The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, February 05, 1926, Image 4

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The Ground Ho2
60 ?ACK- P
B -.1 IS' v...-. M f
Mr. and Mrs, F. P. Fly were
callii'tf on Mr. end Mr?, Herbert
Hynds of Ctcil on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ba'eomb
tin children of Umatilla wene
eal inv en Mrs Esta Rmireiifeimt
and son Martin on Sunday.
Coming to
The Dalles and Pendleton
Dr. Mellenthin
In Internal Medicine for the
past twelve years
Will be in the Dalles on Sat
urday Feb. 6, at the Dalles
. Hotel.
Office Hours, 10.00 A.M.
to 4:00 P. M.
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Melle-thin is a regular grudu
ntt In niedieiiii' iiiul mirry mul i
licensed by the state of Oregon, lie
does not operate for cbrotik- npsn.
dielli. jj.iil stone, ulcers of stom
ach, tonsils or mleuoids.
He him to his credit wonderful re
eults lu diseases (ii tllf somacll. liver
bowe!, blood, skin, nerves, heart
Kidney, bladder, bed wetting,
arrii, wvik !aa. rUuuiatisin, sdn
Ica, Icjr Ulcers and roc tal ailments.
Iteiilw are tin! n.ii.ies of a lew of
Iflsinntiy s.itNf led patients In ore.
. Uom' J.. Ipia. ('i.'o;i Wash,, iniw
trouble. .Mr Oao Win. .Iilf rsuji,
varicose ulcer. Ick M. 1'. Cl?rttlan.
noil, Albany, bladder irou'nle. M rs,
M. A. Kwuu, Coi j n ;;!, sioiii.u'li
Me. Koliert i:iKllal. N ion, tom
acli trouble. .lull n Kuril. Alli.uiv, a
euul'lx and Mr, it. I. oUnti,
I'orl l.i ii.l. n!;ii'iidli'i:iri.
K'-tii.-rii ltr ill - ab.ive ilnt, tint
ColiMilwilli a on tin trip will In- n-r
and tliat liiit t rn 1 1 1 h 11 1 Ix dlffi-n-al
Married woinea in u-t lieaecmnji.-ili
led by their liti!i.ual-i.
Addn-Ks: '.'11 llra iniuy P.ld., Lo.i
anize'" nfn'ii'-.
Catarrhal Deafness
la oftn rausd hf an lnflaml rendition
of tli mucout linlnx of th Kut-hii
Tub. W'hn thia tube Is Inflamed vou
Jv a rumhin souni or Irntertt
Hearing Lnlc th Inflammation can
If rJ uce4. your hcarin may bade
troyrd fnrrvrr.
do what w claim for It rw your avjtfrn
of CatarrA or Leafness caused by
Sold br alt drurltf tr orr 40 TearK
F, , Cheney Co., Toledo. Ohio.
Notice To Creditors.
In the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Morrow
In The Matter Cf The Estate
Of Frankiln F. Ross, Deceased.
Tin- uiuler.-iljtiied liuvltij; been ap
pointed by tlie County Court tif the
State of Oregon, f,,r Franklin 1'
Rons, iliwimed, to present tliein duly
verilie 1 an ri qnired by law, wltliltt
six niontlm nfter the first publica
tion of tbl not lev to me at my law
ofllee in tlie ( It of lone, ( trefoil.
1'. II. I'nl. In, hi, Admiiiint rator of
the estate of Kmii kl ia I'. Uokh, de-o-'iised.
l'ated .lannnry .'.). lii.'i;.
Date of first pnliliivilloii Jan. .'!).
Date of last puliHentiou I t li. iii.
Mi:i., A. F Paimateer and chiU
iien returned home Sunday after
viiitinjr with re'atives at Eslaca
ba for a nionth.
Gladys Medlock, Gertrudu Pet
tyjohn and thelnia Morjrnn are
all eonfined to. their homes by
Mt. W. F. Palnikeer returned
home, Sunday, from the Valley
where he has been visiting tor
the last two months.
The neighbors of Mr. and Mr?.
