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    Chineee Market Day
i Market day In Clilm usually affords
many quaint alghta to tho foreigner.
As tho country It one largnly duvold
f vehicles, the commodities to be of
fered (or tula are carried to the mar
let plncee In nmny odd wnyti by
wheel harrow, on nuinliiii'k, pulxod on
the heud of women, or swung to
jiole borne on the shoulder of two
, curriers,
Expert Savage Fiihermen
The Hundwlch Inlander nnd the pso
jilu of the Lntlrnhca lire exceptional
in savage fishermen, having no fcur of
fairly deep wnler. The latter think
imlhliiK of iiolng fishing In 13 fiithomt
In light ruiincs culled pros", ringed
Willi one tull, In the construction of
which their ancestors moat likely cop
ied the Malay plrutes.
High Speed Cablet
The "regenerating" system of trans
milling ciililet from London to South
Africa It the fimient In the world. In
splto of the fact that the distune It
HiUO miles. nieiwnge can lie tent
and reply received In one minute.
Mistakes In the messages tent ere lin
jhIIiIu und absolute secrecy It In
sured. Color$ of Silk
Tliore are nmny conunerclal tart
etlee of the silkworm graded accord
ing to the els, color, and quality of
the cocoon. The color of the worm't
prolcgs before thinning Indicate! the
color the cocoon will lie. Thlt varies
In different tclet and may be ill very
white, cream, yellow, lemon or green.
Enential Truth
In proportion at men become more
civilised, and learn to think more tc
curttely, and to take wider vlewt of
life, jusl an do they come to value the
essential Irulht of religion more high
ly, while they attach lent and leas lm
pnrtanc to aiiperflctal detail. Jolio
"D. F." Log$
So Insistent wna I'uncan rhyfe,
America's famout calilnetuiaker, on
the highest quality of raw nmteiiall
that Went Indian exporter! of mahog
any referred to their bet timber at
"Duncan Phyfe" log and mnrked them
with bit Inltlalt. Kxchanga.
Sn$itiv0 Pendulum
The pendulum of (he great clock In
the tower of the houae of parliament
In Indon It to delicate that a tmall
wrliftit of only one ounce placed oa a
particular part of the apparatut will
alter the rate of the clock one second
per week.
Prune and Plum
The bureau of plant Industry eayt
that the prune tree It a type of plum
tree; that It, all prunea are plums,
but not all plunit are prunes. Only
thoae that will dry Into the commer
cial product art prunes.
Acquiring Wealth
Riches are within the reach of all
The road to wealth Is at plain as the
road to market. If we but follow It
It Is marked by the practice of those
two great virtues. Industry and fra
gnllty. -tirlt.
Atom't Independence
A l title atom, nroncrly harnessed.
will do all the world's work some time.
edentlst tells ua. If we were sucn
a rln teartns atom as that we wouldn't
work unleaa we wanted to. Kansal
City Rtar.
Low-Down Trich
The stildent news of the month It
the ttory of the ttnliltlous man who
Joined the navy to sit the world end
spent four years In a auhmarlue.
Open Itoad Miignxlne.
Snakei in Water
The biological survey aayt that It
It possible for a swimming snake to
strike iwlnimlng man. It Is said
Hint the cotton mouth tnnke strikes In
the water.
rVorfc Both Way
We have loo many people who live
without working, and we have alto
gether too many who work without
living. Dean Charlet U, Drown of
No Sueeettor Yet
Jud Tunklnt tayt he hat alwayt
henrd any man's place can be filled
and ho t still walling for another Hill
Shnkeapcure. Washington 8lnr.
r "v fc. l . ri m v k -m 4
lattan and namaa and atfVtmaaa nf tinndmla nf
ntaful paUaaU eonialiwtl In our r'NkK HOOK
on turttJ and Colon alBMflta)
alas drtallt of I. C. I. Daaa
nutMumkal attthod of tnah
a....., wnpcn w aMnmrfir.
