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TDIfl getting for thi Inat chapter
In tin life or Old Mia Murphy
ww tin litturt of tin Nevida
desert; tin tliu tin exhil
arating but turbulent spring season of
Uii year 1UO-,
Tbi old man itond In tin door of
bll cibla on tin ilde of rugged des
rt ring, ind In troubled spirit lie
gessd t i group of strangers moving
bout In apparent excitement on tin
llgtit-colured porphyry fuotlillli tint
Uy between him ind tin gray, pnrclitd
flit to tbi deceptive distance. It wai
nly it long Intervals during inor
thin a generation since tin old nun
bid livid ilom In thut cibln that my
on bid disturbed till solitude, ind
tbli sudden luvialon hi reaeuted. Ill
bid prospected ind mined In I drsul
tory way fur so many years umuoleat
d that bi felt l sort of proprietorship
Ui thi surrounding country.
Tbi tlmi wai when hi welcomed
bla fellows to tin drier! domain, but
It wai now long pint. When In lo
ci t id tbi "Atlantic Cable" and "Novi
Bcotia" silver lodi rlalim ha flt lint
bla lung search fr rlchei bad been
uccful. Under tin illmului of
vlaloni of weallb hli tulnd'i eyi law
nrirmi of treasure areken burrowing
In On bllli itmut blm ind hli own
ctalmi yielding bonanta. Then It was,
bi Invited tin whl world to ihara
bll dlaeovery and good fortune. How
vir, tin annul illver ledge sttrscted
ilttli atteutlun aud tin district wai
deserted except for Murphy, who
worked bll own vein and never gueased
' tbi real secret of tin bills over which
bl prowled.
Tbi yean went by ind Old Man
Murphy, growing nion grlisled ind
bent, became morose ind cared less
Ml leal for tin iH'lety of bla kind.
Aa young man In had left friends
od family behind and Joined tin for
tune burners In tin far-off western
deceit, Then In bad every hope of
returning sn with wealth abuudant
Ilia failure galled bla pride. Tin
yean of brooding alone created
string antagonism toward contact
with bll fellows.
Old Man Murphy watched In attend
tbi activity on the hills below till hi
law ooa of tin strangers coming up
the trail toward Mm. That waa too
much. Hi turned Into tin cabin with
muttered Imprecations on tin In
Tbi at ranger bid conn with friendly
Intention. He told story of
great find, one that would have
thrilled tin old man bad In beard It
twenty yean before. A ahallow trench
cross the peak of oni of tin yellow
hllll hid otmied vein of picture rock,
literally sparkling with rryatali of
gold. Murphy merely glanced It thi
Uttering an in tile of on offered In
proof ind turned away, grumbling
bout thi Invasion of bla district. Tbi
Beit day In packed bll scraggy
ciyuiei with provision! ind disap
peared In tin direction of Kicelalor
rang! when be could bi iloni for
Worn out with tramping about thi
mount a Ins Old Man Murphy returned
In few weeks to bli cabin on tin
"Atlantic Cable." During his absence
wonderful change had come over tin
district. All around blm for mil
prospectors wen Inciting every foot
of ground, near tin site of the orlg
Inal gold discovery town to shelter
, thousands waa building. The eiplo-
ton of glanl-powiler charges blasting
thi rock In hundred shafts ind tun
nel! kept up I continual ronr. Miners
dodged about In the smoke and dust,
bowing each other specimen! of gold
besprinkled quarts. From bll em'
Inenci Murphy could count half
hundred automobiles, loaded with pas
sengers, speeding In clouds of dust and
, und along tin three new trails
through thi sage brush, all converging
In thi new camp.
Tbi old man contemplated tin
change with heavy heart. Ills soli
tude wai thing of tin past. A tres
pass he wis powerless to stop wai
upon blm.
A monument of rough stones newly
placed on bis clulms caught bis eye.
Us itrode over to It and read tin lo
cation notice In miner. With vicious
kick hi tumbled tin pile and ton thi
notice to shreds. Iteturnlng to bll
cabin, In loaded both barrel! of bll
hotgun ind took position command'
Ing view of the rated monument ind
tbi two trespassing prospectors, who
wen working In newly ilarted tun'
Ml, unmindful of tin old mun'i pres
"You fellers git off my claim. Don't
yi know I've had this ground fer
thirty yean. Git If yi know whil'i
good fer ye," he shouted hoarsely,
much excited. The prospector! left
their work to face tin big gun lev
led it them. They protested, argued
nd threatened, but Murphy's manner
wii menacing nnd his fingers twitched
nervously on the trigger. They wen
Compelled to relreut.
