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Stuffed Tomatoes Fine Dish
Good Things for the Table
Moil Appetizing Vegetable
(Prepare br the Delta Staue Department
el srloultere.)
On of the mcHit successful and ap
prizing vegetables for serving stuffed
la tli t'iniHto. Large, unblemished to
mntoes should b chosen. Arm enough
to hold thotr shape wlion cooked. Alt
er they hsv been washed remov a
thin allc from th atom. Carefully
coop out th pulp o tlmt th tomato
hell will ant b broken. Thl pulp
la added to th stuffing, fler la th
ntlr recipe, (rated by th bureau of
bom economic of the United State
Department of Agriculture!
Stuffed Tomato.
I larse Bra lorn,
I eup diced ult pork
1 cup dry tires
I tbe. chopped per
U tap. celery seed
H tip. Mil
lap. pappar
U eup buttered
1 tbe. enloa pulp
Try tli salt pork until crisp and
remov It from th pan. Add the
parsley tod onion to th fat and cook
for two or Hire minute, then add th
cup of dry bread crumb, tli aalt,
Careful plnnnlnf rata down tltu In
preparation of meal.
Salt th flab both Inalrtn and oat
before stuffing to get th beat flavor.
Th hahy't first shoe ahould here
flat, flexlhl nice, plluhle top and
broad tot. '
Silk garments lait longer If washed
fluently. Unit particle and per
sptratlon bav a destructive effect on
th fiber.
I'lnn the fnmlly mono to Include
acb day an egg yolk fur th baby un
der two year of ag and whol egg
for arery other member.
To make boiled vegetable popular
with the family drop thein In boiling
water and cook them only until they
ar tender. Thl preserve th pleas
ant flavor, color and textur a well
a th food value.
Gay Jacket for Autumn Wear
Short rather than long I th ver
dict recently rendered for the unllned
separate coat alldaeaaon atyle eae
clally plac cmphaal on th shortened
It la a ahort-rnther-thnn-long cent
which glvea th final touch of chic to
th continue In the picture. If one I
th happy poaaeawir of a aleeveleaa
print frock (moat women own not on
but several), th addition of a llttl
Jncket similar to this one will tune It
admlrnhly to mldaonaon wear. Which
la exnetly whnt many are doing thla
very minute buying or making rim.
rilng Jncket such as will extend the
wenmhleiipas of their frock of gny
print Into the cool full dny.
Color I a very Important considera
tion when choosing th right Jacket
for the right gown. Kliher white or
lilgh color are moat successfully mnt
d with the more summery frocks In
light print for Immediate wear. It
Is a little Jacket of heavy white crepe
Which Imparts flattering finesse to
th print gown llluatrnted. Th Jacket
which fiiaten with a softly tied how
as does this on I a favored type.
Many women are Inking advantage
of the short-Jacket Vogue lo sound a
startling color not In an cnaemhlo
wny. Kor Inatnnre, a tangerine and
brown silk print dress topped with an
orange-colored flannel or crep Jacket
th snm surmounted with a matching
felt lint, become an exponent of mid
eeaaon chic. If ther I on color
Dior thnn another which I being fea
tured at this writing It Is orange, or
call It tangerine If you will, the vngu
currying even Into bright pumpkin
Coming back to the short-Jacket
phase of the mode, th popularity for
Itnmedlnt wear of th sleeveless
pique frock with Jacket accompani
ment should be mentioned. The sinart
est ar self-colored. That Is, a pale
yellow pique which companions with a
Jncket of flat crep silk In perfectly
matched color bespeaks that which Is
fiiahlonuhle. In the snm matching
Spirit, a dellcnt pink crep coatee Is
posed over a silk or cotton pique, the
for rvlng Stuffed.
celery soed, and cooked aalt pork, and
atlr until well mixed. After preparing
th tomatoes for atufllng, mil th
pulp with the seasoned bread crumbs
and anlt pork and add mar inlt If
necessary. Fill Ilia tomato cup with
th mlxtur and cover th top with
tli buttorod crumb. Tut th Huffed
tomato In a pan In a moderate oven
and cook until the tnmatoea ar ten
der and th crumb ar brown. Brv
from th dial) In which cooked.
