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Tridmy, SmpU 26, 1930
Mm i by tut'.'tre a political f'.iiriaJ.-Flalj.
Nothhifi that h morrully wroit, t ail tver bt politically right.
lir.Virill.V Hlt.l.S.-AII I know I
wlni 1 iikiI lit I lid puptr. About
ton dnyi sn) w lind n ti a mm of
ti tt w f haiiprnlnt
Dili litre lM-l It'i
pixlty wrll Imbued
iltiwn. Wlicn ltiiie
V rtfo-fT Frenchmen wa fly
5.i5 Iiik fna Oceni. and
? t.lmly m rtrtlr
V A ,0, knn
that hi u 1 1 Imve
linen guile Novel
ty, Tliliik of Undy
mc u( I n r inmeli'i'ly
Instead of being
mt't. Hut lie dlil
mighty ki.iiIuiii
lUlnt. a tit lay docs. Whon th)e
bo landed In was r Ij: U tli i. tn
glv ILivui tu gluil and of welcome,
and It t.m real (no. For he I f ir any
thing lltkt la tor W X'lod of tlnii
wjiethtr he Is the " i ) It r :
Yes Kir lit and A 'il ni I'
i Well there follow h Inn) h rip hi t'i
tua'ko t'.int trip. Tiny were ml
aviator tn the lint pla.c, cut tliey
hid tn''. every kit ti rrr?-iat''if.
tad takn every pim-aMitm. The
trouble with most of 111 ullif-r t.M:
thiit have failed, they wen by
tkulty unknown Aviators, and ty
wti J'J't lu'klok rli.nire, end f ftrc
h li'ftby they riniUI I'. Vi u
ie nhfii those (Vn.rrj com uhaii
;rlni It litre ty t.ay of tho North
t'olo aud v.ay itsilr,; iw'..;.'.i Uy t:.
way was a rriiit Irlri why that n'lircl
Hi French. Ycu Ut a Get man d.
imUili'it and even If If wroint t:r
Frenchmen will want to out d hltn
Now Hut tliry blue It done, I lnui:
i tmve In put Up lio. .Ixralluu Inn.
aliHt vlnltlnx fj;li:n Aviator. Tliov
will t dropping In lirra ao fant t h r 1
Ciovrr Whaltn will liavit tu be tli'k
inx bard with botb iiilu.
.Vr. JUarit irtllug tluuwo out o!
1'iuticu waa bit bomi uay buck In l!u
a: i tha Kifiwbmtn w4rt tatirt
I, ;. To t.t'iit on o:-C to t.':;-.l:in.l
I.ny m(hl l.liii willi n':i
tud evtn bl in 1 1 wrlle t n: c
tbluK abut tlieia, Kraii'-o got m.a r
amnrthliiK ba wrote about 'cm. tntf
JlDwLnd wftb their minds on wbai
rould L acjirplUlicd by pubMdty, n
Ibcy bud tern It dona by Amoilca, tin;
laid, Sura W. It. publiU any of out
pld Tri-nlya you want. Wa will evei
writ you on to . ulilUh, yo aheud
write w'.ist you waut and tuy as Ion
a you like." Well anyhow t!iey lui
a tilibty tooJ ipfiidrr. when t'uy b
blm a. Outwlda (f Klo Zc!jfe!d b
doi UiltiK tn blfcr v. ay tUan an;
nina 1 ever knew.
" Will let's p t TiBt cl.i tber Is Is
tbt piinU. 1 thuuKht v wai t.ilu?
to La i;mo Fartii Iti-lli-f to ro,'.i to
yen by t!iU aabltath (lay. I'. it li.e ioin.
mllnm ai Jut t iitlierlnj t'ata. Titty
.eO w
I'lul Met (.'.f!, fe, and I't.itrJ S.Vfi Si-nulnr WcVtrr. rl(ff, ml
fur lAi's plriurm k'icm HuJrnti und room mnUt ut StanfutJ inSeriiir
In the. gay '90':
Juvenile ambitions are aoMnm rei.l-1
hod, buyhood riieams seldom cmiie;
triu1, but It in tba unuauul that maktisi
lnii?tlnB readlnit, the uncxpncieil
that atiruct attontlon. All of which!
leads up to the story of two youne
tern, v.lio lay bsnnatb tho fibMiilly
shade of broad oak tree en the bunt:
of tlio Wllluii'ellP river ut Salem 40
years ago and rireitiuod, tits boys will
dream when flMilnp;.
