The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, September 27, 1929, Image 1

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IONE, OUIXON, FRIDAY, Sept. 27, 1929.
lone Parly Sees Crater Lake,
Oregon Caves, Big Trees
and Old Ocean
Friday, (hi- 13h, brought no
ha I ItK'k lo (he I'u.j 1 lJjlnltfe:r
parly that Marled very curly lliiit
morning on a nwt delight fill ti
I) tri i through tt ntrul Oregon,
the raaHt rtui'in and the Willam
ette valley. The parly consisted
of Mr. and M r. Puul H n I k I n f r,
their ion. Alfred, and cuunin,
I t v I r I Kietmuim.
Their fir.t Mop wm at Moio
wl ore they ro i'e;: Wendell Hal
sitferout of hi eirly morning
'bI"i ) In MiMd'.v his field if IHHSCP.
I'll' i;i i.t t m cu'l on the Wills
family at (Ira Val ey tiut, when
they reached thete they foun!
Mr. and Mr. Wilt Mill in the
"land of N-d" and no drove on
leaving them to pleaKanl dreatnr,
The ciillilnii nl mi Knl il f n flit I
ere tpillieieil iirnmiil tlie illnliii; rmiti'
liilillt titling Hull "nl;lil work" llie
Jrullluinl nf the liliiiot group wilt
hnjr Hlih lilt giiiiiiniiil If mum iilnml
Hiii ih k'll-. Mill ll Jenr nlil
Jima lieurd dim Inlklns iiimI ile u
"I Imfl live i t-iii im-k. Iihi, Tommy liul I
Mil i lit-it, in the rutin -Hun Im.x"-Iii
illnr. hll Hi m
Personal Mention'
Utle. knowing thai they hp'l tni"8,
i'd ii ahort vlait wuli fi.riner lore
friends. They cios-ed th- lilghj Mr Rn,, ninm Wi;rMt) (lf
bridge, over Crooked Uiver 'iSilcfttt. WaMi., who viait-d here
.topped, an does every h t r'.eMv IbU wi ek, returned this:
toto-c lebb'.es into Ihe water. !we(,k frm iMf tlip ,0 U)e lhv.
fur, far below. At eleven o't-lo- k aoil heJlc(lH(, ((lll 8r(. ,, UiiM
thnp-rty wa at Uen.f. A vbHof :ifK Wer4H ni0,hrt Ml8 ,n
was paid to the wonderful lun,j,y M(.f,furrfty rj tlul- way to
cave, but lio one cured to x I the eoa,t they mopped in Putl-
Mrs. J. F.IIahdwty
whnhavo beer. viitii:g relative?.,
her1, departed Sundnv morning
fnf their home In 'oi;lh B-nrt, ;
Wrfching'.on. They were accm j ... ... " V,"T'." "
I Mus Aice Nanh is recovering
p-mieil es farm Port,and bv M'Mf,,,m a vere attack of tonsilitis.
H-.Per (larsm, who has t.mi Mri,. Hdrr Cool gave a tarty
-pending a few .lavs with ''"' t her place, Saturday, foe some
imrrntfi, Mr. and Mre, FmtV L, the GranKerg, Everyone erj v
Enn'n;an. 'e I themselves. " ' "
Rev. Paul DeF. Morlimcre ijowar l Hardest called on
plore far into them, Ihe way It d ;,, fr on overnight vhit with OifldMonc, will preachmjr "Prv,, Mr, and Mrs. Medlock, lastThun
untoward the Houth, much of ill m r. aid Mm. Jihti Lundy and ce in th" Chrmtian church in'y.
thVouKh a dtiulate timhered ciinim ifjey relurne.', ll.ey upeiit-'ore lone on October tt"h ir.Htead ofj jarvey Medlock and Alvin Mil
try. di,y at tlie etatt fair at. S-tetn. October W h us anroiinred in. j,,,. are away p;cking apples tt
During the first day out, thej Oi S-itnrdav a d-i mnrf pViedi'8 lndeedndei t. Mr.'y.lkjma
Halaineia had a hearty luunh tt!whi.rehy Ui)rgl.r Vri h b(,'ca,IlM Moriirnorc is a former lone pus i Ntei Nash MibH MariRold and
tliuexpeiBo of Mr. uictmann. u owtlure 0f .(, 2l00nciiaof whe;ti,('r .oward Hardenty drove to Pen
geemathat Mr. Kinmann naa j sn(l, t i rt ve north of lone.owi.ei
double and at one of the cam-j.jy jcilin Mclean, of PurlUid.
thU double -abh an unwelcome and he,,n farrri(.fj u,
liueht. ! p ist two years by Miclul'ook
They vinited Klemath Uenervii'l) otberg.
