The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 24, 1926, Image 2

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Famous Last Words
Detour! Wet Dog!
TIioiikIi rich lii food element, alful
fa hay must lie supplemented Willi
gnl ii mixture If I lie dairy herd In to
b kept In good condition it ml ut the
same time produce a large uiiioiint of
milk. Thin In lli conclusion drawn
by the dairy department uf the New
Jersey Slute Col lot; o ut Aiirleulture,
New Itruiiiwlck, from experiment Kiid
fHnn pxpvrleuveii In New Jerney uml
In one. limtHiiec, diilrymun of Dili
Hat claimed reientedly thut ha could
ecu re Juki aa high a pruductloo from
a ration uf food alfulfa Imy and flrnt
cluxa coru allnua aa from una conlalu
lug a I no a llherul amount uf gralu con
centratea. InveRtlxutlon ahuwed, how
ever, thut ha waa giving the cowa
lnrg amount! of very choice alfulfa
hay and waa not forcing them to ent
It up clean, but allowing thviu to plrk
out only the leuvea and tender purta,
The left-uver atenia were fed to
horaea. Thla dairyman fulled to ap
pm'iate that the cowa were not rul
ing alfulfa hay, but chiefly alfulfa
leaven, which contain neurly aa much
crude protein aa gluteu teed, aud not
much more liber thun on la.
All the concentrate lu a rutlon were
replucetl by alfulfa hay In a trial at
the New Jerwey experiment station.
A rutlon consisting of 17.S pound of
alfulfa hay and 3A ixtumla of corn at
Iiik waa compared with a ration con
taining 0 pound of com-eutrate rich
lu protein, fed with corn sllujie aud
corn atover. Thla latter rutlon whi
far from Ideal, for It contained no
legume hay. It produced, however,
over 'M per cent more milk and but
lerfat thun the alfulfa buy and slluije
In a six-year test at the Illinois ex
periment station It wus found tliul
cows feil some grain In addition to
sllago and alfulfa buy stayed In bet
ter condition than those fed silage and
alfalfa bay aloue.
Give Plenty of Feed to
Increase Yield of Milk
There la a tendency to decrease Ihe
amount of feed fed aa the costa mount.
The proHr thing to do la to select
cowa with aufllclent capacity to be
come profitable and then Increase the
amount uf feed.
(Experience ha shown that It I not
the hlKl'ly concentrated rations that
make for the greatest production. It
la the fresh, partially dilute, soft, pal
atable feeds, with a low crude fiber
content such a grass that give the
best result A
A mixture of different kinds of hay
Is lniMirtant, eclally with a high
producing cow. In order that all the
nutrleiita may ' tie provlilwl. Hay
ahould be cut before feeding and the
different varieties mixed, drain ll
combined with this and plant mineral
added. If proierly mixed, this feed
receive the same treatment In the
paunch as hay. This aid dlRetlon
and lighlena the procesa uf mtntlca
tluii. Growing Various Crops
to Provide Dairy Feeds
The following amount of home
grown feed should be provided for
each cow for a period uf one year:
I ton sllsa If as many as I hul
of -tws srs kept.
t ton a '""J leaum hs alfslfs, r4
clover, soy t"nn. cow pa, etc. If na
Hag Is provided. I tons Iriiums hay
should l grown for each cow.
IS bunhols enrn.
10 bushsls oats.
I'li-my of (ou4 paalur from frost
to frost.
If the above amount of feed I
grown on the farm for each row It
will be necessary to buy only uliout
five bans cottonseed meal and three
bug wheat bran In order to have ra
tion filling the requirement outlined
Addition of Dried Yeast
to Normal Calf Ration
In teala at the Minnesota experi
ment station In which 47 calves were
fed, C. II. Kcklea. V. M. William, J.
W. Wilbur, I,. . Palmer and II. M.
Hurshaw found thut the addition of
dried yeast to normal rut Ions, Includ
ing whole or skim milk, grain and hay,
did not Increase the ratea of gain from
two week to 1H0 day of age.
