The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, August 17, 1928, Image 3

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7$1dnJ$ oTGalapetgSt "" ""t
Defy March of Yeart
Wlill thing Ijuvo uIhiiikciI mightily
: upon Hi tm:u ut the earth wlili I
oiiwura umii'li of jkuih, Hirra Is out
lllilu spot where uuiure Iium uever
Ill lll I'lll'lllc OCCIIU UlU ClllllpllgOS
UlUlllU MM. Mllll III II, ,1 ll.'l.llllHIl MKi',
Tllllt HUH I lit) p.i,ll of lf eurlll'S !
InIPIC Wllt'll IIIIIUNll'UIIlt (llllllHIIIII'H,
reptile Do Mot or more lii length, with
miiiiiiivU, luiHiMh'iililti hlilm inn) meat
t't J, roiumd 1 1 1 mirrui K of tin. globe.
Ill llils one jH,t tiling are todiiy
very much a M.y WIW n,,,
of the MiNt, long iicfuru the iihimI prlw
like iipe-mmi, I'roiii Hint Interesting
ll.oup of IkIhiuIm Hutu Iium iceiuly
returned mi expedition W,c, m
f'Minil iiimiy hlniiigu creiiluiv tlmi
Mr today JiiHt i..r umestoi were
millions of yeiir tigo,
II In true llmi jiu im f,M)l tJliiomtiiM
Iiiivii hot-11 fuiiiiil on iliu ( i..
lands, Iiiii tin. reptile living there are
Wlirtllngly rliuq. Million of lli old
nii.iwior. Ti) NwiirmliiK, femrloti 4
fool IiiiiiJ llxurd., i-ull.U t'oiioloplms,
ure declared to bear a striking re
M'luliluiitti to I lie Minlciit fklliicl
Hlegoutirii, 'J'lM-y mv extremely
Here, Mini run bile m mini's leg off.
The BltJMIillc ImiiiI lorlolHc, KOIIItt
lime reaching i, weight of mm tlumH
or mure, wus ut one Him. Hut best
known product of the (iiilitpiigo li
IiiiiiI. i'liroiigli Hie cxivk.Ivi) ciiiiiiiI
for t In-ill l(. mrtoU.. 1Mvf become
bendy extinct,
Tim bird life i,,i Viry wonderful,
mid tin. urn IIoiik, which ,ijr ,m,y
Willi Iiiiiiiiiii beings, nr quit,. ,.iiu-r'
milling. TIiit nrp huge xpliliM-n t tin t
mill bird uinl who4t well mltlii
throttle imiii, m iit wi.i.i.-i n
whoe hlli- In mi hi to be deadly to hu-
M'. John LVmnn, of Nt t,ihlr
irnd Glr-nnG H-ihannnr-, of
Oklahsma, whs. nvt lieinhnr
v-elinu; in thisvidinl y, title h
Ulin, represented by the Cmti
h I'rairla Grannc, hits cc. !e
Pilot Uork'H Invitoti'in lo lUitw
the turkey ttroweii' pl.Jnic Kctur
u't'tl for AiiKtiHt 25 it at the I'ilo'
I t'ok ark.
The pbpwIm of I k h, Alh f.
JJeppner, Kclio, Heir iiiiaturi, S im
fit-Id uiuj loim Hit) b inu' invi'fc
arid It b liopfd that thire will to
alttjndntict from g'l thifo f laci.
Morning as d afictnton in
gruim of inti'i-fitt to urowu'.g um
an afietnoon ;nvrijm of trilu.
ti Inmcnt arc p in r e I, A pot Inri
I n h will fop ttt'i veil at noor. fj f
f-e and icp cr um Mippliort t y it
businena m n ol I'i.ot Ruck w I
be di8priHtd.
The 1'iiot Kick Turkey grow
era antfociation, tliu While '.al
Granite and ihe I'tlol Uotk Con
merctal aiiNociution ore to ptm
n& in puttinif on the picnir.
'n Maieulint PrtUrred '
If ever It win tli-emflij a linndlcup
to lin been born n girl, tluit enn no
lot'Ker be Hid nllllmli, of mini of
any ono ho nee lmw ni,0 0,t, t
woineii n iv nil dm (loom of onoor.