Fairy Tale for the
I want to tell you more about Die
little girl Detty who longed to own
beautiful red bird who lived In cag
In (hop in th town whar Betty
Sh had wanted that red bird Dor
than anything and now Grandma bad
come to visit ber.
Grandma wa luch a dear. Sh had
not been feeling well lately and ah
had com for a Dice rest
8h knew ah would be so happy
with Betty, and Dotty looked for
ward to having Grandma come.
Then such a wonderful thing hap
pened to her. It was what Grandma
aald to her that waa so perfect
"Itotty," sh said, "I shall be want
ing good deal of help while I am
getting better and I shall pay you
as my llttl nun. I (hall pay you
ahead of time I know you would
lor to hv your bird now.
' "Too can bav th flv dollar for
him and three dollar for a cage."
Hetty could hardly bellev what
th heard. Hut It wa true. A quick
ly aa ah could ah went to th shop
her th bird stayed.
On her way there ah felt almost
certain that ah would And th bird
had been sold, but wonder of won
der. when ah arrived ah law the
bird In his cag Just back from th
Sh looked In the window tint ot
all. Sh wanted to do all this very
It waa going to be tuch happiness
one equally as fashionable as th
Contrasting th whit and vivid
toned llttl Jacket are those In navy,
these snme being very popularly worn
with white snd printed frocks.
The subject of Jncket and frock cos
tumes suggests a very Interesting
theme that of th new silks for full
which feature a print weav with a
plain In choicely related color. Th
newest types, which ere simply too
beautiful for words, ar called plumage
silks, so mimed because of their real
istic bird colorings. Watch for theael
If nindiim asks to be ahnwn pluuiagu
silks In pheasant colorings, or pea
cock tones, or parrot shades, th sales
person will bring out th moat In
triguing combinations, perhaps a tour-
Now la th time to get ready for all
th good thlugs which add o much
to th tuhla dur
ing the whol
lie aur to try
on or two Jnr
of those attrac
tive pickle :
Cucumber Cir
clet. Select CO-
cumber one and one-hnlf Inches In
dlamotcr, par, cut Into halve and
remove th aed portion with an ap
pi corer. Now (lie Into half-Inch
thick piece. Simmer for a con pi
of hour In half vinegar and water,
to cover, editing to taut; drain.
Muk a almp of on pound of brown
sugar, thre cupful of mild vinegar
and boll flv minute with a bag of
mixed apices; sklin and pour over
th ring. Stand over night: repeat
two doya mora. On th third day.
park In jars, cover with th boiling
sirup and seal, A few large, plump
rnlelcis added to this plckl Improve
th flavor and add to th appearance.
Rhubarb and Orang Marmalade.
Tak three pints of good flavored pie
to aay sh would pay for th bird
and tak him along with ber.
But aa ah stood looking In th win
dow some one waa speaking to an
other. What wicked thing to have
scarlet tanager In a cage! A bird
which lovea th wood and gren tree
to be kept In a csgl"
Betty turned to th woman who
bad tpoken. "But tbe man says b
doesn't mind any more than a canary
"What nonsense," aald th woman,
"Why, It's aa bad aa to cag a robin."
"Oh," waa all Betty aald. Sadly
sh went Into th shop. Sh told
th man ah bad com to boy th bird
end th cag and that ah would tak
hltn with her.
When ah cam outside th peo
ple had gone. She took a street ear
but not In th direction of ber bouse.
. It was hard carrying the cage but
she managed and at the end of th
Una ah got out
There aha walked a llttl until h
cam to th dg of torn wood, and
then ah opened th door of th cage
At flrst th bird did not stir from
hla perch. Ill heart was beating
from th ride and the excitement,
and then suddenly b seemed to
reallz hi door waa open.
II looked out Ahead of him wer
green tree woods a beautiful Wild
' And then h spread bla black wings
and off h flew to th nearest tree
Tor a minute be perched there.
velou print all In yellowa and ruddy
browns which looks as If It had cap
tured ell the glorlou tint of th
phensHiit. With It will b shown the
sm illk weav In a beguiling pheas
ant brown In solid tone. Th Idea 1
to us the print for, say, the frock and
the plain for the coat, or vice versa
If you prefer.
