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    IT aW
Women Do Heavy
(Prepared hr the National Qeotraphle
Society, Wsahlacloo, D. C)
CirucS, lying almost at the
northeast corner of tha Medi
terranean once famed (or
the copper which bears Its
Mime, was an Island stepping-stone
and exchange center for ancient civ
ilizations. The traveler. If he takes the bar
ren ride from the port of Laruaka to
the ci.pltal, Nicosia, through a chalky
wilderness, Is likely to jump to the
conclusion that Cyprus la drnb and
Wholly uninteresting But half-oriental
Cyprus Tells her charms, mod
estly masking her beauty In remote
mountain valley and along the
northern shore, where no steamer
Stops except for carob beans, destined
as provender for Spanish cavalry
The best way to reach Cyprus Is
to steam from Beirut tnto the sun
set glow, and dock at dawn In Fama
gusta harbor, beside Othello's Tower,
where the dnrk-eklnned Moor, In
flamed by lago, smothered bis Des
demona. Once Famagusta. rich and wicked,
bad a church or chapel for every dny
In the year. It is a graveyard of old
churches now some sunk In ruin,'
one or two still used to house the
glittering panoply of worship, one
changed Into a mosque, starkly sim
ple as a prison cell but with s Mecca
ward mlhrnb pointing the soul to
The walla of Famagusta are mas
sive and high, with moata cut from
the native rock on which the bas
tions rise; and with gun platforms, or
cavaliers, overlooking them from
within. At the Land Gate i litre was
an almost unique ravelin, or out
works, which was useless and at
mother corner the masterly Martin
engo bastion, whlcb was merely fu
tile. i Looking northward one sees the
Site of gulamls, six miles away. When
Paul and Barnuhas landed In Cyprus,
Salamls was a (toman capital. Little
by little Its various forums and mar
ket place are being rvscued from the
drifting sands and viper-Infested
brush. Sulamls enthusiasts would
gladly use Its Byzantine name. Con
stants, for It Is disconcerting, while
trying to bang a splendid past onto
lot of sadly fallen columns to have
visitors exclaim that they have al
ways wanted to see the site of the
battle of Snlamls, whlcb occurred 000
Dlles iwayi
" '. firsai Trts'ess Plain.
From Snlamls westward to the
American copper-ore docks at Kara
vostnsl there stretches the great
"treeless plain" of the Mesnorln, with,
however, a miniature forest at 8yn
era si and orchards surrounding many
of the tillages.
At pluces, a around l-ofkonlko,
this plain Is rich with waving grain
or dotted with golden threshing
Boors, where the driver sits In an
easy chnlr atop the ox-drawn thresh
ing sledge. Elsewhere rock strMtn,
tlptllted toward the sky. discourage
agriculture, but rare Is the view In
which some leaden footed animal Is
not dragging a plow.
Along the north run the Kyrenla
mountains, which one lahels mere
bills until be has climbed to HulTa
vento castle or to Hi. Illlarlon and
looked down with nwe on plain and
sea. fitriing out In a well -dcltneil and
crrffegy ridge, they guard Hie pleas
ant northern slope fiom the central
pluln. Strong sen winds, sweeping
South, blow the trees lopsided townrd
the hills.
South of the Mesnorln are massed
the mountains that culminate In
Troodos. the Cypriote Olympus. Cut
ting the northern face of that mass
re neighborly valleys traversed by
Shrunken streams the most charm
lng bits of the whole Island.
North of Salami, one of the promi
nent perches Is occupied by Katitara
cnstle the Hundred Chambers.
The men of Cyprus have a dls
tlnctlve costume a strnw lint with
mushroom brim, a plain slilrt some
times with Jacket, voluminous Tur
klsb trousers whose seats are tucked
Into their bells for cross country walk
ing, and heavy leather hoots with
their tops turned diwn and lied
above the calf.