" One of tho two boys was Phil Mot
acbnn. The nthor was Ch.trlog L. Mc
Nary. One looked forward to the day
when be would be governor nnd alt tn
tba rti'dillvo office of tba tule cap!
tol, the innJcHtlc dome of which roup
above tho roof of the homo In tho
dlNtancp. Tba other funded himacli
lb the United State capltol at Wash
Ington. One of thone dream hna come
truu, and tho other bid fair to come
true when the bnllol are counted in
tbe Novtmibor clwtlon.
, Tho two limn, now standing for of
.loo on republican rdMte tlclicl,
n:' t for tlio I'l:" t tlmo as hoya slioiily
sftsT l'hll Metacbnn, Sr., wa chosen
s.IiIq troaHiiror In 1800. Churles Mc
Nary wa attending school In Salem
and living at home with hi wldoved
mother. The two youth became al
most Inseparable companion! and
jetruck up a friendship whlca ai con-
won't take tb faiincr'a word for It
tbut b la poor. Tbiy bli men to
find out bow poor he la. If tbey took
all tb money tbey anond on finding
out bow h Is, aud rive It tn the
Farmer be wouldcnl need any more
retluf. Dut aoon as winter cornea be
will b 0. K., aoon us auow file ht
can kill lUbbltti, that will ba the bit
lent relief ba ha bad ao far.
Wall tha elections will ba breaking
out pretty aoon, and a flock of Demo
crats will replar a t'? of Repub
lican In qulta a i;v i.l :'.i ii-:i. It won't
mean a thin., liny will t l'i Hka all
th rest of 't i, k In "n promise
and coma oil i-n Alabl't. It the
Farmer could I. "vst bl r ''mles he
would ba alttlng ;rt'.r.
Wben Jimmy Gerard aald that fifty
suren men run thla country aver)boiiy
thouRbi It wa an ad for lldn pkkUt,
to l.a bud to adl ItUhcp Csuiiou aad
Al Capona.
Poor Jimmy. Everybody Jumped on
bl Mlectlons averylxidy tint warn't
nientloned. Tb Eenat waa brokii:v
hearted In fact Th funny part about
th whole thine la, tha one that ara
running It don't want their name
mentioned not tbls year anyway.
They ara liable to sua Gwiard f.
Just back from a rodeo over
treat lluU Weitern town called
u ui u c c t, N v.
That' a irat
8; at. When you
feol that tb peo
ple around you are
taking too much
car of your prl
vsts business, why
move to Nevada.
It' freedom' last
stand In America.
Yet they don't do
ou thing that
oilier Bute don't
do. 4 "
Out' tby leave tl.a fi out iljjr i., -u
Yiu can ift a dltorr without I) It".-,
a drink without whlspi-rlng and In t
on a vom of cbanr wltbout breaking
ven a promts.
Quit bollerlug about bow poor nff
w at and look at tb real troubles
of aom of these other birds; down In
tb Aritntln nUllera ar guarding
thilr President, 1'eru Just i-wrteil
theirs on battleship and advised him
to head tor Siberia, Ilrasll ti In c
huddle, tha Labor Covernmeut In Fug
land ara about to Join lit urtrployed,
Hearst ba Joined Germany, and LHs
bsii ba Joined Russia, so It looks Ilk
Mfxlco Is about tb only on with tu
trrubl at all.
tt IWO. Mc-4u!il .V-itkf, It- )
. w k
We, us) 4 "" ' v
tluu.'d unbroken down to the preaaat
i' jr.
Afu r three yBrs ut Willamette unb
virnfiy, the obleit Inm fii!iwi of IiIrIi
tr liamliiK In Ore.m, I'lill Meliirban
went to Stanford ii'iKen ily lo atudy
lit w. Ciailta McNit..' had preceded
blm to Stimford, and ll re the youth
ful friendship waa renewed and
etrengthpned. Tbe two roompd to
fceiher. atudled Inw to-je'hsr.-
From Stanford, Phil Metseban r
turned to Siilem, and Inter, went to
rentinl Ainorloa. vhoi-i he spent a
yoir. Clmrlea McNary flnlnhcd hla
luw conrNe, entered pnvtlce. roce to
the baiult and entered the United
Statea aenuto.