Tin prospectors niudi several ef-
fort! to get possession of tin claim
nd repines their monuments, alwayi
to bi met by tin big shotgun ind thi
old man behind it, who kept on con.
tint guard duly.
When provisions run low, rather
tbin lend encouragement to tin boun
tlfully stocked stores oT thi new camp,
Murphy made night drive to in Iso
lated trudlng post soma twenty miles
Left oni i'ft'arno(in"ilurph'y tat with
tin gun icroM his knees guarding bis
claim. Away In tin distance along
tin rout of oni of tin new trails
tbin appeared gang of workmen.
Mil ittantloa wai ittracted by tin
llm of telegraph poles they win
erecting. That evening In lit long
la tbi darkness musing Intently, snd
Un nut morning hi put away tin
gun, fastened bll cabin door, and skirt
ing tin camp wii soon tramping it bis
beat pace through tbi land toward
tbi llui of polos, tie spent tin day
trailing along with tin construction
A new Murphy cami back to tin
cubln tint ivenlng.
Tin prospectors bad taken advan
tage of bli absence to replace the mon
ument In bid destroyed.
Let 'em hivi It. Let 'em havi It,"
in mused when In saw whut hud been
done. Me scrawled a few Hues to the
boys," telling them they would be
bothered no mure and to go on with
their work, and placed the note wbere
they would easily Hud It,
As regularly aud persistently 11 bl
bad itayed on guurd duty during the
preceding days, Murphy now followed
slung with the Hue builders, watching
every movement of tbe construction
work. He stepped off the distance be
tween the poles, observed the number
set each day, and In the twilight. In
bli cabin, he figured the number of
dayi till camp would bi reached. Each
evening be checked oft the duy'i prog
ress, chuckling hnpplly to bKnselt If
tin wo. bud gone better than usuul
or feeling depressed If some iccldeot
bad been the cause of delay.
The last strand of win was itrung.
Tin click of tin sounder is the key
closed told the Inlllited that ill waa
finished. Tbi operator was tsklng bis
place it tin table when Old Man Mur
phy pushed through the crowd that
tilled tin new office ind leaning over
tin operator uttered an appeal that
wai bicked by tin longing of bis
whole aouL
"Uoy, let nil lend thi Brat oneF
The operator stared at tin flushed
faci Incredulously, then Into the deep-
act, now brilliant, appealing eyes.
Bcarcely knowing why, be inawered
the old man by stepping back. Mur
phy flung himself Into the operator's
est and placed bis Angers on the
transmission key. The dispatch to be
stnt first lay open befon blm. It read :
Crosscut en Balloon hill claim
epsnsd up four f of hlsnsrado as
sarin Into thousands. Withdraw
Rr (or sale.
With hesitation and in uncertain
"send' the old man commenced:
It was not the message before hint.
The operator looked worried. He
dvinced one hand toward thi Instru
ment to atop tbi old man, then as tin
measagi became coherent he listened
Inteutly. Tin receiving operator at
the other end of the wire was puttied
to get this message:
"will prove an additional link be
tween the nations whose friendship Is
founded upon their common Interest
and reciprocal esteem."
Now tbe old man's fingers wen
tingling with thi electric Impulse of
the Instrument ; 11 If by magic tbi old
touch cime back. He begun tbe trim
nilaalon of the copy before blm. It
went over the wire with the speed and
precision, of an eiffert. lie labored
under in Inward excitement mys
tery to the onlookers. With steady
band be sent dispatch after dispatch
until tin accumulated pile was ex
hausted. With the last click he opened
tbe key and turned to the crowd,
triumph ind satisfaction In every fea
ture of the rugged, time-worn face.
"Itoyi." he laid, "thli Ii I great duy
great day fer tin deaert an' fer
me. How I bated to see you fellers
come but I didn't know yer wal goln'
to bring this I didn't know It. I've
been huldln' down claim In this dis
trict fer nenr thirty yean, boys I'm
kind o shriveled up body an' soul,
belli' here io much alone in' I wanted
to bi ilone till the end," then he id
dressed the operator.
