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Published Every I'riilay by
V. HEAD, FilitiT Puldidier
One Year
tx Months ...
.hree Months
.. .75
- .50
Kntorcd a. jeeond cl.xs mnttrr at
lie ptxtofficc at lone, Oregon, under
act of .March i. ISPO
Friday, Sept. 23 1927.
have nt yet bcun to (?vhf.
Cnit. John I atJ iwi
Samuel Valentine Cole
Look forth and tell me what thcyjThat good and evil cannot
- ilo blend,
On Life's broad field. 0, still
f thvfiuht.
The false forever with the true,
The wrong forever with the
And still God's faithful ones as
Who hold a fortress strong and
Cry out i t confidence again,
And find a effort in the cry:,
Hammer a ay. ye nostue !
Vour hammers break, Ctd's
anvil stands
Older than pyramid or sp!
Old as the stars themselves, the'
word j As fans the breeze the moun-
Whereby, when oilier courage' siJc.
sinks, Ntr moves the mountain from
The courage born of. heaven isl i's base-
s irred, ,'So in all times and in all lands
For, when Cod rouJe the world Men's hammers break. God.s
and knew i anvil stands.
Western Wools for World .Markets
f ' . : :it - ' ft
Owrtd ly Mt. Hjqgiri Land A Liv;tock Co, N'entani. G-nnd Chimpior, 1026 Pacific Internet aral Livestock Cx?otit:on.
Thli Rain was the outstanding pi her. :ve Wool Show will be hMd
nimal of the brwd at tho l2i Fa -t whli h consmefiiiJ (beccs tf all
cific International Livestock Kx-.m ' gtndti M ill be cxMUird.
aitlon. In addition to nci.ii v'.i.k Ppk-rdid fhowmsi nrr- prom'sed
this distinction It oIst won the .amin this y-ar In every division of
ame awardil at tho 1!(25 Aini ricani the ex.'Mltloft which Includes Kr-ut
rioyal, and Chicago . ln!crnaiionl Livestock Show, l):i!ry I'niL' jrtj
Shows. It will probably be aown fhntr. Land and .Mniiuf ieiiirers"
In the flock btiug sent by the Mt. '.
llaKK'n I.und imd Livestock Co. to
th 17th Annual Pacific Interna
tional to b held nt Portland. Octo
ber 29 to NoVi-rober 5, Inclusive.
The Sheep Khow at the Pacific
International will, this year, as In
the past, be one of tho best of it-;
kind In America. Borne of tin 1:103!
DOtod Judges in the country wll!
plao the awarflf. In cotnn . i t:
with the Sheep Show a new d ;..-ir-ture
Is being aflded. V'nder lie- ili
rci ort of the fracltic Co-opr:;,;
Woi.1 Crowtrs Association s i
Field of Peterlco
TV FI"I(J "f I'ctcrlno Ix 11 m-inn n;i
tilnrl)' isivcn III Ktitfli'iid to ihc h-i-iic
(if nil nfliii'li hv tlii- jfiiin-in cniiilr)
iiwiit n Killllciil inri-ilnu in si
Peter" flelil, Minn-tie iti-r. mi .':;-ii'it
1ft, 1!-I0 Tlic meeting V;. 111 I,.; ll,.,l
ly Cfi.'KKl fnrsntis. mul In tin- il:i li
with tlm euviilry ei;rlit .ei---ini were
killed mul mimy wutimr i. lie ivor'l
I'elerlim win formed from the leitm
of IV field In ImiiIimiup liiiliiiilmi nl
Wiiterlim. tile neerie of Vi'ellliiL'leii'h
fillliiilia vletiiry ever ;iin. un. tvnn
fmir yen j)iid'two imiiiilii. Iiefm-ii ili
Inih nt St. I'elei-'H field. M-iliehi-stei
Cfiort Alone Gc'.t Haula
Cliiiiiieler In tlie'.-'
lliir wny of deiilliit; wlih life, ("h.-.i-neler
Ih In lif wluit ellieli m j In fi
wnrltlns. Indnlenee d:i,vn 11 pi-rsl-ient
In' ml In I1111111111 mi I did. i:rriif m Un
mile reiillly from wlileh iiny d-lniUi
result run ho cxpeeted. H!m-e
I'llllllM, III KlH Of lidded IdlllWleil'C
nothing remiilnii tut fnither eimrt
We hnve only to renew e'"i.rt In Hie
IlKliI nf rtlll better know I- JVy
clicluk')' Miigiizlua,
port unities of .contfot inf?elion
Hi tlu school and careful mediea
ir ip. c!ion of school children U
detect incipient cases, tallies ll an
cl t?ure, are the most effectiv
w ivs of connrollinu communie.i
b'i diseases when epidenrc.
it is somt tines astonishing
with what unanimity the closing
of schools is demandee hy other
wise well informed physicians.
