The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, September 25, 1925, Image 1

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Four roome-l Bpurtmnt over
the printing office. Kate ten t'ol-
am per month. Water and electric
litiht connection!! are murtit.
Hap Wo:id made a btiHinen trip
toSalem Wedneadav and waHttt d
, . . ,
waa accompanied by ArrhUeh
ran aa tar aa rorimnn. i
Shorty Shuver prov. d liitrmelf ,
a miuhty hunter on hia n cent trip
t..t. Hirmiui ii-hriiiiui.i
down two fine deer.
The outlook for a frooll.!h
acl.ool football team in lone tl,
ai uxin Hfem very kooiI. The boys
ere dulling every t'lMriioon and
aiempMU developing rpee and
team wcrk.
Oiirold frjend Bill Windsor la
in (own a(u!n after a Hummer
"pent in the harvest fioltls. Kill
promiaci" to drop in pome time
Bonn and uive uh the once over.
Troy Howard his rented the
Johnson place 01 Ivht Mile and
taking poHSeatiioii il.ia week.
Mr. and Mr. II. C. Wood mail
a tnp to Euifftie last we. k ever
the MiKt'nzio pHKd.
Mini Hi i n Bi'Mjer I. ft on Frj
day for Seattle to begin her "p-.
oiuoie y-ur in the Watuturton
State University.
i'm'or Head nil arts Divil
alnl Daniel witn Jmtge lliliini. n
. i' , ii' ,i . .1 ,
t h i i . i'i iii'n'ii w rr ine iiiiint-r
It .vti of M.- i .1 Mm K. J
H'lfto' on Sun iny The pii-ff le
re ia anre wanvui 'on loast. the
fim-Ht tvr, aiij pi'ii'il by the e'l
Ccih nioi-l apprc; i nite to Btich
a fcaHt,
Your Child I'n'n Eye
May B"rn nori ,i! of vision and
Btrenpth buttnulj ct toaxcientif
ie ti-Ht niHy tei'i ui . Munition that
iiwnui bewi-ll lo . r.mteract. See
Dr. Clarke. He wi I be in lone all
riav and evening ln day, Sept.
20'h at the lo le iflor.
Boort t'le Bank that Boosts
$ $
When It comes to a choice between home fo'Ks and
and outbldcrs home folks come first. Isn't that the
way you fu I about it?
This is ?. home Institution. Wc are working for Hie
good ( f our community, for the prospcrliy and develop '
mcnt of this section, and for the individual welfare of our
friends and neighbor. T hat has always been our policy
and always will be our policy.
For that reason we like to see the money that is earned
here, spent here and circulated here for the benefit of
local Interests.
The resources of this bank represent the deposits of those
w'i rainct biilnju with u?. AnJ ihs more use they
make of our facilities and the mote Ihcy co operate with
us the Rrsater service wc arc enabled to render them in
Bank of lone
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
We tf ui n l!nl o-i barnyard
Kolf chn::i:!on, iV ,y .Jopklti
(.rami Extiultfd K. T. of the Ion
ic Order of Ilorspahoea, left us
at an 'arlv hour on Wedoeseay of
thin week. Mr, Hopkins I. an pur-
chased prop-rly on 82nd Street
lortlantf, and will wake his hem
there iirfulure.
., T ! T" . , .
I'rom the column headed In
'oth. r I)ay an I the aubdivihion
,2") YeurH Ako. we cull this inlrr
etiiiK item: lone hus these mu
"icipul wi.IIh and a move in Mr
;f"toinata1l a public water ays-!
Mirri.'il worn in muil be accom
pnnied by their husband.
AddrcHi-: 211 Hrudburj Bid,
Loa Angi lca' California. .
Coal Crrstar
lli liirnlni: in hi simp fr suinethln;
hi' liml f r :i . 1 1 1 1 1 nfiiT rlnxlnK lull' on:'
nliilil. n l.iiiiiliiti lolimrntlTjit tlWoiivcreil
liiri;liir ri It I ii n 1 1 1 h yliiiwi'imi'ii. "Ill,
wlmt urn ymi iluln?" he nhmitcl, ton
frintiii to im.vo. "Win., iu.-r quir-jin
t'il tin Hi'ir iiimFcHwd iniruiiir, feeling
very iiiml, It, o.,,.,,.,,,n, of the .1.....
lion. "Ill hi JiiMt luklns smoke In-
fore rctlrinu. , 'Ave nef
rrjtH'iiNl Sir JiinM M. Itiirrle'i "Tin-
lit.. .1 r.,rri.. ... nn
juiiiukIit, I ii i it, wlu n t'.i.rrlv In-, inn '
fiimmiK, llnii' i'X.!iillii'(l Hull h liniK"'
ll'i'vn Dir :: -- li'rn'lHP Imlf of l u
urliii'n mi i he '' tif will I'nvi'liipi'ir
"II" loiilil I Kiit'kK thr fool i'ii I'
B.-nliir In- until. "Tooli hlui. l
till . m-, fur h Inniillr."
