The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, November 22, 1929, Image 2

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    A Sour
In th Mm Urn It take a doit el
aoda to bring a llttl temporary rellet
of gas and lour stomach, Phillip
Milk of Magnesia hat acidity complete
ly checked, and tb dlgestlv organ
all tranqulllred. One yoa hav tried
thla form of relief you will ceaaa to
worry about yoar diet and experience
a new freedom in eating.
This pleasant preparation la Jut ai
good for children, too. Cm It when
vr coated tongue or fetid breath
signals need of a sweetener. Physi
cians will tell yon that every spoon
ful of rhllllps Milk of Magneala n
trallaea many times Its volume In add
Get the genuine, th nam rhllllps li
Important Imitation do not act tht
Milk ,
of Magnesia
Practical OiagaosU
Dr. Stanford Read, a practicing
physician of London, statea that a
man who had defrauded hla brothel
recently cam to him complaining ol
loss of appetite, Indigestion and de
bility. Th doctor, discovering th
mental factor, ordered th patient to
repay hi brother. Th patient did
and la now cored.
Caa't FmI Awfatly Cood
Mrs, Prim I think a woman looks
good even when ah Is approaching
middle age, don't you, John?
Mr. Prim Well r yes, looks
good, but ah cant feel so awfully
good. New Bedford Standard.
Make More Money
This Easy Way
A Fate Cent $ invested in "Dan
delion Butter Color" Will Put
Dollar in Your Pocket.
Top price for youi
butter are possible thi
year "round with th
help of "Dandelion But
ter Color." Put In lust
a half-teaspoonfu! for
each gallon of cream
before churning and out
come butter of that
Golden June Shade. It'
purely vegetable, whole
tome and meet ail
But and National Food Law. All
large creameries use it to keep their
product uniform. It' tasteless and
doesn't color buttermilk. Large bot
tle cost only 89 cents at all drug or
grocery (tore. Writ for Fit EE
SAMPLE. Well and Richardson Co,
fnc Burlington, Vermont
Some men grumble because they can
find nothing to grumble shout.
A reliable function -f flower In
door I to brighten up a rainy day.
Bus Ball Blue, I want Insist, dont
accept substitutes. Grocer tell cos!
to coast Adv.
D who think himself wise, oh
heavens 1 la a great fool. Voltaire.
Have a purpose and keep after It
All wecrers can't be wrong
the Leading Brand
forover 56years
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o TV
&Sffie Baroness
Qxyrrfht Baroness Orcxy
"Fie, Sir Percy l"
Little Madeleine Detese was very
shy. 8he bad been brought by her
father to pay her respects to Mon-
seigneur l Prince d Gallea because
ma man was too 111 to accompany her.
"I dont remember much, monsetg-
neur," Madeleine said shyly. "Maman
and I were too frightened to notice
anything. There wa so much shout
Ins and fighting. It wa terrible."
Shall 1 tell you what happened.
Ilttl oner hi royal blghnesa wa
pleased to say.
Tour highness, (teaming punch is
served In th yellow drawing room,"
a pleasant vote Interposed, with th
assurance of privilege.
"Fie, Sir Percy P exclaimed pretty
Lady Alicia Nugget "would yon apoll
hi highness (toryP
"Bather that than let good punch
(poll with cooling, dear lady," 8!r
Percy retorted with a smile.
"Sets htm and garrott him," bl
blghnesa brok In with a laugh, "as
our gallant hero and hi friend
elsed and garrotted a chief of sec
tion, whatever that may be, and bl
powerful friend from Parla."
"Sets him I Garrott blur cried
many a pair of charmingly rouged
Th next moment Sir Percy Blake-
ney, that prince of dandle, saw him
self fettered by a number of lovely
arms, while gay voice chirruping Ilk
bird cried. "Th tory, your hlgh
nesa, w entreat I D cannot Inter
rnpt now."
