The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 24, 1926, Image 3

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    Sure Relief
1 Hot water
Sure Relief
25 and 75c Pk.iSoicJ Everywhere
Just Like Being a Bom
"How r you getting on at roar
Job, Itllir
"Kln. I'v got flv nien under uie
"Ye I work npstalr
- A hirmiea vegetable butter rotor
lined by million fur M) year. Drug
tore and general at ore sell bottles
of "Dandelion" fur 85 ceuta. Adv.
Hit Cur
The falling leave nil ma with
melancholy thoughta," Mid Ilia poetic
They uaed to have that effect on
nr," returned tha prosy man.
"What changed youT"
"I moved Into an apartment tod
don't have to ruke Ihetn up any niore,
Itnatoo Transcript
Aspirin Markad With "Bayer Croaa"
Haa Baan Provad Safe by Mllllona.
Warning! I'lvless yon see tha nama
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ra not filing tha genuine llnycr
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Could Mean Only Her
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laa. Htray Stories.
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leia and odorleaa. i
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not upaet you.
Stat drool Hm Tork
I MO . OOO 1
J t aiaocsim jau. &
Not Too Many
Rich Old Aunt I recovering from e I'm afraid I ahall feet tha
effect of thla accident fur many
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cerely liopa not, auutla. lloaton Tran
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whan mliinf. ITI Prl at., N. X. Adv.
The more a woman knowa about tha
affiilr uf her hiiHhuml, the lea ah haa
to any about them.
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tat. All yon h la do la writ ua
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aklar lb outstanding; ohrctrltl ot
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Tou mar wla tha fir prise af
m on o( tha 1.014 oltur prlara. Thro
promlnant nuain mn will ant
Jiil(s. ConlMt ulna Prambr Hat,
lilt. Rut don't dalr. Oat neoarr
Kmrr Kiank and full particular from
vnur daalw. If h can't uuplr ou
writ ua. Doa't ntlaa thla bl oppor.
Liquid Vnr la anld by hardwar.
furnllur, drua, paint, erwxrr and
aanaral itora.
BcrrAM apitriAiTT roMTAUT
1 IJquld Vrrr Ulda.
Uaffalo, M, Y. . '
KJ aa. Inflammation quickly
.l ' yield U
wwu tr.viC8
Harry Ormarod, proacrlhad
traitor to Kin tJaora aa a Blu
er! partlaan, raturnlna from
Kranr to lAindnn, rcaouaa Aldar
man ltobarl Juaalna from a band
of aaaaaalna. Juaalna provaa to
he lh erandann of a furrnar
ataward of ormarod a fathar, to
whom Juaalna fl hlmaalf In
dbtd. Ormarod tMa Juaalna
ha haa abandoned tha atuart
eauaa. Juaalna Informa Ormarod
of a Jaooblta plot In tha Amarl.
can oolonl to waakan Enaland
br forwardlna Kranch Inlaraali.
At tta haad la Andraar Murray, a
Kpotaman, and a Kranchman, la
Vull. daadly liamr of Ormarod.
Tha Iwd ar In London turlhar
Ine thalr echemae.
CHAPTER II Continued
"Ua la Do enemy to be alighted," I
"No, he thrive upon oppoaltloo;
A aeeretary rapped for order.
"To the klng'a uioat ei eel I cut maj
ea!y In council," he recited from a doc
ument bo held, "the humble petition
and repreaenlallon of HhiiiucI I laker,
Bnniuel Hturke, Klchard Jaueway and
othera, niorrbanta of Ixiudon, trading
to New York, In behalf of themaelvea
and the reat of the peraona concerned
In tha New York trade; which petition,
having been ronaldered by hla maj
ealy'a council, hath been referred, with
bla grarloua conaeut, to the lord com
ndaalonera for trade and plantation."