Utility. I ! ii I'oitlimd (.iliii.) b'.y
nniHt mill bo of tlm opinion Hint li
win In In- tn lm ),.,.n borii of Um
muNi'iiMn, ponder, llorenily In Hun-
rtny I lint xiiIiJiti of reKi'ticrn-
lion tv iik I .lug Ih"iivhim1. When told '
llllll It IIIIMIIIt 10 W n (ipil,,, , j
iiunle It ploiir llnil In. wnm ni n j
fim.r of It, Whoii NNliPd lil rennoii.
ho mild:
"Mow do I know h f W1, , 1
In' Imrn ti.'iilii wouhln'l bo n ghlj '
. Reference Only to Age
Tim w.iiIk "m'ulor" Mini "junior"
wlirn und iifler Iniini'K n-fi-i lo nite. ',
not ivliitloiiiililp. .lolm f-mUU. Jr.. inuy I
ho Hie Min of .lulu, Knilili, Sr.. or hi- j
inn) lie Hip mini, U, ii, r In; i,m,j i
Im reliited In hllu hi all, WpIwipi' ,
Intermit lonitl dlrltonnry rlrllni-t ", n
lo im, . r; oricu up.I nftet n
M'ioniil initiic to liidi, nit. tin- iilih-i i,
two hnirlim II," "Junior" iiieinm
yoiniKPr, mid wlipn ttm'd urtei n in-r-'i.niil
niiuie iudlciilo Hip youiiKi .,f
two Iii-iiiIii8 it, Hindi furui im M,.
Ninllli II" would rotor only to ii'iiiii
In t lie .1111110 llncniie.
ft t ifSl '
John J. Rmkob of Delaware and
New York, who waa elected chairman
of the Democrats national committee
nd le directing the Smlth-Roblnion
campaign. He waa hmrf n( tha fi.
elal committee of the Ceneral Motcre '
Power of Prayer
Poelor Mirli-kUdgli, Him now mliiU
NT Wiih yoiini! mid full of folib, ,ie
M.4 eburlly, lt't lip d'd not lwuy
.hiii bin pi c. b Mild i-iiiw,
One Suiiiliiy evi-nluu be milil ten
piiriifHlly ii bl rongri-KiiHon : "I. -t
ii iruy llnil i--inny Imvc nu HtH-ud
riiii-p of Ml IiiinI oiip In, mil,.. I ut
iipjI yoiiiiu pei.ple'a mpt-Hiii:. And fe
member Hint Hip tiniyer of fnllh la Hl
wy aiiHw. ri'il."
Now, Hie next aervlce did not brim
out ono buiidred nernonn. or nnrwlii-ri-
nenr Hint number, but Hie young inln
Inter looked ebverfully down upon the
filllliful few.
' See F. II Uot inttou for ull kinds
of in aurance. Autombile Grain,
or Combine Harvester.
L'.l I . M L . . ...
. . - . I rriroun, op Knlil lirlKklV. "Illprp
.a: , Monday mini 1 nf, lor O --.arpnt hundred of u, but HiPre are
vhHi. It is thir purpDie to vnu r
Ot n Stale Co li e lhi fall.
tblrteen, and Ibiit'a one or two more
than I had counted on," Loa Angela
xa-iunn limit oct. l, laas
uowlarcsall partsormul
west, south and eait.
Fine fust trains.
ZlM Natlnnal Park
Grand Canyon Nai l Pk.
TeliowatatM National flu
Kcky Mountain Nat'l Fk.
tit IlluMralrd IVy4rlr1, Rnv.
tluot anil, aUarcM
em naiunl bekn.
mi u till iv i up,a ";.
Tkt SrhMl l 0-llil T4l Srrm
fit knlni Stuf
Cnmt la r-nir Klali l!nlraltr fof
V:ural y.'t.nn and pror- ulunai
Otpotimi) to ot,f4 m
ti .Iriiarlinrmi of Hie College
of I.llrn!urp, Kclpnre
anl the Ant
Arrliitcrlnre anil Allied Art
Duiineu AJminijIrilioii -Kda.
tatioo Jimrnalium Ora.luate
Stii'lj lw-Mf.lielne Mum
Phyaieal Elncatlon Hoeiob
oirr Sik il Work Eiteniiui
CJtro Yiar 0rni Opt II, IV2I
Fr imtormntum ftalttut write
Tt K'r l'ir. Vtiwnlt l
Q'-yiiK, K (ma. On.