"I have the story from on who
knows," his highness resumed with
(mil, "and our llttl friend Made
leine (hall bear It It waa thus
Our gallant Scarlet Pimpernel, In one
of hla bappleat disguise aa a dmver
from AIncourt did, wltb tb aid of
two of his follower, egg on a number
of young lout Into th belief that they
were being cheated oat of th reward
due to them for tb capture of th
noted English sdventurers In their dis
trict Full of enthusiasm and excel
lent wine, they cam on th chief of
section, who, I Imagine, answers to
our chief constable of a county, to
gether wltb a gentleman from Parla
whom some of ns have known In the
past Well, the young lout, eager for
th tray, nd always egged on by th
drover from AIncourt seised and gar
mted thou two worthy gentlemen
and, throwing them Into the cart took
them along with them. In th forest
of Metlere tliey cam upon th dili
gence. In which were our llttl friend
Madeleine and her parents. Th vehi
cle waa oatenstbly guarded by four
troopers only, but our Scarlet 11m per
nel and hi friends bad already ascer
tained that as a matter of fact ther
were half a dozen more men Inside the
coach, and that all were armed to the
teeth. Altogether too many for three
men to tackle : and since th chief
motto of our band of heme la never
to sttempt where they cannot succeed,
(tratagem bad her to com to the
Id of valor."
"And what did they dot" on of th
ladle queried breathlessly.
"The drover from AIncourt out gal
lant Scarlet Pimpernel," hla highness
replied, "brought the cart to a tand
till about a quarter of s mile from
th crest of lh bill where th dili
gence bad com to halt prepared for
so attack. Then he allowed th lout
to rush th vehicle, and general
melee ensued. Hut he and hla two
follower In th meantime lifted the
chief of section and hi friend out of
the cart and carried them up th road
to point from which their call for
help would presently be heard. Here
they left them In the ditch, but care
roll' took the gags from their mouths.
"Immediately lh two worthy gen
tlemen started to shout Nor could
they be blsmed, for their plight ws
Indeed pitiable. At Brst ther wns so
much din In the melee at th top of
the hill that their cries could not b
heard. And In the meanwhile on of
our gallant heroes had crept op
through the tt.l-ket to th crest of
th hill. Then presently th fighting
ceased. Th enthastnstlc captain of
gendarmerie heard the cries for help,
accompanied by good deal of shout
ing and clash of metal carried on bv
t Rntr( Pimpernel himself and bl
Jacket Suit It Smart;
Chic Modeli in Velvet
Whether or not the "little Jacket
suit" would prolong It vogue by np
peurlng In new version for fall teems
to be a settled problem with the ap
pearance of several very churiulng
models In velvet. The collurles Jack
et seems to be fuvoreil while the
blouses are either simply tailored In
flat crepe or more eliiliornlely designed
In metnl fabrics. Very chic design ur
being displayed.
second follower. Now do you see
what waa the result of thlt maneuver r
"No I Not" th ladles exclaimed.
And th men, no lest enthusiastic and
Interested, cried, "Will your highness
proceed V
"The prisoner let out th secret
that th chief of section and hi friend
were lying bound with rope In a
ditch, while on of our heroes th
on who had gon back to the seen
of th fight and mingled wltb th
crowd waa able to put In a word that
no doubt those two great and worthy
cltliens were being attacked and mur
dered by th English spies. Th Eng
lish spies! Sou have no conception,
ladles, what magic Ilea In those three
word for every soldier of th re
public. They mean hope of promo
tion and of big monetary reward. In
an Instant the enthusiastic captain had
called to torn of hi men to follow
him, to go to the rescue of their chief
of section, and Incidentally to capture
th 8carlet Pimpernel.
'And that waa th Immediate out
come of th clever stratagem. Tb
captain divided hla force. Three he
took wltb him, two were left to bring
th prisoner slong, snother bad been
sent aa courier wltb a message. Three
only were left to guard th diligence.
Th gallant Scarlet rimpernel bad
made a clever calculation. Already
by a small ruse be bad rid himself of
th cart Cnder cover of th dark
ness bis two equally gallant followers
bad crept underneath th vehicle,
while he waited In tb thicket for th
right time to strike.
"I leave you to guess tb rest Th
three remaining soldiers taken ana
ware, th horse unsaddled, the dili
gence finally driven down th hill by
our hero, while Inside th coach bl
two follower were doing their best
to assure llttl Madeleln and her
parents that all was welt Soon they
sbandoned th cumbersome diligence
and took to th road. That part of
th story Is perns? less exciting
thongh oo less heroic. Tb Scarlet
Pimpernel ba nineteen followers; it
waa their task to be oo th road, to
aid th . fugitive with disguises, to
help In th great task of reaching tb
coast In snfety.
