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.Diminutive Parasite Attacks
the Gills.
Washington. Thur ar Dull
duinles ui Well as liuuma enldoinlcs.
lteally serious ones due to a tiny para
lit rejoicing In the nam Iclitliyoph-
tlilrlus iimltlllllus hav owurrwl (ruin
tliu to tlm In 1'ruiun, (Iwmiuiiy, Hol
land end lii'vsrluvjs jmrt of th United
Btat. Tills iiamslle attacks frssli
wetur Hull, both In tlmlr natural en
vlruainunt and lu nquurla with s re
sulting Iota running into hiimlril of
lu t recent paper II. F,' l'rythorch
of th 'United Mutes bureau of fisher
loi doscrllit's various methods of con
trolling tlili dlsuaso In Imtt'lierles, fish
farms nod all places where Mull are
knpt In arttnYlat confinement. To
tusk dear bow tlia problem run be
attacked, lie myi, It li tint necessary
to unduritHiid something of tli Ufa
history of tlm pursuits.
"Polka Dots' Ars Symptoms,
The young li'btbyoililhlrlus, accord
' Ing to Mr. I'rj thiTih, gov through a
fro swluimlug alago during which It
wanders around through tlx water la
search of a Inwt (in coming In con
tact with a fish It burrows Into soma
unsealed part. especially prwfnrrtng
tha gills or fins. (Hies embedded In
ths fish's skin It grows rapidly front
ths tiourlshiiH-nt It absorbs from tlis
tissues aud soon shows on ths outside
as a suisll wlillf spot Dndly Infected
fUh ara covered with these "polka
dots" alt over their bodies.
In a few days this whits body leave
the fish aud sinks to ths bottom, where
'It shortly undergoes a transformation
Into a hard shelled reproductive cyst
When reproduction Is complete the
cyst wsll bursts and releases hundreds
of young parasites of ths free swim
ming stage.
Mr. Prythercb states: "There are
two gHiieral methods for treating the
disease-first, by killing the parasites
while they are attached to the fish.
nd second, by destroying them after
they lesve the fish and are free-swim-lulng
In the water. The first general
method ran be used to hold the disease
In check, but wilt not completely wipe
It out."
Alum Sulphate Helps.
The logical time to begin treatment,
be continues, la when the first symp
toms of the disease appesr and the
whole tight Id controlling the disease
ahould be directed against reinfection.
Direct application of alum aulphate
has been found most efflrsclous In rid:
ding the fish of the parasites. Tbe
heeling action of the alum leave tbe
"patient" In a less weakened condi
tion than any of the various other
chemicals tried so far for this pur
pose. The second" method Which attack
the adult parasite after It has left
the fish Is more sucressful and should
be utilised, saya Mr. Trytherch, wher
ever possible. It consists simply In
placing the fish In awlftly running
iwater where the parasites wilt be
carried away before reproduction can
take place. Tbe overflow should be
carried off both at the top and the
bottom to take care of any tliat do
not fall directly to the bottom. In
fected Ash, In warm weather, It la
atated, may be cured In this way In
a week or ten days and further epi
demics prevented by quarantining
hew stock In running water. In some
Instance swiftly-flowing streams may
be fenced oh and used for (Ida pur
pose by leaving the fish In the Inclos
ure until cured.
Tadiwles and goldfish kept In tanks
with flshe subject to this disease
' have been found extremely helpful In
keeping It down, since they prey on
the parasltea for food.
Finds Movies Offer
Field for Organist
New Tork. Modern organist have
found their greatest opportunity for
, develpoment In place where a few
i year ago It was least expected to ex-
1st the American motion picture the
ater aay Dr. Melchlorre Slauro-Cot-tone,
concert organist and composer.
Many of the finest organs In the
world are In the cinema palace and
: the men who piny them, In Doctor
Oottone'a opinion, reach larger audi
ences than they have ever had before.
"There waa a time," be said, "when
It was thought the organ was not very
, adiiptahle to the motion picture thea
I ter. Hut we now know how false this
opinion waa. The orgun Is most elas
' tic, even more so than the orchestra,
aud In playing for the acreen we can
i switch Instantly from on theme to
, another.
