The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, July 20, 1928, Image 4

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Published Every Friday by
X VV. HEAD, Editor Publisher
One Yeir $i.?0
mx Month .
. hrce Months ,M
Kntered a second cla-; matter a'
'he pnstoftice at lone, Oregon, und-'
not of March J. 1879
Friday, July 20. 1928.
k-.ow no way of judging the
fulare but by the part.
"atrick livnrv
Reading of the revolt of the embattled farmers against one
Herbert Hoover, we were moved to ask what is the attitude
of the farmer in Morrow county, Oregon; for be it known, we
alifarmin Morrow. We either cultivate the soil or till the
To find the answer we turned to the official returns ot the
last primary election. There we read: total presidential pref ,
ertrtce vote cast in the republican primary, May, 1928, 597.
For Ex-Gov. Lowden, fearless champion of the down trodden
farmer, the tfrand tnfal nf 9. For Herbert Hnnver nnlv.
... ,m, ... .
rest, to-wit: 588. It is said that
owe hrfnro anil if m.iv rs
snauow oi tne ovetwneiming
that are to be Herbert Hoover
To win the election in (Jrexor. I
and the uutioi, the democrats
must find the votes in republican
Local issues should not be for
goten in the excitement of tin
nttional election. InNovemberwe
vote for president and at h
same time and place we choosi
local officers. For us perhaps th.
fonti'miro nXim Pg. I
Oregon agricultural staff will lie
present and will diacusa mat age
ment and eanitation h' M.
Smith will talk on the rnihotd
tariffs and loading in tranit.
Dont forget that Cole Smith
writes both hail and liie insur
ance on grain. Belter get cov
ered now and protect yourself."
Tilamook dairy herds averaged
7900 pounds of milk last year.
coming events cast their shad
IriPCA tirtiiroe nro tha f,rct -:.,
1 , l
popular ana electoral mrjoritiis'
s at the polls in November.
loci I may be the more vital ism ,
A few more trees were n!nt
in lone streets'this spring; very
one of them a prophecy of com
fort ant beauty.
Walter Pierce declares for Al
Smith and this, we take if. is m
the nature of a pre bal ot an
nouncment df the election of H.
li. Butler to Congress.
vj yp
Studcbaker has added new beauty
to its champion cars to match their
proved speed and stamina.
Four great lines of cars modern to
the moment! New slender radiators,
flat-capped and winged handsome
winged headlamps, all in chromium.
Jaunty Studcbaker "polo cap" visor.
Delightful new color schemes.
Newluxury! Deep lounge upholstery;
hydraulic shock absorbers. Studc
kakcr's exclusive ball-bearing
shackles introduce the greatest
improvement in riding comfort
since the balloon tire. Squeaks,
The new l'restdenl-$ IGSS-rt ml it's an MJiffhl!
Independent Garrag'e, lone, Ore..
(Morgan Items Con'td )
Hutchcroft'a. It burnt over one
field that had been harvested
and over nil his standing! grain
except a 'ew small patches. i The
building were a'l saved as was
a'so his new combine which was
hauled into the summe tallow.
borne imu ance was carried
and some of tha sacked gr in
had beenhauled to the warehouse.
See J. E. Swanson for all kinds
of insurance.
Sam Cornet was kicked on th
ankle by a horse last Saturr!. y
and almost laid up for a day o. so.
Mrs. Opal Christophercon an
ons Dickie and Wayne,' accom
panied by Mrs. Ada Christophr
son and two sons called at th
Willow ( J'oultry Farm o
Tuesday afternoon,
Too Crotdy for Maplo Sap
At Manchester. N. It., the desire
for maple alrup haa cmsril oiue cltl
sen to ti-' maiy of !ie ;w,;H)rt muni
cipal ni'nle trees seattered about the
city- FH'" of 'hear r is to piii
np the h.des froiu whuh the siip hiis
r.n draws n cnusi-v in tree. t die.
I Offlclala of (tie parka and pluj rniuiuu
commission promise prosecution f-r
ny one who is caught carrying out
tills unauthorised program,
was discovered with l.V holea In It
and the tree will have to be cut down
,, . . iicnorls ot tne country s.lcsl statisticians.
Crtin ramie jne latest perpetration is a saxophone
rommjr Malloy, the demon tllm eitl 'lii "K." We don't know that
tor la devoted to the Tlolln In his' means tnt it is reported to mean "S.ixo.
leisure hours. The other day he . , " ' '' j
marked that he had to
gel a new,
bridge for Ills fiddle.
"What the deuce do they havo jut, otie more, )ioi,,i,ui rccotdi will
brldgea on violins forT Edille Merer, tell.
here from India to study the clnemut,: According to the latest L'nilcJ Stale
wauted to know ! census, the? .ixolione f.imilv, fron.
"Oh. lust to pit A. tnosle arrow." smallest to largest, comi.ts of ll.e l.
vu, j""' ikiwmg: t llut soprano, C soprano, b H i,
replied Tommy.-Loa Angelea .Iwea. 'yJ)f(Wg j, 6
world of style
and bower
Heaven Help Us! Another
Saxophone Has Been Bora!
Not content with spring home clean'
Inc. presidential cumiui.:.!.. senate ill'
vesications and nine saxophones, the
hates have thrust upon ut another saxo
phone, rmikinir ten. We in it received
One treejti,;. I,..! nrul irom iU, Conn Music
Center, Elkhart, Indiana.
1 hut will increase the suffering of the
putlic ten cr cent, according to the
,. illlfl,. nn.;, ,. .
phones are nude, we gur we can stand
rattles and adjustments eliminated;
inspection only at 20,000-mile inter
vals, when lubricant may be added
if required. Super-brakes that act
like a hand of steel in a velvet glove.
