The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, September 11, 1925, Image 1

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    OA .
Engli$h Bloody Assize
In I lin illnody AhHlr.i'i r n,',,
socnlled trial fur iirtii'iijitiun
In AlittitMniittr rebellion ukuIuki
James II urn culled, over WW Inno
cent person weru executed, limmi
Jeffreys presided nt theta trnvcHlle
on Justice,
Revised Famous Word
II la n iniitlcr of netvp"i"'r hUinry
Hint n iirl.i on a "copy ( vti" omc
edited Cnpliiln lllfilmif'i funiculi re
murk, "I'll her mxle miiIih) the
bunk till ilia lum khIoo(' ashore," nwn
Inrlili-iiiuiiy in n story, in llmi l tend,
"1 Shall hold ih vessel's how iiuiilnl
(lie Imnk until llt lnt im.wiiucr lint
Thm "Old Bay Stale"
Massachusetts Ik known n the "Old
Hay KlntM," owing to Hi fad Him Hi
flint chsrter fnp ,c tcrnl,ny ns
Itranted to Hi alussactiiis.d:. liny
company n NV.U, following ilia set
mem of Rult'tit In the previous year.
An win"!' ii i 1 1 i n .'.inni'vliy In
furnished liy the cum or ii Miniiiiii In
KtlKlind aired seventy. Iter Kriilldfil- '
ther wua seventy when iiin.iirni hum Formaldehyde, $2 25 a gallon
was liiirn, iiinl Mi mm was Seventy
when hi il.iinthior wus pu;n. The
KninilfnthiT nf IIiIh living woman was
linn Inn n two hundred years uu.
Fight on Do" Weevil
III winter Hi hull woell relreiits ,11
wonili-il ruiintry to inxa the cold sen
li. I'liina lira now lictnu carried Into
elTeH to SUITnUIld tlll-fle Willi Cr re
treat with hiImiui i,ii mnl 10 de
troy lint weevils bef.ire I hay have
a chance In coma out In spring.
"Orator" Unappreciated
Huron Jean -'llupilste ( limit
Krenrh revolutionary cnthiisliinl, pro
claimed himself "iirnliir nf Ilia hmiiun
nice," ii ml ukiijiipiI tlia iimiia of An
archnls, after Ilia Kcythhin prime
lie nut guillotined nt Cnrl In I7!il
when the euttomer furnishes the
container, at Bullard's Phaamacv.
I'JiJ inon Morgan has made a
couple of trips to Freewater the
past week. We wonder what the
attraction may be,
II, C. Wood and family return
ed from a ten days trip to Port
ltnd, Salem and other points on
Thursday. They drove from Sa
em to lone in ubout ten hours.
nt the home of E'Uha Sperry,
Somewho'e between Swnson's
and the Post Office a diamotd
lavaliere. Finder please return lb
Mrs. C. R. Brown and receive
C SzzzlZuuu
Kodak as you go
Up hill and down dale, picture chances arc
cvcrywh.rc. And the Kodak you keep handy
will give a pood account of itself, and a good
account of the trip.
All et -unier, you'll need a Kodak, so let
us fit yc j out now. Our Kodak nun is ready
for you.
Sec that you Itavc plenty of
Kodak' I 'ilm. Get the sic you
want at our Kodak counter.
Kodaks Y).jO up
lirotvuii't $2.00 up
The Kodak Filling Station
Mr. Frank Holmes of Portland
Bent the wtfrk in' lone, Mr.
Holmes ran a patime in lone a
number of years aao in partner-
ship wilhMr. Frank Hngleman.
I m
L! if red ha Io n. a at Limtow and
JoiuiHon's. liny a tablet and ped
cil and the balloon is yours.
Mr, Wrex Hickock is visiting
at the home of S. E. Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins
and Mihu Zclma Fugleman vpent
Sunday and Labor Day in lone,
Kh relatives.
Fred Nickerfon is busy drillii g
a well at the home of Man e
EVERYBODY come and he r
a sermon preached by W, W.