"Nothing more develop the Impro
' vlsatlon of an organist, Her we
i also play all typea of music. In the
church, our range Is narrow and there
. la little need of Improvisation."
Heat in One Peanut
Can Type 1,000 Words
Princeton, N. J. One thou
aund word may be written on a
typewriter with the expenditure
ot heat contained In a single
peanut, Prof. Andrew Hunter of
the University of Caifornla said.
' The amount of heat given off by
persons In various occupations
1 during a day he estlroutes as:
! Nn work, 1,130 calories i tailor,
2,700 calories; carpenter, 8,600;
! and lumberman, B,500. ,
Proper Workshop Conditions
of Importance,
St. Louis. "Jlulf of all blindness Is
prevmitiiule," declured Dr. Turk Lewis,
enilnout ophthalmologist of buffalo,
N. Y,, aud vice president of the Na
tional Committee for the I'reveutlou
of lilliiduess, In uu address before the
chamber of commerce hure. ''J'lils I
so," Doctor Lewis said, "despite ths
Important reductions lu both tli fre
quency and severity of sum of the
principal causes of blindness resulting
from ths organ I ted and uullon-wld
campalgu for the prevention of blind
ness which Is now lu its eleventh year.
The total amount of blindness and half
eight, however, 1 growing propor
tionately ll'KS."
Kpeuklng on the economic necessity
for conservation of vision, Doctor Lew
I pointed out that the cost of edu
cating a blind child Is at least ten
times that of educating a normal-sighted
child. A further evidence of the
heavy cost to Industry resulting from
accidents and disease affecting the
eye, he declared that In New York
stuts alouo close to ll.OUO.OUO Is paid
as compensation for eye Injuries In a
year and that almost an equal amount
is paid by the employer of Pennsyl
vania each year,
"in considering the economic phase
of the subject," Uoctor Lewis said, "we
are not thinking of the frightful loss
to the man In the moral , suffering
which be Incurs, In the dependency
which necesearlly follows from the
loss of his own self efficiency, neither
ar w considering that long line of
related losses which enter Into the
question. '
"There Is not a loss suffered by any
Individual member of a community,"
Doctor Lewi added, "that Is not In
so rue degree shared by every other
member. I think, then, that It would be
agreed that In Industry today. It I a
matter only of forethought and busi
ness scumea to so plan each factory
and workshop that the greatest re
turns are produced with a minimum of
loss, that the most serious loss that
can be sustained hi the Irreparsble In
jury of the most valuable Implement
In the shop, the workman, that the av
erage workman 1 apt to be careless
of his own Interest aud h need to
be guided In preserving them, that the
loss when sustained is a triple one
first and most aerloUa to tbe man him
self who Is thereby handicapped for
the remainder of his life, and who. If
he works, must thereafter work at re
duced pay; second, to the employer
who ha to psy the price either
through Insurance or otherwise or he
my lose tbe service of a valued and
skilled workmsn, and third, to th
' ' I
I , '. W - . ',
; ;? v ' . i i
An especially posed portrait of Hop
resentative Thomas Hall, Republican,
of North Dakota. II la a member of
th house committee on agriculture.
Sound Waves in Water.
Used to Fight Disease
Baltimore, Md. Dr. It. W. Wood,
professor of experimental physics at
Johns Hopkins university, makes pub
lic tbe result to fur attained In the
experiments conducted on the estate
of Alfred L. Loomla, a New York
banker, at Tuxedo, N. Y, with treat
ment of disease by high-frequency
sound wave sent through water, Mr,
Loomt assisted In the experiments.
Th possibility of applying the dis
covery to medicine I described as be
ing found In th fact that circulation
la greatly stimulated In any part or
the body which la thrust Into water
In which tha sound waves have been
Doctor Wood said that while the ex
periment had not gone far enough
for him to claim thut euros might b
accomplished, It hud been found that
circulation could be tremeudoualy
atliuulated and that a method for
stimulating circulation without In
Jury was valuable to medicine.