Band (or H tmlay and tram of
A Kill'
A Romance o Bratidocli's Defeat
Wabatar rirond la aarvlni aa a
aoout and spy for t ha army un
d.r lnaral llracldock preparing
for lha advance an Kurt Iju
Oiiaana. Ma tins Juat ruinrnad to
Alaiondila from a vlalt o th
fort, whara, poalng as a Fronch
man, ha hoa aaeurad valuatila In
formation, llraddock, bred to Ku
mpaan warfare, folia to raallae
tha Importance of the new,
llrond la aant back tu fort Liu
quaana, alae .marina a ni'mnua
to (laorga Croalinn, Ktmllah
amlaaary among lha Indiana,
llrond Jolne his frland and fl
low scout, Itound l'aw, Indian
ohlaf, and Ihay aot nut. On lha
war lhr fall In with a typical
batkwoodaman, Ualaar Crotiill,
who lolna I bam. Tha party an.
eountars a group of ealtlers
Ihraatanlng a young girl, Klala
IHnwold, whom lhy arcuaa of
witchcraft, llrond anvaa har from
lham, Tha girl dlaappaara. Wab
atar dallvara hla maaaaa to
CrnKhan. Young Col. Uaorga
Waahlngtnn raacuaa llrond from
bullying tngllah aoldlvra.
"Just as sure as you ant I used to
go to the bread unu nutlet auncing
parties, Web. The French ere lirnv.
They runt defend the fort, but they're
well trained tu the Indian style of
fighting. If they evacuate Duuesne
without making a tight, they'll forever
be discredited among the Indluos.
Tbey risk but Utile In trying a aur
prlae attack. If we are not caught off
our guurd, Ihey will fall back with
trilling losa. Yes, they must try IL
There's but one thing lo prevent them.
If we pass the bead of Turtle creek
and follow among the high ridge,
they'll not attempt an ambush, at thai
stretch of country lacks good cover.
They'll be too shrewd lo march their
liidlunt very fur from the fort They
can get one tight out of them If they
can light oeer Liuquesne, It will come
on the Monongahela and the Guards
are not used lo IL Indian warfare Is
dinicull for a European atraleglst to
understand. Fortunately we'll have
our own woodsmen out aa scouts and
flankers. Tbey are Ihe best men In
tins world for this ton of work. Five
hundred of them could make Duquesne
before our artillery ran cover a fourth
of the distance, before the army can
march third of It. And once they
were there Ihey would shoot their wsy
Inside. Thlt war may result In our
being forced to shift more for our
selves In border wars. If we bave to
do that, we shsll be better off."
He rose and genially aaldt
"Webster, I'm glad to meet yon
agalu. I wish I could have been with
you at Duquesne. I owe the place to
other visit when the oddt aren't to
heavy against me." Ills young fact
was grim and I knew he was remem
bering hla last visit to the Ohio.
He mounted and said:
"I'm glsd you're with us, Webster.
Hut how do yon serve) I don't tee
you drilling."
"I tin under orders from General
llraddock to visit Duquesne again, col
onel, end pluy I he part 'of a Cana
dian." "Ah I That will be fine. I'll bring
the mutter before General Itraddock
so aa lo rcfrerh hla recollection. Jou
wlah to si art soonT
"Any lime. I'm keen to be off. An
Onoiidnge woodamnle of mine Is here.
He will go lth me. He Is Itound
l'aw. of the Wolf clan."
"He should be an excellent com
pnnlon. I will lake the metier up
with General llraddock very toon.
What our men wanl la a right, not
parade work. I'll tee you tguln two.
Web. I hear Cuptnlo llushy Is wltb
os. I shall look him up. too."
He nt riding awsy wltb t friendly
wave of the hand.
I saw much nf him In later years,
after another war had tried hit soul
and had given much gravity to his
handsome features, tint this June
day he was but Utile different from
the youth from Mount Vernon, who
would riil across two counties for Ihe
sake of a contre-dnnse with tome fulr
I walked In the opposite direction
toward Ihe Indian camp, thinking lo
find Itound l'aw, but patiaed where
ihe wngonert were rooking their tall
meal for tnpiier. The kettle were
abandoned quickly enough when a
voice off one tide begun bawling i
"A wring f A wring I"
Nothing will collect men more quick
ly than ihe opportunity to see two
men In a rough-end tumble light ; and
I Inlned Ihe circle and beheld a man
with a twitted face trying In come to I
grips with a slim youth, who whs
hriinillahlng a heavy vnrt-pln.
