The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, October 16, 1925, Image 1

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Mrs. J. Lagarde of Belmoht,
California wai in lone thin week,
looking: after her farm property.
Hefonf returning lo her home in
the Golden State Bhe call-d at the
Independent office and renewed
her lubBcription. ,
Dr. liaylor. eye Eye Specialist
,of Portland will In In Heppner,
October 23 and 24.
Buyao"rt'n n i ilnn seethe
football itbiiitf .
The Sluilent Body ia planing
a cafeteria supper for the even
Ing of Friday, Octobor 23,
The proceeds are to be devoted
to payment On the cost of the
footbull equipment recently pur
chaned from gtanfield highachocl.
.The freahmen of the lone High
School were initiated by the up
per clasnmen on filday eveninar,
October 9, in the Rchool auditrium.
After the initiation the freHh.
Anyone in need of the acrvictii m,.n j0jnt.,j j nie games that
of an expett landscape gardener pluyed, About 10:30, refrenh
will do wdll to commit Jo n I.iuy. merit, conHiling of ica cream
Mr. Louy haa beenexpenoinjf his and cake and ice crearn cones
were served. The cones were sei v
ed to the freshmen.
Those initiated were:
Fern lingleman, Arleta Far
rJiiH, Thelma ' Morgan, Leona
Ritchie, Don is Gunul, Itota
FJetches, Edith Ely, Katie Mor
gan, Gertrude I'ettj joh n, Gladys
Olden, Jeanette Carlson, Kenelh
Akers, Everett tlummel, Harry
Peterson, Wilbur Akers Robert
Mcl'abe and Garland Swanson
The Congregational Ladies Aid
will serve hot tomales aad coffee
at theMcMurray building Satur
day, October 24th:
ari'Ht:c akiil and muscular enemy
on Hit- grou'ids around the Chat,
etit de Itny with (hi result that
U ey now -nine like the proverb
ial nigger's heel,
Jjhn not on y har artistic s ne
nd technical skill at his com
mand but ha has a sure death rec
ipe for salt grass extermination.
We underst nd ;hat Mr. Louy is
ready toommunicate the formn
la pf the great exterminator rec
ipe to any who may be interest
ed.The formdia is free but dem
onrtrations will be charged for
at legal ratea.
Registrar Spencer of the Slat
University ays that all indica-
I Have for Exchange
278 acre one mile from Browns
tions point to the largest fresh v Oregon. on main graveled j
man clast and the biggest total highway. Fine sei. of build'ngr.
enrtl'ment in the hiatuiyoftle 0ner .wants sheep or "wheat
University during the coliegyear ranch in Eastern Oregon.
1925 - 26.
I 9At ipiuii uiv mil frum Mi.
Minniville Oreuon on macadan
R-portafrom C rvallis say thai Good buildings wi'h e.etric ugh
el.Blakotloria one of the ji.ll (...iiH,.,-. Ti,i U.on.H
M votersns moitinir for band far(l1 in k-oo.l country. Owner!
p-actlre. Fifty t.. new men have wi, tra,ltJ foP mhnt andi
t.ied out for the lund. Capt. H. 2W frm g. !
L. IV.M direct, of the cadet Unl h,rd ,.irfuce rod H
,. ., m,. u, h,,, farm I uiUi-SHpriog water pip
Inh smany.u Hofd.r.cungthe ed to hn.t, n,id bttl,,. liin .
Olle. Immi that !,e l.a- ha mi u.illbV fl, fruit or Kiain. lhe
Uw u namlR. of goo, mm owner.wi ,,, for h,a, ,
can-at one tin.,, '-fork ranrh. ,
f ... . . .. . .
u " Jo f". ii:... r.i,.. ..i
it imnr ' i i'i a't 1 vic own
tin underlined will roceiv al. il
1,1,1 until 10 o'clock a. ra tho 10th
iluy of November, 1025, and Imme
diately thereafter tho bida received
will U publicly opened by the Coun.
ty Court t the County Court lloom
In th Courthou in Heppner, Or
Rvn, for tin pucbano of in iaau of
bniida of Morrow County for tho con
ntructlon of permanent roaila therein
In tho ill in of Ono hundred thountr.d
diillur. aid bond to bo In denomin
tlon of $1000 cub, numbered 1 to
100 Inclunlve, to boar data Octobor 1,
I'.'M, nnd to maturo In numorical or
der as follow)
t to t $5000.50 on October 1, 13I i
10 $KOO0.00 on Octobar 1, 1132;
10 $M) n October 1, J93!