"Ye thought somethln' wai wrong
when I lent out that first message,
didn't ye? This desert has laid be
tween nn an' that measage fer forty
years. It's long time, boys, since I
was counted oni of tin best operators
In the coAintry, That was In tin late
eighties. I wai 10 good It opera tin'
that when thi first eobli was laid I
wai put In th' service. That was
great day, too, fer me, in' I relayed
tint message from Queen Victoria to
tin President. It wai the first oni
cross. A fow years afterward I got
th' gold fever an' I've been on the des
ert ever since, but I never forgot thut
message, and I Just had to send It out
first to gut my bearln'a. An' to think this
thing hai followed nn and found mi in
tin deaert after all these yean."
The excitement that luitulned tbs
old man was passing.
"Hut now I'm glad ye come, I'm
satisfied, boys I'm satisfied.
Tbi eyes dulled, thi lips twitched In
in effort to speak, ind the bead
dropped. Old Mun Murphy was
lelied with purulyils a paralysis of
Sleep Machine Invented
An Inventor at Maclesfleld, England,
has perfected machine that, he
thinks, wilt cure Insomnia. Tin ma
chine li plnced alongside of tbe bed
and emit! light rays of twelve differ
ent colon, flashing at prearranged pe
riods. Tbe effect of this combination
of colon nnd periodicity Ii Intended to
bi soothing and to Induce sleep. The
color flashes it such regulur Intervals
have peculiar effect upon tbe retina,
It Ii laid. Tin Inventor maintain! he
bus cured several stubborn cases of
sleeplessness In ten to fifteen minutes.
Thi business value of getting peo
ple Into their stores Is appreciated by
11 merchants. That Ii tbe purpose
for which they advertise. Once pro
spective customer Is Inside store
there Is opportunity for sale. A mer
chant may have good line of mer
chandise, bis prices may be reason
able, and bli display may be attrac
tive; but the people must be provided
With good road to bis store or they
will not come there. The resident!
of city will not make the fullest use
of their streets If they are muddy or
dusty, and the merchants will not en
joy the trade they should have if their
prospective customers cannot find good
roads to their stores.
Any street In any community cm bi
made attractive by the simple expe
dient of paving It properly, and It bl
to the advantage of every taxpayer to
help highway ofhYrnli or tbe town
council put through Improved high
way and itreet Improvement programs.
I'eople who own busluess or residence
property in learning every duy thut
civic Improvements that call for thi
proper paving of streets in the best
kind of Investments Investments tint
piy sure dividends.
The well-paved street -Is worth
money to every merchant on It, as
well being highly convenient for
shoppers. A well-paved buslneaa itreet
will Impel customers to the door, with
consequent Increase In business si tin
opportunity Is offered customers to
make their purchases without the In
convenience of muddy, dirty, dusty
Clean, pleasant, healthful surround
ings sre most deslruble in any real
dence district. This condition ll pro
vided In well-paved itreet, beside!
making It safer for children ss well ll
for the motorist, i'roperty values go
up where well-paved street replace!
a rutted. Impassably thoroughfare.
Cities an Judged very largely by tin
ittrictlveneai of their streets. Stran
gers looking about for locations in
quick to Judge tbe buslneaa and social
standards of the community by Its
thoroughfares, particularly the real
dence streets. Visitors In a well paved
city will Instantly sense the progres
sive spirit of the place, they will long
remember the orderly Influence of buai
nesa and residence sections, ind they
will csrry thi story of Its clean, chinn
ing streets back to their hotnea
Public Improvements of any kind
coat lesi In the long run when they
n made ai nearly permanent aa pos
sible. The first cost of permanent
paving Is no more than Inefficient
types, and tbelr maintenance Is either
minimized, or entirely eliminated.
Consequently the type that pays divi
dends to sny community is the .perma
nent, durable, sanitary, fire-safe type.
Other advantages of paved streets
n found In fire and health protection.
Good paving on streets and alleys Is
one of the prime essentials to fire pro
tection. Fire hazard la greatly re
duced If even, clean, skid proof thor
oughfares are In every section of the
town so that my point ran be reached
quickly and easily by tbe fire depart
ment. Health Ii by product of clean
liness. Health officers Insist thst san
Itation as reflected In tbi condition! of
the itreet! ind alleys has direct
bearing upon the general health of the
clty'i Inhabitants. Hence, itreet
that la well paved will be easily
cleaned, and will be free from ruts
and holei that breed filth.
