The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, November 20, 1925, Image 1

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Lexington li Indeed triad to
know that Mr. P. W. Allison has
o far recovered from her recent
illness to be able to be brought
to the home of her father, W. J.
Davit on Blackhorsh.
At their regular Wednesday
afternoon meeting of last week
the Congregational ludieu enjoy
d a pleaiant aocial hour during
which time the older members
entertained and served dainty
un ch to guests and young folks.
Uev. Wallace Jones is conduct
ing a series of meetings at Pine
Miss Cladys Benge anq Mis
Pauline Johnson, Whitman stud
em accompanied by .Mrs. Kuth
ttarn.-ttt of Walla Walla arived
by auto ou Friday for a week
end visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Eph. Eskelson,
Mr. W. F. Barnett shipped a
car load of ca,tlle the first of the
week. Mr.Jand Mrs. Uarnelt and
Miss Harnett left for Portland at
the same time tn business conn
ected with their shipment.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker
of Heppner wtre visitors at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Lewis
on Tuesday.
Oral and Clifford Henrickson
are moving their house hold ef
fects, farm implements and stock
to La Grand near which place
they expect to locate on a ranch
They take with II un beat wiolies
of their Lexington friends.
A. L Henrickson was a buis
ness visitor front Pendleton
during the week.
Mrs. Helen Wa ker paid Lex
Ington schools an offical visit on
last Friday.
Ben Boone fro n Roseburg has
been a visitor among Lexington
friends during tlu past week.
The ladies of the Christian
church will hold their annnat
Christmas tale oi. Dec. 12 begin
Doughnuts at V t't, Nov. 21.
Boo;t Ihe Bank that Boosts
When It comet to a choice between home folks and
outsiders home folks come first. Isn't that the
way you fuel about it?
This is a home institution. We are working for' the
good of our community, for the prosperity and develop
' mcnt of this section, and for the Individual welfare of our
friends and neighbors. That has always been our policy
and always will be our policy.
For that reason we like to see the money that is earned
here, spent here and circulated here for the benefit of
local Interests. . .
The resources of this bank represent the deposits of those
who transact business with us. And the more use they
make of our facilities and the more they co operate with
ut the grsater service we are enabled to render them in
$$ :
Bank of lone
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
nlng at ten A. M.
Dainty Christinas gifts, fancy
articles and framed pictures will
he exhibited at W, F. Barnelts.
INCTON ORE.. NOV. 14, 1895
Rosa Ola Benge to Eyhrian
Eskelson. To celebrate this occas
Ion on Saturday evening last
large number of friends and rel
atives gathered at the home of
Mr, and Mrs. EHkelson, there by
giving to them a delightful aur
prise. About seven thirty the
guests arrived bearing among
trem a number of handsome gifts
An evenings entertainment.
charmingly directed by Miss
Gladys Benge gave much pleas
ure alike to both old and young.
Just before final good wishes for
all the future years were extend'
ed to Mr. and Mrs. Eskeison de
lightful refreshments wereservedj
to the guests. Those present to
enjoy this occasion were:, Mr.
Ruth Barnett of Walla Walla,
Mr. and Mrs. E. G, Slocum, Mr
Laura Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Cl av
Valentine, Mj.andM rs. It. L
The Seniors will serve hot cof-
fee and doughts at Biz's place on
Saturday, Novembor2l,
I Have for Exchange
278 acres one mile from Brown?-
highway- Fine set of build'ngt.
j Owner wants 'sheep or wheat
j ranch In Eastern Oregon.
223 acies six milts from Mc
Minniville Oregon on macadam
Good buildings with electric lights
in all bnildinys. This is a good
farm in a good country. Ownei
will trade for wheat land.
2 10 acres seven miles from Sa
em, on hard surface road. Fair
larm buildings; spting water pip
ed to honse and barn. This land
is suitable for fruit or grain. The
owner will trade for wheat or
stock ranch.
If Interested iu any of the above
write or see
U. C. Wood ;
The Earth Merchant
lone. Otegon.