This fall Rcnntor McNary, now a
nntlonnl flKre. In aeeklng re-election
to tho aenuto, and bin friend cruel boy
hood chum, l'hll Metschnn, 13 the can
didate of tho republican party for
governor. Numea of tbe two mau, who
cs youngsters flobed together on th
WIlliMiuMte nnl rs ntndent rcomad
tniM'.bor nt fitanford, will rppour oil
tbu Banio ticket. .'. '
in all ot hla campiilnna Senator
McNary hits bud tba enthURtuutic sup
port ot Phil MetucliBn, who bat never,
before been a candidate tor any publlo
ofIce. In thla campaign, wben bom
are candidate, each will have tba iu
port ot tbt other. 1
NOTICE la llf.RF.BY given to tha lil voters of School District No. 35 of Morrow
County, SUtc of Oretfon, that SCHOOL MEETING of uld district will ht held at
Fone School Hcis on the 30th day of September, 1930, at 1:30 o'cIock In the arer
noon for th purpose of discussing the budget hereinafter set out with the levying
board, and to vote on the proposition of levying a special district Ux.
Th total amount of money needed by the said school district during the fiscal
year beginning on Jun 30, 1930 and ending June 30, 1031, Is tsUnutcd In the
following budget and Includes the amounts to be rccciv4 erom th county school
fund, ttata school fund, elementary school fund, sprclal district tax, and all other
moneys of the district.
IVVien tht budgtt mtttlng Is held In connection with the annaal
school meeting, the following provision of of net ha 232, School Laws
192H,thould deobumed; Until ballolt are counted at lent one hour
uflr the time set the meeting In districts of fht second and third
classes, any legal voter tflht aistrict shall bt en If lit d to voteupon any
proposal UKh'OHK tht MEETING.
1. Ifolance on hand at beginning of school year
for which this budget U nude $3917.29
2. From county school fund 1018 57
3 From state school fund 22G00
4. From elementary & houl fund 1527.90
5. For vocational education
6 From tuition for pupils below high school 285 00
7. Fmm county high school tuition fund for
tuition and transportation 2C83.44
8. Interest on riepoi s and sinking fund
9. Kcceip.s frt.m JA other sources
10 Total estimated receipts $9,658 2G
I GENERAL CONTROL Elem-mary High Total
1. Personal service:
1. Supetimendcni Sl.'.M. $ 770- $JXX.
2. Oerk S(j. 50 lfW.
J. Supplies 20 20. 40,
3. KWcIUUmis and publicity 50. 50. 100.
4. Legal service 20. 20. 20.
1. Personal service:
1. Takfi $12A0 $1440
2 1125 1215
3 1215 1213
4 .'. . 1350
2. SurpUes 100 100
'i. TeMtxMik la 13
Total Expense of Teaching ...$1)05')
IV. Operation of Plant
1. Personal service
Janitois S340 $270
2. Janitors Supplies 50 50
3. Fuel 350 350
4. Light and Power 100 100
5. Water 50 50
Total Expense of Operation 1910
V. Maintenance & Repairs
1. Repair and Replacement.., loo loo
2. Repair & Maintenance of Creund 15o ISo
Total Expense Malnt. & Repairs $500
VII. Auxiliary Agencies
1. Library
2 Library Books $ GO. $ 50.
3. Supplies 35. 35.
2 Health Service
2. Supplies ete. 10. 10.
3. Transportation of Pupi's 2340. 170.
4 Supplies and other Exp. 100. 100.
3 Other Auxilery Agencies 10. 10
Total Expense Auxiliary Agenclts . 3900
TU Fixed Charges
1. Insurance $150. $150
Total FixedChargesV.:. $300
VIII. Capital Oultays ,
4 Nw furniture &equipmen' $200. $200
G.Auessmt-nti .'or bettermenUlOO. 100
6. Total cap! al outlays $0007"
IX. Debt Service
1. Principal 0" Bondi
2. Principal o- Warrants
4. Interest on Boudi
5 Interest on Warrants
9. Total .Itbt service
X. Emergency
3 Total Emergency
Total estimate! fxpensea for the year $32,044 80
Total estimated icctipts not
including proposed tax $ 9658.20
Balance amount to be raised
by distric tax $22,386.54
Summary of Estimated Expenditures
For school ypar from June 30. 1930. to Juue 30, 1931
Personal set vicei... $15,540.