Indian Relics Sold to
- Museum at New York
Lo Angeles. Purchase by the Mu
seum of American Indiana, New York
city, of the A. B. Sanger collection of,
relics of Indian clvliu-.uthm lu south
ern California waa announced by Prof.
M. U. Harrington of Now York. Th
collection, described by Professor Har
rington as tie most complete In ex
istence,! consists of 1,360 stone Imple
ments, shall 'ornaments, beads, skele
tons and other archeologlcul - speci
men unearthed on Cutiillua and other
channel Islands and assembled here.
r v r-l
. I
1 .
' 7 -lit
. -
Economic Depression Given
as the Cause.
Berlin. A grim and mysterious epi
demic of suicides 1 sweeping Germany.
Many t the leading dallies now carry
a regular section tucked away In an
obscure corner of the puper aud bear
ing the caption : "Die Bolbatmord Kpl
deuile" Uie epidemic of lf destruc
tion. In till th dally list of suicides
1 given, many of them receiving only
line. Th more ensatlonal rase
get a short notice of ten to twenty
line. On ha th impression tbt
many case ar not reported at all,
or, at least, not published. Epidemic
grow through Imitation, and this th
authorities wish to avoid,
Th cause of the abnormal rat of
suicides In present-day Germany are,
Ho doubt, the widespread economic de
pression, the Increased tempo of mod
am life, th depletion of nerve fore'
through th war and th tremendous
financial and personal losses the war
brought about, the shaken condition
of th social structure, and a general
fear of life which ha overtaken thou
sands. All these factor ar augment
ed, in the case of th German, by hi
tendency to brood, to ponder th rid
dle of existence, to regsrd life and
ita trial and problem from the angle
of soma particular philosophy of Welt
anschauung. Where Pessimism Linger.
When Uie man' philosophy goes to
place upon tb rock ot experience,
th man himself often go to piece
likewise, and the unfortunat human
creature hi driven to tb lost positive
act of which he Is capable th act
of self-nnlhllation. It I also often
in the nature of a "grand gesture"
t on blow h destroy th whole vis
ible and palpable world for himself,
Suicide ha at time even a roman
tic tinge la Germany nt!mentl rem
nant from th day of Goethe's "Sor
rows of Wertber," of philosophies!
pessimism from tb work of Schopen
hauer or Von Hartmann. In no other
country a re young lover so prune to
end their live If parental permission
to marry Is not forthcoming. In no
other country la the proportion of child
suicide so great These cases of Ju
venile self destruction mania usually
arise from fear of punishment at bom
or at fhool, fear of disgrace, or mor
bid conception of honor connected
with failure to pas examination at
But It Is not only the poor, th dis
traught th lovelorn or th Inexpe
rienced who lay violent hand upon
themselves in the Oerman republic.
Th Hat of prominent, well-to-do, ap
parently happy people who hav re
cently ended their live in Germany la
appalling. To mention but a few case:
there Is Paul Oaaslrer, the art dealer,
husband of th famous Gentian actres
Tllla During, who allot himself In the
lawyer's office, whither he had goo
with his wife and daughter to arrange
a divorce settlement ; "Blnmen Rothe,"
a famous florist of Berlin, who body
wss found, long after h had vanished,
under pine in th forest of Grune
wald. Plunged Into Ice Cavern.
There la also th mystery of the
death of Jurlevsksia, a beautiful and
celebrated star of the National opera
at Berlin, In private life Fran Bremer,
who went to Zermatt. in Bwltserland,
some month ago and threw herself
Into the Ice-bound ravin under the
lofty "Devil's bridge," apparently with
out the slightest cause, her body com
ing to light a few weeka ago after the
tneltlug of the Ice. There I th case
of Carl Uau, once a well known law
yer, who had been accused of murder
ing hi mother-in-law and sentenced
to life Imprisonment twenty years ago.
II waa recently pardoned and began
writing and publishing his prison
memoir In a big Berlin dally. Th
stst attorney of Wurttemberg re
opened proceeding against him. Hsu
fled th country to Italy and threw
himself Into the sea from a train.