IMttaburgh, PaA rndlo Utopia,
when motion pkturea will be aent
throui;h the air to homca In all part
of the world, waa vlnlonnd by radlo'a
most connplcuoua I, adm when "radio
mi-vlea" wi-r ant for the flrnt time
In hlaiory durln dmontratlon at
th tiiat I'lttBbnrrt! plant of tha Weal
Inichouno Elec-trle Munufacturlnt
emii pony.
leader In the radio world and
newapnper men attended the demon
stration and aaw the mnvlca aent
throUKli the air to a screen 30 feet
from the tranamlttlng apparntua.
While anil In ;fc Inboratory atage,
thi) procea waa d-scrilied aa aucceag
ful and hating grrat polbl!ltlp. It
wna pointed out by cnglnppra'that al
tlmuKh the movlea were aent only a
fhort dlalanre, the enelneerlng princi
ple la the aame and they could be cent
ero the continent Just aa easily.
OMAHA . 74 ,
KANSAS f lTV ...
tii moim
HI . I III , (,!.,
IIM .0 . H.!
Ill I MOlr Im 51
S , i ' ' l Mil I1.I7
If 2fJ."' .. i.n ti
ri i i m hi, n IJ.JI
rim aim i eiiM mn.i
ItOS TON 137.0
Church Directory
Joa, llowk,
1 1 Hie, Of- ton
r; J t
Will be represented in the
lone territory by
Manager, Jordan Elevator
Sunday School at 10:00 A. M.
Prayer Meeting, Thur., 7:30P. M
Rev. W. W. HEAD, Pasto'
11:00 A M.:C. E. at 6:45, P. M.
Prayer Meeting Wed., ';30
Sunday School 10.00 A. M
Prayer Meetinn. Thurs. Evening
C. E.: 6:3(1; Preaching Service,
' t 7:30 P. M,
Kraeain to Be Repaired and to Core
tlnue Search,
fitavanger. Korway.-The Russian
Ice hronkPr Krassln arrlrrd here to
nnilerao repairs preparatory fo re
sumption of the aearch for Roald
Amundsen and the fire men missing
with him In the arctic.
Professor Sumollovitch, head of the
expedition, declared his firm belief
that the Amundsen party are all alive.
He was almost equnlly optimistic
about the six mflng members of the
ercw of the dirigible Italia.
"If they are alive, we will find
them." said Professor Sumoilovltth.
He said the search would be con
tinued until the end of September.
The efforts of the vessel are to be
supplemented by scouting flights
which will be mare by Lieutenant
Niillra i. Ivr l,v given .!,,, ,1 c Firmer. Kh-vn.or C-mpnuy of lone. Orqj.m r
.. in one. ).,,, SaturA y. ?e,H. h... lour , 2:;!() , ,
jo. l,,y. will off,, ,f dc .ml. II the Uithe (odder, the following ,l.,c,S
sW-s of tlu. cap,. .:o-k mI V n,,,y which .Imw due and del,.,e on the
o iginal purcl,aw thereof, and Bh,rc, of the c,,,!,,,! .,(Ick tlmwm)( l(.f, u, h u
made , ,he payment of .,, r ly lar, xM m J
...Id a. may be nec,.,ry fo, p,vm,,,, of , n,M,,m,llt (luc
b sny person or person,, together w,,l, in,,,,,,. t..ts of adverting , "1 2
of .W The ful , win, c.pul n.k numlvr, n,. ol r,r,nn.. numK-r of Jltr,S
Cmipuny are ai follows, to wn, w "u
Pres. Thc'ma Foi bej
V. Pres. John Condor
i Sec. Mary Slocum
, Treas. El, Keller
Next meeting,
Heppner Ortso".
Loage Directory
IONE I.OIH1K Nil lilt, .. k. AA, M,
M.i-Im every flr.t on, I 1 1 . 1 ,- Wei'lner-'
li.iy of eni li iiioniii ,v. ,. Hoy sien
dee, Secy, .;im-i I jrlffllii, TreiiM.,
. A. M.' Cnlip.