Omimufd i'H pay 4. j Mr, ai dMrp. K'iy Blake en !
cl ,j rcn 1.fti Saturdi'j', (or Li
Flntftr surccry will bcal your,flM,ld,,f Mr, jjHieiOi'
toim.N Intend of rcmov.n t hem , , N , g ,
consult a physician who btbevtt y
i ...,.,u nil tin. n:ilnr:il uri'.mv i J1
III lunail ."" " r
J. Perry Conder.
(iliuilmi iiivn ill v e!,M lii inntielli
wavi'a ol lili'li liitiiii'iii Willi wme
leliKlln e Ii""' mi:-'"' unll
iluun to iiiii"klin ion 'I'M miciinim
unit). (iiimiMH rum life iii-m n'lie
Inillnil limn N rin. li.iuiiiei rnyi
Nine Ihhii ni'l fin neiihi'! mti ilia
mM nil iiiiii i'I. l'i :i'i nil em. run
Cnl t nl wnriit fir
IT fi''rt-
.1 r i v 1 1
M rs. VA Moore ret imed hem
Ma t week after a pleanant vmi
! wi Ii her bom in-law and daugl t
Mr. and Mm. W.vx Ilicotk i
j Pot Hand.
j The fall geedinir of whtn. t.,;
j w 11 under way in this virlnih
b;n and Icii.ity were we!
it presented attheU -und Updt;
lat week.
i Charlcv A'lenzer viil heii
1 otk on a larj,e bam wl ith O't"
I in lulrdm in hnvieir built i.n hi
t ;' ranch.
Mr. and MrB. Georue Ntwtor.
4. '
I !
VMien V.ii:rr tunn'.Kfl ra ,i; ...,, iCpiit nfternnon to at.
Roy Call weie in Port'ano recer;t( tr(1(j e UounJ-Up. They rtturn
ly. thev v'r ited Gui Lb hi, who.j Saturday afternoon.
r a patient in an open air Fa, C B. ulah Pettyjohn waa clerking
arium in tl.a' ci'y. They fourdilt ,na Bauernfeind store during
Mr. Lii bl much improv d. ith,.e absence of Mr. and Mrs.
Rev. C"il Aha'tof Toppenii-h. B-iuernfeind whi'ethey went to
Wh., wes here 'Ihurady of, Saturday afternccn.
Imt weik Rnd awi'ted in the Mm. Aivin Kly was attending
n lifiot;?, tivic( a which his Aifejto biihinias in Morgan Sa'urday.
v as conducting in I'entecofcta
Meeting Held at Arlington
Saturday Arranges the
Football Schedule
The County Highschoo! As o
ciation met at Arlii gton, Satur
day morning, September 14th,
and decided on the football sched
ula for lb ; season and discussed
soveraMnnortant question! relat
ing to iil'-t!..
Ono i f iums that is usually
brought up at any highschool
contest ) bt of securing suita
ble meii referee and a head
linesman and it was agreed at
meeting to pick from the list ap
proved by the aseociation. a neu
tral refcrte and head linesman
for each conf ert dcc game, so that
there could be no hard feelings
as the result of any of the con
Continued on Pg.4.
h ill. From here he went to Cuke
to h.fiH mi t-tintj. Mis. Aha!'
cloned her services, Wednesde;
evenir g of thin week.
Mr. ai.d Mre. Harold Ahalt
t lent a couple of day last wei k
vifiitii g Mr. Al all'n rioter, Mr.
Haverco.-it it Uhea Sidirir.
V...i r r-n nrtS nrnritirlu cnfltnniii
lu mi; ii". fiw.-.,7 4V.-, r- -
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