Strange tragedies ar of dally oc
currence. Day after day th news
paper reader la confronted with such
little notice as this: "Suicide of an
Aged Married Couple." And then tbe
sordid. Inevitable detail tbe cause
for the grim act, often described by
on word "nahrungisorgen," food worries.
Cards Amundsen Mailed
13 Years Ago, Delivered
Chicago. As Copt Roald Amund
en swept over the northern roof of
th earth recently a sack of mall,
from Finland reached Chicago, bear
ing postcards mailed ou hi polar ship,
th Fram, thirteen year ago.
Stanley O. Swanberg. Wllmette, re
ceived on of th card. It waa seat
to htm by a friend, who has been dead
eight years, snd started on Ita Journejr
In Colon harbor In the Canal aone, De
cember 4, 1018, Swanberg explained
that the card waa on of a number
Amundsen gave visitor to his ship. It
bor tb printed not: "Will be car
ried across the polar sea and after
ward conveyed by poet to th ad
dressee." The cards bor two postal atamps
marked lo polar latitude, but nothing
further to Indicate their history.
Movie Help
Paris. Movlea are keeping French
women away from tbe saloons. Th
picture and Improved housing, thinks
Professor Lnbb of the Academy ef
Medicine, ar doing more than any
thing else to decrease alcoholism In
the country,
Cost of poultry production can be
lowered by raising big hatches Just
a tb cost of pork production csn
b reduced by th railing of big Ut
ter. Heavy mortality among chicks
can often be prevented by timely ob
servation and care.
By the time they ar a week old
th chick should be allowed, In th
ordinary season, to run out doors.
Confine them In small yards at first
ex until they learn where Uie heat
I to b found and they will go In
and out of the brooder bouse freely.
Id tbe early spring th yard should
be Inclosed In muslin-covered frame
which later can be supplanted by poul
try netting or lath. A th chick grow,
tb yard should be enlarged sufficient
ly to keep them on green grass. One
put on free range, there 1 likely to be
difficulty In feeding the chick unless
they are kept apart from th ben.
Th earn difficulty arises when chicks
of different agee are being raised
do together. To avoid Interference
by the older chicks or hens, the young
er one should be fed In small mov
able pens, saya N. E. Chapman, poul
try specialist at University farm at
St Paul. The side of tb pen may
be made of lath placed so that th
lower strip 1 high enough to permit
th entrance of th smaller chicks,
but low enough to keep out th larger
Pullet will grow more rapidly If
eparatsd from th cockerel when
about eight week old. Cockerels that
ar to b old a broiler should hav
th run of a small green yard while
being prepared for market.
Open Type of Equipment
Useful for the Chicks
There ar two good reason why
som open type of equipment I useful
In raising young chicken. They are:
Need for more room than 1 supplied
by the regular equipment and need for
a hou that can be thoroughly ven
tilated In hot weather.
A bouse can be cheaply constructed
that will be of material help In suc
cessfully growing out young chickens.
For a small flock thla can be made six
feet square aud a board roof extend
ing from six Inches to a foot over th
Inclotur. Th framework of the house
may be made of 2 by 2-Inch piece If
they ar wall braced. Two-inch wire
mesh is latufsctory for the walla. No
floor 1 necessary, a th bouse can
aslly b moved.
On a email hou th sld walla do
aot need to be over two and one-half
feet high, which will make it some
what higher in th center. Low roosts
should be provided so tb chicks may
be comfortable and be off of the
After the warm weather come the
protection which U chicken need Is
from torm and rodent and other
peet which bother mostly at night
Transmit Tuberculosis
. From Poultry to Stock
Som thought should b given by
poultry raisers, particularly In th
dairy district of northern Illinois, t
th probability of finding tuberculosis
In their poultry flock. It ha been
definitely proved, as described la tbe
Orange Judd Illinois Farmer, that tu
berculosis may be transmitted from
poultry to other live stoTfor from
other live stock to poultry.
If chickens fbow distinct white
spots on the liver It I safe to be very
auspicious that they hav tuberculosis.