The mode of tomorrow Studc
baker's 76-year tradition of integrity
proved performance all at One
Profit prices!
The Prchidcnt Eight . $1685 to
The Commander . . 1135 to
The Dictator .... ,1185 to
The Krskine . . . . . 835 to
All prices f. o. b. factory
P nieno-soprsno. E flat alto, C melody,
U Hat tenor, K flat Urilone and Ji flat
Count 'Em and Weep
Count 'em, aentlemen. Count Vtit and
wei p. Ten of 'cm, now.
hat makes it worse is tl. n?v
nietio-iopiano in F it to I UuJ
instrument. You know what that means.
Kememlier when you used to sing in the
choir? Everybody wanted to ling Ilia
smId parts. It wasn't so tad when must
.,f the choir was set to work siiisriiig
alto, taritone or last, but when they
bioke forth into the lead it was IcrnUc.
With the resourcefulness of the Span
i h Inquisition, the makers if this in
sirumcnt have doped out a new driign
which is diltercnt from all the ret, h
!.ks the same tut it sounds different.
We're not interested. It can't Sound
igr, Ua ItuUs,
No Longer It Thore a Dividing
Line Botween One Season and
the Next In tho Pursuit of Radio
Chief Broadoaat Inglnser, R.C.A.
Radio, unlike canned goods, baa no
winter or summer season. Thar art)
fresh vegatablea the year round la tha
radio garden, so
that It la hardly
necessary to har
vest and can our
radio eujuyment
during a (aw
months for una In
what might he a
leaa fortunate a.a
If we mentioned
wintertime nr sum
mertime phono
graphic music, we
might be laughed
at, because the
A. N. O.lsimlth
phnnngraphlo presentation has coma
to be accepted aa a permanent, un
changing, Immune form of entertain
Burnt, rvatljr to sorve h mid winter or
mid summer alike. Aud bjf the same
token, when radio programa and
radio services ara maintained from
one end of tha year to tha
other at the same high levels of
eirellence, with little difference to In
dicate the paaalng aeaaona, It beeomee
decidedly out of order to apeak of
seasonable radio.
Today tha algnal strength of any
Artl-claaa broadcasting station wltlilu
Ita service range la mora than ample
to ride blgh above tha normal sum
mertlwe alalia level. Indeed, It la
only when the radio enthusiast Insists
on golug In search of DX or long dis
tance algnala that the sialic level be
comes troublesome, since bs baa
plunged below It,
Important Considerations
Ot course tba elements ot good re
ception should perhaps be mora closa
ly observed la summer than In winter.
Among tba mora Important eonaldersv
tlona are:
t Selecting the algnala from a sta
tion ot adequate power, located not
too far distant. It la well that tbo
atatlon bare a repuatlon tor careful
maintenance, and be quite free from
tha criticisms ot poor transmitter op
eration, bapbatard monlio ,ug, vary
ing power, aerloua fading. ave length
wobble, and other algna ol noor broad
easting. Fading, It goee without say
ing, la usually a condition beyond tha
control of the broadcaster, and may
Just aa well be charged op to tba lo
cation ot tha listener.
1. Selecting blgh quality programa,
and especially fonturee wltb lutnclsnl
"body" to cover up such ststlo back
ground aa may exist even with high
algnal level. It la well to nota that
signal level la on thing, and souad
level la another. Thua a dance orches
tra or concert band la a bettor feature
In combatting atatlo Interference than
a airing trio or a violin solo.
I. It la well to be content wltb
reasonable volume. While It la true
that tba volume control of tha radio
aet Increases or decreases everything
lasulng from the loudspeaker static
aa well aa signal proportionately. It
la a nuttier of how much background
nolae may be present before the lis
tener becomes fully, conscious and
even Irritated by Ita preaence. By be
ing aatlallnd with reasonable volume
during tha days of blgh atatlc, we may
reduce tha background nolae to a mini
mum. The power of transmitters la not
reduced during tha summer montha.
Hence In most localities there la am
ple elgual strength from leading sta
tions to ride well above the usual
summer atatlc, wltb lbs exception of
the occasional thuuduritorm In tha
Immediate nulghboihood. Yet who
expecta Ideai radio conditions every
night? Try driving your automdblle
through a thunderatorm at night, with
tba danllng flaabea of lightning, tha
torrential downpour ot rain, with tba
Ignition system In difficulties due to
moisture, aud other troubles! Still,
we do not speak of summertime auto
mobile handicaps. We ara willing to
forego motoring during tha occasional
storm ot winter or summer.
Quality Programa
Programs ara maintained at tha
highest standards, although In keep
ing with seaaonahle moods and ao
tlvltloa of outdoor weather, they may
ba pleasantly different from tbosa of
Indoor weather. Tha skilled program
director, In fact, paya close attention
to tha demands ot bis summertime
Aa to tha radio listener, there la
Just as much reason to listen In dur
ing tha aa during tha wluter.
Music, enlightenment, contact with
tha world, tha thrill of sporting
avents, participation In history In tba
making, and othor program features
form a rich mental background tor
our summer life.
If anything, radio may truly be en
Joyed to better advantage amid tha
outdoor setting made possible In
warm weather. Tba acoustics ara
frequently better when windows can
ba thrown open. Radio la at Its best
outdoors, on tha porch or aven oa
tha lawn. Indeod, too little attention
hag been paid to tha ataga setting tor
tba radio presentation, and summer
time offers ua many aa opportunity
Is thla, direction. ., '
IN "TP t
if -) r