The women do little "llv"
the Aphrodite tradition. One of their
tex snys of them: "The, are rarely
pretty or veu food-hmklBg. being
Work In Cyprus.
heavy of feature and clumsy of form,
and their voices are harsh and shrllL
But bow could any woman be beau
tiful who works from sunrise till
dark for a few plasters a dtiyT
Kyranla-a Resort Place.
In spring the prize resort of Cyprus
Is Kyrenla. Almost overhanging the
town, St. Illlarlon, castle of Eros,
clings to crude crag.
Beyond the horseshoe harbor, min
iature of Corslcan Rastla'e, there Is
the golden mass of Kyrenla castle,
dwarfing the white and opal town,
set on a green slope between gray
mountains and blue sea. Across the
waters to the north the snowy
heights of the Clllcian Taurus bang
like clouds.
People come to Kyrenla to see the
castles, the monastery, and the
pleasant slopes planted with grain
and dotted wltb olive and carob
trees. They remain nntll the castles
are old stories, the I'hoenlclan rock
cuttings have lost their first myste
rious challenge, and the harbor bas
become a mere Incident
The climb to St Illlarlon begins
through green grain fields, pusses
under dusty olive and shiny, heaven
sent carob trees, whose sweetish,
dark brown pods the prodigal son
would fnln have eaten, tlgrags townrd
rusty clllT, tops the puss behind,
and conies to the plain from which
rises the rock pedestal for this ro
mantic ruin.
But when one has scrambled among
the evergreens whose roots sre split
ting medieval battlements spart, the
romantic cnstle, high and Inaccessi
ble, has disappeared, and there are
only some decrepit walls, forgotton
by the Titans who tossed them there.
Cells I'alse Abbey, a mere picnic
Jaunt from Kyrenla, Is the finest ruin
In Cyprus. The cloisters, from
wh.)e graceful archways vandals
have torn away stone traceries, are
still beautiful. The refectory, with
Its swnllow-nest wall-pulpit from
which lectors once droned to eating
monks, Is almost Intact The sbhey
stands In a pleasant hillside town,
bowered In fnilt trees.
Lovely Views From Bella Palss.
The best view Is from a hill to the
northwest To the left there Is the
gently sloping plain, verdant with
crops, and dotted with trees, with l
Jnde strip of sea making lace on
brown rocks, undecided as to whether
to ally Itself to the deep blue of the
sea or to the varied greens of the
countryside. Where the slope be-com-
steeper, there le an Idyllic vil
lage, with mtlk-wldte minarets spear
lng op through the dark foliage.
To the right the gray mountain
overhangs steep slopes np which the
village has pushed ' lemon and or
ange trees, Its mullierrles and gnr.
dens. The lower bulwark of the town,
Impressive In Its way ns the moun
tain 1 1 self. Is this massive gold brown
ruin, whose retaining wall rises like
a precipice of handworked stone
above the fertile fields.
America owes Its tncompnmble col
lections of Cypriote art to Cesnola,
who lived at a time when an Ameri
can consul could defy the Turks and
honst of outwitting them. Ills hook
makes spicy rending In these dn.vs.
In the rfldcspreud site of l.nmlmum,
to the west of Kyrenla, another fa
mous treasure was found, smuggled
nut of the Island and sold by an
Armenian to the late J. Plcrpont
Morgan for a sum Hint still mnkei
Cypriote mouths water. For treas
ures found, one-third of the Intrinsic
value goes to the finder, one-third to
the owner of the land, and a third tn
the government.
Amid the debris of Lambonsa rises
a monolithic chnpel of obscure origin.
Snld by natives to he a Venus tem
ple, a hole In the floor Is explained
as the tomh of a priest of Aphrodite.