In case of any question on matter ot
thla kind It I possible to send speci
mens to the state universale and ar
range to hav technical examination
Mash Brings Forth Eggs
It' th mash that la going to influ
ence the egg yield, yet If hen hav
their choice of grain or mash, they
msy slight th math. By giving them
a light feed of grain In the morning,
their hunger wilt drive them to th
math hopper and hence to th nests.
On hundred hens should consume 12
to 18 pounds of scratch grain dally,
two-thirds of which should be glveu
them at th night feeding. Let th
fowl go to roost with a full crop.
Feed for Ducklings
Equal measure ot rolled oat and
bread crumbs, with a sprinkling ot
about S per cent sand, will mak s
good atartlng feed for Incubator
hatched duckling. Thl can be fed
three tlmea per day until th fourth
day, when a maah composed of equal
parte of rolled oata, bread crumbs,
bran and corn meal will produce good
results. A maah recommended after
th first week consists of three part
bran, on part low-grade flour, and
on part corn meal
How to Handle Roup
Roup In chick la successfully han
dled aa follows: Remove all ailing
blrda from the rest, to check the
apread of th dlsex. . If over-crowded
In houses, relieve th condition, giv
ing th light varieties Ilk th Leg
horns three and a half aquar feet ef
floor apace per bird and the heavier
varieties four aquur feet. Provide
good ventilation without direct drafts.
Wush the eye and nostrils with 8 per
cent boric acid solution, afterwards
greasing tin. head. . . ...
Children, 10 cents Any Time,
Continuous 1 to 11 p.
Dundee Auto Repair & Machine Works
Th Oldsst and Best Equipped Repair Plant In Oregon
Fast Water and Hnlmen Bis, Pertlsnd, Orffon Fast IMS
Bos Lenchss lo taks out 2St snd 35c x 1e T-Dtt
, THKkK 8 A DIFFEKKNCE 15 1 Teal
129 With Street PORTLAND, or MS Wathlnrtoa Strict
l L Cafeteria
Best Horse Collar
All kmc rye straw stuffed.
Insist en bavin tb collar
with the "Flh" LebeL If
your dostar do not handle
this br&ud ooUax, write to us
U Union Av Portland, Ore.
The Pyramid.
Th "Pyramid Field" lie in the
eastern desert near Cairo, Egypt
There are altogether about aerenty
pyramid, nineteen of which bay been
Identified. The best known ara tbe
three pyramids of Olia (Olxeh), that
of Unas, the brick pyramid ot Dal
shur, and that of Sneferu at Medium.
They are aald to be th tomb ot royal
and august personages.
Tidal Wave' Movemsnte.
In general it may b aald that tbe
rate at which a tld way proceeds de
pend on the depth, th formula be
ing: Rat of th adranc of th tld
equal tha square root of th accelera
tion ot gravity, multiplied by th depth
of the water. Therefor, In deep
channel th tide progresses at more
rapid rat than in a shallow channel.
Old Villa Found.
Remain of an ancient Roman Tllla,
uncovered at a depth ot IS feet In
London, England, (bowed brick wall
Intact, covered with two layers ot
plaster finished with a further layjr
ot whit cement of paperllk thick
ness on which bad been painted soma
very artistic designs. It Is something
more than 1,500 years old.
Immorality Condemned.
"The man who write an Immoral
hut. Immortal book may be tracked
Into eternity by a procession ot lost
souls from every generation, everyone
to be wltne against him at th
Judgment, to show to him and to the
universe the immeasurablene of bla
Iniquity." O. B. Cheever.
Painter Used No Brush.
Adolph Montlcelli, a French paint
er ot Italian descent, used no brushes
In painting bla pictures. H applied
th paint direct to the canvas with a
palette knife on which h squeezed
his color from tha tubes.
Through a Glass, Darkly.
Age bring discretion. A man is
Ilk a window, not so easily seen
through after th frost come upon
him. Boston Transcript.
Sign f Progress.
Time "files, and barbers ar chlro
tonsors, undertakers and morticians,
wlremen ar electrologlst and trusts
are mergers. Detroit News.