"Drop that hunk of Iron, you young
murderer I" cried an enthusiastic
Ilui the young man gripped the pin
the tlKhter and made a motion aa If
lo hurl It. Ills adversary, twice hit
hulk, dodged tnd shielded hit head
with hit irmt, The young man leaped
nimbly backward and rwept hit unite
about the circle tt If seeking a way in
retreat. The crowd hooted and pushed
In to narrow Ihe circle and bring the
two to grips. Now the slim chap was
hnilly frlgl'leued. Ills shifting gaze
ciiuulit mine and he flushed a sIkiiiiI
for help aa plainly at If hit voice bad
culled nul to me.
li t a hit practice to Interfere In
rump tluhlt, especlully when one knows
nothing at lo the merit of the quur
By Hugh Pendexter
Illustration! by
Irwin Myern
Copyright hy ffuah Pandeitar,
WNU Kurvlca
rul. I Mepped back, lulimllng to re
tire, and ogiiln the brown eyes met
mine, and this time their pleading
stirred me to Impulsive action even
while belittling my estimation of the
young fellow's manhood.
I found myself pushing a path
through the siectators end shoving
the young man to one tide while I In
formed the man with the twisted face:
"This has gone fur ennuuh. Too
should take some one nearer your
, for half a minute the fellow glared
at me, bis crooked Jaws working as If
be were chewing very tough morsel.
Then he cried :
"Well, d o my eyes I A half Injun
telling I'eler 8ymet what's gone far
'oough, I'eler tayt It ain't gone far
Than We Were Clinched, With the
Olrty Oevll Trying to Scoop Out
My Eyas.
'nough till your booft ttand where
your bead la. I'eter ral'lale. Mr.
Ilulf lnjun, you're "bout hla auu
You're I'eter meat
The situation was distasteful. I
hsd bad my share of fighting, but I
could never find an animal Joy In com
bat where all decency wat laid aside
and any cruel trick wa permitted.
Then again our mod of rough-and-tumble
encounters made It t very seri
ous matter for the loser unlets by
agreement the horrid practice of goug
ing were eliminated. Infinitely belter
wat t clean death than the condition
of blindness. To fight without weapons
wss to tight like wild snlmsls. A duel
with rifles wss vastly to be preferred.
My wandering glance In search ot
old forest-running friends were misun
derstood by ihe noisy crowd, and a
wagoner Jeered:
"Hie heart 'pear to be dropping
down Into hi moccasins, i'eter."
This bit of wit was loudly ap
plauded. I wa lo for It Tli young
fellow I bad championed was crouch
ing on the ground behind me, a fact
that surprised me. for f hsd expected
hi id to bolt to sufety once I took his
place. I felt his band touch my rlile
and Instinctively yanked Ihe piece to
one aide aa a man will do when one
mukea free with hla weapons. Hut the
hands were small, pathetically so for
on who must bear Hi vicissitudes o
vamp life. My downward glance also
beheld a thin t err I Med fuce. I could,
not understood why the young fool
had not allpiied away.
I relinquished my rifle to hla care
and added my ax, knife, tobacco bug
and other bell fixings. 8ymet wat -already
disarmed and Impatiently wait
ing for me to make ready, lie begun
e string of foul talk which I Inter
rupted by driving my Ost into hla
Then we were clinched, with the
dirty devil trying to scoop out my
eye. He waa an adept at beastly
practice, but lo vigor and quickness
he was scarcely up lo my two year
of wood training. I fought hi baud
Mace Has Long Been
An Interesting bit of ceremony takes
place each duy a the house of rep
resentatives convenes. A dlstln-gulshed-looklng
Individual enters the
chamber and walks tlowly to the
front bearing aloft the mare, which
(he house niulntaliia aa Itt symbol of
power. At the ryeaker'i ttand he
turns to the right and fastena the
staff on that side of the platform. II
Is an official announcement that the
house of representatives It now In ses
sion and vested wltb (he power to
transact legislative business.
The nince reremhles a flagpole
rnpped by a gleaming metal eugle.
lit keeper's aole duty Is to appear
twice on the floor of the hotiae ou
days when It It In session, brtuglng
from my face and drove my 6st sev
eral times Into hit red neck.
