Pmighler-Mother, we hud coumion
derioiuliiators In school today.
Mrs. Noiiveaurli'li-Have nothing 19
do with them. Ethel. I wish you to
avoiii everything common, as yoo
know. '
That frnnknm 1 u villus tnurht
Hy sns-s, Iht you'll linva In own;
If you mud tvrrythliiK you llmusht
They nilshl rinov your tulcphona,
Mistress (to new and raw nmld)
When you niiswei me, Mary, you
should say, "Yes, iiiu'iiiii," or "No,
New Maid (obligingly) -Illgluol
Leeda Mercury. , ,
Fast One
Shorty I know where you can get
a good chicken dinner for only 13
cent a.
Sklnney Wh"ie? ' ,
bhorty At llm feed si ore.
- Theory Demonitratad
"Do you believe dun anyone mil put
people to sleep by nieiiii of hypuo
llmr "Yes," answered Miss Cayenne. "Mr.
Diilboy was talking 11I1011I It yesierduy,
I fell !-.(.,y before ha hud fpoken
twenty words."-WiiHlilngtoii Mur,
In lha Soup
HliigusThe ruce is not nlwuys to
the swift. , . .. - .. ;
'dim-US , nh no; the hare. get to
Hi v aoup as olteu ua the lurlhjl
J llt'trey