. HIS, Weeters Newspaper UdIob.)
Woe Fame Is Amerle
April 21, 1881, wa the birthday of
John Mulr, who wa on of the fa
tnou American naturalists, desptt th
fact thnl h wa born In Scotland.
II lived tor many year In th to
mite valley, and wrote extenalvely
of the geological snd botanical tea
turet of be 8terra Nevada
plant, add the grated rind of thre
orange and one lemon, add th Juice
and pulp, and thre pound of sugar;
let stund.over night and In th morn
ing cook down until thick. Put Into
small glasses to serve; seal with par
aflln when cold.
Pssch Conservs. Scald and peel
six pounds of kip peaches, add an
equal quuntlty of sugar, the shredded
kernels of six or eight pits, two or
ange put through th meut chopper
and the juice from a amall bottle of
muruschlno cherries. Cook, stirring
frequently until well blended, adding
few minute before taking up, the
cherries cut Into An pieces. Stor In
Jelly glasses or balf-plnt Jar.
Poverty Pudding. Th wealthy need
not ipurn thl pudding for It I good :
Tak six cupful of milk, one-half
cupful of rice, one-half cupful of sugar,
on teaspooiiful of aalt, one-half tea
apoonful of nutmeg and on-balf cup
ful of raisin. Put all together In
baking dlsb and place In moderate
oven. Stir frequently at first, then
occasionally, flutter or finely minced
suet will add to the richness of th
And then with a gorgeous flight of
happiness b flew away Into the green
All that Betty could see waa a flash
of scarlet In the green ot the leave.
Dear, dear bird," Betty (aid, but
the bird waa too far off to bear her
or to pay any attention at alU
She was very let In getting bom,
tier family bad just begun to wor-
At First th Bird Old Not Stir.
ry about ber, and In she walked car
rytng the empty cage.
Then ah burst out crying.
"Why darling, my darling Betty,"
ber grandmother said, "did th bird
get away ton poor llttl girl."
"Oh, Grandma, I'm to bappy real
ly. Grandma, I am happy."
Der family could not understand
It at all. Sh had lost ber bird, sh
was crying, and th said she was
"On, Grandma, the bird wa a acar-
let tanager, and be belong with
green leave snd In th woods and I
let him go free, so h could be with
Bib That Child Can Manage
W.Y..V.V.Ve'.VV.W.V.V.Ve WaVa'eVeVeVe
(Prepared br the Onlle (laiae Departmest
et Asrknltare.)
Everything a llttl child wear may
h mad to play a part In It develop
ment If thought I given to th way
th garment will be used and what
the child Itself will have to do to
manage It without adult assistance.
Being Interested, In children' cloth
ing from th standpoint of self-help In
dressing aa well as In practicality
and simplicity of design and attrao
tlv appearance, th bureau of bom
economic of th United State De
partment of Agriculture ha scruti
nized a good many commonly used
children's garments and found them
lacking In some Important feature.
One of the hum!. lest smallest and
yet most universally necessary arti
cle I th bib worn at every meal
from the time th first solid food I
fed from a spoon. Attention ha been
given rather to protection of the cloth
ing than to ease of manipulation, so
that even a child of three or four I
usually obliged to ask m on els
to tl tli string of hi bib at th
back of hi neck. Bib of rubber and
other water-proof fabric ar widely
told, and while the hav th merit
of preventing damage to the garment
they are not comfortable.
Clothing specialists of th bureau
hav several suggestions to mak
about th fubrlc used In bib and It
attractlvenes to th child, and they
recommend Improved ' atyle of bib
which train th child In self-help.
Ratln and Japanese cotton crep ar
favored because they are toft and
semi-absorbent, easily washed and re
quire no Ironing. These materials
prevent the food which th child splits
from dropping to th floor, and can b
used at napkins. Children love pretty
colore, and Interest can be added to
the wearing of the bib by making
them of different eclor bound with
whit or of whit bound with color.