. Supplier :'. li. -G30.
Maintenance ani repairs..-.-. 500.
Dtbt service 12 455.
Miscelaneous... 2170.
Emergency ,749 80
Total $32,044 80
. 1955
$746 80
$749 80
Amount of bonded ir.Ji btodntpg $35 '500
Amount of warrant indebtedness 8,715
Tqtal Indebtedness $14,215
Dated this 17th day of September, 1930,
Attest: DaJa, M. Corson Ruth B. Mson
" Disi. Clerk. Ch.iirman Roard Of Jlrecturs
The local grange held its sec
oid fall meeting on Saturday
evening at which time a large
cowd was in attencance and ten
candidate received their first
second degrees In the order.
Following thebusineiiprogtam
dancing was enjoyed with refresh
me ts servd by the 4 H Club.
J. B. Blaes. of Patterson. Wn.,
it visiting at the bomt of his
daughter, Sirs. W. L Blakely.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Broadley
have as their guests Mr. and Mrs.
'eo. McMillan, of Cherry ville.
Elsie Tucker departed by stage
on Saturday for LaGrande where
he wilt be a student in the East
em Oregon Noamal school for
the coming year.
J. II. Ginder of Proser, Wash,
waialisitor at the home of Mr,
and Mis. S S. Sirodtman in T x
ington on Wednesday. Mr. Ginder
li a long time friend of t he S' root
m ins. Teey lived as nei:hto a in
P.o-jer, a thriving town in tha
Jaople country. Mr. Ginder has
bee i routing at the City Meat
Mjskct, in Heppner. during the
iilness of Prop. Schwarz.
H-len Valcntiue left on Satur
day to begin hei first year ac the
Ut iversity or Oregon. She was
accompmied b. Ii-r mother, Mrr.
C. W. Valentine and her brother
Fred Cole accompanied ey Mrs.
E M. McKinney and son, oi Mo
to, were week end visitors at
the O C. Luttetell home on Wil
lo Creek.
! Garland Thompson arrivtdcn
W Jnesday, f rora McClara, Wash.
to i nter ss freshmen, in tbe Lex
ington hitrh school. Garland will
make his heme with his sitter.
Mrs. Elmer Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. O. J Cox, are en
tertaining Mr, t'cx'i mother,
Mrs. Mrs. Suiie Gherkin, of Her
Speaking of tbe apple country
reminds us that we k now a school
teacheruptheaewhomadeasma I
fortune off of frnlt in one season.
.S.ra. E T. Burchell was taken! on Monnay. Accoraj
nied by her mother, Mrs. J. G.
and Gus UcMill ehe rode to Pen
dleton to receive medical atten
tion. The doctor thinks her ill
ness is due to food which acted
as a poison. Mrs. Bnrcheil is now
at home slowly improving.
John O'Dell of Walla Walla,
Wash, made (.is regular visit at
the Tnm A Lnm lumber yard on
on Thursday last.
Lexington high school student
boay election nras held on Thurs
day. The following students were
chosen as officers for the year
1930-31: Fao Gray, President;
Vida Bundy, Vica President; Hel
en Don rty, Secretary; Ellis May
e-, Treaiur, Neva Warner and
Mierice Ucaney, Yell Leandrs.
Mr. and Mrs Moses Darin ate
at home on their Black Horse
r.nch afthr an extended wedding
in Yellowstone Park. Mrs. Durn
before her marriage, ws Mi
P. ince, of Junction Lit , Ore. She
ii a sister of Mrs. Georg Peck.
A Gila monster Is on exhibition
in the W. F. Birnett ttore. It
was killed by Mrs. Minnie Mc
Millnn, whiie on a suay in Ariz
on, lastyear.