Wi.son on the difference bit ween
Liw and Grace, Sui ilav wfter
noon, at 2:3'), up over meat sho;
C. M. Conne and family wi o
have been harvstin'n neur Ioni',
lift Situ'ay for tlnir Innne in
"loppenish. Wa-hinjf'oii.
Ernest Helikeru'id family aie
bmy moving back to then ratu h
which was vacated laiit week ty
Mr. P. Pt'trsin and funily
who are kO;i onto the ri nch
known us the Hxivoisun (la e t n
Rhea Creek.
Mrs. ElnrJew'li and childrer,
Ui'be Ms. Lovely F'sk f Pasco,
11. M.Liht, one of our old timepent a few days visiting the
foimer'a mother, Mrs. Alice Mc
.farmers was shaking Lands with
some o( his friends and acquaint
ances in lone laat Monday. He
was accompanied by his Bon. At
fpiesent they tre located in the
School opened last Monday with
an enrolment of 43 a class of 17
green.little frechmcn.
Ernest Lundell, Shorty Shaver,
Mike Co" tnr. .ludfje Rohincn at d
E. J HriRtow are in the rcce for
lirstshotafter diet season 0,ens.
Tin) left Wednesday for a stay
of unknown durationr
j C. W. Swanson has rec: iud
; a car load of rye.
Mark Aee has inov.-.i I s
, family f .oin the farm, no th of
.o ie, into Visa Serry'a luueon
, Second street.
Mrs. George Ritchie and daugh
ters Leona and Ellen returned
from a ten days stay with relatives
in Maupin, last week.
Four roomel apartment over
the printing office. Rate ten dol
lars per month.
Ernest Shipley fpent a few
days in Portland this week on
"Let George Do It"
TIiIh hrue la mild to have o-II-nntKl
In Krnnre a "I.alrne faira u
!eorgca" In the Klfleenth century i;ml
lit flrMt hlffl fllMcsl ..f.rnn.n
the ninny aotlvltlea of Cnrdlmi!
(eortfea 11'AiiihoHa, prima mlniitter to
Loitla XII. Later It baoanie romtnon
ulung, Vaa trnnnlnte.1 into Kii(tllh anil
was aOopteii in America without liny
rompratianalon of Ita original meaning.
Rifus Farrens is moving his
family into the C. B. Sperry prop
erty for the winter so that the
may have schxd advantage.
Will Found in Old Shoe
Frnnk Culto of Pittsburgh waa
waollhy. When he died aavaral yenra
ngo relntlvea aenrrhed for hit will In
' vnln. Recently It waa found In the
line of a dead aim that he had ireaa
ured. It (tave $10,0tiO to his wife. "If
I would die without explaining ihla
pa-r to you. I hope our beloved ion
Col. F. M. Griffin, onr butcher
genius, left lone Snnday. for
Maunin Orponn Hj ,iA o, oai ,n heaven will help you find It.- It
going to soak his feet in the De
ijchutes river.
read In
Clasping Hands in Prayer
Holding out the hnnda It an attitude
J. W. Howk has returned from! I",,ur"ly lntiHiveiy ammmed by
a few days vacation and is I ack j rTJZWt ST-.h!
on I he Job at the depot. i primitive Inatineta of the buinaa rare.
Mrs. Trembley and daughter of a""l,lnZ hands In prayer Is merely
Portland who have been sp nJ
ing a few days p ith relatives in
lone, retnrnel to their home on
Presidential Immunity
The l'r.ldi'iit of the t'nlied Stiite
riinnot he arreated for any ofTeii,-.
Me la amcndiilile only to Uupeuchiiieni.
Mr. Earl Mu riy -moved hi'
family to Freewf.ter, last wivk.
to s- ml tne children to kchooI.
rendlctoa, Ore.
rS September
CX, 16 to 19
Accorded Pihl of Way
A innnewiU Jnde ruled Ihut r, s
nuvo (lie i:iit ef way. Kvery n ir.
't knows thut. IilriiilnL-hain -e-i'(-T.ld.