"And tht ladle and gentlemen, l
tb tory," hi highness concluded, ris
ing. "Let u go and drink om of
my friend Blnkeney' excellent punch.
But fter we hav drunk our toast for
th king, let ns raise our glasses to
our national hero, th oVarlet Pim
Wltb a courtly bow and a smile he
offered bl srm to llarguerlt Blak
ney who, with glistening tear In her
beautiful eye. av hla blghnesa a
glance of gratitude.
'Are yoa coming. BlakeneyH th
prince said with a merry laugh. "Too
must drink oor toast, too, rememlier.
To th gallant Scarlet Pimpernel P
All th ladle laughed, partly wun
gaiety, but also with excitement Then
wltb on ecord they cried. "Tom and
drink. Sir Percy, to tb gnllot Scarlet
I'll com, dear ladlee," Sir Percy
suld with sigh, "since his highness
commands, hut youH forglv m It I
cannot drink to that demmed, luslv
Laughing still, th ladle cried, "Fla,
8lr Percy I Jealous againr"
And llttl Madeleine, wltb her great
childish gaxe fixed npon the hand
some English gentleman, cried In her
piping little voice "Fie. 8lr Percy r
Aats' Fir Brigade
Who are the (Ire fighters of th In
sect world T
Testa carried out bv a French worn
ii n scientist, Mme. Marguerite Combes,
hnva nrnved thiit red snts organize
themselve Into tlr brigades snd sr
able to extinguish nam by tn ippu
ration of formlr arid.
When Mme. Combes placed a light
ed cigarette on an ant bill, th alarm
true irlven Immediately, and I ha Insect
flpmn set about their task success
fully. Th experiment wa repeated
several times with tns same resim,
-nri tishted inner waa also extin
gulshed. Finally s lighted candle was
used, snd thlt was put out in sdoui
s nilnote.
When ants were In danger of burn
ing, they were dragged to aafety by
their companions.
Much Velvet la Millinery
It I prophesied that more velvet
will he seen In millinery this fnll and
winter than has been In several years.
Whole hat of velvet, and felt hats
that hnve velvet used tor trimming
are being shown.
Fur Trim oa Easembla
On some of the three-piece ensem
bles the cont Is trimmed with a nar
row atrip of fur down the front and
urot'nd the collar, while on otlin the
scurf finish Is used.
ff Tluildmcj
Builder Must Guard
Against Fira Menac
la muklug awards tn th national
tire-waste competition among America!
cities It was developed that th aver
age decrease In Ore losses In the uiort
than i!00 cities participating exceeded
20 per cent Finally It seems thai
America Is gradually awukening to (lit
fir menace, which has Increased an
nually for th lust quarter century
Inst year being the first to show s
substantial decrease from th record
of It predecessor.
Future home construction Is certuln
to give mors consideration than vi
before to Br danger and depreciation
Th two go hand In hand aa th chlel
menace to home ownership. And both
are being opposed vigorously, th on
by the various agencies seeking tt
reduce Or losses, th other by th
men who dlctnte to whom money shall
be lent for the building of homes. In
their respective fleldt botb are Influ
entlul and powerful.
The tire-protection agencies are urg
ing more lire-safe construction, declitr
lug rightly that the place to provide,
against fir Is at th draughting board
The banker and building and loan as
oclutlons at (canning wltb Increasing
car 111 plans submitted for the hornet
upon which they are asked to mski
loan. They, too, r Insisting upon
moron, recautlon against Ore end art
urging mors permanent type of con
struction. Soma Suggestion for
"Fire-Prevention Week"
Business men who hold a meeting
of their employees during 'Fir Pre
vention Week" and draw up rules to
guide the organisation to greater
aafety from Or, will benefit them-
aelve a well as the community. This
should be followed by tb us of self-
Inspection blanks, which th National
Board of Fir Underwriters will pro
vide on request At regular Intervals
competent employee should Inspect
th premise and record all hatardoua
conditions disclosed by the self-Inspection
blank. These blanka should be
filed and the condition! corrected.