The strongest argument against
c osina schools is that such pruc
t ee does not matt riully reduce
(I.e. amount of contact whiel
Lnjely determiiies the proxies
c)ontlnin',l I'tiltmm 4
H.' planned however men might 5
What shou,J bc wou" bc ,n
the end,
i And though as thick as ocean
Thou knowest that thy cause is J
Then rest in that; thy cause is
,.,(y w()rJ fa ,rue. u J
la sj ite of slanderous tongues
",As toward the cra2 "ebillo.v
fa. b3ck( sliatferedi to
its place;
Vntt'.urti Show, Northi Bt t'ox
Hiow, Iniliplrliil Kxpo-hion ann
W'-rtd-r'Mi'vned Horse Show. The
II ;ys' :.' d (ilrls- Club Work Exhibit
this yir will be one of the be:'! of
l;s kirn! in this r-'-'rt of th country.
Millions, of dollars' worth of the
country's finest Pure Hnd Hmi
and Ii.iiiy Cattle, llors-s, Kheep.
Hi jrs at:d floats vill coiiiintu for
:he Jl'Miji'io ii-J offered lu premiuuia
Tiu- lohdir-K railroads of tho Wan:
c ;-r-- I y o.'f.-rinx special fan.
loiH-ihiid rut( for those whi
u-;wl ;h to Mter.d the Exposition.
Cczs r.cct-Kly Dc'.jcI
Heredity cf "f.hvlcs"
Ci.tM. Iiirdx mid ii-'!;i'ii resiniid ti
1: 'I'ioii picl 111 11: If the) were r.-i.l
lull d" t '-:t 1 it -I In- fimiiil iieeordilif
t i le lii !n:i(!i- I , v II I li'I'lilftri KelenlUt
Tlic d g uil( no it'll nt inn even whel
l,Ietiire nf n;!r'r i!n'j were ulinwn
Tlie lihly exeeplloli Wi'll wltefl 11 liftll
'I'l-li-hiind ren ii;i to tlie serceti
fiilTed nl the ieoi'e xlimvn on it null
i lieu uuildeiilj In I hitercvt. iiiiiirenl
!v rnihlied Iiml (lie 11,-uies were mil
ii-mI. ril.ilen I'lipnliir Meei:iii!iK M:i
:;;:lni'. ("iiIm tn lstli d d-lhiliee when u
l:n ;.'e il: jj iipjieun d ei Ih-' Hel eeti.
doniestlc fowl nlmwcil- fii;;!il ut tlie
id Sill I of ll li.nvU lioveiiliK over u Held,
end v. Mil lili-d sliiiweil illirerent ill.'
:;eeH of lnlei'e:d. All i:ii-lliilile
iniivter III -W rei(;ii;edly III mi llllllg
Innry ciiemy mi the M-recn. When
ililille-i nf llien imd woinm were
kIiowii In Ihelr nil t tf-si I td.c on n wlilto
ii i t en, viirlnun reiillles HlniiieiJ at
litem ii lift cvld'tieed uHtnnlKliini'iil
win n tliey eun;;lit nollilnj.
slow advance: in
Only Recently Matter of Sci
entific Exactitude.
ltelilml the wlille-wnlti il, Htniltiiry
linspltiils of tnilii.v, with tlielr trained
physicians, Mli'Ki'tms and mirsei, lurk
the shmlow of the rolilslnrk' tnedl-,
cine man mul the nehtiliie of Kiipm-stl-tlmi.
ajn )r. T. K. tlrulier, Riipellii
liiuh'iit of tht Potrult receiving
It I not over 75 yours that
medicine iiml Kiti'Ki'i'y hecunie it mut
ter of Kelentltle exactitude iiml Hot
ovor M that It bocait to rise to ll
present hljih cstiite,
Supefstlanit i;ov.illed its the prime
cmiilhp fartoL of alliiieiilM for it'll
tuiies mul perhnpi has not hoen on
tlivly rt'inoveil until tho last two or
three ileiailes. The nieilli-lne lit it ti of
Hie liiillan ami the tiftim vihhIoo man
are an out growth of our first physl
I'laiot. A pain Im i he li wim mihjivt
to the treatment of certain liit'iintti
1 1. ami welril steis; un liitlaniiiin
lion wa cliit'il hy mystic nyllalile
mul tokenn spreail hIhu( the i'"l of
the slik. Some of then- stiperntlthms
nut denth with IhcilUnwrry of the
line (Mtiilltlim, but many traveled
down Ihroimh the i en t.i tin .'iiich
of our y ai'ilp. ' ' ii!'1.