"In several experiment with rut,
from 13 to 20 per rent of yeast In Hi
ration was required for the produc
tion of normal growth. Increasing thl
amount did not have an additional
stimulating effect. A calf ration wul
fed to rats, with and without yeast,
with unsatisfactory result In both
cases, due probably to an excess of
Box Stall for Bull
A bog atull I tb best place to
house herd sire, although be should
be allowed more exercise man be will
get by Just tramping around In a small
stall. Turn lilin out Into a small pad
dock each day or give lilin the free
dom of burn lot to roam around and
exercise. The ordinary ration of hay,
slluire and a small amount of grain
la suitable for lilin. Hiluge will have
no III effect upon hi potency, al
though he should not be mail to sub
sist upon alluge altogether.
ma. t, w !! Mtapvr Uuloa )
Th buoyancy of hsalth Is rl
njoymsnl, Htrenaih, mtntsl vlaor,
vivacity, and onl nstur spring
from good disunion; aood diges
tion la sscursd only from eullnar
and drinking proper quantities of
food and lliiuld. It Is poeallils 10
enjoy buoyancy of spirit and good
appetll every day.
When yon don't know what to have
for luncheon ur supper, try l
Spanlah Teat,
Cut tip two
green ptpptra,
add a allce of
onion, two aprlg
of parley minced,
and a cupful of
thick to in at
sauce, dimmer
th mixture until
Toast rounds of bread, but
tut a aHHiiiful of the tomato
ter and
n.lxlur un each round uf toast with
poached egg on toi.
Fish Ball. Make while aaura
aslug one tuhlesoonful of butter, on
of flour, with salt and epper to taste,
one-half cupful of milk, anil two welt
beaten egg, t'ook until smooth, then
tlr In the fluked fish. Prop thla bat
ter by spoonful Into hot" fat. Praln
on brown paer and aerve at once.
Ham and Hominy. When there la a
bit of ham left from dinner, mince It
and add It to cooked hominy which ha
been fried In ham fat, adding minced
onion or parsley to Ihe mixture; serv
Haricot of Mutton. Try two tnhle
apoonful of onion In t tablespoon
Ms of drippings, add one and one
half pounds uf mutton cut Into two
Inch pieces, salt and pepper well and
cover with boiling water. Cook slow
ly until the meat Is tender. Herve
with buttered lima henna.
Appl and Marshmillow Dart
Peel, quarter and slli sit Juicy ap
ples. Have ready one-third cupful of
a-edleaa raisins, one cupful of sugar.
Arrange the apple and rnlslna with
the siiKur In layers In a buttered bak
ing dish, add one fourth of a cupful of
water, cover and bnke In a moderate
oven until the apple are tender.
Itnuh with butler and arrange marsh
mallows an Inch apart over the ap
ples. Place In the oven long enough
to plump and brown the mullowa.
Serve with cream.
Cocoa Angel Food. Sift one cupful
of anger with one-fourth cnpful of
cocoa. Kent the white of a cupful of
egg until stiff, add one-fourth of
t-nMMiif ill of cream of tartar to th
eggs and another fourth to three
four t lis of cupful of flour. Fold In
the sugar and cocoa, then the flour,
adding a hit of 'snlt and teaapoonful
of flavoring tit vnnllla.
A lemon, custard or cream pie la
made more attractive and tasty with
few marsfimallowe dotted over the
top of the pie or set Into Ihe meringue
and browned with It
Club Luncheon.
Ttil I the time of the year when
much entertaining Is being done. While
the budget for
these affair a I
frequently 1 1 Hi
lled, yet It Is pos
sible with careful
planning to aerve
delirious lunch
eons for a very
small outlay.
In cold weal her there should always
he a hut course, either soup or a hot
entree with cold meat, potato chls,
pickles, rolls, Jelly and a dessert. One
may serve a fruit cup, sliced smoked
tongue, aeulloied potntoes, rolls, Jelly,
olive and dessert. For hot dhhes,
baked beans, macaroni and cheese,
celery cooked and served with cheese
aauce, candled aweef potatoes nny
one goe nicely with sliced cold meat,
tongue or meat loaf or with hot frank
furter. If the meal start with a
cupful of good broth a heavy nourish
ing salad will take the place of meat,
then follow with dessert. The follow
ing are a few quantity reclpea which
will assist In preparing a menu for
aeverul i
California Salad Drtlng. Tak
throe-fourth of a cupful . of orange
Juice, one-fourth cupful of leir.on
Juice, one half tensnnonful of salt, on
cupful of sugar, three egg and two
cupful of cream. Heat the fruit
Juice, add salt and sugar and egga
lightly beaten, alining and conking
In double holler. When thick, cool,
and Just before serving add Ihe cream
whipped until stiff. Thl recipe make
one quart of dressing.