Gene Tunney Engaged to Marry.
South Urlstol, Me. Cene Tunney, ,
whose retirement aa heavy-weight !
rnamplon waa announced recently, la
lo marry the granddaughter of one of t
the early Pittsburg millionaires. Mia
ngflgement to Mtaa Mary Josephine j
Lauder, one of the organisers of the j
Carnegie Steel company and a cousin ,
Jf Andrew Carnegie, was aunounccd ,
nr Mrs. George Lauder, Jr., his fian- j
i c'i mother.
Hickman Must Hang Oct. 19.
Los Angeles.-Willlam E. Hickman I
waa ordered hanged at San Quentln !
penltentlnry on October 19 next for !
the alaylug of Marian Parker. Judge
Kouglaa Edmunds overruled nine do- 1
fense objections before setting the '
second hanging date for the youthful j
kidnaper who slew the 12-year-old
s'hool girl here last December.
10 II. V. SmoiiH..
12 F. L. Grilfin
13 J. W. Hinkle...
17 E'. E. Lyons ...
24. Edgar J. Hall 3
31 Nelson Bros 3
32. . L. L. Jake? ft
-.4 $()(K) )(!..
- 3 . 100.00 ..
W C. R. Peterson.. 5 .
37 Prancin Griffin.. 2
38 M. R. Ball 1
40.... F. L. Griffin...... 4
40.. MattHalvorrt'ti 10
47 Tilman Hngue ..... 5
Vuteit nt Itmr, Oretan, tlm LTx tiny vl July tfll'S
Dnte utfiu t fniblicathn ol'thil imiUe, July i7, Ji',V.
)flte ut ;st iiuhlitathu of , nutlet, Auburn HI, lic'8.
. 1150.(0
. 300 00
...... 300 00
300 00
500 00
300 00
H 0 00
COO. 00
j LoeiiMt rhiipl.t No. nu t). K,
IMcotH the nit, in, I and fourth Tiich.
jdii.v of eiieh iiioiiiii.W, M.,Mra, Unr
jllui Dick, Secy,, Kiiih Mhsimi.
IOXK I.OlMilC ,. 1:15, I. o. o. K
Meets every NiHicluy evenliiK. N,
!tl. T. B. IVtermill. V. G , K. !. e.
Iki'i-, Nery,, L,e Howell, Treiia., B .1,
! llrlHtow.
I II II l. 11...! A.,'.
I ' ' " nun iiuril
i Tliiiradny of eneli month. N. 14, Mrs.
Delln, M.'tmrd.v, V (I. (Ilndya Llimlel! '
Secy., VenJa Ultchle, 'iiw., Etta'
j UllHtOW. - 1 j
Wheat-Big Bend hluestem, hard
white. $1.28; soft while, western white
II 12; hard winter, western red, $1.03;
northern spring, $1.05.
Hay - Alfnlfa $16.50317; valley
timothy $n.5018; eastern Oregon
timothy, $21021.50.
Butterfat 50c.
Kggs Ranch, 2530c.
Cattle-Steers, good, $I1.S012.5Q.
Hogs Medium to choice, $10,600
Umba Good to choice, $10,763
Wheat-Soft white, weatern evhlte.
$112; hard winter, western red, $1.02;
northern spring, $1.04; bluestem, $1.21
Hay - Alfalfa, $24; timothy $30;
P. 8., $24.
Ilutterfut 64c.
Ebrs Ranch, 24,12c. ,
Cattle-Prime steers, $11.76 12.50.
Hoga Prime. $13.0J1J.80. j
Lambi-Cholce, $11.2512.26. '
Spokane, 1
Hogs -Good, choice, $12.8513.00
Cattlo Steers, good, I11.00W11.G0. I
The state barter Jaw, paused by the
1927 legislature, which among other
thing Imposes on barbers certain ed
ucational requirement, has been up
held by a recent court decision.
Kire originating from a defective
flue recently destroyed the Circle Bar
rancll residence, se,von miles southeast
of Crane. The building was one of the
old landmarks of Harney county.
