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Portland, Ore.
Sep . 1 1025
lU-v, W. W. Head,
lono, Otegon.
Deaa Bro. Ilea l :
I Mm nM
LOOK' WK LI. AT l it'1, WEIL
Typhoid lever u i.preud b
human fxcreta and it has been
Well said that for every death
from tcir disease some one should
be Ininy.
Water from walls ompriniis or
l renin which drain territory
contaminated by human beings
U one th'J niotft fertile sonrces of
to tell you that Mrs. W. E. Uam-1 the disease; and Hie mi.k wpp.j
bo in euminy lo Morrow Cs.ur.ty it easily cunUnmiuted. Care h
for a week or m re and will puns Vwph; and tho foods under their
throuKh lone on the afternron touch pasn Hon thin vicious
train nn Krida. ' Kerm- l" ll"lol' I",,"IUH-
Horn to" Mr. "and Mrs. Elmer
Griffith, September 1, a ttn
pound baby boy. Motherand child
doing well.
Harvey Wtdtaker and Herbert
Deal, college friends of Wendell
Ualhitfer, are vmitinu at the Bal
stiver home thia week. Mr, Deal
h leaving this Saturday but Mr.
Wiitaker will remain few daji
t ....... - t I..., Whi-n vuu eat or drink ti lnoit
I Utli 1UU Uny H iiuw r - - - viic niiic inn " ,v "
about her. 1 u.ijht fay eh- hns K01 nn, your onteetive .pparams u eut Hnort fcnrf hia eara cut
..,., . lifailina rn nii-Hi.-t iry "ends them into your intestinal . p, t to
. i u . fu.:-t where thev commence 10
un o'pnaiiHKB woih. vii-n --- -tri.V.
Mm. Il-mbo went to iiijia play thd miach.idf. In the walls ol
M (....!. try of tbeChrmtii.u the Intestine are structure.
Cn,.in m.Minitut there thrown which have to do wih the
lh- u..h..c famines of the late ive processes - little spot which
W. S'-e ani Uambi es ave been urrned I'eyeu g I
edthe vast orpl.kt.air- which When the ban.ilus Ret
r Mill bHtig i-otniuclfl at Im into the netRhborhoond 6f those
in,,).. l!,r tons were born there. 5 patchea they start an
;.iat i..i iin.u i lion iii iliem.
a, a mescal roifai..ary. to tl,i Tin Ptchea become red and c:totio shades of Gooseberry andj
apot where he wa bo n. to ft.J t.n pule anp gray as the ...f.a- j, ,.nj!jyinK a brief vacation at
t,nw ul.;I r,.,,.! i..t i are mmwi - caui,ami on wie uoiuuiui
""v ".' .. .. in... ..... !,.u,l
I ... !.. ..'I I (in. iUC IIDBIC .IVW. ... - .
M'. S. Acherman btves
Saturday eveninir of this week
for hie home in St Louis, Mo.
He will be accompanied as far as
Arlington by Mr, Jos. W.fcHowl'.
At Ariingion Mr. Ackerman wi'l
take the train for old Missouri.
Young Dame' Head has left the t
. i a w a
now the leaders in a I goon '.ni.igs " , ine evening nervicB i me
in that commtn.iiy. Mrs. Kambo f'""1'' 8!oUh9 or r,'U Cjngregalioual church next Sun
ctaved in India bki'mI doctor , '"-v n Vlr W'iere ,hwlfC" day evening will be devoted to
. i ..... 1 WUll Thi ulcer mas uo so deep ... KV ...
tchcr ftndthtn the bad P-rforate the muBCh wa.t lhe eVennr wi be Mrs.
!..,,! uun i liM luiritfiiiriiin anil If ... u r :.. ,:
nl ....... ..... . y. D Ivamoo luriner iiiiooiuu
;a !. ....t. n.atnlilLfiM -
Htalth Again
To t fell wlth b ipnt bli bMlth,
And than with mlht tat main
!! turntd around and aptnt bli wwlth
To gt bli baaltb aala.
At Latt
t Auto Demonstrator (who hm tried
for three hours to fell the car) Now
I'll tlirow in the clutch.
i Uncle Kben-ri! take hr then. I
knew If I hld off long enough I would
let aomethlnf free.
"Marry me, I can't live without
,' "But I refused yoa only a weeH
180 V
"Oh, was that your
Bote What I Another raise) Not six
tnontlia ago I gave you raise to get
married on.