t :ie ol the oldest, which still li nc-
cipteil with B:- ' . I ed d.Vrill.v'it on
os;r pint. Is that the heart Ih the eul
of love. The actor still preiwej hit
hand lu the left Mile of his bosom
when adilresslna hue iiM'sRnui'H to the
lu'iolne, and our vocahulary otlll In
Judeii mh expressions lis "heart
K.hes," "broken heartctr ami "heart
III roll."
"In the e.irly days of meillcal his
lory the powers iittilliuled to the
heart were numerous," loctor limber
r.iys, "The I'h'.nese, niuoiiu the Hist
to practice nii'ii:clne us It Is under
n.m'd today, hold the wholly erron
eous belief that the lurynx eomuvted
with (lie heart ami that our food
pn-M'd Into that orjun. ll also was
aid to b;' Hie re:. I of our Intellect
us will as our love." The fnt.;e view
was held hy the Hindus, who N'
ascribed our Intellectual mwer to
tlic spleen.
J'or it'iiluries, probably fri.m tin'
heuiiiniiii; of man. illness was uttrlhti
tcil to a spiritual power; the 'nneu
tion of the hoily by some evil plrlt,
which In the early days the medicine
ll attempted to drive out with their
weird cuperiUKs B'l toneless chants.
It was not until comparatively recent
years that the physical and the H'lrlt-
usl were dlsussoclaied lu tin" pinciice
i f medi, ine ii rd .ii' t'.eory of the
hocy heliiK R purely chi-mical tm illa
tion win acceplcil
Hut III pite of Kllperstllloiis mid
Lnoranr, medicine made sonic stein
III the early years of Its known his
tory. China knew in the years before
Christ of prevt-ntallv Inoculiitlou
for imiillpox.
Power at Long Distance
Cheaer elii'trlclty lor everyone, be
cause It can be transmit led tcmor il
cully thousands of miles where only
hundreds have heretofore been poi
hie. may b one of the results of
new system of hiinillinif electricity per
fit ted by Frank !. P.aiim, Sun Fran
cisco (Mutineer. P.y H, reMirts l'oml.u
Sclcnec .Monthly, lectric Miwer Ken
crated ill the llockj inouiitaiiis may hi
sent to the Mississippi valley or even
farther east, and toe pov.-.-r of Man
ara lolejit span the country.
The new system divides the entire
transmission line Into wet ions of UK
end li'H miles, linked by rotary repi
lalors, or condensers, each of which
transmits the current oiiwunl with
mall losses. It promises to make po
silile (tie utilization of waterfalls
bleb are now Idle because they un
In isolated localities.
Had '.o Be Cere', til
l'Kn entiilntf hp KnulMi town fa
mous for Its f.porllliR lissdrlHtlons, Ar.
Ihur Henderson, former P.ritlsh home
Secretary, went to 11 hotel and ordered
tea for himself mid his party. He was
autprlsed whi n the f.-.iltcr demanded
pay nt In advance rtnl did not hesi
tate to express Ids iliaazemelit,
"I (iiltc understand, sir," anld the
waiter, "but well, you see, when the
racea are on we have to bt Terr carts
A.t I...A . .. '
iiu ruai we re idoul
Lodge Directory
10.NE LODGE No.l.'i A y. AA, M,
AleetH t-vpry flrt nn l tlilnl We tm-n
Imy of each month. W. .I..Ihhoh UliJ.
(lie; Seey ,
UiciiHt fhniter Nu. 119 f), K
Meetw the Hecoinl niel fdiirth Tiich-
ilnyiifeneh month. W. M Mm.
, Hccy.,'UrK
iou i.oikjk No. nr., 1. o. o
Meeif every Knttirdiiy crenlnir.
i. T 0, TniKi'j Heey , .t Howell
I. O. O, V. Mi'ctM flrni ami third
Thtirmliiy of eneh 1111,11 ih. N. b Mrt
i 8eey. Mrs.
