The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 18, 1925, Image 4

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Mm ffiSs " I
? J.'- Kf
? rli? f
or Salt L: ke City at very
reasonable oimd trip ftrr.
Let u he'? ou plan your
itinerary, tc you fares,
and make ail your arrangement.
X I II. on A strut.
A CHRISTMAS PROGRAM ! notice of f nm-
T tre will b a Christmas tree
a prjiram. some camly for the
youngsters and best of all a real,
live Santa Claus.
Who's comini? to this program?
Everybody who lives in or near
lone -everybody w ho wants t
pend a little while celebrating
C'iristmas tide with the rest of
ttis community.
The program, which the school
preparing to give on the even
ing of December 23rd, will con
s' it of varied numbers.
First:, The audience will le
ihoffn a Christmas of fifty years
azo when the 6th grade presents
the play" Christmas at Skeeter
Second:, The 5th gra1will
give a play entitled, "Eisie'u
Christmas Eve", The Star By
the Manger" is a song by the 5il
and 6th grades.
Third:, The High School wiil
present a series of tableau pict
ures cf the First Christma.
An operetta entitled" The Car
tare of Santa Clans" is to 1 1
piven by th 1 2nd, 3rd an l 4 h
grades. The Slo parts will Le
sunn by Donald IHikr. Genev
ieve Farrens and Eimer Sanson
Fourth:, The Wonderful thrift
mai Telescope, is the play the
7th and 8th grades will give.
Fifth:, The lit grade uupilp
are going to present "The Danc
of the Chrisrmas Blocks".
The High School girls huve
promised to help out Santa Clau?
,y soliciting funds nxt Monday
to buy candy for the youngsters.
llommelier! Everbody is invit
ed to come to the Coris'mir I'ro
gram at the lone Public School
at 7:300 V. M. Wednesday i,i;,i
December 23, 102").
ul uccu(ully to Ui lrtatunt o(
llt of an Ointment which gukkly
Knlitvaa by Icx-al application, and tlx
Inurnal Uadleln. a Tonic, whl h art
through th Blood on the Mucou Sur
face, thu reduclnr th inllummation.
Sold by all drurilata.
F. J. Chny Co Toledo. Ohio.
Tact 1$ Enential
"Tact," laid the locturi-r, "l emen
tlnl to good entertnlnlnir. I once dined
at a bouae wher the hogtpw had no
tnct. Oppoalta ma tat a modeit,
quiet roan.
"Suddenly lie turned 1 red a kb
tir on hearing hi bottcM ny to her
lumhiind, "How lnattpnllva you ara,
'In rile I Tou muit look after Mr.
I'.rown better, lie holding lilmaelf
to ererythlng."
Hi Six Saved Him
The girl wa Interevted In the yarn
the fxt old tailor m telling, lie bad
Just flnldhed relating hi experience
with rannlbala, and he ald:
"And 10 the native didn't linrm you,
t ."
X California it Ja.vU b.-fte
cTwt of your life .to go.
Rfi-r!cntctlvc or the
Unless PaslSae
Will g!dl." furtiijh you ilUi.tratcJ booklet c'vh'S
convplete i uWm-.'-i eb-1 t':'s land where thu
un shines met of the time and where yru can
tnjcy out-t f-ii. cr life all the time.
Conveni nt train connections either via Fortlar-J
Nutli-o l hcri'liy (jlvrtt tin-tit,
'iT-ilirih-il Iiiih filfil Ii in final mriniiit
in ir ( tlic I'.htiiti- ui
.1 1I1 it 1 1 . ('lirlHtiipl'.crNon iIu ciki 'I
nltli yio t'liiinty four! if the Stnli
of (r'niiii, fur MorniH' t nimty, nml
tiint Hal. I Court lin'rt iih llini'
ami plitiv ui lirnrliiK nil. mill limit
M'ttll'llll'llt ill HllllllliTlllllit, Jji 1 11 .1 ,1
.1 .iiuui ry lull, l't.'ii, nt tin. Ii nr nl i: v
tl'flu, k 1'. M. in (Ii,- ( iiiii'i riMiin ul
aniil I'mtrt Mt llffpla-r. 'ttrrmi, iiti)
ilij rt Ion tc Kfiid account iiiu-t In
tilcil on or before tin: tiiii" ol wttl
ini'iit. .
Hate of rirwt itililicntioti 1 ' mii-U-r
lllli, lt:j..
l'n to of lut, ptililloaiiun J.iiiiinrv
It. A. White
' S
One of America' 35,000 Near Eait i
Orphan, exiled from hi ancestral
homej but happy becauie ht I confi
dent that America, which rescued
him from death, will ttay with him
until h I ilxteen, when h will h
ready to go out and make hit own
New Refugee Problem In Syria.
Il.-lrut. Syria The Near Kant Relief
will diKiiibuto SO.Oiii) pounds of refu
ge' clothing here, to anUt In.curiiiK i
fcr u.0uu Christian MIIiikits rfnihri'il
li-...U'!i-s. by the U'hi-lllon of the Mos
lem Druse against the French govern
ment. All Amerlcina havo been or-lii-red
to leave Immnncus, where 2,500
(ii i sons were killed In the fiKlitlng of
th- past fort n Ik lit. Thnusanils of ref
Wt'H are pourtnir Into Beirut.
October 31nt tin re were 30,000
A menlan mfuuees In flclrut, crowded
into an "unnp akiihlc" ramp, unu refu
;i wero arriving from Damiiitcus at
.! j rate of 4u0 du ly. The refugees
Aire sheltered In houses constructed
jl oil tins and "the crowding una ter
".iile," as many as nine people Jiving
n a single small room, cooking, eat
and sleeping In this tiny quarter.