20 $.',000.00 on October 1, 1834;
25 $r.0(KI.OO on October 1, 1935;
80 $r,ouo.oo on October 1, 1us;
$5 IWMXI.OO on Octobor 1. ItHT;
40 $rOi)0.00 on October 1, 193H;
46 $.',000.00 pn October 1, 1K30;
HO $-,000 00 on October 1, 1040;
u $r,IH)f.00 on October 1, 1041;
0 $r,OOO.00 on October 1. 194'-1
66 $.'iUOO 00 on October 1, 143;
70 $.',000.00 on October 1, 144;
76 $&0O0.00 on Octobvr 1, 1045;
SO $r.00O.O0 on October 1, 14S;
hi tum.00 on October 1, 1917;
SMI $',000 00 on October 1, 14S;
u$ $6000.00 on October 1, 1H4J;
to 100 $&000.00 on October , mO;
aid bond to bear Interest at th
rate of not to atceed flvo per cent
(ft) per annum, payable aemiannu
ally on tho firat day of April and
October, principal and intercat pay
able In (old coin at the cflieo of th
County Treaturer In Heppner, Ore
ron, or at th Piieal Agency of th
fltat of Oreuon in New York City.
All bid vuitt be unconditional and
accompanied by a certified check for
Th Court reurve th right to re
ject any and all bid.
Th approving Itial opinion of
Me.ira. Teal, Winfree, Johnioh &
Mc( ulloch will be furnithed th uc
. ceuful bidder.
County Clerk, Heppner, Orefon.
Will sacrifice high grade piat o in
f) to
n to
19 to
21 to
24 to
31 to
3i. to
41 to
40 to
61 to
r,o to
61 to
M to
71 to
71) to
til to
Kit to
PI 10
Coming to
The Dalles and Pendleton
Dr. Mellenthin
In Intfrmil AMii-iiie for I lie
(mat twelve year
Will beinlhTDai!e.oiiSat-
lurday Oct. 10, at the Dalits
Hotel, and in Pendleton on
Sunday Oct. 11, at the Dov
. i Hotel.
Oflice iiours 1C.C0 a. ir.
Scientific Road Building
Whenever the llrltlili inliillr nf
Islior re'iiilrerliiforniailon pliaul new
kim il niuierlnl g iwo fiHit rnnil I built
nt lhe iiiifimul jilijulciil InlMiratory,
nnl la teared by a revolving mm-lilne
which otiililne thee action of n.nliy
kliida of vehicle.
Cefor Peary and Cook ;
The (.'reek I'ytlieaa.- hi marl t
vnyuse of diacovery northward In 32'
It. (.'h l believed to liava been Iht
Hist Irnvclvr of hlnlory lio probahlv
ii imclieU I he Arctic rjrele and
renched the lnnd of the mlilnlnht iud.
No Charge for Consultation
ir. M'-llctlilii la tt regular Knulu
u lc In i.icdlciii" ami aiirn'i iiihI i '
llirlln'.l l,y tli ntilie t)f tn;Bnll. He
,o-a not o; rr.Hc t .r elirimle iiM-n-i
jclli itl, IJiliI nlo.,e, llin T nt atom j
m il, toiiftlU or it'Viioltlit.
He Ium to lila rreilll n'ouilcrfu! n - j
aiillH In illwiiwh o( the axiium li. livcl'
iioHela, hlooil, Hklu, Ucrvea. Iiiurl.;
kl'liiey. Iilucilii-r, tn-il wetting, tn-
tarrli, wenk Iuiik", rhuiiiutlaiii, m-In-1
tica. leg ulivr niliJ r.ftnl itlliiii uia I
Itelow are the luinica of a lew ol
hixniniiy Miitielliil iittieiitM in lire.
J. L CijumJeri. Kosetun
J.ihnWdJlli. Waterlo b.adJtr
&nd pn stro e trou le.
Mis. E.E Holmtn, Richland,
Kidney trouble. .
; W. S. Bdimetl, Oregon C tj .
ulctr of the stomrche.
New Lefever r.'iTPd-
SPECIAL onit $29.r0
Well Rnbhed, COKlderlr f
tiehl and minA
Cuarw anin
1 ts ; 3
Kith an ex
(rem Inail. A
Kua built r,n
In 10-uy 1, In.