Employee Tea, sir, but I want this
ne for a dWorce.
I , ' i , ;
Bit fnf
Humorous IT
Boit on Outing
"We miiat nause." remarked the oro-
fvaaor, climbing out of the auto. I
"Ywi tenr." aened till alfe. "f
heard the tire puncture." American
l-fjlon Weekly.
A Ixndoner had occasion to visit
Uunib'e to see a Scotaroan on business.
During the whole of the time he was
there a heavy mist prevailed. On his
return his wife asked him what the
Bcotitiuan was like.
"To tell you the truth." he replied.
"I couldn't see whether be was a tall
man with a beard or a short man with
a sporran." Tit Bits.
Ordtr un.
on it fire
to come.
Fuur years o they asked to
be sent to the
vh'Ie there they waked both
literally and spiritual'y in the
atej s of the great apostle I'aul,
At the risk of ';r own l!.ve,
they hiotinht hu lieds of chil
dren out of Turkey through the
""port if Jlersci," from which
port I'aul of;eu tVed, Again
rsking their live, they helped
rescue thousand of of children
trandeh on the 'J ock Add
to a I this this th? fa. t that Mrs.
Kamboisa nto"' i h quent peak
r and rne of I' ! fniett Christ
ian womm jou :nr knew and
you will lave to ie idea of the
that wid be vour. i:i heariug her.
Cordially you-,
.1. J Handsaker
Northwest K 1 1 Director.
Thm Cos : -(r
A wife Is a icrr.o ("inf.irt duiing
all Ihoae troubles "'.leb a lmehelr
nvr h. "liimii llniril
it uoe ; th tuiih that n
) iney S i '"Ij, er0 P0(pp',ci.,, of p.-tS
Near Last iind . ., ia
may joiiuw. ioi vi "v
leakageo' tile inteMt.nal contents
out into the free spaces between
a y of the Christian church n In
dia ana now with the Near East
Last Sulurday Mis? Arlne Bal-
uui iiuu me i r""" . ,. .
the organ- of the ahdoman. but "iK'er went to where
tturemay Iwdaua-ioushem -rrh- e"""u "ie1"' r
agesaswdl. it is muaby a laial Big red balloons at Bnsrow
. . .i . .. Lt l,un tli. L.linn'a afar t
pay lor uia am-i-i nun, Wvmu.'u ..w..
iteh becomes a hole. i All tne leacnera are oere anu
Before you goto the country, gdtoi starts off w 141 a bang next
gel a typhoid vaccination dene by'fuesday
ii,.iir l!iu-li Sum renu'rea r . f:i. c:..i ,o
jvui ..wvi.. w . i.onaressuian ick oiiiiiuii. ib 1
it of alibis soidieis, While you j)ne tfd paid The injpcj j
o.i.-nfnlv eor.giiler SUUT . .n I
milk supply and before tasting
Hie wutr be suspicions Look. VVrifer One Pickpoc! et
, Oeorge Harrington, ftie UtglluB
writer, was at one time a plekiweket,
- .MH.IU.H.H ta Atiiiti-iilla In
ebow8 thst the Slate Board 01 jj; m, mnty notable crime was rob.
Mrs. Scales Sclentlata any tbat we
really laugh and grow fat.
Mrs. Dlete Of course I No one
would grow fat and laugh I
Depreciated Value
Mistress Jane, that's a $200 vase
you've just smashed.
Muld Taln't worth that now, mum
He Know anything about India
. I flm I "vllil la the word you want 1
solved that one last nignt.
On Leave
"Madam, could yoa gimme a piece
of pier
"What are your
"I'm a aallor."
"Then why ain't yoa at work on a
"Ain't yoa heard of that ten-year
navnl holiday T
No. of clear Ji.j - 21
No. partly cloudy. 4
No. of cloudy daj -3
There were Ihuuder storms on
the Maid 2 id
Tne riiiectinti cf the prevbii'ng
wind v. us wtft.
The total peculation wesO.15
TCtal pruipit.di'jn since
S--pt'int;erlst. 11124 was -.. 1 6
'Tolal precipitation for th
"orr spon'',irg period or.e yeyr
ago; - S39
H. F. Hart' on
(.(.& rerntive ')b'rvt r
Morgan Station
Short Houre
"Why did Fisher's business go to
the d"gsr
"He thought too much of bis per-
sontil appearance."