' -
s-'t inn tiiuiHPmiimm
ninventlonul form of this nnfitrul-
He Wat "Moon Struck"
After he slept under the full moon
one nlifht, the fare of a miner In Kal
f'H.rLe, Auatrulln, was twisted iiirl
n'Jlj, and it was several days hefora
he recovered. I'eraons who have been
sun-strurk often will slilver In the hot.
teat sun, doctors here say.
Hobby Worth White
Life will frequently Inngulah, even
In the hand of the busy, If they have
not some employment subsidiary t
that which forms their main pursuit
! I ' l i i ' ' ' I I
Mrt.. lioy Cochran, fiiimerly
' Mis Merne Cuson, died Gol
jSantantati hospitul.last I'.iday
j ni ;ht and was bunied on M. nday
a i Aluany. She leave to ti.ourn
h r losH. her husband, two smil
wam&xwTW. riawgpt3BaK.CT rar c w iti', her laliu r and mother,
It! Mr. and Mrs. W. C- Casen of
i Io ie, three bisteis and one broih
1 r.
rOU WANT TO GET AHEAD faster tohnrvest
your diMlurs faster . make your money go
furl! 'r . win th j aucc'ss that shtuhl b.' jou s.
Here's one way to do it a way that gets restills.
IlanJlc your funds'" pay all bills by check, and always
fiun wi-h Ink. Chocks save time and money. Che you
an accurate record of your Tuiuls. Makes your income
R fart'-er by rej'.ula Infi your money ou'fio. A checking
account helps you niaitvain a Innltf t which is the sensi
ble way to handle your financial affairs.
In these and other ways, vour checking account oclually
makes your money go farther, helps you get far more
from your income: than you've ever enjoyed before
Makes it possible for you to spend your money more
Ask us to tell yoti about this. You'll find it very much
worth while. Coino in today.
Bank of lone
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
One little tan-pup with his
tail cut ehort and his ears cut
long. Fliustt return to Elmer
the stork got buny ugain this
i week and left a fine baby gir!
4hr nwl (Yaltat c
fit ,'. itftw ly rirtt
h4 rf'fmr of
tic. .ttfronlirr
tUyt r cr ttagca.
Don't rail ts C:d It
Larger, mm e sprctncul.-r, brilliant
and tluilling tlicn cvtr Icloccl
ri3;:i:;: Trip Fare
For ttmin tchtdnh ttnd
J, W, IIOW'K, JiUl'll t ,
Wit, VcMrititAV
0. V. A.
rrtiniiit. Mri-tfi n
To reduce the ccst of living
use more milk and cream .
YOUR satisfaction, OUR success.
r 3
Hi C. C. Sargent, Proprietor.
Bra,--'. Ti",
g 'Science tor Service
Zl . TlirmiKli the KM'ilin i f stutlnii, llio KxIviimIiui Service
r:- ', mill l : hIiIi n 1 1 iiki nu t l n
Oregon Agricultural College
S serves the I' arms the IIo:ncs and Industries of Ore.
It olfrra it college eilucutlun In
O ' Ajricul!urc, Commerce, F.nsineering, forestry,
Home Economias, Min. s, Pharmacy, Vocational
3 , Education, Chemical Engineering, Military Science
and l'actics
5 Tile School ol IIANKMIITS AM) 8. IK.S'CI'.S ptovldca I lie foiitl-
5 ilatlnn for nil teclmlrul fottraea. The trnlnlna lmltnls l'liysln 1
ICdni'iltloil. InilllHtrlol .liiliriiiillHlli. Soelnl Sclelicea, noil MiihIc
Fall Term Ikg ns September 21, 1925
5 I'nr llluxlniteil ImihIUi'Ih mnl Hpecllle liifiirnititlon, write to
S The ItKUIS I'llAlt, On'K'in Atf-lellltitral I'olleKH. foi'Viillh, O.v.
fj H All Primers, Readers, Civil Government, Ceogradhy, J
fj Mice and G3rdy h'storiesa e displaced with new. books
1 The method of exchange permits of exchange only, E
EJ of books of like number as a first reader for a first reader
H Books mnst be sold for cash and I cannot afford to f
U If sell thqm on charge account. Please do not send children T
i S for books without the cash. S