Roadway Will Run to Old
French Fort Toulouse
I'lani ire under wiy for tbe build'
Ing of highway to tin old French
Fort Toulouse, which wis an Indian
town nearly 400 jean ago.
Fort Toulouse Is In Elmore county,
near Montgomery, Ala., short dis
tance from one of the principal high
ways leading Into the city, nnd It Is
the intention of historical experts to
make this point available) to tourists.
The plan was launched by I'etcr A.
lirannon, curator of the Alabama De
partment of Archives and History. It
was only recently that marker wai
placed it old Pole Cat Springs, SO
miles from Montgomery, where I.afay,
etti spent the night on his way to
Fort Toulouse Is rich In history. A
granite shaft has been plnced there
to commemorate the old French out
poit of 1714, which Is a miniature rep
lica of the shaft erected to General
Montgomery on the plains of Ahruhain,
at Quebec. The old French cemetery
Ii it Fort Toulouse, ind ben some
of Jackson's men wen burled, tin
pi a ci becoming known n Fort Jack
son. The treaty of 1814 by which the
Indians ceded all their lands south
of Fort Jackson to the United States
wii ilgned there.
New Jersey Roads
With the completion of Iti construc
tion program for this year, tin New
Jersey state highway commission will
have added 100 miles of Improved
road! to the state's system. Tbe
boird hai now under contract 00 miles
to be paved this summer and awards
of work to be made shortly will In
crease this total to 100.
New Jersey now has 840 miles of
state highway routes and 404 of these
miles have been completed with
hard-surfaced pavement.
Experience hss shown that forage
crops an necessary for growing pigs
economically. Ho states William C.
Skelley, assistant animal husbandman
at tbe New Jersey State College of
Agriculture, who continues:
Pasturing on green forage saves a
great amount of feed, allows plenty of
fresh sir, gives the animal exercise
ind help! to keep the quarters sani
tary. "Where It thrives alfalfa makes one
of the best permanent pastures for
swine, ss it can be pastured from early
spring to late summer and is Jilgh In
protein and mineral matter. Since
heavy paaturage Is Injurious to .the
crop It Is well to restrict the number
of pigs, allowing tbe plsnt to grow and
be good for two or three cuttings of
'Jted clover also makes in excellent
forage. Pigs should not be turned on
It nnfll It has reached n good growth,
ss too early pasturing Is likely to kill
It out. It ran be pastured until it be
comes woody In the summer, when It
contains too much fiber to be taken
care of by the pig's digestive tract.
"Sweet clover Is mother leguminous
forage which should be pastured
rather closely, as this encourages new
growth snd binders woodlnes.
"Itape Is unsurpassed aa an annual
forage crop for swine. It Is palatahle,
succulent snd high In protein and ash.
As It may be sown both early and lute
In tbe season, forage may be provided
at any time In the summer. P(gs
should not be turned on It until It la
about ten Inches high. If mpe is not
pastured too closely growth will con
tinue until fall.
"Field peas, sown either stone or
with osts or rape, is a very latUfac
tory summer forage crop, as it Is a
legume and compares with alfalfa and
clover In Its protein content.
"Itye furnishes supply of green.
succulent feed material In the late fall
and early spring and la therefore or
greet benefit to the breeding herd
esjieohilly the brood sow nursing full
snd spring litters.
A number of other forage crops.
such as sny beans, bluegrass snd even
some weeds sn relished by swine. The
point for the grower to keep In mind
Is that every bit of green muterlal con
sumed by the pig means saving of
some grain In growing that pig for
Alfalfa Versus Clover
for Pasture for Swine
Alfalfa excelled red clover as a pas-
tun for hogs In recent comparisons
made at the Indiana station. Alfalfa
proved capable of carrying mon bogs
per acre thin clover ind produced
lightly larger gains with leal corn
than wai required on clover pasture.
Tbi showing of clover pasture, how.
ever, wii very satisfactory. Tbe two
pastures carried IS to 20 spring pigs
to the sen when the pigs wen full
fed and ibout seven pigs when limited
grain feeding waa practiced.
In one test pigs were fed limited
ration of two pounds of grain dally
for each 100 pounds live weight. Part
of the plKS grated alfalfa and part
clover pasture. Gains made by the
two lote were practically Identical, but
the plgi on alfalfa required only 143
pounda of corn per 100 pounds of gain.
compared to 13 pounds for the pigs
on clover posture.