Noah Tettyjohn went to tniir
home and enjoyed a party Satur
day evening. The hours were
spent in games and convolution.
A lunch massesveJ at midnight.
Total p-ecipifation till
Number of clear days 1
Partly clou Jy days C
Cloudy days 21
Prevailing wind westerly
Total precipitation since Sept.
1st 3.51
For the cjrrespju iinjr p -riol
last year 4.03
' ; . U7KO.Y
Cocprraiivt Ohurrcr,
With Fewer Plecei
Wlslresa IlUJa, what do we Bw4
for dinner?
Ililda I'lease, ma'am Tv tripped
over Hie rug and we need a Dew let
of dishes. The Progressive Grocer.
YOU M Y WIN $1,500
f , aj i't a ! (-j hi ?h n tt w h-Js oui of Ih
tt.r cnnttfitj in tl.e wkJ "IOIIHT N CCtS
TIL .'" Atju!ot5(co IN CH pr xc
e Jt J to co-nitnnrs in tMs
ScJ stamp for circuUr jii rus. Allies
A Good Time
To Subscribe
for the Inde
pendent is
Victim I wish some one would
muke a safety nuor thutfa really
rl Tliufa easy. Just leave ont
the blade.
Ratker Hough
For two yeiirs .Mr. Wiuiilmt went to
' a m:i:i1 1 hotel In the moimt aiiis. An j
! he w orked Imrrt to lsiy out on the s!ei p
lillliile ii three-hoie (rolf coiirw. The
third e;ir the hotel man rnisod his
Mte. Mr. Woinluit Impiired why.
"We Imve n polf coiie now," the
I hotel iriun explained.
Usually Short
"It's funny that you ehould be eo
tail. Your brother, the artist, is lioi '
Isn't re?"
"Yes, usually."
"How times linve rluinpedl Wbat'i
become of the villiie blacksmith who
Used to stand under the eprcadtDg
chestnut tree?"
"lie's lying on his back under A
bu wngon now."
Southerner (proudly) Norfolk Is the
pi unlit cupUnl of the nallon, my
KiiKllfhiniin I thought Wiisliljit'toli
Was Ktill the ciipltnl, y' know.
Cat in Texat
' An nuto rontulnUig a lady end
gentleman mopped before a wayside
Inn somewhere deep down In the state
cf Texas. A porter came running out.
"Iley, your gruff voice from the
auto rried out "(Jet me some gas,"
"YcsHlr," wy the reply, "And what
A Woman's View
Wmre-n'ii fituliw iir many;
ilfii hHV only two
tverytlitiu; thy nay. and
Lvtryiliing thoy dot
"I hnd a lovely nut sundito "
"Yes, I huve one coming tonight
Notre lainie Juggler.
Bert Ptilateer and Martin Ban
ernfeind have each purchased a. i
Atwater Kcnt radio.
Mr. Freneh an.l dauirhter of
Stanfield spent the weekend at
Morgan with Mrs. French.
Mr. and Mrs. Rjss Pettyjohn
'and fami'y were the dinius
Kiiestiof Mr. and Mrs. Fay Pet
tyjohn on SatuJny.
One day last weeek Miss Gene
va IV ttojohn visited the dental
office at Heppner.
At the special election held
on Saturday, Morgan district vot
ed against consolidation. The to
tal vote cast was IS; 5 for and l:
atrainst the proposed consolida
tion. Mr. Milton Spurlrek of Heppner
i3 visitirc Fav Pettyjohn.
WijvFor rustle,
F. l. 2. PJ2-;.
F.litor The Indep-ndetit:
I told
you in niv last lenrwr a'. nit k
from Mi'fouri to' C hn -i !o in th"
sprinjrof '71. 1 liwd i-i t;o' terri
try and sts.'.e a.iout V.v? y ar?
or uttiil th spi'nz of lST.