Benge, Terrell Benge, Mrs. J. D
Bauman, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Bowman, Mr, and Mrs. Nathan
iel Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Adolf
Majiske, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Parker, Miss Green, Miss Paul
ine Johnson, and Miss Gladys
Benge from Whitman Coilege,
Mr. and Mrs. S. S Strodlman
and duaghter. ,
For Sale. Hand Power Washing
Machine. X. Y. Z
Four roomel apartment over
the printing office. Rate ten dol
lar! per month. Water and electric
light connections are mad-j.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to the many friends and
neighbors that have so kindly
assisteb us in our hour of sorrow
Mr. and Mrs. E C. Frank
and Children.
Excellent Reatont for
Th'u Tree'i Popularity
The common elder, which flower In
the last day of "May. la one of tin
commoneit of Engllth' tree, but for
to many centurle Im It hern platted
by man fur official purpo"" certain
Ijr before the Koman came to Hrltuln
that Its "natural" hnliltat la now
enljf a matter of conjecture. It ha
'variety of curloui country name,
j aaoit of tliem, like the name elder It
elf, having reference to the hollow
tern. Such are "bothery tree" and
"whuelwood," the tre being favor
ite one with urchin for the manufiie
ture of popgun. The mime "Juda
tree" I aometlme applied, though It
rightly belong to Kunihiiclnu till
quaitre, outhern Euroenn apwle.
Elder drive away evil (plrlt. aml'l"
a charm againit lightning. Rubbed on
the eye It enable one to delect
wltcbet. Elder cure toothache, wart
and dropsy, and 1 used for poultbe
and to flavor vlncgiir, a well a Tor
elderberry wine. Kir John Mnunde
title professed lo have found It grow
ing on Mount Zbm.
The Legion Theatre ha the
following pictures contract? I fori
for, and wi I show tnem i i the
order named. This is the very
host list of pictures that was ever
brought to lone and are worthy
of your support;
Nov. , 21, The Alaskan
, , 28, The Thundering Herd
Dec. 5, Miss Bluebeard
, , 12, Burke & Kelley
Comedians In
Mother O' Mine
, , 19. Peter Pan
, , 25 26, The Ten Command
Jan. 1, Morton of the Movies
9, Tounges of Flame
16, Forty Winks
23, Story without a name
, , 30, The top of the world
Feb. 6, Coming thru
, , 13, The Border Legion
, , 20, The goose hangs high
, , 27, Wander of the waste
Mar. 6, Code of the west
, , 13, The devils c i-go
. . 20. The 8T mail
,,27, TheCh.;rmerl
Apr. 3, Adventure
; , 10, Old home week
, , 17, - The shock Punch
, . 24, Welcome Home
Mayl, The night club
, , 8.- Aro parents people
. , 15, Oaths to paraHhe
. , 22, Light of westtr st irs
Cut this out and keep ' it fir
future reference. We will only
raise prices when the price of
program compels us to. Dont
mist a single number of this con
tract. American Legion
lone Oregon
Harvey E. varnall of Bickleton
Wash, closed a deal this week fot
the 800 acre ranch of R. W.
Brown, 9 miles south of lone.
M. Yarnii who has already
I,: ''en post-. j ;.in, corn. ; of big-'
i!'.momrr'nd ana inii of inti ,
tiiv and fr t clas t-tviiness alu'
i -. The l. legends.:. t joins -community
in a hearty welcom..
It is reported that Mr. Brown
will make his home in Portland
for a time.
The deal was consqmated thru
the office of ths local Eartl
Merchant, H. C. Wood.
Mins Arline Balsiiter now M
Hoquiam, Wash, is employed in
a plijbician'c office in thai c'ty.
It will pay you to look at th
parlor on display at Emre
man's Hardware store. It hat
three dimensions of attractive
ness,', appearance, efficien;
and price.
The Dorcas Society of the &m
relational chuach will hold thei?
annual sale on Saturday Dec. 5
at the McMurray building.
Mr. H. C. Woods and wi'e
HecompanieJ by Miss Pearl Pa
berg motered to Portland Thun
day. Mr. Wood drove oj to Eu
ene where business called hiir,
PaufC- Ba'simr xpei.t Thut
day repairing the windmill o
P'-VVht M;Plier !
For plumbing, pipe fitting and
general machinery repair. Cat!
Lee Howell, Phone Main 62.