44 Washington St, Cer, Uth Bt,
Eersoatly ealtclta war petrona. Ton
will have aUl the comforts ef your ewa
bonis. Very reaaonabl rate sad prompt
aud courteous asrvlo.
Olve ue a trial
AU0U1T KRATZ Manager
Hides, Pelts, Wool Mohair,
Tallow, Cascara Bark
Horse Hair.
Baad us rser shlpnoata. Ws stall jroa shock
the esoM day wo roeoiro suds.
Portland Hide a Wool Co.
You Want Good Position
Vary well Take th Accountancy and
Businoss Manaoront, Private ttooretarl
si. Calculator, ComptemsUr, Btonorm
prlo, Psnmananlp, or Common UU Xoovoh
srs' Course at
Th foremost Business College ef th
Northwoat which baa won more Aocurmoy
Awartla and Oold Modale than any ethar
school la America. Band for our guonaos
Cslalo. Fourth Stmt near Morrison,
Portland, Or. laaae at. Walk or, Fro.
P. N. U. ,
NO. 25, 12
Mate. Eves.
15c 25c
m. Portland, Oregon.
Moderate Rata. Varied Amustmsnte
The Best Estlng pisce In th City. The Finest
Coffee snd Psstry s Specialty. Reasonable
Price. Brosdwsy at tsrk (Oregon Motel
Building), Portland, Oregon.
dark Bra. Flortsta, MT Momaoa BC
FREE KVLARdKMENT with rverr Ma
erdar. Kaw)lns Film Co., Portland, Or.
Successful Correspondence Club." Re
liable; Description tree. BOX (&,
Mistaken Identity.
A Hot Springe woman waa charged
with assaulting a collector when he
called at her house. When asked by
the magistrate for an explanation, she
replied: "Well, be shouldn't hay call
ed after It was dark. I thought It
was my husband." Arkansas Thomas
Cat. -
Antedated "Jan."
"Blue" song bad a vogu In the
southern central state many yean
before Jait wa known. Th natnr
of the song Is all that th nam Im
plies and Is in tbe tame category aa
the "spiritual" and the "Jubtle" heard
so frequently through th South.
First Italian Opera.
The flrat Italian opera, aa distin
guished from musical drama, wu
"Daphane," which waa produced by tb
Society of th Alteratl In a private
house In Florence In 1591 The music
wa by Cacclni and Peri.
Butterfliea Absorb Psrfum.
Butterflle absorb perfume from
flowers, according to an English natur
alist, who claims to be able to Identify
certain species by their odor.
Mirror for Macaroni.
By using mirror to supplement the
sun In drying macaroni, manufac
turers of the product have found the
color to be more satisfactorily pre-'
served, sine th deep fellow tint 1
not bleached so easily, and tb flavor
also is said to be Improved. Tb proc
ess Is quicker than sun bleaching.
are enjoyed only by those
in good health. Are you get
ting your full share of the
Joy of living? Take BARK
Oalna Sevsntsen Pounds
"1 hava gained swvontecn pounds, have
a hearty aupetlta. a healthful color
and ths dull, dapry foolln which I
hav oipoiiencsd In tho murnltuf for
so long a time has entlrrlv loft ma."
J. W. MASTERS. Portland.
For Sal by All Druggist
Nature's Own Tonic
SEVERE mental and physical
nervous reflex complications
accompany Rectal and Colon ailments.
Eliminate the causes and yon remove
these reflex conditions. And they CAN
be eliminated despite your discourage
ments with "quack" remedies and surgi
cal operations. My thousands of success
ful cases In many years practice PROVE
this. Further, I will GUARANTEE IN
WRITING to cur any case of Filet or re
fund the patient's fee No
conanomont, hospital onoral
or snscathtllc hand today
for my loo-pass Illustrated
Book. It Is r kliB.
i nrnrrc u avtti nwwv.'
Or DVn BujtVlmg ftW MI ttato ButltW
rt't fO-tWl M.t.i.P trl-S'lMtf Hfflf b Nll'.i
Minn an