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IONG, OREGON, FRIDAY, April 5, 1929
City Hill Note
Tuesday e venin of this week
Uih Council f l met in reu
tar a'BBion with Uie Mayor, He
corder, Marshal and Councilmen
Linn, Uryson, Hulit-r, Lundell
and Davidson present and Coun
cilmun MeCahe absent.
Bill wera presents I, audited
id allowed at follows:
Swanson, Office Knit, $15 CO
TumA Lum, Sund, Gravel 1.60
Neptune Meter Co., Fittings 3 M
V. 11. Kobinaun.
Recorder's Bond 5.00
Irwin Hudson Co.'
StopSigr.s 20 00
Indepeneent Garage,
Gasoline G 12
Bert Manon,
freight Adv on Signs 'i CO
lone City Dray, Drat age 8 73
Ihe Cjumitti e on Street re
ported atop signs and alow aliens
placed on certain streets and 4
unused sins on hand.
The finance Commiiteu report
ed ti e collection of back taxes
I'jntini'J on Pg. 4.
Weather Report
For March
Total Fnow fall 0.00
Total precipitation 0 42
" ' "since Sept. 1 5 24
" " for the corres
ponding period laMt year.... 8 03
No of clear days U.
No. of cloudy days. 11 J
No. partly cloudy .11.
Prevailing wind W.
It. K. lliiriiiMon
Coiiperutire Ohterrer I'. S. V II.
Morgan, Oregon, Apil . 1. VJ29.
Dr. Clarke of the Clarke Opti
cal Co,. 202 and 203. Merchants
TruHt lildg. 6th and Washington
Sts.,lortland, Ore.. EYESIGHT
SPECIALISTS, will be in lone
all day and evening, Sat., Apr
13th at the lone Hotel. SEE HIM
George N. Ely, Manager of the
Joroan Elevator Company has
purchasec a New Kemington I'ort
able from liullard's 1'harmacy.
mr MM
Kodak at Home
Kodak pictures taken at home have a charm that
grows greater v, 1th every passing year. Think of the
pleasure you'll get from nn album full of family
And, li.lay - - with the high grade lens equip
ment Mi) pi ed on low-priced Kodaks picture-making
ii easier than e ver before.
We'll fi.Wy show you
the iw Kifilak models.
St;tp in any time.
Bnllard's Pharmacy
lOS'E, oregox. .
Local Happenings
The turkey meeting held on
March27, at the Frd Mc Mur.
rav runch, was well attended.
Mr, McKinley Huntington, who
was the principal speaker, has
been a success! ul turkey grower
for many years.
While Mn. Ida Cochran, of
Portland, was in lone last week
she sold to the Pentecstal peo
ple, the building on Main Street
which is now being used by them
as a mission house.
Miss Hildega' de Williams spei.t
the week-end with friend in
Mrs. Helen Farrens, who has
been here for a short viait. re
turned, the last of the week to
Portland. While hers the pur
chased from George Ritchie, the
house on Second Street now be
ing occupied by Mr. and Mrs.
Blaine Black well. Mrs. Fan en
will not come to rrmke her home
here until the close of school.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ahalt were
calling on relatives and friend
in lone, last Friday, They wire
on their way to Toppenish.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balsiuer
drove to Vancouver, Washington,
returning Sunday. They were uc
companied by their son, Alfird,
who was returning to his school
work at the University of Wash
ington, and by Mr. S. E. Moure,
who stopped over in Portland.
Mr. and Mr. Wa'ier Corltj
made a business trip to Bultei
! Creek Wednesday, of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindekin oenl
(the last of the week with tela
lives in woodburn.
Mr. Louis Baiaiger juuu-
eyed to Ne berg to spend East
'eriunday. When they returned
they were accompanied by Mis.
Baisiger'a mother, Mrs. McNey.
' MiBS Anna Mcuevitt. who has
been teaching in the KheaCuek
'school, has resinned her position
'in order that she may attend the
State Normal school at Mnomouth
during the Bpriog term. Mrs. F.
A. Brown has been engaKed a
!Uaeher for the remainder of it e
Continue I on Vj
Morgan News
Mn. J. P. IIaidf.sty
Declamatory Contests ' birthday party
Mr'. Bob Miller and daughter,
Hazel, were calling on Mrs. Eu
doraSeely, Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Fred Pettyjohn and Mr.
Copp were u.itng at the Willow
Creek Poultry Farm. Weduerday Curdy. Your Fif, Bd My Fla(f
Thfc Local Declamatory Contest
was held Thursday evening,
March 28, in the High School
gymnasium. The judges from
Lexington and Heppner selected
the following winners.
Non Humorour: Maxine Mc
Carrie Bresheara and h r two
daughters left on the stage for
Gonnett, Washington. Saturday.
' Pat Medlock was calling on
Hal Inrt Tr.nro div morninf
Mrs. Fred Pettjohn and Mrs if
Olena Copp, of Rhea Siding were j J
calling on Mr, and Mrs. N. E.tJ
Pettyjohn, Wednesday.
I Mrs.Madge Medlock of Windy- jj
nook was calling on Mrs, Hard- it
esty, Thursday Morning. J
W. F. Matlock, of Lexington,!?
the Rawliegh agedt, was in Mor
gan last Friday. ?
,Er. and Mrs. It. E. Harbison ?
called on the Hardest! a last Fri
(There was no school in Morgan i
last Friday as the teacher, Mrs j J
Kennels was in Boardmsn attend
ing the institute. J
Paul and Lee Pettyjohn werei
calling on J. F. Hardetty. Friday.!
