The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, February 04, 1927, Image 2

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-"coffee is hotl
am i i
3 WW POOft DOQ MUST BE l mfW' MLjK&l
$ THAT BUT Owe MORE (jyFlF" -V-g-
TfcsT Btrofte t puny him J . tf p0 oo"
5 JgZZr WAMrAPieesl
C Waaler HewaatBat Ualee ' Jjytj
I vkjon OLD.- I .TlM i'I
A I rtUH FUattRMMO I I Jf C 'li
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Our Pet Peeve
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-W I I a
3 Mi
How to Resuscitate a Dog
Help! Help!
USk HIT, WHIarl Nawawaiiar Union. I
Lev eumti lo Ul from Ond. W
eaiinol kindle II Jn our own hrti
a w klnait a Kami at tin Hr.
tl la only lha auildonnaaa nt lova
thai can conaula ua. Wi may aaak
for II In vain; II aavar oomra lo ua
All rich dr-aaprti aro unaultatila for
the children, but almpla cuatarila,
Junktla, gelatin Jt'HIr'
and rlra In varluua wava
ara all gmxL
Vanilla Rica Pudding.
Cook 6ne-liulf cupful
i i.. . ..a
II. ' II lUln water and on
Ul 11 liulf tcuionful of anil
J. until tli rli-a la tvnder.
Si' ii Id one and one liiilf
cupfuli of oillk In doulila bullt'r, atlr
Into the hot milk ouo-lmlf teuniMK)n
ful of ault, tlirva tublvaHMufula of
coriiHturrh and oue half cupful of milk.
nil well nilxed together. Cook until
thick, cover and cook ten mlnutea.
Heat the yolka of two KK, add one
titi If cupful of augur and ueut again,
atlr Into the hot mixture, add lha)
cooked rice aud flavor with vanilla.
When cold . garnlah with whipped
cream and aHHnfula of Jum or Jolly.
Apricot Whip. I'reaa through
aleva enough aprlcota to till a cup;
add one half cupful of augar and tha
Julc of half a leiuon; mix well. Fold
In tha whltea of four etiK-, leat until
light and turn Into a buttered dlali,
liukfl In a pan f hot water until tha
pudding la II rm In tha center. Sorva
hot with cream aaucc.
Foamy Craam Sauca. Soften
aennt half teaapiHinftil of gelatin In
two tnblexpooiifula of water; wheu dla
aolved add nna cupful of crenin. two
tuhlntMionfula of augur, and ona lea
apoonful of vanilla; mix thoroughly
and when cold beat until frothy.
Graham Gama. Take one cupful of
alfted graham flour, one cupful of
aour milk, one egg; one-third of a tea
apoonful of enlt, one teaoouful of
aodu, two tablenpooufula of augar.
three tuhleapooufula of ahorteulng.
Mix and heat well; bake In gem puna.
Prune Pu4dlngIleat the whltea of
five egga until light, add with one-half
tenapoonful of cream of tartar, one
half teaapoonful of aalt, one cupful of
augar, one-fourth of a pound of prunea
which have been cooked and chopped
One. I'ut Into a mold and boll alead
lljr for twenty-two mlnutea. Serve
with whipped cream.
A Few Waya With Meat
A foreign pie whiclt will be found
moat aavory la the following:
f re nt h Meat
P I a. C o t ap
freah pork luto
email plecea, and
the aame amount
of veul. Ilrown
In a little hot fat
and turn Into a
lined puatry ahell.
Cover aa for ordinary pie and bake
alowly In moderate oven. The aea
aonlnga ued are added while the
meat la browning.
Roaet Veal au JuaSeaaon a fillet
of veal with ault and pepper and put
Into a pun with plecea of butter,
carrot, buy leaf and a clove. I'ut into
a double roaater and bake two and
one-half houra. Iteuiove the ment to
a hot platter. I'ut water luto the pan
and almmer for five minute. Hlralo
and pour the aauce (uiithlckened)
around the meat.