14-tTtS In., end
12-rft.. ?X ft nri 211 In with
14 In. atock an1 about V
In. drop. A Ifvr woa
li e world' cham,l-,nl.ip
c".t tiio Clympic rim.i In
Xond'.n. Ietcver Tia 'ood
for 'rvlr and durability
tor ovrr to yr.
Ifrit for Catalogue
Notice op Final Account
In the county court of
the state of oregon for mor
row County.
In the matter of the
estate of lottie may 1
Benedict, de:eased.
Notice I lierehy given that tl' nn
Icralifiied liaa filed hi final iwcoiin t
iih Hilmli littrntor ot the LaUite til
little May lleuedlct, deceaaeft, iu the
County Court of the Htate of Oregon
fur Morrow County; that Hatunlny,
the "th day ol November, 1Wi'. nt
the hourjo' I : 00 P. M ol ld day.
In the county court room, at the.
county oourthoiinent Heppner, llor.
row county. Oregon, ia the time nnd
place act lor anfu hearing at will nc
count, and any oh)ectloni thereto,
and the aettement ol Mild eaate.
T. M. Benedict,
Administrator of the Etete
of Lottie May Bsnedict' decened.
Date of first publication of this
notice. Octber,9. 1925. Dtte of
list publication ot thia notice
November 6, 1925.
Four nomel apartmant over
th printing offici. Rtte ten dol
a.'ipsr ninth. Water and electric
ih; oini'ion mil.
R. W. Mever. S. anico. hart
sturage near here for immediate jrorible
a ile. Will give eafy terms to et
-GOOD Work and REASONABLE Prices S
tablihhed home. For Particu'arf
ami when it may be sen, ad
ires Portland Mnic Ciimpuny
227 - Ci.h St., Port and, 0.-eon
Silent Admiratict
Wlinesa A womiin limy li i .rr
protnl of her husliaml, hut ylic ii Dot
iii li fool o to tell hlin no.
Chua. S. Hoalt, Lr. Grane, no I
Mrf. M.I.
a, ,'i i icilis.
O'e on, PorlU-tr,
kduve dale, tha
consuitaiinn on this tiip will e
free nnd that his treatmont
di foient.
Foi nutlet hyi! 2o p r italUm
when inircl'hner f irtiMii'M the juji
BuLLAitu'8 Pharmacy
vt rue r bee
II. C. Wood
The Karlh Meic1 out
lone. ' O et'on.
Take Notice!
'tTn ifr ift nnrrnnm nrflt'n 7.-1 7- 7"t 7"t J't r.TT"irT FTI"" it 1
!- .c-.iXlillelJt';rt aMWUMirieiiaiilfMlliirwiieiiaeMaM i
:& ..... n
f To reduce the cost of living
'3 use more milk and cream
Y0UK satisfaction, OUR success.
C.C. Sai sent. Proorietor.
Booi:t l!ie Bank that Boosts
When It comes to a choice between home fo'ks and
oul.-lilfi home folks come first. Isn't Hint the
wiy you ft. I about il?
This i a home institution. We arc working-for the
good cf tu. ccnununify, for lhe rrcsreihy and develop
mint of tils feci Ion. and for the individual wtlfiire of our
friends and neighbors. That has always been our policy
an,d always will be our policy.
l or that reason we li!;c n see the money that Is earned
lnr , t pi nt here and circulated here for the benefit of
local interests.
The csourccsof this bank represent the depositsof those
wi) ra met bjh:si with us. And the more use they
make of our facilities and the more they co operate with
us the grsater service we are enabled to render tin m In
Bank of lone
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
g i have several Willamette valleys
! farms to exchange for wheat farms ir.s
g eastern Uregon. s
I also have good Hermiston propert) g
ito exchange for Morrow County wheat g
lf you wish to sell or exchange
I SeeMe
I ,H.
1 1 Car Load to Arrive October 1
iSperry Drifted Snow Flour. I
Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats; .
Cracked Corn, Whole Corn.
! Mill Run, Bran, Shorts
C. Wood
sj eave your orders for delivery from the car and savi g
SjBLdrayage. Flour and feed prices are the lowest for a
g ! s year. Get your winter supply now at cash prices- i
lone, Oregon
lir; l
'II' 3
I -a