The durt and the cheers, fh suffo
cating sweuty odor, and, mosi ot all,
hla repeuted attempta to mulm and
disfigure me. aroused my pusalon with
out confusing my Intelligence. I shifted
my tactics and beuao stepping hack a
bit. tolling great care he should not
trip me.
"No halMnJun cno " he begao
and I Jerked to one side and drove my
elhow Into bis throat Just under the
hltiiie of the Jaw.
He went down, choking nnd gasping,
nnd kicked about Ilk a stranded Dsb.
In hit threshing shout he rolled close
to the young fellow still crouching on
the ground and keeping guard over
my weapons. Quirk aa a painter the
Utile devil lifted the heavy piece and
would nave brained Byrnes If my moc
casin bad not kicked Die long barrel
Grubbing the youngster by the neck
ot bis blouse I lifted him to his feet
and (lung him aside, and berated.
"You young bell bound I What are
yog up to?"
Some nf the men pressed forward to
punish hi in. but I forced them bark.
One fellow tried to dodge under my
arm and reeled back, llegalnlng bis
balance, he stood with eyes bulging
and mouth open. 1 wat wondering
how my thove could have done blm
any harm when be astounded me by
"H-JII If a womunl" '
Still not understanding I shifted my
gnze lo follow ihe direction of bit pop
eyed staring and was lo time to see
the small bauds clawing at the rough
blouae In bring It together at Hie neck
where my rough grasp bod torn It
"A girl!" stupidly muttered it I
gllmpned the rounded outlines of bet
With a duck and leap, rhe es
caped the circle and ran swiftly towsrd
the Iroquois camp. The pack would
have given chase, although they would
have done ber no barm, but I snatched
up my rlfl aud called oo them to
"She's a French spy!" some one
"If she I then the Indiana will bold
her prisoner. She can't efcapt from
the camp," 1 told them.
They quieted down and divided their
energlee between trying to get tome
raw rum down Byrnes' throat and In
explaining to me the cause of the
trouble. I gathered from their dis
jointed talk that the dlsgulred girt
waa Byrnes' helper and had resented a
buffet be Inflicted for ber failure to
carry out some order. 8h had
anntched np a knife and bad attempted
to atab blm. 8he waa promptly dis
armed and turned over to him for
While I waited to see If Symee waa
able to continue Ihe fight another pic
ture came before my eye that of a
young girl crouching before a mob ot
wltcb hunters, ber Up drtwn btck
and exposing ber small teeth, and will,
the same hunted wlldner In the thlu
face. And I knew why we bad found
no trace of Elsie Dlnwold, of the
Witch's head. We bad (ought a wom
an In our questing. Had w Inquired
for a young man, w might have fnuod
some trace of ber.
A subaltern bawled my name among
the k si I let. I Joined him and with
much rurtness wss told I waa wanted
al headquarters. I expected to b con
ducted before General Uraddock. In
stead. It was Colonel Washington who
waa wultlng to give me ao audience.
I waa conducted to hla lent, set apart
from the large marquee occupied by
The man wa tick. Rather, he
looked Ilk sick youngster. Ills face
was thinner and hla eye larger. There
waa no suggestion of weakness In hla
voice, however, a he bruskly ordered:
"Mr. llrond, you are to take your
Indian companion and scout out be
yond the rosd-builder and look for
eigne. The enemy'a Indium are keep
ing close wntcb on os. If you cap
ture ao Indian or a Frenchman and
bring or aend blm to us. you will be
doing os good service. If yon meet
any Indiana, bringing bloody belie U
our IHMuwares, make every effort to
atop them. The army will move slo
ly, I fear. Ton will have ample time
to scout while making your way to
"1 will start at once, sir."
Symbol of Authority
the mace In when the body convenes.
ana when It adjourns, carrying It
nncg to the olllee of the aergeant-at
anna with tha same deliberate step.
The only time during a day of bust
nee when the mace removed be
fore adjournment la when the house
goes Into committee of the whole to
consider son piece of specific legit
tntion. When It It olllclally In legit
lathe session again the mace la re
Squirrel'e Witdom
Most of us are just a few atepi
ahead of starvation. Very few mes
have as much aens aa the squirrels
-E. W. Uuv'c Monthly.