I went, to flic I! 'K'k li'.lls in tl.e
spi inir of '7') a'd may tell yon
about t'.'-t-'p whit I'!..n-
etc.. la1' e()n. I I .' I in i; C;c!,,.
e poiiiire i i , -1 ri Pu.v.K'i'
'3 ' .', p.i.f, it M m'' s .-lu'h r is
('l.i cum-' liutv r I'i.i' f I a i k Hill
excit' m -lit nri 1 was in ('it - t-uii -duriiikr
th" riirh 2nd tni-'ht have
joiii:'d the tti:mp!;-!e b it an o!d
fellow I w;-3 wi:h to'.l me it was
we!l enough to stay with ell
enonirh and sale that not ov r on
tenth of Hi" !.)'nj tn-''i soinv
in th; re would v 'f work ar, I hi
was riiiht. Hundreds of met.
tramped into I he hii 8 and I tin
dreds tramped out uf.iin. adi
lance of three hnn.irfd milit, ro
Hutl lenicnf'.only a Iw-kfwv'w
ranch from U to 20 rr,i.-H ajini
and the Sioux ii.ri is r,.. the m
de-pirate iudians in An:eiicaort
the wurputh.
If v.iu will li-itn awhile
Pwili sinfi you a boiu,
I will try to amu.-.eyou
As alonjr.
I am just in from Dea-lwood
And feel veny ill
BcCLtiHC' I've hern
In i hose, dreary Pluck Hii's.
At Cheyene the round hom.e
Is filled every nizht
With prospetors and miners
In a terrible plight.
They are hunjrry and dry
In their pockets no bills,
Ye they say they art" frointr
Out to the Block Hills. ,
I've travelled to exitemetils
Since tha days of my youth
And have always bonneted'
Fo t'.llitiK ilie truth;
Always been known
. To pay all my bills
But III by hanged if I could
In these dreary Black Hills
YS '
M vV MtHoitvve
'l'o May Nhei;i a Ve, the above
named def Midest' I I I K N A M I I Ol
TIIF. S'l'A !'K OF ( 'lilMi IV, y on are
hereby -eisin'd in rteppar mul au
HWer tile colllplllllll filed nt'.alllMl ymi
lathe above mliivl suii on or be
fore (lie ;i)ih day of Maivli. lll.'H. miid
dale lielnx luol' In. 'II six Weeks after
tliedateof the fust piihllen t ion o!
this summons, Hiel you t III take Ho
tlie, II a on lull to nnsner or otliir
wise appeal' In said sail on or before
said dale, llie plaitulf? for want
thereof will apply Id llie iibove en
titled Court for t lie relief prayed lor
Inlliis i-oiuplall.t.! lilnaide.'iilse,
to Wit; For n ileen'e of the above ell
I It led i on it, loi ; I lie bond of man In ;e
now ex S.I114 be! We. 11 t'l ' pl-lilltlll
and I he deb adaiit be foivu r dl ,
ed, mid liia tli dlalnllff lie i.iht
cd an abso.nii'divoreii from the de
fendant, anil t tin t I hit care, custody
an I eo.itrol of minor children of
plnlntilf ati.l iletelitl.i it, to It; liv
Mnsrave, aoaiuliter, a IT yeai.:
Mary M ii-' ; t a e. a daa-liler, ae !i.
years. and Haloid Mil Mi'nve, u hoii
UK" Fl years, all ill lu' al i'oipioiH(
Illlliolse, le 11 warded t h d f.-iidiin E.
ami for s 11, Ii oilier and tun In r tvlh :i
a to the court nri; sei-m ,-i put rS.
.,.,.,'riii.s S i:ii hh U pu i.i.n '. pur
i-iiaiil Vi .111 or i. r ol the 11, 11. i', I..
lU'line, Cotilily .In tue of tile st.;l o
' 'rviioii. for Ait ii. w 01111 ty, ninbe
III open Cot. t nl le,;e,ir, l"lei;,,ll
on the :'' t!i tiny o( .lainn ry, -.ii
sai l oi-ih r (rtv.ils ih.vt ar. mj.
Ill OH sll lll de pi h i i.e, in llie lone
linl .Ii 11 leir, a weekly lieu p ipi r,
onee a uv.'k (.irU eon .1 ,11 U v, , eks.
llie (in le ol the fust id .i I, ai
hereof beh i' o y .'.ill, p..", ai d
the d:.te of th- !.,sl piii.u, .,t,.i, of I
ttti-Miaiil s belli:;' Mur.di I 'ill, I'.'.il. 1
I . II, Kobliisoii. Aitorney
the Flalnlilf,
1'ot.l Offi, ..i.hliv ,-s, lone.Or.