In comparison of pigs which were
full-fed corn snd tsnkage on the two
pastures the pigs on alfalfa outgslned
those on clover by slight margin
and required five pounds less corn and
four and one-half pounds less tankage
than tbe plga w hich ran on clover pas
Exercise for Stallions
Stallions should have liberal amount
of exercise during tbe breeding sea
ion, especially during tbe last half.
They should have tbe equivalent of
eight or ten miles day on the road.
This exercise should be given early
In tbe morning. Nothing will pay bet
ter In tbe management of public
service stallion Uian this kind of ex
i I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .
Live Stock Notes
i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
I'll purebred sires for more and
better meat, milk, wool and eggs.
Corn and cob meal Is not consid
ered good horse feed. Horses will
do better on mixture of corn and
Nature's tonics for young pigs are
exercise, sunshine, plenty of green,
succulent feed, plenty of good water,
ind clean surroundlnaa.
Cull ill undeveloped pulleta and old
beni from tin flock.
Early hatched pullets will molt early
In thi fall oni be ready for laying next
winter at a aeaaon when egg produc
tion Is tow ind prlcei high.
It hai been shown that young chicks
are most susceptible to Infestation of
roundworms until about 12 weeks of
age. With seven Infestation death
may occur In two weeks. In, mild In
festattoiii chick! live, but growth is
slower end resistance to disease less.
1 VI. 1
Portland, Oregon.
Better Franklin Service-Storage and General Repairing
ANDERSON & RICE, .DHrN,,, Portland, Ore
Ancient Custom, Anyway
Tbe origin of the superstition con
earning knocking on wood Is doubtful,
Some authorities attribute it to tbo
ancient religious rite of touching a
crucifix when taking an oath; others'
to the touching of beads of tbe rosary,
when praying. Among the Ignorant
peasants of Europe the custom prob
ably began with the habit of knocking'
loudly to keep away evil spirits.
"Special Delivery."
Tbe Post Office department says
that "special delivery service Is the
prompt delivery of mail by messenger
during prescribed hours to persons
who reside wiihiu the carrier limit! of
city or delivery r trices, or within one
mile of any pert office, or to patrons
of the rural service wbo reside more
than one mile from the post office but
within half mile of rural route."
Earth's Diameter
Dr. Hayford made calculations for
the International Geodetic Physical
union and announced that tbe earth
la precisely 7,926 miles and 678
thousandtha of a mile in diameter and
7,899 miles and 964 thousandths of
mile through tbe poles.
Badgers' Work Menace.
Badgers spend most of their time
digging out the burrows of the flick
ertail or ground squirrel and feasting
on the fat occupants. Thus, while do
ing the greatest service to the ranch
man their big burrows on the prairies
are menace to every hone and rider
on the plains.
Engineering Term.
The term "four-cycle," used In con
nection with an Internal combustion
engine, means that then are four pis
ton strokes for the accomplishment of
the processes in the engine. These
strokes an termed the Intake stroke,
the compression stroke, the power
stroke and the exhaust stroke.
Pioneer Greek Teacher.
The tint regular teacher of the
Greek language and literature at Ox
ford university, England, was William
Grocyn, an English classical scholar,
who waa born at Colerne, Wiltshire,
about 1446. He died at Maidstone, in
Original "Mother Gooee."
The first Mother Goose stories were
published In French by Perrault In
1C97, under the name of his infant
son, Perrautl d'Armancourt These
talea consisted of ten stories, of which
seven an founded on earlier Italian
Perfect Accord.
"Do you let your wife have her own
way? asked the henpecked husband.
Absolutely," replied the independent
one. "When she says Its going to
rain I let It rain, and when abe says
she Just knows it's going to mow, I
let It mow."
Cloudi Clou to Earth.
The highest cloudi In the iky gen
erally an not more than two miles
above tbe mrface of tbe earth.
Bread Winning.
An economist announce! that the
number of women bread winners Is
growing constantly. No doubt there
an more winning It than there are
baking it. Detroit Free Press.
Sage Observation.
The child who Is decked with
prlnce'i robei and who hai Jeweled
cbalni around his neck loses all pleas
ure In his play; his dress hampers
blm at every step. Tagore.
Ourselves to Blimi.
It many times falls out that we
deem ourselves much deceived In oth
ers because we first deceived our
selves. Insect Pests Costly.