On successful bib developed by tb
When a little meat of any kind la
left over, put It through the meat chop
per and use It In layer
with scalloped potatoes,
adding a little onion,
and lacking fat, tome
butter. Bake until the
potatoes are done. Such
a dish will be sustaining
enough for a main dish
and a little meat will
season a large dish of
Meat PI. Cut On or chop any left
over meat add any cooked vegetable
and gravy and mix with a good whit
sauce, season well with onion, salt and
pepper, cover with a biscuit dongb or
small biscuits, or a layer of left
over mashed potato brushed with egg.
Bake In a moderate oven until well
heated through.
, Itlf, Waatera Newipeper Colon.)
l Pineapple Sherbet
In the very warm weather a fruit
sherbet la often more appealing than
a richer dessert Lemon U used with
most other fruit Juice to bring out
th flavor and add a cooling acidity,
a In thl reelp for sherbet made
from fresh pineapple. The us of a
beaten egg white I customary la sher
bet to give a smooth textur and
mak th mlxtur seem lea cold on
th tongu than a plain water Ice. Tb
direction ar from the bureau of
home economic.
I Urce fraab pine 4 tb. lemon Julc
apple white ot 1 egg,
Sugar well feeatra
Up. ult
Select a well-ripened plneappla, re
mov akin, eyes and core. Grind the
fruit In a food chopper, using tb fln
knife, and tak car to place a bowl
underneath to catch the Juice. Press
tbe Julc from the pulp and add to
tbe julc In the bowL To each meas
ure ot pulp add an equal measure of
sugar and heat When the sugar ha
dissolved press th mlxtur through a
colander to take out the tougher fibers.
Combine th Julc and pulp. Add tb
salt and lemon Juice and sufficient wa
ter to mak 1 quart, and more sugar
If desired.
Cae a freezing mixture of 1 part
salt and 4 to 6 parts of Ice. Turn tbe
crank of. the freezer (lowly and when
partially frozen remov th dasher and
stir th beaten whit of egg Into tb
mixture. Pack th freezer with mor
lc and aalt and let th sherbet stand
for 2 or 8 hour to ripen In flavor.
These proportions make about 1
quart of aberbet when frozen.
the other birds. But when be knew
he was free be forgot all about me.
but somehow, somehow I wa sure
hi wings left a thank-you for me as
they carried him away to freedom."
"My darling," was all ber grandmother
aald, but Betty) knew she understood
understood bow sad It was with the
empty cage after having so longed
for the bird but also how beautiful
It wa to feel that th bird waa now
free and happy.
Hla wing said thsnk-yoo.
"I koow they did," and Grandma
said ah waa aur that they had. tool
(& HI. Weatera Nawapapar Colon.)
.VeV.V.VeV.V.WeW.VaVeVaV.V.S'.V.VA . . .. eV
Not th String Whloh th Llttl Girl
Can Adjust Herself.
bureau I of whit ratln, bound with
bla tape In color. Thl binding I
extended at th neck line Into 18-Inch
string which ar put through eye
lets on opposite tide of th neck and
then fastened to small bras or bone
ring. Th bib ha no right or wrong
side, and th child hss only to gel
both string over hi head and pull
on th ring a In th Illustration, and
th bib 1 adjusted snugly around th
neck. If th strings ar thrown back
over hi shoulders thuy form a lock
which holda th bib securely In plac
throughout th meal To get It off.
the child take hold ol It at each tldi
of th neck and pul.'t It out and
down. Even a two-year-old may be
taught to manage thl bib without help
- Anyon can easily cut a pattern fol
this bib. . The United States bureau ol
home economic m Washington wl
furnish a diagram If needed, but I
doea not have patterns of thl or an)
other garment! for sal.
' 1 H
L.. 3 1
Churchill Down
brated mlle-and-a-quarter-long race
track near Louisville, founded In 1874,
annually has been tb scene of a fa
mous horse race. It I tbe borne of
the Kentucky derby which, to th
united States. Is what tb Epsom
derby is to England and la laid out on
ground formerly owned by tbe Church
ill family. Down I an English term
often applied to a race track bene
th aomewbat peculiar nam. .