A stone's throw awny Is the Akhlro
pletos monastery, "made without
hands." "dropped full grown front
Tlptllted Ijiplthos owes Its green
freshness to s perennial stren-m which
emerges from a barred cavern In tin
mountain side, tn Lnplthoe the cur
rent price of huge. Juicy lemons Is
4.M) for a shilling. The Juice Is ev
pressed, bnltled without sugar,
kept for a year or two without fer
menting. It makes 'a most refresh
lng drink, hut, at IS for a cent, lem
on are hardly worth picking and tin
ground Is often covered with decay
lng fruit
An Adventure
of the
Ue B
M Ml Service
The 8csrlet Pimpernel, known
during the French revolution ee
the most Intrepid adventurer In
Europe, le an Englishman. At a
house tarty given by 8lr Percy
Blakeney the latest adventure ot
the Scarlet l'lmpernel, the reacue
of .he Tournon-d' Aa'naye, le be
ln related by Sir Andrew
Ffoulkee. The Scarlet Pimpernel
la really Sir Percy Ulakeney,
popular London dandy.
CHAPTER II Continued
And so, tn his difficulty, CItoyen
La u zet sent an urgent message to bis
friend Cbaovelln, to come at once to
Mantes, If possible request whlcb
delighted Chaevelln and wltb whlcb
be forthwith compiled. And thus,
three days aftet the sensational rescue
of the Tournon d'Agenay family, those
two men Laurel and Chaovello both
Intent on the capture of one ot the
most bitter enemies of the revolution
ary government of France, were sit
ting together In the office of the rural
commissariat at Mantes, Lauset bad
quickly put hla friend In possession of
the facts connected with that tmpa
dent escapade, and Chauvelln, over an
excellent glass of wine, bed put bis
undoubted gifts and subtle brain at
the service of the official.
"Now, listen to me. my dear Lao-
set" be snld aftet a prolonged silence,
during which the chief of section hsd
been able to trace on hla friend's fnce
tbe Innei workings of master mind
concentrated on one all-engrossing ob
ject "Listen to me I need not tell
yon. I think, thnf have had some ex
perience of thst audacious Scarlet
l'lmpernel and' his gang; popular
rumor will bave told you that. It will
also have told yon. no doubt that In
all my endeavors for the capture ot
that detestable spy I wns Invariably
foiled by persistent III lurk no the one
side, and the man's boundless linpu
donee oo the other. It Is bersuse I
failed to lay the audacious rascal by
the heels that yon see me now, s dis
graced and dlsupixdnted mun, sftei
half a lifetime devoted to the service
of my country. Hut. In the lexicon ol
our glorious revolution, my good Laa
set, there Is on such word ss fall; snd
many there are who deem me lucky
because my head still bspeus to be
on my shoulders, after certain episodes
at Calais. Boulogne oi I'nrls. of which
yon nave. I doubt nt, beurd more
than one garbled version."
La u ret nodded his bald bead In sym
pathy. He also passed a moist, hot
finger around the turn of hie cravat
This allusion to failure In connection
with the desired cspture of the Scarlet
Pimpernel had started an unpleasant
train of thought
"I've only told yon all this, my good
La u zet" Chauvelln went on, wltb
sarcasilc curl of his thin Hps, "In or
der to make yon realize the value
which, lo spile of my avowed failures,
the committee of public safety still set
upon my advice. They have dlsgrsced
me. It Is ttue, but only outwardly. And
this they have only done In order lo
leave me a wider scope for my ai II Ti
tles, particularly tn connection with
the tracking down of spies. As so
actual memlier of the committee I wns
obviously sn Important personage
whose every movement was In the
public rye; now ss so outwardly ob
scure agent I come and go In secret
I can lay plans. I can help and I cao
advise without arousing attention.
Above all, I can remain (he guiding
bead, prepared 10 use such fearless
patriots ss you are ynursell. In the
greot cause which we all have at
heart, the bringing to Justice of a hand
of English spies, together with Iheli
elusive chief, the Scarlet l'lmpernel."
"Well spoken, friend Chauvelln,"
Citizen I -nil tot rejoined. Willi a lone
of perplexity In hi husky voice, "and.
believe me. It was because I had a
true Inkling n what you've Just said
that. In my anilely, I begged you to
come and give me the benefit of your
exiiertence. Now, tell me," he went
on eagerly, "how do you advise me to
Chauvelln, before be replied to this
direct question, had another drink ot
wine. Then he smacked his Hps. set
down his glass, snd finally said with
slow deliberation. "To begin with, my
good Lnuzet try to bethink yourself
of some family In your district whose
position, shall we say, approaches most
nearly to that of the cl devnnl Tour
non-d'Agenays before their arrest
That family should consist ol at least
one woman or, better still, one or two
young children, or even sn old man or
an Imbecile. Anything, lo fact, to
arouse specially that old-fashioned
weakness which, for want of belter
word, we will call sympathy.