"Yon will note," whlapered Maater
Jugglna In my ear, "that the name of
Murray la not Included In the Hat. He
appear here, not aa the principal,
which he la, but at the reiueat of
tbeae merchauta, who are hla decoya,
and oatenalbly In their Intereal"
"You have heard the petition and
reference of the council read," gabbled
I'elhain In whining voice. "We will
now bear argumenta by the oppoalng
eldee. Who appeara agalnat Uie peti
tion r
Maater Juggln ro bealde me. Ilia
argumenta were euhatantlally thoae he
had uaed with me, bulwarked addi
tionally by a maaa of facta and atatla
tlca. When he eat down It aeemed to
nie that no Kngllahnian who thought
of hla own eouutry'a Inlereat could re
alat the logic of hla appeal.
There waa amatlerlng of applauae,
and then a merchant Introduced Mur
ray, with the remnrk that he had kind
ly cotieentcd to give hla opinion, aa he
bad recently come on a vialt to Lon
don from tiie province of New York,
where he waa in realdence.
"The gi-ntlrman who preceded me,"
began Murray, "and who, I am told,
once M-nt aome time In our province
many yeara ago, la unfortunately labor
ing under a mlaapprehenslon of the
altua'tloii. It la not, my lord, aa
though we had the tulafortune to be at
war with France. Through the grace
of Cod, the two rountrlea have now
been for aome yeara at peace with one
another, and their auhjecta in the New
world have atriven not to be behtad
hand In drawing cloaer the bond of
trade which In themaelvea are the beat
preventative of war.
"We manufacture In thl country
more good of a eertaln kind than we
can conauuie ouraelvea. Theae good
re In great demand amongat the aav-
ge trlhea which Inhabit the Interior
of North America.'
"Ikith the French and our own trad
er have uae for theae good In the
fur trade, which la growing to be of
Increasing worth to the London mer
chauta. If we withhold from the
French the good they require for trad
ing with theae trlbea they will aeek
them from the manufacturer of the
Lew Countries and Uerruany. Thu
oar merchant at home wilt be de
prived of a profitable trade, and we
provincial will not be bettered. Atao,
tbe (upply ot fur for the London
market, much of which cornea from
tile French poata, will be reduced. It
aeem to me, your lordahlps, that thla
prohibitory legislation will only have
crippling affect upon trade aud hin
der the good relation between France
and England aud their colonic. "
He (aid much more In the innie
,alu, wlillit Juggln twlited uneaally
in hla aeat aud tbe attending mer
chant and even their aleepy lordships
bung upon hi word. For he wa a
ready speaker. When he sat down the
merchant who acted aa maater of cere
monies caused a start of aurprlae, In
which I Joined, by bringing forward a
bandaomely dreaaed gentleman, whose
laced coat and goldlillled sword
bowed conspicuously In such drab
Twa Itaoul de Veulle; yes, Raoul
d Veulle, who mad exploit and
rapadei, love affair and gambling
debts, had kept all Paris goaslplng
these paat three year and had Just
lrlen him into an exile, the fact con
laming which had been myeterlouily
lecreL b4 knew I Vuil wait.
eoevmoMT tr eautgTAnoi
Now b lood before ua, Ids hand
some face smiling, bowing low before
their Interested lordahlp. In charm
ing, broken Kngllah be repeated hi
brief meaaage. lie had been requeated
by hla excellency the French ainha
andor to appear In thla matter In an
awer to plea offered by the petition
er to the ambaaaador for corrobora
tive testimony to the Justice of their
assertions from a responsible Freuch
II himself be ihrugged apologet
ically us It hnppened wa Canadian
born; be wa Juat atartlng upon hi
way to take up an appointment In the
Cunadlan government. He agreed un
healtatingly with what Monaleur Mur
ray had stated. On behalf of the
French government and of the Cana
dian authorltlea he begged to aay that
such legislation aa New York wished
to have (erpetuated would have most
unhealthy effects upon tha trade and
politic of their two countries.
Maater Jugglna" sprang to bll feet,
hi honest face aflush.
"Many of the assertions of Master
Murray and"
I'elhnm waved him to bis sent
"W have heard enough," pro
nounced the whlnlug voice. "You have
no other Ural hand witnesses from
overseas T
"No, your lordahlps," admitted Jug
gins reluctantly.