I Now Displayed in our Winpow
I Umakum Assortments
I " Enclosure Cards,
1 Post Cards -
I . Cut-Outs
lAttcntioi. Fanners
Be Inconsiderate
In the orenry Ulr ck Hi'ls
No fold could I find
But I ih-ui-rnt o!'"no 1 cruS j
That h St far le hind.
Colo. siet and ftno w
Ard ii'i t to th- i:iils
And they c: ih .1 a-.e the orpl u i,
Of tiie dreary Black lliil..
Don't k"J 1 ay
Stay tittay if ',o i can
Far, far froiil that city,
They cull it Cheyenne.
Old Sittinc Bud
Or Co.icti.'che itiil
Wil!-f.J! o!f your locks
jj fur tli h li t.
I'arit'f a 'To' Minn in the !;.; t
til lit.! it l Mi' J I ( ( Id! In (C
t"!uns wen it. ! u; for unib ai d
stae r i i'.) r wene s cjiiniion
us yi iio.v .j. li-iii.i iii a iii'H'-r
Life of a Sponge
The separate existence of a span if
begins Willi the breaking awiiy from
the parent of a tiny particle. The tut
ter, after bring whipped nhout for a
time by tides and currents, eventually
attaches ItRcIf to a piece of rock, and
from that heme It seeks Its own liveli
hood, auys Natural Helence. The food
of tli f u lit spoil i;e con h! sis of yolk
cells, which emit uln a form of nour
ishment, loiter, as the sponge grows,
It requires something more solid, and
thts Is brought by the currents, which
sweep Into a bug half mouth, balf
stomach liilnuto particles of the new
When you come to know that your I
j luel is almost ijor.e.
$ It pays to investigate fuel prices at
When you are in need of fuel at reas
onable prices
Sec Us.
Farmer's Elevator Co.
lone, Oregon.
t4t0M JM Ji 44 I 44 H 4444 44444444 44t44 ti
L '.
Hold? fwe lon0er
io lite hot oiPilroji.
First Iron Vessels
It Is not recorded who first discov
ered thut nn Iron vessel would flout ns
easily as u wooden one. It Is recorded
that an Iron bout was built and
liiuuclied on the Jtlver Foss, In York
shire, England, us esrly as 1777, but
the date of the Invention of Iron as a
recognized material for ship construc
tion Is often given ns J 818, when the
lighter Valcnii was built on the Monk
land CMiml, near (ilnsgow, Scotland.
f iiaKC!M.n.
California's Capital
P.efore being iidialtted as a state,
(he capital of Cullfnrnln was Mon
terey, iillernately with Los Angeles.
Monterey wiih llie ciipllul from 1810 to
ISlfS, I.os Angeles from 184.1 to 1847.
Monterey wns iignln the rnplt.ul from
1847 until California whs admitted as
u new si ale. In 181(1 Hucrumento of
fered $1,000,000 for the honor of be
coming the stale capital, mid became
officially recognized as such In 1851
Too ttJucft lu bxpeel
lie thut would please nil uml him-
elf, unilerliiltes whut lie Ciinatit do,
lJutcb Proverb.
uru exclusive patented features of
' every LA NG rw.p,o manufactured, forcing the'.is eniirely rmumd tho oven, thoroughly and
utiiformly heating every inch of cooking surface,
this principlu of itovo construction has proved
iliA If the most economical, convenient and fcener
olly tali .factory ro'ntinfj rtioihod ever invented.
Tho Al'' '.:a runfce pictured above is ideal for tho
tn uiler kitchen, poa.'C4.'.ini ull the ft nturcs of our riiodels. E.veiy heat unit is utilized, cuab
linji LANG sioves to operuto at less fuel expense
than ni;y othi. r ranftu nunufuclured. A visit to
our storu will conviuca you that your noxtstova
will bo a
Uiul .
Ash Us About Them