Roscoe Cole, engineer la charge of
government works In the southwesU
ern part of Oregon, has announced the
two Jetties of Coos bay had been ex
tended aa far as they would go this
Work Is now under way on the build
ing of a two-story stone addition to
the Hotel Leven In Burns. The plana
1 call for a modern hotel bulldlna with
$8 guest rooms that will cost about
Sports of pioneer days, combined
with the thrills of a modern air circus,
will feature the 19th annual Malheur
county fair which will be staged In
Ontario August 30 to September 1,
George Cerloff, for 25 years keeper
of the aeabound light on a rocky Islet
ort Tillamook head, left Astoria for
his last trip to his station. Within a
year Gerloff will be 70 years old sud
must retire.
Lyle Balrd of Wallowa recently
proved himself the beat swimmer who
has yet attempted to swim the entire
length of Wallowa lake, swimming the
four end a half miles In 1 hours snd
10 minutes.
Organization of a state-wide ac.o. i
stlon of Insurance agents waa voted
at a meeting of Insurance men from
all parts of Oregon in Salem last week.
Between 250 and 300 Insurance opera
tives were In attendance.
The Clatsop county court has In
spected the bridge serosa the north
fork of the Nehalem river at Hamlet
and has found It tn auch poor condi
tion that it will have to be torn down
and a new span constructed.
Three hundred thousand Montana
graylings, a new fish to the waters of
Wallowa county, were planted In Wal
lowa lake recently by George Rogers.
j county game warden, and R. H. Bon-
ney of the atate hatchery at Union,
j Mrs. Sam Brown of Certain suffered
icuts on the face when a Chinese
.pheasant crashed against the wlnd
I shield of an automobile in which she
j was riding. The glass was broken.
The Incident occurred near Canby.
j The Port of Alsea commissioners
have lumber and material on the
ground to build an addition to the
j port docks, in sntlclpatlon of increased
j shipping to Waldport This port has
I never received sny sld from slate or
i federal government, snd Is psylng Its
j own wny.
j The threshing season has opened st
; Sweet Home, Greenville, Foster, and
in fact all over the valley. The crops
are better In some places than first
ti muted, while on other strips of the
country the yield Is light. White oat
seem to be s very heavy yield around
Seet Home.
Construction of Baker's community
hotel at cost of about $270,000 was
assured when the stock sales cam
paign which has been tn progress for
several weeks went over the goal of
$150,000. Nearly all the stock wss
subscribed locally. More than 300
person bought atock.
Eatabliahment of a control area til
Yau.UU county for the purpose of
combatting leaf snd stem nemltode,
effecting strawberry plants and clover.
waa authorised st a conference In Sa
lem, attended by members of the stats
board of horticulture snd a delegation
of Yamhill county farmers.
About 3000 people sttended tbs Cot
tage Grove merchants' community plo.
nic at the city park. Stores snd busi
ness houses were closed, streets were
decorated with flags and a parade was
' led by the ''Amerlcsa Legion drum
corps, snd Boy Scouts drum corps to
j the Methodist tabernacle, where s pro
i gram was given,
i Organisation of a new Baptist
, church In Salem was agreed upon at
. s meeting In Salem, with 173 charter
member signing the roll. Prsctlcally
t all of the backers were minority mem-
bers of the First Baptist church, iu
I which a bitter controversy has been
ruging over the pastorate of the Rev. j
Robert L. Payne,
Construction of a new cattle barn, j
, 100 by 30 feet, was suthorlied by the I
; stuto fair board st a meeting held In
Salem recently. The cost of the struc
; ture wss estimated st $1000. For the
first time In the history of the Ore
gon state fulr there will be a complete
exhibit of airplanes snd airplane sc
tessorles this year.
Fire losses In Oregon, exclusive ut
Portland, aggregated $1,301,463 during
July, according to a report prepared
In Salem by the state fire marshal's
department. The fire loss in July wss
heavier thau during sny month tor
more than two year.
The women of the Greater Medford
cluli, la session recently, decided to
build a new clubhouse on tha trlungls
point of the conjunction of Oukdale,
Ivy and'West Third streets, rather
than purchase b suitable dwelling and
convert it Into a clubhouse.