"Then further talk la fruitless," be
went on, while bla colleagues nodded
their aleepy aaaent "We are agreed
that there aeems to be aome difference
of opinion concerning thla measure.
Were It not for the fuct that bis maj
eaty' governor of New York appeara
to favor the bill, we aliould conalder
the case made out against It unanswer
able. Hut In view of Governor Ilur
net'a approval we are resolved that
tbe matter shall be referred back to
him with a request for full report
upon the Issues raised, and pending
the receipt of this report and a de
cision being reached hla majesty's gov
ernment will not take action In the
premlaea. What la tbe next caae for
The petitioner, much gratified,
flocked around Murray and hla ape
like servant, and I followed Maater
Juggln from the chamber and out Into
"What will happen nextT" I asked.
"If I know Governor Ilurnet a well
aa I think I do, Murray aud bla French
friends will drsw alight comfort from
their triumph today. Remember be la
three thousand mllea from London and
therefore aide to think for himself.
With you to help him"
I felt something brush agalnat my
cout sleeve and loifVed around. I bad
Juat time to see the back of gaudy
red coat and a woolly black bead,
crowned by an oruate cocked bat, die
appearing In the crowd.
"IH you see?" I said.
"Aye," respouded Juggins grimly; "I
might have kuown IL Well, 'til a lea
sou In time. We will not forget It,"
W turned from Whitehall Into the
crowded HI rand.
"Murray will figure that thl delay
give him time to bribe and buy hla
will, either In Coventor Iluruet'a coun
cil or In the government here," con
tinued Master Juggln. "At the worst
be will think that he should be able
to withstand the law'e execution for
aeveral year, and In that tlm much
may be done aye, much may be done,
and lu more tlmn oue way," he con
cluded grimly.
Then doubtless Murray wilt aend
at once a swift messenger to New York
so that bis friends may aet to work
In hla Interest," I suggested.
Juggln (topped abruptly In the cen
ter of the footway.
"No, he will go himself. Tl too Im
portant for trusting to another. That
waa well thought of, Master Harry.
We must not let hliu get ahead of us.
You must call on the first passage
available. Do you follow met"
And he started off aa fast a hi
Sent to Destruction
At least three veaaela have gone over
Niagara fulls, aayi the Boston Globe
In reply lo a query. The first wa In
18:17, when tn old craft wn ent over
with a bear, fox, a buffalo, a dog and
aome geeae a passengers. The bear
Jumped from the boat before It reached
the rapid, swum to the ehore and waa
rescued. -The geese went over tha
Alamo Originally Church
The Alamo, In Texas, was Fran
clacan minion built about 1722 and
occasionally used after 17113 a a fort
It consisted of a church, an Inclosed
convent yard about 100 feet square, a
convent, a hospital building and a
plasa covering about two and one-half
acre and protected by a wall I feet
high and 83 Inches thick.
ic .oukj vsiry htm, pumping ana
prodding hi person agnlnat all wb
did not move from III path.
"Whither are we bouud nowl" I
"To Maater Lloyd' coffee house,
where the ehlpowner resort for trade.
We shall And new of the (ailing
Muny men stood on the cobhleut
aide Lloyd' talking. Th coffee
room and taproom also were filled.
Hunter Juggins pushed hie way
through the shifting group until he
reached a burly, stout man who sat
by himself at a table, sucking fragrant
Mocha from a bowl.
"And what wilt yon ha', Boh Jug
gln?' demanded the burly man In a
sulky vole.
"A good afternoon to you, Tom Jen
kins," returned Juggln. "How ar
suiting to the Western Plantation?"
"Aye, New York province."
The burly man consulted bl record
"We ha' the ship New Venture, Ab
bot, maater, lulling fiotn OreeowicB
tbe end of the week. What' your
cargo t"
- " 'Tie not cargo, but a man I would
aend on her."
"I fear m she' full up, Rob. But
yesterday we sold four place on ber
and she hath limited quarter for
Juggins threw me s bumoruus glsnce.
"I'll be bound 'tl Maater Murray of
New York ahe' to carry," he de
clared. "Why, that true," admitted Jen
kins. "Aud some Frenchy, friend o'
I forgot my role of 'prentice lad, and
hosed myself acroa the tulil.