Buslnesa men can also be of assist
ance by banging Ore-prevention post
er In their office, putting stickers on
packages and letter, and Inserting an
appropriate message In their advertis
ing. Good us ran be mad of display
window. In one town several down
town stores contained exhibits show
ing th causes of th worst Ores that
have occurred In th laat ten years.
Hast Ravage Costly
Th fuct that rust cost horn own
er of thl country tome KTS.OlMi.UUO
year, or about Ove time a much as
their losa through Ore, la causing mors
and more people to seek protection
against this drain. Builders and own
era who overlook th ravagea which
rust will wreak upon corrodlbte metals
ventually Ond themselves under a
mortgage nut anticipated. Wis build
er and owners are on guard against
what ha been called th fourth mort
gage that rust will create.
Th present cost of a house will b
proportionate to It size. Its material,
th cost of labor and Ita excellence
of detail. The ultimate cost by fur
th more linjmrtant of th two, de
pends upoa the Vise choice of the
materials used In what may be termed
the vitals of the home: In the roof,
sheet metal work, plumbing and heat
ing plant
CarUa City of Fator
Rom day, no doubt, th garden city
of tlx future will be born In some
American subdivision. The ttreeti will
be wide ond clean, but they will be
mere highway for traffic. The dwell
er will turn their backs to Hie thor.
oughfare, and direct their eltentlou
to th lawns, lite gardens, the pluy-
grounda. the tenuis courts, the bovillng
greens, the putting greens of the cen
tml park toward which the houses will
fuce. Th garug will b where It
ought to be on the street, Instead o
behind the house. Tills will help solve
the parking problem. The children will
no longer play In th street.
What's the matter with such a
scheme? Think It over. Kansas ClU
Towa Forest Big Asset
In Europe town forests huv ex
isted for miiny years, in sums In
stances the forest yields have been a
Minterlul help In reducing the town
tuxes say the American Tree asso
ciation, Mhiijt eastern slates hav
ipeclul legislation regarding munlclpul
forests. These Include Massachusetts,
Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jer
sey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and Vermon', With l he large amount
of cheap lund adjacent tJ muny of the
I'oclllc Northwest towns which Is not
tutted for agrlcullur th opportuni
ties for establishing town forests are
exceptionally good. Th Idea of town
forest Is Just beginning to receive
attention among the people of the
Hedge Always Attractlv
Where ther I a formal terrace
adjacent to th house. hedg
planted along lh edge of this ter
race will greatly enhance the appear
ance of till terrace. Often, In the
case of am I houses, a lerruc with
hedge planting I nil that Is needetf
lo U th bcus to tit ground.
Heroa Mad Short Circuit
A farm community near Plymouth
Wis., waa without electricity all ot on
night when a heron perched oo a &V
300-volt power lln snd Its tall cam
In contact with an adjoining wire. Th
resulting short circuit put out lh
lights In the surrounding farm home.
IMlcans Struck by Ughtalng
A flock of pollcans flying at an slti
tur of 600 feet wat ttruck by light
ning tn an electric storm at Suit Lake
City. Nineteen were found dead near
th city, whil s few wer able to
mak their way to bushes outsld of
town, where they hid themselves.
Neal's Mother
Hat Right Idea
Within a few
month thora will be
no more feverish, bil
ious, headachy, con
stipated, pal and
puny children. That
prophecy would sure
ly com true If every
mother could sr fur
herself how quickly, easily, and harm
lessly th bowels of babies and chll
dren are cleansed, regulated, given
ton and strength by a product which
has proved Its merit and reliability
to do what la claimed for It to mil
Hons of mothers In over fifty year
of steadily Increasing use.
As mother And out from nslng It
how children respond to th gentle
Influence of California Fig Syrup by
growing atronger, sturdier and more
actlv dally they simply hav to tell
other mother shout It That's ons of
th reaion for Ita overwhelming
sales of over four million bottles a
A Western mother, Mr. Neal V.