Litter of Introduction
I.ubwt ('llrli.lliii;) -Till will tvr
Iff Hint tin' linin r. lio-i' Hum", ml
rtrw" -in-mi.-o m- kIvd i..i-
I "I'll kti'iun lo mi- iiml thai I nil
fntit'ti for I' 1 littil 1 1 1 . . . (linn
ltl( It. Ililllrlll'l) "l.ll III '. Willi.
I your IniMif,, He.?" K'lti"
rlU. VU'Iiihi.
im'ct.t Diagnoii
IT. I. M. levy, .-)ilil.nriHi. :i
:ifltT I'IiimI'iI Invt'ntlcullon, Unit It"
I ri'lulninl Hml girl IihIiIi'M iiri- mnn
lirmlKl nmK Hum lhi hoy huliltii. II.
iiIsh ri.v n : Mfn-rIH'n.M .itnv I..
iiiii'il i fhT ilii- Infuill ! m. ml.
"hi niiiI ri'in hf ll euk ill l!nn
vrnm nf m-.. itiil.fM'nK til llvi .i .
I'oril wild i film iihI.Ii' rippi'tii: ion.
Right Up to Dale
Shun nirly rniiflliiL-s, x u .i n
OfliHlt' wliti hluot In rfllKlon or Uie
tutu. Iliiijiiiiiln l-'ninklln.
By fc'EAKa Roebuck,
The appointment of R. W,
M true of Ileppner and G. N
l'eck of LexinKton, as crop ob.
servtrs in Morrow . county for the
Seam-Roebuck AKrfcultiiial Foun
dution, in announced from Chica
go by I. V. Eitnf, director j
leaearcli for the Foundation and
cuiior of the Index. They;wil
lotm u iuik in me nation
cbain - of county agricultural' (
uooervera elecleJ because of. their
fhbt hand knowledge of farmniK
conditions and tr.tir ability to
olwcrveand intelijtently iterpret
The Index to which the obaerv.
era from this country will coulril),
uie lit a compilation of the month
ly report of the 350 ousenere.
tvery aecuon 01 me coum.j
a,,j numder is bi ing added
! ulttiUll)'. All the obBerVei a.e
. ,
practical, thinking, farm minded
I niuii.tach chosen- because of the
ppotun,t.ehha- toorve 'H.
needs of agiiculture in hi own
Uocily and for hi ability to ap
plj eco lomic principle! lo cur.
nut larm prouiems- Asagrbip'
ilit-y riprehenta ciosa avclion of
tlie thoughts that the man in
tin' furiow U thinking, ami 1 1 1 1 1 r
oint analysys of existing a;ricuij coiiuiiioiib, ai exirctscn in
the Index, i oi bidiir a for,!
urdtUp in he p.n,
ep juiilf. j
tOU SALE 4 ;
IIoiBiB , mules piow, tiarnewv
Ateder banow tni lloU Motor
See Troy Bugard
Ori on
ln.'-rcfry Tl.irlcc fi
A woiimn m-i'Uin u ilinr.-.' ;,t T"i
it'nluim. r.udi.n.l. Iinilfinl !i. , mar
rlfd llfu wry Inipiiy oiuil :;ie iir
rival of her thirteenth rhiltl.
CoW Vni.R
11 Upper Street Millinery arut Gift bhopj
I Arlington, Oregon
tj We are showing the best line of millinery in two'coanties p
ri No need-to buy outsue your nome u-iniury.
i Fall Showing Ladies' Apparel
H Dresses Coats - Suits Hats
V2 1-.. II. !.. ntl C- I ,
S .wrrr.p-mvg:y . WKtfc,ialiL.,liHWri 4fTiisgtcrartg
2 acience iui
ThrotiKli tln Kxpi'lim I t Ktnthiii, the Kxteimlun Service
mul I! alilt'iit
Oregon Agricultural College m
Serves the Farms the Homes and Industries of Ore.
It nlliTit ii ctillcge eiliiciitlnii In S
Agriculture, femmcrce, Kninecrlng, forestry, S
Home licoromias, Mines, riiarmacy, Vocational
Education, Chemical Knneering, Military science S
and Tactics ' s
The School ol U.VSIO A UTS AND S. It'.NCKS piovhltm tl. foini.
ilntloii (or nil tivlmli'iil fourwH. The trululiiK; IiicIikIoh 1'liynlcnl g
Ktliienllon, liiiliiilrlHl .lnlinmllHm. Sm-liil Seli-neeH, nti.l Mimlf g
Fall Term Begins September 21, 1925 - 3
Kt.r llliiHtratetl IkioMcU ninl "I"1"" l'J,,rl,,"l!',":nlr,1e1.l S
The UlClil.sntAU, Drotfi.n Agrlciilttinil t oll.'K". I orv.ilIU, Ore. g
Coming to
The Dalles and Pendleton
Dr. Mellenthin
In Intermit Meillclnc for the
p.iMt twelve yciir
Will be in the Dalles cnSa
urday Oct. 10, atthe Dalb
Hotel, and in Pendleton on
S-mday OcK 11, at the Dtr
illicit'. OiTilw hours 10.0a a. u
".5 4.00? n.