"Not De Veulle! The Chevalier de
Veulle?" I cbullenged hint.
Jenkins looked st me with mingled
amusement and Indignation.
"Who's your green lad that hanker
for the Freuchle son he asked Jug
gln. My maater tent m spinning to the
"Mind your place boy," he rebuked
Then he continued half apologetical
ly to Maater Jenklua '
"Thl De Veulle put a alight upon
me before the lord of trade, and the
lad "tl a good youth and devoted,
though fresh come out of Dorset, a
you may see was most Indignant on
my behalf. And now about tbe pas
sage! I'll pay well. Sure, you can
alwaya find room for an extra man
"What will you payT.
"Three fulness."
"Four," countered Jeokln In a
monotonous tone.
Juggln drew the coin from a purse
snd clinked them on the Isble.
"And Is It De Veulle sails with Muf
"Aye; he e on some government
mission for Canada."
"But why doea be not aall from
Havre In a French ahlp for Quebec?"
"The 8L Lawrence la fro sen. There
will be no French ship for Canada
for two month yet."
Juggins pureed hi lip tn that
quaint gesture of whistle which wa
characteristic trait.
They use our goods." he muttered;
"they use our rivers, our trading posts,
our people, the tribes which sre friend
ly to us snd now they use our ships."
"Often," sdmitted Jenkins disinter
estedly. "Since the Peace of I'trecht
we be' done a sight o' shlpplug busi
ness with the Frenchies."
" Tls to our shame," declared Maa
ter Jugglna roundly.
"Why, 'tis business," snswered Jen
kins with bis Brat show ot Interest
"Show uie' bestben, let alone
Frenchy, will pay a farthing more
than an Englishman, and I'll ahow yon
a better customer. Trade la trade,
Leave politics to governments.. It I
make ant my own living, will the gen
try at Weatnduater carry my debtsl
I think not."
Jugglu wclled with Indignation.
"God help England when men ilk
you come to rule it, Tom Jenkins P ht
declared. "Good afternoon to you."
"One moment," interposed Jenkins.
"You ha' not given me the nam of
my passenger."
" Tie thla youth here."
"He who hath Hie Interest tn the
Frenchy?" responded Jenklna. "Well,
lad, keep your bauds off him. despite
hla Insults to your muster. And what'
your name?"
The Journey to the land ef
America, a new Ufa, and the
premiss of glorious adventure
are all before the youth a the
hip leaves the shores ef Old
England for the New world.
Over Niagara Falls
fail and came to the shore below alive,
while the other animal were not seen.
Another vessel, the Detroit, that
hod belonged to Commodore Perry'a
fleet, wa started over tha cataract
In the winter ot 1841, but grounded
midway In the rapid and wa finally
broken up by the Ice.
In 1887 a burning veseal was seat
down the rapid and over the fall.
Thla wa described aa most mag
nificent tight, .
Snake Shun Britith
Like Ireland, Scotland la slngulaly
free from anake, while only two'ape
cle are known In England,
phonograph having record of
bras ha been Invented. Tbe record
Buqr ha heard 10,000 ysar tton bow.
j awiiiii j,
cially prepared for Infants in
To avoid imitation, always look for
Proven directions on each package, .