Principal Events of the Week
Assembled for Information
of Our Readers.
It was learned recently that the
Johnson mill would open In Coqullle
this tall, sfter it has been closed tor
the past year.
The city of Amity has purchased a
1-ton Chevrolet chassis upon which
will be mounted the fire fighting ap
paratus of the city.
The per capita coat of operating tha
high schools of Tillamook county has
ranged from $76.11 at Cloverdal to
$342.33 st Wheeler.
The Jutstrom Fish compsny of Coos
Bay shipped the first full carload of
Salmon to leave Oregon this yesr. The
csr Is going to Chicago.
The Dalles office of the U. 8. de
partment of sgrlcslture's farm labor
bureau placed 344 workmen on Jobs
during the month of July.
Jacob Demaris, pioneer of Milton,
and a veteran of the civil war, died
following a ten-day Illness. Mr. De
marls was 88 years of sge.
Ashland is making plans for the
36th annu: 1 grand reunion of soldiers
of southern Oregon, to be held in Llth-
Is park, August 29, 30 snd 31.
Erixoa A Engstrom, Salem contrac
tors, have received the contract for
constructing the North High street
bridge. Their bid wss $27,078.
Work of laying a two-Inch surface
of bituminous macadam on the stats
highway between Coqullle snd Myrtle
Point was started early this week.
The plant of the Lakevlew Examin
er st Lakevlew was swept by fire Isst
week. Guy Cronemlller. the editor
snd publisher, wss on a vacation trip.
A yield of 1180 bushels of fail sown
wheat of the Holland variety was pro
duced this year on a 20-acre field on
the Winnie McDougal farm near Day
ton. Tillamook county's warrant indebt
edness on August 1. according to the
monthly report of Miss Kathleen Mills.
county treasurer, amounted to 1 121.-
405.63. .
The picking of the largest crop of
huckleberries ever known in the dis
trict is tn progress at 8r'r on the
Mt. Hood loop hlghwsy, according to
AI Fausette, daredevil, wbo made
the 134-foot drop over Silver Creek
fulls several weeks sgo, announced
that he intends to repeat the stunt on
August 19.
Alvln Wilson, 67. was killed Isst
week 10 miles north of Pendleton oa
the Holdmaa road when the truck he
wss driving plunged from the grade
snd overturned.
Burns csused by sn explosion of gas
oline poured into a stove were fatal
to Mrs. Clara Baumgartner. She died
st her home on the K Ileitis river
near Tillamook.
The Oak Grove spple packing houis
of Charles Ssvo burned- Sundsy, the
tire destroying uede-up apple boxes,
which Savo had just completed for the
coming harvest.
Activity at the plant of the Black
Marble Lime company st Enterprise
has been resumed snd tha manage
ment hopes that st least one kiln will
run continuously.
To take care tor whatever overflow
there Is from ths crowded Junior high
school building the Medford school
board has rented the old First Metho
dist church building.
Ths Salem city counol has saked
for bids for the construction of a new
bridge on South Liberty street st a
cost of approximately $85,000. Ths
bids will be opened September 4,
The salmon movement hss srrlved
oft Coos bay snd heavy catches sre
being msrketed st North Bend, ths
major portion being silversides. but
, some chinooks sre being taken.
I The Infsnt mortality rste in Oregon
' Is lower than In any other state in the
j Union, according to a bulletin Issued
, at Salem by Dr. William Deklelne of
! the Marion county health demonstra
tion. Arthur Smith, employed on a stesm
shovel working on the stste hlghwsy
near Cloverdale, was severely burned
when a can of gasoline exploded. .
With his clothing stlame he ran snd
rolled in the grass nearby, stripped off
his clothes snd drove his sutomoblle
three-quarters of a mile to the near
est house to call a physician.
Salem's water supply will bs in
creased approximately 2,500,000 gab
Ion dally, according to announcement
msdo by officials of the Oregon Wash
ington Water Service com Dan v. A
modern chlorlnation plant also wilt b
Following a mas meeting attended
by nearly all Gold Beach mala resi
dents, Game Warden Townsend has
decided not to ask ths state for a per
mit to kill the bull leader of tha Hun
ters' head elk band. All the residents
opposed the move.