No Charge for Consultalio.i
Dr. M' lli'lliln Ih n n truhir Brai n
uie lit iiii'iIU'Iiih iiml Hiiri i'.v mu! I.
liiviiHeil l.y tin Hliilv nf Or. lion. Hi
Im-n nut o f n !i' f r rliioulc Hiii u
tlii'llii, nnl HIiillfM, llk't-rrt iifitto'll
nt'li, I'iIikIU or iuIi'IioIiIm.
Hi' Inn. to lit cri'ilit wuii'lrrlii! ii
Hull In ili iimi'k of tin- Hiiiiiaih. liver
IiIMMI.I, lllllllll, Hklll, IH'rVI.'. Ill'lllt
ImmI wntliilK, i-1
turrli, wi-iik Iiiii, rliiiiiiutlxtii, h 1 1-
t li'ii, h it ulii'i mill nrlnl oiliiin u
i l.fl.iw lire tin' iiiitiii' of u lew ol
""'"""' r-''i "
J. L. ChamJr. Rjie'u j
lii t.duche.
J. l,n Wdl!i. Waterlog b.a Id-.-f
andtprolrate tcjuolt,
Mis. E.E. IIj n.dii, Richlan
kidney trouble,
V. S. Ucnneit, Oiegon Cil. ,
ulcer of the etou.rcl.e.
R. W. Meyir, Shanico, heart
Chan. S. Iloak, L Urane, g:. I
nti - - -
M'f. M I. O o on. PorUam',
up,if null is.
k'tneuiler adove date, lint
consultation on this trip will te
free and
that his treatmont
o c i- v i v. c g ?
3 12
The Henry Dennis ranch, three
miles north west of lone, has been
sold to W. E. Kylerof Corvallis.
fhe purchase price inclules a
600 acre stock ranch on the Mc
Kenzle river, about six milts from
Springfield. Poasesiop willbegiv
in abo'it October first.
Mr. Dmnishastbien o resi ier.t
if this secii in for nearly or quite
a quarter of a ceutury. We wish
him well in his new home. We
understand that Mr. Kyler will
n t operate the Dsnnii ranch in
psrson but will rent it.
Ttudealwa made through the
ilap WjoI It-ial Estate Ol'fice.
Miss Wi.mi a t ! Opil L .'ach
iCMmpanied by their gu sfs,
MissCline of Biise. Haho, Miss
Wilcox of Enterprise, Oregon and
i!so by Miss; Mixina Ctntry
in J Ve!le Ward of Lexing'oti
I roe on Frilay ti Penditoti
vherethey eijryil th UjiiI
Up n Stturday.
Crichet Ball in Net
In a rrlel:et ntnleh at I'emilt, V.f.
.unil, a hull driven to the botin i'j
Hid hmt v. a found In a thrunh'ii i -in
uh young hlrtln unhurt.
mmmimi! :Mi!ti
- "iii
Ililliltl .llllil
!j -GOOD Work
To reduce the cost of living
use more milk and cream .
. YOUR satisfaction, OUR success.
C. C. Sargent, Proprietor.
1 J. iui..
1 Car Load to Arrive October 1
Sperry Drifted Snow Flour. .
Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats.
Cracked Corn, Whole Corn.
Mill Run. Bran. Shorts
g 1
I eave your orders for delivery from the car and sav s
L drayage. Flour and feed
year. Get your winter supply
ill sacrifice high-grade piano in
storage near here for immediate
sale. Will give eafy terms to es
tablished home. For Particu'ar
and where it may be seen, ad
t'ress Portland Music Company.
227 - 6th St,, Portland, Oregon.
Author of a Famout Reply
Count Pierre Cnmhronne, reletiriit
ecl French iionenil. In the repnteil nu
ll. or of the nioeh-qnoted prc"lor..
"The BUiird illen hut nerer iiirren
derK," which he Is laid to have used
at Waterloo when nuked to surrender.
Hi Fuel ExhauBted
It won quite a dlslnnee home from
church nnd little Ted waa tired from
the walk. At lenuih he could keep np
with hla fiilher no lonicer, to he mid:
"Daddy, won't you pleaae carry met
I'm all out of gng."
Gelling Rid of Ant$
Sprinkle whole clovea wherever tint
ire found nnd they will dlaappri.r m
it hy uinlc. The remetly, Ittinucl. oI.Jl'i tli.nulile to the antn. '. n..t
n upy viiiy ciliJet tloBuhle to buruin he
ii .i. It U i ii. U. clean and i-eiinln.
'.Vho'e clove v III alao expel all oilier
rieplr.g ihii.a when they come trt,i
ii ii of hounda, auya a eontrlhiilor.
Handy Magnet
A tiny magnet kept in the sewing
basket will he an aid in picking u a
dropped needle or blta of broken
n'-etlles that are dangerous If left: on
Hie floor.
J03 PRmr-
and REASONABLE Prices j
prices are the lowest for a r
now at cash prices- L
1 it
IMit C