Mias Peck and Mrs. R. Ship-'
ley of lone came by Morgan and ' X
picked up Mrs. Rennets and alii
ther went to Boardman to thej
institute at Boardmar, Friday, t
-. Mrs. Jsy Grif fen and friend
Were businesh visitors here
Francis Bali cslled on James;;
Hardesty. last Friday. jl
Mrs. Seely and daughter t
Mrs. Hardwtv were calling ou,t
Mrs. John Nash last wetk. j X
H. O. Ely and wile , it io X
Heppner on buriness last Friday. X
Frank Haiferty spent Fncay J
n.ght with Mr. and Mrs. Hal Ely i
Frank was on his way from Freei
wter to Seapoose. It
Martin Baurenteind accoirpa- f
nied by Hal and George Ely It ft
for the valley, Sunday to atutd
the funeral of tbeir uncle and
cousin, John Ely at Estaca a.
Mrs. Gladys Ely came up wi h
her husband on a visit with rela
tiveo over the weeK-i nd. Fsai k
tin took her to Arlington on Sun-
Humorous: Helen Lundell;
Sister in the Medicine Closet
Continued on page 4
A surprise birthday party was
given Mri. Dell Ward at h. r
ranoh home, Tuesday afternoon
of last last week. The gufits
were entertained by bridge: the
high prize going to Mrs. Fortner
and low to Mrs. Beckner. Thofft
present were: Mesdsmes Ward,
McNamer, McAtee, Lucas, Fort
ner, Lieuallen, Beckner, Lundell,
continued on Pg. 4
Forwar J - Looking People
Will Inratifau TU Cae
01 1 1
Brakes - another
All -American feature
that arouses owners'
The brakes of the New Oakland All
American are internal-expanding . . .
fully protected . . , unaffected by mud or
rain or ice. They are always positive and,
smooth in action . . . always exception .
ally quiet. Yes . . . Oakland's brakes are
far from ordinary. But the same is true ,
of everything else in the New All-Anar'-canSix.
Comera...andwewillahow a
how much more it offers for its price. '
frU UliS tm lirl,. . h. f.R !, MirMf-n. ptut Mwr rharfM.
.Win. rmri mn4 Ltrlar .lit SWt 4.r.r. lmiU l U
Contidrr lh drlivcml prU ma wrll a lial priea bca
comparing autamoliile value).
OaH4-rUaa dallnmd pr!-a Inrla4a l, i
far Mlwf mm4 lia.aaiag
I.R. ROBISON, Garage,
lone, Oregon.
Ilit Hjntord nr lfiince MJmpany, "i i jgy. mere 81)8 DOarueu a iiauifA
raootCT or cemibal motobs
Hariftii4Cnrtiul,kri-Jr give naiicr thai . . u orlgn(j whre fche U tetch
ill warrliiMue palk ic aumbtrrJ 4 H, Si nai
No. 2191 ktrttofow furaUM ill C A. .
jl4.,o.,,ng,o.. o..goa. a.,, become (. 1 Several of the young people ol
ilui, it will ao b EabU for iou uo.lcr uj cf lone were at the Ntali l'dtyjolin
jiri4MiciMhuMtBr)rliMd bf nu- p'jCe last Sunday.
jlteM P-o. .....iag W U Ihi., BuUer an(J ffcmlly 0 yepp
! JOYUCTENSTEIM ,e mV""f 10 lha Fld'
! Monaaer Pacific Department oeiow v,ecu
Htriford Fin luaf.iu Comdanv
Sua Franiiico, California
Tne Sunday school nave a pio-;
gram in the morning of Easier
Dan of first Publcotion, Apr. 5, '29. - Sunday . After the program, ah
Number of Timet. Three. ; adjourned 10 the 1. O. O. V. Lai.
where all partook ot a bountiful
TWO HIGH GRADE PIANOS Hi,in(,raervM hv lh, l.di;s. After
mi I in St0raac ncaf Ionc-VUllfa"'lcc dinner Uev. Head, of lone, tula
I rr I 1tiO forquick8aleat $l25. $ 7'a preaching service at the sch.ol
1 11C 1 llllWl tenn.lo rait. Vour rhonosraph,
or organ taken on down payment, (drr, Delia Cornon of lone vU-
Jrn TT T Af i
i o nave i our lUKcta-
ure Taken for That
Carload of
.. .. , . i ..H..
uuiu ui ..a.. j e(J frieR(Jll in Morgan ai d at !
antccdandthe piano at .t4nded lhe services at the school '
and looks like new. losee, w"'e hjuge
Tallman I'ianoStore, Sakm. Ore. j Mf; 8mJ MfJ HtMton t00:
Jab ' i a iiv u iui aa u i i v iw liv t 1 1 ,
V L i it i .v... :
ion aim iieppner, n bi oum.iy,
after chuich. Mrs. CorBon wis
cropped at loi e and Mr. Head
Come in and examine our samples.
; ... lone, Oregon.
ont your traci tor j
nr aiitnmnhilp hv
a i"' .
w? making it eat dirt.
ER.It will take all
I the diit ont of the X
at Lexington.
Huston Bfycn
,7! week with Li
Clark & Linn
v'm'eJ ItiBt
1... Luna
Rolled Barley
Mill Run
ChicK Scratch, Growing' Mash
Cracked Corn, Whole Corn
Surelay, Calf Meal
A full line of Dr. Hess Remedies
Carpenter Work, Painting, Pa
per Hanging and General Re
pair Wotk
lone, Oregon.