When not otherwise engaged Ai
Howell may be found at the Inn
ependent otfice where he has ac
cepted a pobi'ion as chief Ioua
Her Latt Ee-.-.czl
WUVjr I t-n asking f'tr ' ' time
will you vlre tut inoni-jr fur a new
Hubby My dear. I am delighted to
hear you asking, fur I lie last lime.
Now there, will Ue no quurrellm alxiut
"Whnt attraction ciin you
flnil '"
that fnlheaj you go With,
Viimt Mthead im. nuito '
uouch to net a million, mi dinr."
The Vanishing Trich
A nmn -witwd a nut ire in mm
pnny wltn a nine noy ami nn-u ...
nm hut, iic trii on wverni
and flnnlly .elected one. (lie price of
with a little boy ami askctl to
Wlllch WD $3.
He turned to
him and nuked:
the Utile boy bwMr
"How do I Ionic In till hntr'
"Like a thief," cume the ummimllng
reply. . J
Iinmedliitely the man turned and
would have administered a correction,
but tlio boy, awing hi Intent, rubied
fnm the tore, holly punned by the
nmn In the new hat.
The aiwUlnnt, convulsed with
Inughter, picked up the pume wl lch.
In hi haute, the gentleman had left
behind him.
He opened It and wn horrllleil to
ace thut It contained five metal
rr7 i
Note the attractive prices th&t
Bert Mason makes on canned
Koods. See his Add. on this page.
Dont forget The Arrival , of
Kitty, this evening at the High
School auditorium. Tickets cn
ale at Engelman's.
The Red Cross tea Riven at the
Con?;. Church last Thursday for
the benefit of the Red Cross
netted $10.00
We wish our readers a very
pleanant Thanksgiving. What
makes a better Christmas gifj
than a Kodak? Bullards Pharm.
Ben Morgan of Morgan was
in lone Thursday and paid the
Independent pleasan call.
Chas. O Conner who has been
quite ill for some time is now
recovering and we hope to see
iim again on the of our city
Baptist Ladies Aid will havj a
fancy work and lood sale at
loores Store on St. Dec. the 12.
Will glaiTy
or Salt Lake City at very
rratonable round trip fare.
Let ut help you plan your
itinerary, quote you fare,
and make all your arrangement.
. W. Honk A put.
H I have just received a large shipment of High Grade
s which wer; bought at right prices ad off. r them at
cash prices which you cannot afford to overlook. -f
1 Buy your winter supply now - j
r i r,. i nr i n. 11
aonu t acK lomauics t
Solid Pack Tomatoes 2
!.., , ,
Best Standard Corn 2
ig ecst standard Peas
2 lb
. . , c. . Cnrn 0
i iuhiiu Jiu.n vuui iu
r j,
s j;ne Granulated Cane Sugar at $6.50 dcr sack -l
njA.J t?... fl... UoHo n..,
pCIiy UtUlWU Oliurr I lUUI.
g prjces arg a(JvanCing.
Dr, C. R. Walker is leaving
lone , for Vale where he will co.i
tinue in the practice of medidre
We regret his removal from lone
and wish him well in his new
field of service.-
Mr. McNey father of Mrs.
Louis Baisigar is visiting his dou '
ghter and family this week. i
1. R. Robison and family hava
gone on a trip to California and
will not reture till spring orafter ,
We understand Ray Barnett will
take charge of the garage dur.
ing Mr. Robison't abscence.
At the Legion Theatre Satur
day Nov. 11, The Alaskan.
Edith Grpce Frank was born j
at lone, Oregon Sept. 14, 1913
and died Nov. 15, 1925. Age 12 ;.
years 2 months and 1 day, leavini
to mour her loss, a father and
mother, one brother, five sisters
and a host of other relatives and
Silent Admiration '
Wltne A woman may be erer
proud of her buaband, but abt la aot '
uch a foot a to tell him to. .
TF YOU have never been to
California it tbould be the
effort of your life to go
Representative of the
Union Pacific
furniih you illustrated booklet giving
complcf: information about thi land where tha
un h:ncj mott of the time and where you can
enjoy out-of-door life all the time.
Convenient train connection either via Portland
nn i tf- oir
mean uu. jj per vox.
lb can 15 ct. 53.00 case.
lb can 15 ct. $3.60 per case.
can 15 ct $3.60 per case
00 rt t ftn ,,-
vmi v-"" I'
IIWIIV uvun. uu; nun J
'I '.