"Thai kind of brood swarms In
every district All you have lo dn I
lo open your eyes. Anyway, having
settled on a family, which will become
enr tool for the object wt bave lu
view, yon will order a summary per
quisition to be tnndo by your gend
armerie In their house. You will cause
the bend of the family to be brought
before you and you will Interrogate
him first, and detain hi in under sus
picion. A second perquisition will then
not come amiss ; In fact, you will have
It bruited all over the neighborhood
that this particular family has been
denounced ns 'suspect' and thai their
arrest and auhsequent trial In I'nrls,
on a charge of treason, Is only a mas
ter of days. You understand!"
"I do," Lauzet replied. In a tone thnt
sounded decidedly perplexed and un
convinced. "But"
"There Is no but about It," Chauve
lln retorted brusquely. "You have
asked my help and I give you my or
dors. All you have lo do Is tn obey
and not to argue, la that clcart"
"Quite, quite clear, my good friend,"
Lauzet hastened to assure hi in. "In
fact, I a'reudy bave some one In my
"Which Is all to the good Chauve
lln broke In curtly. "On the balance
of your seul your reward will present
ly be weighed. Now listen furl her lo
me. Having followed my Instructions
as to perquisitions and so on, you will
arrange as sensational an arrest of
this family ss you can. The more It
la talked alniut In the neighborhood
the bettei for our purpose. You un
derstand r
"I do, 1 do, Lauzet snld eagerly. "I
see your whole scheme now. Ton
want to Induce the English aples to
exert themselves on bebull of this
family, so that
"Exactly I Therefore, the more sym
pathy you can evoke for them the bet
ter; pretty girl, an Invalid, crip
ple; anything like that will rouse tbe
so-called chivalry of thuee spies. Then,
having effected Jrour arrest you ar
range to con re j the family to Ports,
"All You Have to Do la to Open Your
and do so, apparently onder rather
feeble escort, any, not mora than four
"Not more than four men, remem
ber," ChauTelln reiterated wltb slow
emphasis, "ss visible escort"
"I andertfaod."
"lustead ol the usual chaise for con
veying your prisoner to Paris, yon
will use the locsl diligence and, hav
ing disposed of the prisoners Inside
the vehicle, you will have It further
packed wltb half dozen or more
picked men from your local gendarm
erie, armed with pistols; ant) too will
take a leaf out of the 8rM Pim
pernel's own bonk, because that half
dozen picked men will be disguised as
other arlsloa In distress, women, crip
ples, old meu, or what yon will. Yon
can then go even little further In
your trickery and arrange a break
down for your diligence In the lone
liest bll of road lo the forest of
Mezleres, snd choose the twilight for
your mis en scene. Then"
Hut Lauzet could no longer restrain
bis enthusiasm.
"Oh, Ihent I see It all I" he ex
claimed eagerly. "The bund of Eng
lish spies will have been on the wulcb
for the diligence. They will attack It
thinking lliul It la but feebly guarded.
But this time we ahull be ready for
them and"
But suddenly hit enthusiasm failed.
Ills round, fill race lost Its glow of
excitement and his small, round eyes
stared In comic perplexity at hi
Lie la Urease
Al Braunschweig a lion In bronze
surmounts a pillar near the market
place. It dales from 1100. It Is the
Lion of Brunswick, atrlklng symbol
of the strength and glory of duchy
which endured for centuries and was
welded Into the flermnn empire by Ibe
mnatery of l.lsmarcii. Two modern
statues stand In the streets of the
old town, one of "Frederick Wllhelm
the Kind," father of Wllhelm II, the
other of the Iron chancellor, lo whom
more Hum to any other are due the
strength and unity of the Oertnnn na
tion. Brooklyn Kngle. .