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Miller, up
from Salem, are spending some
time with their sons.:
There will be a practice foo'
pall tame between lone and Lex
ington on uhe lone field Fridsv,
S"Pt. 16
Lexington sportsmen are in the
lii I ' each hop ng to bring back
his deer. They are Jamei Leach
Rostry Gentry, Bill Sanford,
rUlphiMcCormick and Lawrence
Further Discussion of Proposed
Amendment to Constitution.
"The constitutional amendment
providing for a cabinet form of
government for Oregon woul I
also give this state a uepkitmciu
of apiculture an agency whic;i
coulcr co-operate wiu and make
more effective the regulatory a
gencies of the U. S. tiepaumei.c
of agriculture," ?aya Hector Mac
pherbon, chairman oi the joint
commission oruadministrative re
organization. ' "
While some of the state's agri
cultural activities are well taken
care of under the present boards
and commissions system, many
are poorly provided for, and
others receive no assistance at
all, Macpherson points out. The
proposed cabinet form of govern
ment would give Oregon an ag
icultural 'department with a
ingle, responsible head, in place
oi a cozen, ana would i hmimt
a great deal of duplication of
traveling deputies, of ttce and of
fice hcip, laboratories and labor-
tory equipment.
Letters received by Chairman
.Macpherson from many of the
2i states having agricultural de
partments indicate that thev are
considered indisDensible.
E. B. Dorsett, master of the
state grange of Pennsylvania.
says of the unified department of
agriculture in that state that
it is "giving better service, is
more economical, is easier to
make use of, makes the fixing of
responsibility easier, and. is more
effective as a democratic form of
government than the old system
of bepaute boards and commis
sions." Another letter from II. R.
Brush, of Minnesota, say?: "The
state grange and subordinates in
Minnesota have been heart and
soul behind the work of the de
partment of agriculture.'' He
points out that they get better
men who live, up to their obliga
tions better under the system
of appointment by the governor,
and that it is easier to retire of
ficials in case they prove ineffi
cient. Tif.r CUm'i Klmg of Baa.U
To the Cbloaa tb tlr, lot tt
Uod, I tbe king of bftitav From
childhood the? are tanjht to fear th
tlr, and he Is made the bur too tn
frighten youngsters. If the ar
naughty they are' told that the ' l i
hu". (tiger) will catch them, ft per
Hgeri ar pasted aver door la China,
o that tbe evil spirit. smla$ tha
beaat. will fie away.
Tb Chines bar great faJtb In
tiger bones, claws' and sinews as saed
Idne. Sine tb .tiger Is so strong,
tbey say, medicine made ot him moat
make one strong. TraTtUng saedlcin
men with tiger skins stretched on
their poles as signboard. rarely wait
long for purchasers of their warai
Nw fork Times.
Fra.aa.Ua' Pr!
It wss In 1772 that Benjamin rrsr.'f.
lin tried bis band at Journalism for tkg
first time, writes Nathan O. Gaodmai
In the Raltlmor Sun. Without their
being Identified he slipped articles In
to the Courant under th nm
"Mrs. snenc Dogood." Parading be
hind the mask of a shrewd middle
aged widow this sltUen-year-old boy
curried on a moral and intellectual
crusade, Including an attack on "acnl--lars"
st Harvard -college, Alrdy
Franklin khew how to mix light,
amusing ohaerratlons. In serious dls- ;
cuaslons without fulling Into burlesque, :
ana ne BToiuea Diiierness. . i
UM, ! Apt Tkr
Few phhises are more apt. than "1)1
tits geese are swaus," which has com
down to os through more than 800
year, and, which we understand to
practically synonymous with the Una
"He is prone to einggerst.? .
Like so many other Idioms mw a
solid part of our dolljr convertarlon.
tbls one wa originally found In a book
now considered a classic .
It was first used In none other than
the funioua VAnutoaiy of Uvlttucholia,
by Robert Hurton, over three cefitnrUa
lao Ivanam I'll Timsa . i
Taaast far UafrtmtaV ' ;
Tbim fur lh rall4 iif tliA rurnir "
been levied la Kogtaad aistsj 1378,