The losses caused annually by in
sect pests In the United States are
estimated by entomological author!
ties to reach the sum of $2,000,000,000.
You Want a Good Position
Vary wall Teas the Aeeeuntanc? an!
Kualnasa Management, Private aeretarV
al. Calculator, ComptamaUr, NtMaam-
ante, i'anmanauia, tar oauaaraui iia
tra' Ceurae at
Th foremost Bualnaa Collar of th
Northwaat which ha woa mr Accuracy
Award and Gold llrdal than any ethar
school la America. rnd for our Buoeaa
Catalof. Fourth Strut near Mnrr1aa
rortiana, ur. iwaao m. wnmwr rr
P. N. U.
No. 32, 1925
Compleli Chang Saturday
Adults, Week dav Matinee 20c;
Evenings, 35c. Continous 1 to 11
p. m. Children 10 cents all times
Clarke Brow., florist 1ST Merriam It
W Specialize) In
Bides, Pens, Wei), Mo,
Taflew, Catcan, Orrot
Gripe Root, Coal Sltios,
Bortt Bair
Wrlufor Bbloplne Tas 4 (start Ms List
Portland Hide a Wool Co.
in asm maw assr. panuas, muss.
Braaehal raestalle, Uaka
WHY Experiment!
Xmn In artual prartU fn Portland
; ss a HoinnkHriat pwisHrins' In rh
' motUY nvuraliria. aounliB and all
Head wmk If h!p you
want, tmrk lh oklMt in Its work.
Geo. S. Brattling, D. C
M Broadway Bids'. Portland, Oraa-oa
8v this Card.
Peculiar Dlvlalon.
Out of the mouths . of babel and
sucklings may be perfected definition
as well ai praise. For example, there
ii the caae of the teacher who, at tbe
close of the reading lesson, was quea-
tlonlng her class on the subject mat
ter thereof. "What la an oysterT she
asked. "Please, miss,'' replied tbe
bright boy of tbe class, "it's bait
flab and half nut,"
Menhaden Fish Defended.
Menhaden fish, the oil from which
has many commercial uses. Is also an
excellent food fish thoujh aa yet un
popular because of Ha treat number
of bones. Food experts, 1 owever, an
overcoming this by grinding the fish,
bones and all, so as to make fish
meal or powder. In which form It can
be converted into cakei and eaten
Tne Hides Weapons.
A revolver and a steel trap were
found Inside tree when it waa cut
down near N'orborne, Md, recently.
The weapons evidently had been
placed at the base of the tree yean
ago and It gnw around them.
Plant Stimulation.
Nitrate of soda is good for plants
and flowers it naed In moderation. It
increases the vegetable growth, stimu
lating the foliage rather than the flow
ers. Too much will prove Injurious.
Naturs'a Peculiarities.
Many a man thlnka admirably well
who hai a poor utterance, while oth
ers have a charming manner of speech
but their thoughts an trifling.
Tribute to Filth.
Faith Ii the great elevator of char
acter, and has a wonderful Influence
on the Ideals. It lifts us to the bi;Igtts
aud glvei us glimpses of tbe prom
ised land. It Is the "light of truth
and wisdom." Orison Swett Marden.
Rati with Rabbits.
Rats, both brown and gray, have
been found living with rabbit! In their
holei by a rat catcher In Lincolnshire,
Facial Surgery Old.
Facial eurgery. Including; the re
modeling of injured noses, ears and
lips, was known In Italy as long ago
as 154S.
"The 8hailows Murmur
The smaller tho caliber of mind, the
greater the bore of a perpetually open
mouth. Oliver Wendell Holmes. .
Excellent Advice,
Speak little and well, it you wish
to be considered ai possessing merit.
From the French.
She Knew!
Woman (at Wlllesdon) No matter
how you listen In our flat you cannot
hear whut the people lay In the next
flat. I know. Tit-Bits.
Rather Exclusive.
Wisdom will not die wit If the, peo
ple, and It It evldont that It objects
to living with lot! of 'em. Atlanta
Indian women climb the highest bill
top at night to wall for the dead.
New Fluff Rugs
Mad From Old Carpet "Wear Like
Daal MiwpI with th Manufactumr. Abaulut
Hatlnfai'tlon Uuiunntmid. Hand la Your Ma
terial or. Writ for I'rica.
U-M Union Avnu Nor. Portland, Oracoa