Todd, 1701 West 27th St, Oklahoma
City, Okla ay: "When my on,
Nenl, waa three years old ha began
having constipation. I decided to
give him California Fig Syrup and In
a few days he waa all right and
looked On again. Thla pleased m
so much thst I hsve used Fig Hyrup
ever sine for all hi cold or llttl
upset spells. It always stps hi
trouble quick, strengthens him, mskes
blm eat"
Always ask for California Fig
Syrup by the full nam and see tbst
th csrton bears the word "Osll
fornla." Then you'll get tb genuine
Aeronautics la College
A departure In pedagogy affords
public school teachers a course In ele
mentary aeroniutlca Th course Is
offered by Boston university and lu
cludea Instruction In the elementary
theory of flight, alrplsn structure, th
theory of serial asvtgstloa snd the
future of air travel.
Ttusa Ball Blue goes farther, make
Clothes whiter thn liquid Biu. Large
package at flrocers. Adv.
"Why did yoa quarrel with your
8h Insisted on entertaining."
"Should you object to thatp
"I think ao. 8h wanted to be a
night club hostess."
A light weight building tile, recently
Invented, may make it possible to build
skyscrapers higher than th present
Th gods hav bestowed fortltnde
pon sntns men, snd on others a dis
position for diinilng llesloj.
Tru gladness does not always
ipenk; joy, bred and horn but In the
'nngue. la wenk. Itlcliter.
To Identify Genuine Aspirin
TEE Increasing tut of Bayer Aspirin every year is proof
that it ha no ill effect. It la th accepted antidote for
Vain. It always halpi; it never barms. Quick rolitf whoa
you'v a heuUcho, or oold; or ar suffering from nu
ralgia or neuritis. Eheamitlo pains yield, too, if you'll
only iv ties tablets a chanc. But yon want genuina
Aspirin, so look for th Bayer Cross on avery tablet
Th box always bears th nam Bayer and th word
"jenuka" printed In red. Proven dJrctioni f"Mt,
Aspirin a th tr4 mark
ssss arm bsf a m sat a
Conceai scuffs
this easy way
A touch W two of eh diuher conceal tcuffi III outlet
Color is restored uniformly to faded shots, Mir (ban
o long-Ills hum jo cents. Colors for bUck, brown,
Ijsn and whit sbosi nsutrsl polish fc other,
Fireproof Ledger Paper
A ran fiber nermanent ledger pspef
ha been developed by a manufactur
ing concern In co-operation wltb th
bureau of itandard. It remains
practically unaffected when healed for
T3 hour at a temperature of 100 de
gree centigrade. Boston Herald,
Balsam of Myrrh
A Healing Antiseptic
Garfield Tea
Wat Your
Grandmother'. Remedy
For every stomscU
nd Intestinal 111,
This geod old-fhr
loned herb bom
remedy for const!
patlon, stotnsch 111
and other dersngw
mints of the sr
tern so prevalent the day Is In ven
greater favor a a family medldna
than In your grandmother's day.
ran tkuu. pmiuum rf t. J. a. cttM't Ow
ISCmiMttf MHl. Orit
aata to IMS Sr Of- 0114. MjMlalM la nil Hi if
aiiMin. lu limt imM Nar cwUtlf antkM
fam iilaal IHMUwa. StwfiH M4f
aww I, rasa yam
MM, J. . OaUt Oj.,D , Swrt, Vk
VaanaaV CJsVMsaaWaVtSaal W 99m) fsSsWaaBsf 4jg (faff
bitatlrXl lhaa I
am anahal at wu.
mnL IUm ar aa tarhatoirt
Ktauriulat aarcaal Im Ma)
mm tank Shfa anaut aas
W. N. U, PORTLAND, NO. 4ft-i9
Joseph l.e of Bton baa same
th affectionate appellation, "father ot
th playground movement" In America
Ther ar now nior than I2.WIU play
ground and athletic fields In dally us
In lh United State and Canada.
"I hat to hav tb leading mas
get Interested In th star."
"!t will happen."
"Tes, and It make their lov teener
so unconvincing."
It la said that I i fat I s story. Most
girl today divide It Into "Chap On,'
"Chap Two," and so on.
tn conversation, itudj to say what
people want to hear.
It enmrtlme happen that th brld
I th beat man at th wedding.
Nearly all of one's talk la unap
preciated; ao why wast words 1
tt IUtvt Uaaufketur at
of SallcrUoaoia