"Malthu.ian" Theory
Thomas Robert Malthus, born 1760,
was an English economist Interested
hi social problema and atndy of pop
ulation. In 171)8 he published a book,
"Essay on the Principle of Popula
tion aa It AfTeets tbe Future Improve
ment of Society." Thl book demon
strated the theory that In ail time pop
ulation ba tended to outrun subsid
ence, leading to the decay of the na
tion. He enlarged thla theory In
1803 to demonstrate the Impossibility
ot evading poverty and suffering
among the mass of the people if unre
stricted Increase In population con
tinued. Have Kidneys
Examined By
Your Doctor
Take Salt to Waan Kidney If
Back Paine You or Bladder
Flush your kidney by drinking a
quart of water each day, alio take
salt occasionally, aay a Doted au
thority, who tell o that too much
rich food forma acida which almost
paralyxe the kidney In their efforts
to expel It from the blood. They be
come sluggish and weaken; then yon
may suffer with a dull misery In the
kidney region, (harp pain In tbe back
or lck headache, - dizziness, your
stomach ours, tongue U coated, and
when the weather la bad yon have
rheumatic twinge. Tbe urine get
cloudy, full of sediment the channel
often get core and Irritated, obliging
yon to aeek relief two or three timea
daring the night
To help neutralise these Irritating
acids, to help cleanse the kidney
and flush off tbe body' urinous waste,
get four ounces of Jsd Salts from any
pharmacy here; take a tablespoonful
In a glass of water before breakfast
for few day, and your kidney may
then act fine. Thl famous salts I
made from the acid of grape and
lemon Juice, combined with II thla, and
haa been used for year to help flush
and stimulate alugglsh kidneys; also
to neutralize the acid In the (yste.n
so they no longer Irritate, thu often
relieving bladder weakness.
Jad Suit I Inexpensive, cannot In
jure and makes a delightful efferves
cent llthls-wster drink.
Unrecorded Retort
"Lord Casslus has a lean and bun
giy look," remarked Julius Caesar.
"I've lost a lot of sleep lately," ex
plained Casslus, "sitting up to wstch
nyr calories."
Genuine happiness Is sble to stsnd
a lot of hard knock.
I W Vfi
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
A jap- Accept only "Bayer"
n'lQy package which contains
proven directions.. .
Handy "Bayer box of IS tablet. Also bottles of 14 and 100 Druggists.
Aaplrta la tk tnO svark at Bar Muefactoi f MooaawtKiaaHHaWe t Slhllaa14
MOTHER;- Fletcher'.
Castoria is a pleasant, harm
less Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric, Teethintr Dropa
and Soothing; Syrups, espe
arms and Children all ages.
the signature of
Physician everywhere recommend it
"Mother, I want to go to a co-educa
tional college."
"But my dear, lent there a good)
deal of flirting?" .
"Yes, but yon don't have to taka
that course,"
Ease Irritated
tbroata. relieve
cvM-iaria anrt awMfM
f the breath with
2l Jrk w- Lcden'e.
Carboil draws out the core
and give quick relief -
OtNttOUS sot to
Putt Ftp Into Yon Fori
If fo vt t b ri fro t1mr
Ui.ubLM. llut&ll HY-euWHU
T1MSH ia ur amma wm
over. W niAltifalf nrajit on
rollnuuf HrfMUiuatomM ...
rafts roar ,tj. Mr ose. Writ for
elrrotr,or If ?" order frooa tbia 4. wa praptv
pust-. Mt- - i-o., a-TA. C. Iklm.i t.
ItriHl Prrar, Pawn, rwkta, Pis, kahhw,
Wlnat. Almnnrti I lb. aaort-d aampl
poatpaia ISe. Homr Wrtsbt. Collstos. CL
w hjllH i (at rfllf f eiJg
f actor. , red lad-, bineaj)
im tbu. BB1ICT
r. tvj Mia re
If ALL tVmi
irrori IIKRAK I P TH4.T Wl-D
with B-ko Cold Tkll. Whr eatr.r? la
tant reilaf. Ear t tab. P oat paid for Ifta.
tTS?it lawtaLlMlwUulab
Via -V Itoatoa Cotar ad
"f ( Gr. fii Hoar
V wt ft an tl 00 at Dnnwu.
mrt,.)-ivi,t I.
bnaaa. .. atop U pal, nara comfort lo la
foal. aB walking .?. U by mll or at Urp
(Mla, Ulaeo CouBioai Work. PMcaofa. S. X.
W. N. U, San Franciaco, No. 49-1921
Varietie ot Jinxet
The natlvea of Galway consider tha
fox nnlucky. If they meet a fox on
their wrry to fish, they turn back for
that day. If Irishmen or Italians pro
nounce the names of certain animals
while they are fishing they are cer
tain to have 111 lurk. In some sec
tions of Scotland there are old wom
en whose names are nnlucky and
such persons must be cpoken of In
an Indirect way. -