How to Dodge the
To the Editor:
A great many of my creditor and
their pal ha probably been wonder
ing tlmt bow come that we are loose
as a couple yenra ago I waa almost
shaking hands with the referee In
bankruptcy and where as I am now
on my fL again and got pretty near
enough money to pay my lost Novem
ber grosery bill.
Well, friends, when I find out a
good tiling I sm not the kind of a
bird that will keep It to themself bat
I will pass It along and tell my pal
about It to aa they can take advan
tngea and pull tbemselfa out of the
hole the same like 1 did.
Well about a year ago I waa talk
ing with my wife and myself 1 night
and ahe aaya how la It that I and
you are making about 200 berries per
wk, more or LESS and we owe every
body In Illinois except the govt and
on the other band here's the Quayle
living next door to oa and blm only
getting 40 thousand per annum and
yet tbey teem to enjoy themselfs a
whole lot more tbao we and don't
owe nothing.
So I said what of It
"Well." ahe eayt, "I been reading
the magazines a whole lot lately and
I aeen an ad In 1 signed by the Rainy
Day Corporation and It' supposed to
tell the husband and their wife bow
to get themselfs on their ft and tha
course only costs 13.00 so why not
let's subscribe for It and you don't
have to pay In advance, but first you
get the course and read It and then
you can pretend like you don't car
nothing about It and send It back to
them and they refund you th 8 spot"
So I said all right Ilk I usually do
wheo she tpesk to me at all and ahe
sent for the course and It come In a
form of 5 books, which I didn't have
time to read and she read them and
tent It back to them wltb the words
that It was not no good, but at that It
waa good enough to get ua out of our
troubles and look at OS now.
Well, the (dear wa this to a few
word. In the first place most of onr
debt waa owed In driblet Uke ten
dotlara and the book says:
If yon owe ten dollar apiece to a
whole lot of people In the aame town,
why the Idea la to quietly move out
of that town aa far aa you can and
move to some other town, and the
merchants and etc, back In tha old
town won't sew yon because tt would
cost more than the debts Is worth."
8o one night we quietly moved ont of
the old town and moved to Great
Neck, and we haven't beard nothing
since from people we owe money to.
Well the next lesson In the coarse
wit to get yourself a Job that paid
more money ao 1 day I went down to
N. T. City and went to a tnao'e office
that I bad beard about blm, and I
said I wasn't getting enough money
In old Chl. to bt ttld what did I
want and I aald I wanted a raise and
he gave It to me.
So as I say here, we are living to
Great Neck and getting mora salary
than out In old Chl and all our debu
repudiated and they cant new oa oa
acct of bow much tt cost on sect of
the dlstnnts and here we are Uvelng
In (he lapse of luxury In Long's Island
and all aa we bait to do la to keep
out of old Chl or go their Incognito,
and oo acct ot the wife aeelng the
Italny Day Corporation ad In this
here magazine, which the pure reed
ing matter was so bsd that she felt
like ahe bad to read the ads.
Now genu I don't want you to take
my testimony without no supports, ao
I will tell you about a couple of
friends of mine along the aame lines
that wss lo at pretty a pickle like
we and teen the same id and got the
aame result! as os or better aa fol
lows: beginning wltb a letter I got
from a friend of mine nam Cbaa.
Clarke aa follow:
" "Dear Old Tal Ton know bow Mil
dred and I used to atruggl along
while I waa earning $10.00 per week
aa clerk In the Hon Ton Market which
my uncle owned It and I was the only
heir. Well one day Mildred read me
the Rainy Day Corporation ad In one
of the magazines about bow to pull
yourself out of Ihe rut ao th wrote
them and tbey wrote back advising
me to quit being the clerk and become
the prop, ao one day I took a big
cleaver and used tt oo my uncle and
by the time I got through there
wasn't enough left of him to be prop,
of a aoda fountain In Cuba ao now I
and Mildred Is running the market
and last year we layed away S1.G5."
The other letter la from a carpenter
friend of mtno that Uvea at Fifth
Avenue and 70 at and In 2 yra. be
waa only able to save 1220.000 ao 1
day him and hla wife happened to
each other and besln talking and ahe
seen this ad and wrote (o the Rnlny
Day Coro'rntlon and they wrote bark
and told hltn to raze he II and get
more money ao he wrote to the onion
and told them he wouldn't carp no
more unless they give blm more
money so they give him a raze and
now he la making more than a at car
conductor and not havelng at good
a time.