Far From Perfect
"Why don't yon cull uie donkey
and have done with 111 You've hint
ed at II long enough," snld the Den
pecked husband.
"It wouldn't be quite true, re
plied Mrs Meek.
"I tupiHise not I haven't can long
enough for Ihul animal."
"Oh, yes, you bave. Yon don't need
longer ears."
'What do I need thenr
"Two mora lege and better vole.
IW. mm. Western Newspaper UuIod.)
"Make up your mind that you
will accomplish In a thorough and
oapnble manner what neede to tie
accomplished, and stick to It until
you succeed. I wish, I can, I will
theee are the three trumpet notes
to victory."
Caroline a King, culinary expert
who bus been one of the Investiga
tors In the study ol
propor cooking and aca
onlng of vegetables,
ays about the use ol
augur lu cookery; "Car
tCX1' be observed In adding
yvtfrv. sugar, and we should
71 jit V ""'i ,n ",lnJ tlls f"1''
""" 11 u u"lJ 1101 Prl'
marlly for Its sweeten
ing qualities, but to In
tensify and restore the vegetable's
natural Iluvor." This holds for fresh,
canned and dried vegetables. The fol
lowing are some recipes recommended:
Spinach Halnault Clean spinach
well and cook for ten minutes In as
little water as possible ; usually
enougt will cling, to the leave after
they have been washed. Chop One
and drain well. Fry three or fout
thin - slices of bacon, cut In small
pieces and add to the spinach. To
the fat In the pan add one tablespoon
ful of Dour, one tenapoonful of sugar,
one and one-qusrteg cupful of water.
Cook until thick and poor over quart
of the cooked spinach. Stir lightly
and serve. Is the liquor from the
spinach for the water, to save all the
mineral possible.
Fresh Peas and ScalllonaPut on
quart of shelled peas In boiling water
and cook uncovered 20 minute. At
the same time atew a dozen acalllona
cut In two-Inch pieces. In a tablnspoon
ful of chicken fat or butter. Mix the
drained pens and dust lightly with
flour. Stew until tender, adding soma
of the water tn whlcb the peaa were
Carottsa la Bourgulgnonne Cut
12 medlum-slsed carrots Into 2 Inch
lengths. Cook until lender In sailed
water, lo which a teaspoonful of
sugar hue been added. In the mean
time, cook (wo chopped onions In
melted butter until lightly browned.
Mix with the carrots and dust with
flour. Season with suit and pepier.
When the flour la well browned add
one cupful of soup stock. Cook gently
for ten minutes and serve hot
Cherry and Pineapple Conserve
Mensure four quarta of pitted cher
ries. Shred one medium sized pine
apple. Weigh the fruit together and
allow an equal amount of auger. Cook
the fruit and sugar for three quarter
of an hour after reaching the boiling
point Allow the mnriniilade to set
In the sun for a day. Now pour Into
glasses and seal with pn ratlin.
Simple Desserts for Summer
One of the easiest desserts to pre
pare and one thnl takes but five min
utes of time. Is
custard. Cooked
In cups set In
boiling water,
the custard will
be creamy and
delicious wltb
few m I o o t s'
cooking on the
range or In the oven. To one pint of
milk, use two goodslzed eggs, one
third of a cupful of sugar and a fourth
teaspoonful of nutmeg, cinnamon or
any other spice liked may be used for
flavoring. Best the eggs allghtly, add
the sugar, milk, pinch of anil and
tho spice. Pour Into good-sized cus
tard cups and cook until when tried
with a knife thrust down through the
center, It will come out clean, lie
more al once from the heat and the
hot water, place In Ice water until
coot, then near the Ice where they
will become cold. Senr wltb a
apornful of whipped cream, freshly
grated coconut or plain aa one wishes.
This dessert Is one that may be given
freely to young and old, so It la an es
pecially good one lo serve often.