Sunflower Salad. Peel eighteen or
anges and sepnrate Into section.
Rtone fifty date and chop with one
half cupful of not meats. Arrange th
orange sections petalwls on Inline,
using three heads ordinary alse; place
bull of the dm mixture In the cen
ter of each flower. I'se the mayon
naise or any desired salad dressing
Thl amount servo twenty-five.
Fruit Salad. Take eight orange,
ill banana, three apple and one ran
of pineapple. Cut and mix aa usual
with the above dressing, Herve twen
'Cottage cheese and pear, pear and
tomato, stuffed date with cottage
cheese, canned pineapple Hid pear, all
make dcllcmu salads, -
A molded vegetable or meat salad Is
always welcome and when molded nl
way looks well and serve easily and
In uniform portion. It may he molded
In on large receptnd or mold and
cnt Into uniform slr.e.
What Is a
PtopU Art Lfrnlng (A Vmtu
Occeufonaf Un.
EVER YON It know thai a la,
etlv stlmulsies the bowsla,
A diuretic performs a similar funo
Hon to th kidneys. Under th
atraln of our modern Ilia, out
organs era apt to bscom slug,
glihand require asilalance,
Mm and mora people ar learn
Ing to us Coan'a Mil, oc
casionally, to Inaure good Hm
Inailnn which I ao essential to
good health. Mora than 30,000
grateful user have given Doai'e
signed recommendation.
Scarcely community but ha
ll representation. Ask yout
Stimulant ZNaretfe ( in KUnty
Feeler Milkers Ce , alt. Chemlele, BelTele.N.r.
Spicy Story
George Plymptoii, th acenarto writ
er, love to tell how he broke Into Hi
literary game,. II waa In New York
at th time, and personally aubiullled
hi first offense to tb editor, Th
editor took on look at tb main till
and aald;
"I can tell by th nnm of your
story that It won't do for us, (lur
magatliie prima only spicy stories,"
"Then this ought to h Just th
thing,' Insisted tlcnrge. "If story
almut cinnamon benr."
kr rule
from a cut nr hurnt (nle s rsrbnllaalve
lops pain Instantly and heals quickly
wlllinitl g soar. Keep It hanfly. All
Arusalaia. and e or J W Cole To,
117 W. Kuclld Ave, Oak park, HI Adv.
Sprtad of EnglUh Ton gut
More than half of the world's busi
ness Is done In Kngltsh. points nut an in l.llMTly. Prior to tb
World war, llerinnii ranked second
and Spanish third. III commercial lan
guages. One I e cant bottle mt Tr. Peerv'e Teeit
H" will eeve mwner. lime, anilely en
ki-alth- One riM eieale Worms ur Tape
worm. Ill l-eul St., S. T. Aar,
Of Court
"He believes In turning the other
"No, barlrcr."
Broken in a day
liill't set quickly top colds In U boure.
Fmr tnd beaded duappcar. Uipr kr
conqucrrd In day. E very waiter it exvt
ulliorn dinrrr and ducomfort. LWttaka
chancre, don't delay aa bout. Get lit best
help scsmc i row.
Be Sure Ititi Price 30c
CrtbdBo. Dl0ritkeswtraai
Garfield Tea
Wa Your
Grandmother' Remedy
For every atomarb
and Inteatlnal 111.
Tbla good old fash
ioned herb bom
remedy for consti
pation, atomarb Ilia
ud other derange
tnenta of the ay
tem ao preva'.cr. these daya la In even
greater favor aa family dlcln
than In your grandmother' dny.
- ' He eii.rn.Bf.
Not (a
If you ar troubled with Indigestion,
dyeriepela, constipation ur similar dls
Green's August Flower
will help ynu. lis been used aunoeas.
fully for more than half a neiitury, I0
and too hottli-e. At sll drusslals. II
rou cannot get It, writ to U. (i. Ureas,
nc, Woodliury, N. I.
The Purity of Cuticura
Malt It Unexcelled
For AHToilct Purposes
haarlem oil hag been a world,
wide remedy for kidney, liver and
bladder disorders, rheumatism,
lumbago and uric acid condition.
rr.i. mrj
t Internal trouble, stimulate vital
organ. Three dee. All druggist. Insist
on tb original genuin Oolo Mbdau