Tb Kentucky derby la mor than
a horse race. It baa become an Insti
tution, where tbe horse Is king for a
day, the crowds gay and the experi
ence thrilling. This outstanding an
nual sport event I th culmination of
th lov of borsedom by an aggrega
tion of humanity which baa coma
from practically every nook and cor
ner of thl country many a
hundred thousand on on occasion, to
witness a slngl contest between aris
tocratic thoroughbred of tb horse
Bone racing and tbe fond
ness therefor Is an English pastlm
which gained a foothold In America
tome 800 year ago. It brok out la)
Virginia, worked It way over th
mountain and lodged la the Blue
grass state when Interest la horsea
and racing ran high about ISO years
Tb history ot tb Kentucky derby
and that of the turf la America art
largely one and the (am thing. Ob
viously, the derby la tbe goal of none
and horseman alike, because to wis
It la aa honor extraordinary.
Strange kS It may seem. It addon
has been won by a favorite. The ,
number of nomination for a slngl
derby hav varied from S to 103.
Odd a high as 1184 to $2 bav beea
The American Obelisk
ABOUT forty years sgo th then
khedlv of Egypt Isms 11 Pssha,
prevented on of tb forty-two known
obelisk In tb world to th city A
New Tort Th city of New York
caused It to be erected upon a prom
inent spot la It great Central park
and. Just aa tb pasha probably sur
mised, it since bat proved to b an
object of marked curiosity to th mil
lion of Americans who bsv seen It
This la tb only Egyptian obelisk
in America. Only live of tbe other
forty-one ar larger. It I composed
of ayenlte (ton which greatly re
semble granite, 88 feet high. T
feet 9 tnche squar at th base,
tapering to 6 feet 8 tnchee at tbe top,
I mounted on a 2-foot has and
weighs 114 tons.
Its turfsc la covered with his
toric Inscription cut In iCgyptlaa
hieroglyphics, which are somewhat
obliterated on one side, do tl said.
to exposure to the and (form of th
desert Expert declar that It ha
aged and been Injured more since it
nss been In America -ban In all th
centuriea of It prevlou existence.
owing to tb cbanguableness of our
cllmat compared to that ot Egypt
Accordingly, It baa been coated with)
a preservative material to stop fur
ther damage by the weather.
History record that this obelisk
wa originally erected at Hellopolla,
but waa moved to Alexandria about
th Twelfth century by . Augustus
Caesar presumably as a spoil of war,
tnd date back fifteen ceoturie before
the coming of Christ or to th reign
of Tbotme III
e e e
The Hall of Fame)
TUB Hull ot Fame was founded by
a gift of $2.Vt.0U0 by Mr, r. J.
Sbepsrd (tb former Ills Helen
Gould) and th icceptant thereof by
th New fork university, for a build
ing on Washington Heights In New
Tork city to b called "Th Hall of
Fam for Great Americans."
A structure In th shn of a ter
race with a collonad effect wu built
th first floor to bouse a museum,
th OUO-(uot-long colonnade shove con
taining l.Vl panels, each of which I to
hold a tablet carrying th nam of a
great American who Is represented by
a bust on a pedestal.
Fifty names vers to be chosen la
1WJ0 snd additional names . sdded st
intervals until ihe year 2.0H0. - when
the full quota shall have been chosen.
A College of electors, consisting of
approximately 100 dlstlngulahed men
and women of America, was set up to
determine who were tbe MO greatest
Americans. Nominations by the public
were Invited only those great Ameri
cans who had been dead V or more
years being eligible. A two-third vol
wa necessary for name to gain id
mlssloo to th ball.
Twenty-nlnejuuue ref UiSj) th re
quired vote In Moo, nd number
have been added- at each five-) ear
period sine that tune total of R5
to dnt. t9 onCTtr sthJ-T -nt women,
and 5T busts a bean placed In po
sition. ,
IA III) WeatrttNeatpef Uaioa.)
, Interaatlonal 4cholartblpe
Th Davison scholarships, which en
able three undergraduate from Oxford
and thre from Cambridge university
(England) to attend th universities
of Harvard, Yal and Princeton In th
United States wer founded In 1028
by Mr. Henry P. Davison ol New