The sanitary arrangements were
tally Iritidequuta and water sinrco.
;tny of the refucees were III, with no
I'dicine and the children wore pale
..-id sickly.
reprcttntativ Johnson Indorse Plan
Itepresentatlve Albert Johnson, of
Wn-hlngton, in a letter to the Near
:'ist Kellef, state that "the plan of
t: iiiitlng children under the cure of
tiie Association for their own peculiar
conditions and titling them for useful-i.'i-ss
In their own land In, in ray opin
ion, the correct pli.n,"
In every Near Eant Relief orphan
.ire the children fcre trained for self
support at the age of ulxteen. The
girls to work on farms, to be nurse,
teachers, rug makers, seamstresses,
In ce maker; the ln.ys to be farmer,
blacksmiths, ctrpeulcrs, tinsmith and
v km
7 o acri
rf X' - --'A-.
tH-r "HltM Dyrtn
a. t.'. ivrnvnt b Will
Fthr--, 4ti-UI FnlliM
H .T i ))!, MpdlvnU
itiit AtUri nr bUR'ortal.
UtfC c intuitu. WU
t( tltl M.
is Safe with
A gang of Scientists left on a
'Boat Tor a year's cruise to
study queer kind of Fish in
the South Atlantic Ocean.
They showl.i have stayed here
in New York and went to see
and hear what I did the other
day, a real Red Bolsheviki
meeting. They w ould have seen
queer looking Fish there, Suck
ers, 1 '.els, FIou nders, Bullheads,
and every Guy that got up
was a big mouth Bass. They
denounced everything in
America, The Weather, The
Constitution, White Gloves
for Fall Bearers,. Mah Jong,
Lower Taxes, Suspenders,
Cross Word Puzzles, Shower
B;tV.-, cf X :'.zr.z
an'l ke Cream I'icj. Alter
looking them all over I found
what was the matter with
them. There vasnt a one
of them knew enough to roll
his own. I low are you going
to improve on a Government
if you dont know that much.
Every man you see pouring
"Bull" Durham into his paper,
you can bet he is satisfied with
America, because its the
tid right down to earth Amer
icans that do it.
P. S. There i eirig to he another piece
in thil paper uon. Look fur it.
Guaranteed bv
1 1 1 Fifth Avenue, New York City
YOU M AY WIN $1,500
tf 'tu ar i bit to mt'9 (tin matl wtrU on of ih
itiifrftcunUinid in ih worJ "TOIlLr NtCLS
SI I IIS." A loul ')( ft.ofio IS CASif P'Un will
liiw4rJrJ iot(jTipMtfr In (hit
Sn J tUffip for circular ml rtilM, AlJre
A Good Time
To Subscribe
for the Inde
pendent is
Armenian Orphan Adopted by Dr, and
Mr, Gannaway of Seattle.
Ziidi I'tuli.iltun Ciinnawny, unite an
Armenian ni'i iuin, but now tuloptiid liy
her Amerlrait rescuers, fir. nn d Mra.
1 ( has. It. tiatmnwny, of Senttle, "guth
I itimI up III h tf wuHtud dlseusud body
j the sorrows of all Armenia" at the
I aco of one yetir.
"Zmll'a hlH'ory la typical of thou-
and of Near Kust orphnn,1' stated
i Mr, tlimnawvy on a recent tour of
' lie Nnrthwest, Drlvon with her moth
er Into exile, slio wa sutfurlni with
mnnsles, pneumonlit, dysentery and
other Near iCast dlseiisos when we
round her. The uinrvnloui vitality ot
the children tit the Near Kaat It
k'iuku In Zaill' gullitut atid niece
fid tight for lite. There were thous
ands as attractive a Zudl In a multi
tude nuinher ng over eight thousand
tn whom Dr. tiannawny minlsttirod lu
I lie Near Kiist. A inentul test ot Zdl
nt the Cheney, Washliigton, Normal
Bi hool, allowed the mind of a child ot
eight at lliti i am ot four aud a halt.
t; " " . -.-. . - I x
r if -A i
"On tha foundation of Jon.OOO chil
dren, many of tliein above the arerat
In mentality. America, ha been build
lug for ten year fur the future. Many
year or study of the children ot the
Near Kast, in which I have come
greatly to admire their Independence
and desire to help themselves, make
me believe that America never did
areater piece of work than when h
reached out and gathered up these
thousand of orphan waif. It I not
unreasonable to believe that In Ameri
can care today In the Near East ara
tiie men and women who twenty years
from now will be shaping the future
of that turbulent land. America Bitot
Cituiiiue for. only the few year aecea
sitry to complete the task."
Golden ltule Sunday, December f,
will be America' answer to thousand
of children like Zadl. Full Informa
tion about the day. Including auggae
live menus, may be had on application
to the Near East Relief.
Near Kast Relief office are at 613
Stock Kn hntige. I'ortland; 339 flurke
IiIiIk, Bcattle; and for the Golden
Rule Campaign temporary office have
been opened at 301 Walker Hank Rid,,
Salt I-ake City; 627 Peyton Uldg,'
Spokane; Ilrintol Hotel, Ilolae, anil
Y. ii. C. A. Tacoma.
Just -JT
6.v J
, Wlfle I Imve to do nil my work
alllKle-lilllnleil 1
lluiible Have yon hurt one of your
hands, denrt 1
jA . as. j.i
i ' i ir s' n
Live of great men all remind a
W should all ba great also
II w only had behind us
What It wa that mad Hum go.
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neglect them when a bottle of
CreaM LotioN
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