Cincinnati Chicken. Rpllt length
wine a pork tenderloin, leaving the
halvea Joined. I'ound the meat on
ench aide until about one-half Inch
thick. Spread with the following atuf
tlng: One cupful of bread crumba,
one-fourth teaxpoonful of ault. one
eighth of a teanpooiiful of pepper, a
allce of onion chopied, one teaxpoon
ful each of chopped puraley, pickle
and lemon Juice and one tnhleapooiiful
of minced oil vex Mix In Ihla one
ben ten egg and one-fourth of a cupful
of melted butler. Arrange the atuf
ring In the center and aew the edgoe
together ao Hint It reaemlilea a plump
bird. Ituke with careful baiting until
well browned.
Liver 8autage and Waterereaa
Sandwlchea. I'k'k over and finely
chop one bunch of wutercreaa drain
If neceaaary. Add muyonniilNe. Spread
thinly el Iced rye bread with muatard
butter and an eiiul niimher with
mayonnulae. Cover thoae apreml with
mustard butter with thin allcea of
liver auuange. Hie remaining allcea
with the creaa mixture. I'ut together
In pair. I'reaa together and trim off
cruata. Serve with dill pickle and
coffee. The pickle may be allced
Into very thin fuu-ihuped plecea aa
garnish for each sandwich.
Chestnut Apple Amber-Boll ona
enpful of milk with the thinly
shaved rind from half a lemon. Pour
It over two tublexpoonfuls of bread
crumba. Ilemove the rind. Heat to
cream the yolka of two egga with one
fourth cupful of augar and three
Uiblesponufula of butter; to this add
a quarter of a cupful each of chestnut
puree and apple puree. Mix well, add
the strained Juice of half a lemon
and pour Into well battered baking
dish the edge of which have been
lined with pastry. Itakt until firm In
a moderate oven. Allow to cool, then
cover with a meringue, using the twe
whltea. Dredge with augur, decorate
with candled cherrlea and return to
tha oven to brown.
of j
The young woman waa ahown round
the ship by mate. She aaw every
thing, Including the cabins, the slok
hold, and the saloons. At laat they
came to the bridge, where the captain
waa atandlng.
"Ah, to that's the captain," re
marked the visitor. "He't the man
whose word la law while you're at tea,
Isu't her
"No, madam, not this time," eald
the mate. "You see, the wlfe't com
ing with him on this trip." Edinburgh
8h (undrf iqMM of rrninl moon)
I.ct'a r( on th tp mid talk.
11a a. .. II I f .
atep In the right direction, I'd aay.
No Nd to Hurry
"Judge," requested the prisoner at
the bar, "I'd like to start serving my
sentence right away, ao I'll have It
over quicker,
"No hurry, my boy." replied the
judge genlully, "It'a going to be
life aenteuce." American Legion
Bad Outlook
This It a knotty case. Kliht wom
en on the Jury."
'And the woman yon defend V
'la accused of stealing another
woman't cook."
"What'e worrying your
"I'm afraid they'll bang my client,''
Kill th. Dog
Ilarold-There'e the handkerchief
you dropped last night dear. I slept
with it under my pillow and I've
ktaaef It a thousand time.
Alice That Isn't my handkerchief.
That's little Fldo'a aweater.
Correct Conclution
Tlark chile, does you all kuow what
deceit imr
"Suttlnly I doe. neelM-bub
"Ien what la Itr
"Well, when I leana ovah an' heahe
aomethln' rip, I knowa dut'a de sesL"
A Sad Miit ah
Wllke So the bridegroom didn't
aliow up at th wedding?
Cruiidall No; they forgot to tend
him an Invitation.
TMIy'e U right If yon know hew
to take her."
'Well, I'm taking her In taxi, la
that the proper wuyr
Old Muld Hour IM.kle Ixnik at
those dUgUHtlng Sweet I'lcklesl
Her Opinion
Angry Girl to Druitirlst Thl n.
lahlng crenin I fnke.
Irugglt How comet
Kurlou Female I've used It
Dose every night for two week, and
it just a long at It ever waa I
No Sign of a Breakdown
Disgusted Parent How much inn..
do you expect me to to on aiiimortin
you? "
Stolid Bon Well, futher. vn.i kn.
you are In the pink of condition.
Mr. Greene The nnfeaair'a .i.
la almost a absent-minded aa he la
Mr, lllue What did she dot
Mrs. Greene llullt a lire in n,.
bureau and put her stocking 0 the
Between Sportsmen
"Any luck today?"
"Two ruhblta. nine
' - - ea iui mVM
and four ducks."