Church News
Notes ot Interest to All
Local Denominations.
Sunday Sehool reopeiieJ in the
(Moran district last Sunday.
Tne pastor of the lone Conine
flational church visited with the
Uxinpon Endeavor Society, on
Sunday fveninjr last. A very plea
inu feature cf the proicrrm for
the veninjf was a vocul nolo ren
liered by Laurel Ueach.
The cause of the Near East He
lief will be presented at the Con
Ki-eifational chinch, ot. Oct. 2 at
the hour of morninir wornhip.
Don't miss the cafe'.trU din.
dinner at the Christian church
un the 30! h.
The Baptist Church at Eusene
has just installed a new pi( e or
Kan at a cost of S17,r,00.
Rev. W. W. Head is announced
to preach in the Cmim optional
church at Loxinuten, next Sun
day evening.
Church Directory
. ni;sr baptist cuuucii
Sunday School at l0:t0 A. M,
rraycrMeetinjr, Thur., 7:30l M.
Rev. W. W. HEAD, Pastor
11:00 A. M.:C. E. at 6.43, l M.
I'rayerMeetin,, Wed.. 7;30
Sunday School 10:00 A. M.
Prayer Meeting Thurs. Evenm
C. E.:G:30; Preaching Service,
at 7:30 P. M.
of an epidemic. The children min
ifle just nbout a much outside
of of school aa in aehucl. The only
eu'eption is in rural oihtricta
with acatertfl population, where
then i little n 1 : n I i n of children
sway from school. Closing of
such schools may be a uselu!
proceedure aa an aid to effective
contro! measurde ; t quired by reg
ulutioi", but there ii no evi lence
that in cities and towns the clos
ing 0 schoula has any effect in
stopj-ing an epitivmic. On the
uiher hane, a few simple proced adopted while thefchooln
are kept open, an effective con
trol of an outbreak of disease may
t'u had.
Wettern Story
Sir; A Judije In 11 mnall U'eilern
1 'mil wim ilelertiiliii'd (11 ulop the. Im).
from xln ,t i 11 k In the town, (ihh iln)
1 lie uf I he Imy ifnt drunk mul Klurie.J
iu lil.oot tip Ihe plure. W hen he w.o
liriiiiclil liefure tlie Jiulse he wn g'ten
'Twenty iliilliirn rnd e(, t- I'm
J idw," he mild. "I tired Into the lr."
"Tlint's nil rllil," mild Ihe Jmle
"you nilhl hnve kIioI 1111 nnjrcl."
Jack Farris
Dermal ician.
It Pays to lM,k We I
Specialist in Bobs.
Attorney At bw
First National Hank Building
Heppner Oregon
When You Visit Ileppner
Eat at the
Elkhorn Restaurant
Good Meals Best of Sen Ice
Lunch Counter
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Masonic Building
Trained Nurse Assistant
Heppner : OteRon
I Before
selling your wheat it will
pay you to see L. Balsiger
: representing
! lone,
i I Trvi r f
iL-at makes
nourishing and hcalthfull. Meat slioukl be an
important part of your daily menu. Serve it every
day. Whether you come into our shop, or phone
us you are sure to get
jwe nave a large variety ouhotce cuts.
tX T. 12. Peterson. I'ron.
Wc are prepared to take care of your
shafting rciiuirements by the Installation of an
electric key way machine anJ a stock of shafting
in a wide rane of sizes. We also have a list of
second hand combines for sale. Agency for the
Harris Manufacturing Companies new combines.
j& J. P. O'Meara, Proprietor j&
Under New Management
lone, Ore.
Refurnished and Strictly Up to Date. Commer
cial Table First Class. A home away from
home, with best meals in Central Oregon.
Nice Rooms.
Farm Implements
lone, Oregon
Dr. A. H. Johnston
Main m
Main 492
luxii, Ti:i;siA is ii i-kipa ys
I'ntm 0:011 tn 10:00 A. At.
F. H. Robinson
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Will practice In all the CourU
contracting or
B. G. and Co.
it t mv-.1nl. .1 T 4
the meal. It Is appetizing,!
t'; kind of meat you want.t
Good Service.
- istsiusia
- - - - m m m m m n m m m m m m
Mitts Zena Wcstfall, Graduate
Nurse, Supi-rinienifent.
A, II. JohtiHton M. I).,
Phyaician In chargpA
Kates Reasonable
Dr. F. E. Farior
Oflice: Odd Fellows Building
Ileppner, Oregon.