"Dreiaed too extravagantlyr
"No. II neglected bis business
while waiting his turn In the barber
Life Calls to Life
A miin can keep himself H tmirl
to himself. Kmerson ssys. In on- if
his eosnya. "We rvfime aympiilliy 'ind
Intlmnry with people as If we w.;;ir I
for smue better aymputhy and lull
mscy to come. I!ut whemr nnd
when? Tomorrow will be like l" l)
Life wastes Itself while we are pro
paring to live."
Ancient Creek Samton
Antaeua wss a mythical Greek riant,
who waa Invincible so long as he re
mained In contact with bis mother, the
earth. He compelled arrangers to
wrestle with him, and built a home
of their skulls.
amveu mui one ia mgin. ..ii.,ii,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllMIIHIIIHllimi ollllllll II P-
E!IU!iilllIIIIIII!lllIIllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll"",","," H
iio PrndletOtL. Ore
ISwvi !6toi9
"-2! v . 101c
-GOOD Work and REASONABLE Pricc$ h
araund at the tourist camp lor a
fioMte of insuection
11. i.-- ;,,.ui.iullihrt iireiiiiea : bins Frtni-e Orloff of a snuT box
an I analyzed tne w teraud tou n ; ;
them safe. Oer 3'W Oregon
camps already bear H is sign. If
n doubt look fot the eertifu jtc.
Oregon Tiih-rculos s Assoc! nr
$$ '
YOU WANT TO GET AHEAD faster to harvest
your dollars faster make your money go
fanher win the auccess that should be youis.
Here's one way to doit. a way that gets results.
Handle your fund pay all bills by check, and always
sign with Ink. Check save lime and money. Give you
an accurate record of your funds. Make your income
go fart' er by regula Ing your money outgo. A checking
account help you maintain a budget which I the sens!
bte way to handle your financial affair.
In these and other ways, vour checking account actually
makes vour money go farther, helps you get far more
from your Income than you've ever' enjoyed before
Makes it possible for you to spend your money more
profitably. t , , '
Ask us to tell you about this. You'll find It very much
worth while. Come in today.
They Die of Old Age
The shortage of ap-tn-dule it"Ctnr
In the rural dlstrlrts Is aiild lo be so
eerloue thst people living Ihere almost
never have their tnnsiia lasen out un
less If la necessary. tilt.
Whale Had Lived Long
A whale caught off the shores of
Oreenlsnd not lung sgo had In Its
body the head of an old harpoon,
wtiloh experts estimate must have
been there tr SO years at least.
Hobby Worth While
Life will frequently languish, even
In the hsnda of the busy. If they have
not some employment subsidiary to
that which forms their muln pursuit.
-tt mot roeli.tic
Ins pMl'iw of
the turrtas fntfttier
aayi tvw sUead.
Don't Fall to Ces It
Larc-. more spectacular, brilliant
and thrilling than ever before I
Round Trip Fare
for train WI" mfuS
1, W, MllWK, Agent,
C. P. A.
I'nrtliiml. r-i!on
reduce the cost of living
use more milk and cream
YOUK satisfaction,. OUR success.
C. C. Sargent, Proprietor.
1 All Primers, Readers, Civil Government, Geogradhy s
SMace and Gordy histories a . e displaced with new books &
S The method of exchange permits of exchange only s
1 'Science tor Service" m lof books of like number as a first reader for a first readt r g
S Books mnst be sola tor casn anu i whhui ou.u v
(sell them on charge account. Please do not send children
S for books without the cash. S.
'l'hrotiKh the Experi -t Matlon, the Kxtensloii Hervlce
lUwIilent I nut met Inn
Bank of lone
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
Oregon Agricultural College j
Serves the Farms the Homes and Industries of Ore.
It olfers a college ediu-ittlun In
Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering, Forestry,
Home Economias, M'.nes, Pharmacy, Vocational
Education, Chemical Engineering, Military Science
and Tactics
TlwHvhool ol IUHI0 A UTS AND SCIKNCICS provides the foiiu
tlatlon tor all technlenl course. The trnltilnij lncliid"S IMtyaleat
Kdnratlon, Industrial Jmirnnllsm, Hih-IiiI Helenees. n ml Mnale
Fall Term Begins September 21, 1925 '
For Illustrated l.ooklels and -.peclnc Information, write to
The UKQISTUAU, Oregon Aarleultuml College, Corvallls, Ore.