That It the way tt come off boy
and girls and If you are satisfied to
go along worrlng about financial mat-
tors why well and good but If my
Utile tnlk has showed you the way
out why 1 am satisfied without no fur
ther numerations only the knowledge
that I helped drag you out of the
- it It III Ball lyadlaata, Ina.)
THERE la nothing that fua aver
taken the place of Bayer Aspirin si
an antidote for pain. Safe, or physi
cians wouldn't use it, and endorse itt
use by others. Sure, or several mil
lion uteri would have turned to some
thing else. But get real Bayer Aspirin
(at any drugstore) with Bayer on the
box, and the word pimmm printed in .
a l-l. Km
"pi". . -u
era As BBC ft Of
at MoMaaatleaalsaataf tl IslleyUaatU
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh
Slact) 1843 Has Healed! wotnsds M
Sores est Mast as4 Beast
Mooaybaat farsmaotualf DotaaUa. Alltaalais,
Splendid Retultt in
Good Health Campaign
No diphtheria deatba In 1927 put
Cambridge, Mas, at the bead of the
Uat In diphtheria prevention, of all the
cities with populations more than 100,
003 In the United Statee. Only once
in the last fire year, according to the
American Medical association, has any
city goo a year without tingle
death from diphtheria. Tha previous
diphtheria record breaker waa Duluth,
Minn, In 1023. Seven cltie with
more than 100,000 Inhabitant, bad oo
typhoid deatba last year, th medical
association' atatlstlc how. Mew
Haven. Conn.; Springfield. Maa.;
Tonkera, V. X.; Psterson, N. J.J
Richmond, Va. Canton, Ohio; Kan
sas City, Kan, make op the typhoid
honor roll, which la th largest known
alnce atudle of typhoid deth wert
atarted In 1013.
Last Retort
Professor Jordan waa bewailing tha
act that cultured reading la apparv
ently on the decline. All reading, he
declare, and la Inclined to blame It
oo the movies.
1 do not consider the trashy mag
Inea a reading." he continued, "but
vea these, I am told, have lost a
great many former admirer. A for
the younger generation. It apparently
doe not even know bow to read.
"Only the other day. I aald to
mail friend ot mine, 'Johnny, what
have you been reading lately T To
which the urchin replied lo aorpr!:
"Me reading? Gosh, I haven't been
trick V
Cotton Statistic
Th Department of Commerce,
which baa been Investigating th pos
sibility of finding new osea for cot
ton, baa discovered that there are al
ready 1,000 nses for the 133 base fab
rics made wholly or In part from th
atapte. Some 130 different article
mad of cotton are used on farms, 100
In households, 43 by railroad and 20
In Industry, yet per capita consump
tion bat gained only tilghtiy la the
last decade.
Bugle That Ended War
The principal museum of Wendeo
In Wetsphalla contalna treasure la
the form of the bugle that Bounded
the end of the war. It wa blown by
German Staff Bugler Zebrowaky oa
th eve of November T. 1913, to an
nounce to the allie the passage Into
their tinea of the German emissaries,
who were coming to sign th arml
tlce. Chicago News
"Is he klnd-heartedr
"Oeneroua to fault II atopa at
cheap hotel so he can tip th bell
boy." The divorce rate la highest In the
southwestern states. Including Louis
iana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas,
statistician asserta.
In a Flack. Dm
rat Tin Tt H CmI Ba Baal
At nlxht when yoar feet
are tired, sore and iwolleo
I from much walking or
r ilnni-lne . snrlnklt two
UENSrOOT-(AH powders
tn Um Lot-bath, gently
mo th tore ana in
flamed parte and
; relief la Ilk magic.
Shake Uka'afaal-laae
Into your shoe tn
th morning snd
walk all day In oom
fort It take tha
friction from the hn. For ran Sample
addnaa, iUEN't rOOT-USE. la tar. R. I.
Hml Monty Sarin. Uuarantrral lubber
Apron, abc. Jar vui-m-r tu, itoutar 4uo, all
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MlnneaiHilla, Minn.
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