Tapioca In Tarlous guises Is another
well liked and simple dessert If the
Instant tnploce Is used, take one third
of a cupful, add water, to cover well
and cook until II la transparent, add
ing more water If needed. It should
be Just thick enough to pour. Butler
baking dish, put In layer of the
tapioca which bas been slightly aalted
and then add layer of any kind of
fruit, fresh or canned. Apples are es
pecially good. Use augar wth care If
the fruit la canned. Cover with augur
and dot with butter and bake until
the frull la done and Ihe top brown.
When serving apple add nutmeg or
cinnamon for flavor and cover the top
of the dish wltb apples cut tn eighths.
Pruns Jelly With Almondsv Prepare
a lemon Jelly using a package of fla
vored gelatin, cover with pint of
boiling water or any fruit Juice at
hand ; add lemon Juice If the mixture
la too sweet Take prunes that have
been soaked overnight and stewed
gently until soft In the same water,
unlng" no sugar. Pour the Jelly Into
cups to cover the bottom; when stiff
drop In two or three prunes and a few
blanched end shredded almonds. If
carefully done the fruit will be In tin
center of the mold. Add more Jelly
after the prunes are added and aet
awny to chill. Serve with a thin cue
turd or with crenm, ,
rjOCTORS quite gpprov th
quick comfort ot Daycr Aspi
rln. These perfectly harmless tab
lets ease an selling; head without
penally. Their increasing; usa year
ftcr year Is proof that the do help
ind can't harm. Take them for any;
ache; to tvo!4 the pain peculiar to
women; many have found them
marvelous at such times. Tha
proven directions with every pack
age of Baytr Aspirin tell bow to
treat colds, sore throat, neuralgia,
neuritis, etc All druggist.
Aejfcia to U trw eu at turn IfuafMtafe
kawsiwwe efSdmiMat
Kill Rats
Without Poison
M Mas tnimemlmmtf tkmt
MfoMt Kill Uvaafaca, fmuUrf,
Dog; Catm, mr mvmm Babp ChJcae
yard Wllhah Jul,l.l r M II rental n, MMI
pelseav It H O ( made of aiutU. ee ivrum.
fewiklni be U. a. Dtp!. AiiVullu, Mads
Ihe ConnaMe prurM wMh liMurae atastmtua?
Hraaa'h. Tnnni kiUl S7S celt e Arauias
Stilt tim Huadrede ololkft tMtlaMtttele.
11 M a MMeyBaek Oesaraat).
Innei Mima K-H-U. the onatnal Squill (
mutator. All 1ruslts, lie. UaridM (four lima
ee aturni si do. 1 r,i t u drslsf i
re. S. H-OC..BprlnarV.U,U
alnrriage occasionally Sobers a mant
who la Intoxicated wltb love.
For Galled Horses
Hartford's Balsam ol Myrrb
itMMIilU ASeaaea,
Way of the transgressor la not only
bard; It la osunlly Idiotic and due to
a defective think tank.
Tse Hum Hall Ulue tn your laundry.
Tiny rust spots may come from lufe
rlor Illutng. Ask Orocers. Adv.
Dress doe not give knowledge.
One Soap JJ1
T9 enut enaeltslr)
htm of hU.iu) mtmtm
I Toilet '' "
I ivun eiid .aw. . sj wise
HjltB aa aliitins. tout
alftS. Vou
eawe audi ntiM
a - t-
taaaUU rahkt. if 1
neeJaael's etryOc Cetlee, IMJ
'IvJla EL Plnlkam'a Vet.
table Compound is a wonder-
tui medicine at the Change of
Life. I would get blue spells and
lust walk tha floor. Ivninrrv.
ous. could not sleep at nlhr.
viua vrae liui UU1G UJ UU Illy
work. I know If It had not been
for vour metilctne I wnnLI ha vm
been in bed most of this time
and had a big doctor a bill If
women would only take your
medldna thrv woM ha h.
ter." Mm. Anna Wtavtr,
k. r. u. no. a. Host Hill, Iowa.
JU I -' I. Liini sn
IW li "ill
V '.X