"All with out gun?"
"No, with on motor car."
7 1
HMa, r bir
Keep in
Ceeaf Elimination l Einntial fa
Good Hlth.
THB kldnayt at th blood
flltari. If thay fall lo func
tion properly there I ant to b
a retention of loaic polsona In
the blood. A dull, languid fool
ing and, sometimes, loslo back
achsa, haatlachaa, and diaalnose
are eytnptome of thla condition.
Pu uliar evidence of Impropat
kldnay function la often found
In burning of scanty paaaage
of aocrollona, Kach year agora
and more people ere learning
the value of Coam't Hilt,
stimulant diuretic, In thl coax
dltlon. Icarcoty a nook of ham
lai anywhere but hae enaay
enlhoaiastl asora. A youl
Stimulant Diarmth U I A KUntyt
roatsf Mllkara COhMIi Chamlata, Batalo.M T
" U ugly and nnoxing da4 yotu)
tkio toft, wblte, lovely, by ttlln
Town'e Many Peculiarities
The town of Hancock, which bor
der for sixteen mile on tha New
York atat Hue, waa 130 year old
luat year. It la the longest and nar
rowest town In Massachuaetta, aayt
the lloston Globe, it hue the small
eat public school In the atiite one
pupil. It haa the only Shaker com
munity In the state. Its three oldest
Inhubltatila live under on roof. It
has the second highest body of wa'a
In Muasachwtett.
Tha at-eaal mal aao af ftamaa BJra Dalaam
at BlaM will prvnl ana rllva llr4 av
aa ara attain. Ill rrl at, H, T. A4v.
Cautee of Fire Lose
tn IIKM llglitnlng aa a cause of Bret
ranked eighth. The cause beading
the list waa exposure, which merely
mean the Ina due to fire spreading
beyond the point of origin. Next come
matches and amnktng; then drfoctlv
rhlmneya and flues; stove, fur
nace, and their pipes; apnntaneout
rnmhuation; aparka on roofs; elec
tricity and lightning.
Doe WetkneM Detract
From Your Good Look?
Baa Francisco, Calif. "About twe
year ago I waa weak and mndowa
la kaaltk. I tuffered o muck wltk
backach tad pal
la my aid, tad did
ot get aay relief
antli I took Or.
fleree'a Favorite
T r e r Iptloa. A
few bottlee of the
Vreaerlptloa' wa
a pennaacnt bone
tit to aae aad I am
glad to r command
It to other for I
believe It will da
for (hem what It did for me." Mr.
B. Webb, 1101 Laguna BL
Obtala thla famous Trescrlptloa"
now, la tablets or liquid, from your
druggist, or write Dr. Pleroe, preet
dent lavallda' Hotel In Buffalo. N, I.
for free medical advice.
He'd Leatn
"Oh. professor, don't you think any
dear Hill Itandulph will ever kara
to drawT
"No, ma'am, that la, not unleea you
hamea's him to a truck. Ilutger
Aspirin Marfced With "Baytr CrW
na Bn Provd Saf by Million.
Wamlngl 1'nlra you tee the name
Ilayer" on pai kage or on tablet you
are not gelling, the genuine Ilayer'
Aspirin proved safe by million and
prescribed hy phyalchin for 20 year.
say "ilayer" when you buy Amilrln.
Imllall ina mav prove dimgeroua. Adv.
The Pride of the Family
Mr, i'lop grief I Thut Un't
the way to make coffee.
New Cia.k (hoiM.fully) What It It
lha wuy to maker
Vka hunt , . . .
... w. m piirn ur 011a aiopo
whan Cailo'a Carbollaalva la applied. Ji
hrala quickly withnut scare, luo I and
I.'!0 "J orugaiata, or snil loo to
, ' ' " " v...., . i r r, iit;i iu Aval,
0k 1-ark, III. Atlvarila.m.nU
Wife Anything go wnmg today?
lliiHtiniitl Nothing. Thut' what
worrlea me.
Sure Relief
6 BrLbAM
-:' Hot water
25 and 754 Pkj'iSold Evefywher
1 QvlcJi JUUfi AplnnntaMactlvoaynaB.
ImIIt, u,. l'IHOg
inrnii anauiaal
Salra. 3ta