The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 15, 1925, Image 3

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    Do You Cough? '
I-o AnKct-, Cat. "I lud a hrnvy
Cold llut wit lrc n my Iiiiiki, Willi a
(nimluiit ruiinh. 1 cuiilil nut Krp at
niKlit, had no ilrtiic fur lm'l, and lud
a feeling u( tiur ami drupniidriiry. Two
Imtllrs of )r. I'iikc'i Imlili'ii Medical
Ditrnvrry luljicil me grtiitly, (or it re
lieved tiro tiitliiui'si in my chest and rid
me of my mid. 1 could cat and ulrep
naturally. 1 am enjoying I?""! luullli
now and ran safely ircoirtmcnd Dr.
l'irrce's (iold'ii Medical Discovery to
llanc wIkj are ailing and ritiiiiv.ii."
Mm. lhir. I ItpfM-n, lllO S.111 Akuhuo St.
l)r. 1'icrcr'i (itiiilrn MnhiM iimv
try it a well known tonic and liuildrr ran Ijc pruuirrd in t:i).ti or li
iiid from jrmir nriirli'Mir ImmhI dm'Kitt.
Send Ilk- to )r, I'lricc'l Invalid' Hotel
in liuflalo, N. V., for a trul ,kn. of tl.c
tablets and write for frie advue. '
An Idea of Space.
Ono may Judge )iow great li the
distance to even Ilia nearest stare,
aya Nature Magailno, from the (act
that Vega, a near neighbor, li about
1,(00,000 tlmot moro distant than the
tun, which la our own particular aun,
the one about width our earth re-
A Sweet Breath
at an times
After eat in or svohint
Wrtjley s fmanu the tmiik
and sweetrn the breath.
Nrrrr are soothed, throat te
refreshed ana die flaw aided,
lo eary te carry 6 llttirpadiett
after ei'ery meat, J
A man charged In an English police
court wrote that he could not attend
In thn morning, but If tho court would
alt for him any afternoon ha would
"be pleased to ntuko an appointment.'
SlmpHon (lulling of trip out West)
The m oh t wonderful thing; wo saw wai
tho Grand canyon. Il'i really Impoa
Ing. Juat think, when my w If a saw It
alio wna speechless for five minute
Bulldog' Ancestry.
Thn bulldog la a cross between an
KngllHh mnatlff and a largo pugdog
from southeastern Asia.
FRfjfJ from tfir-nuit
Not iWtxi.
SuMT-rvftrwd fnf mvdidiul im. Stfrnarth
and tHirtty umhniri. Ntvtr aald ill
hulk. UotiW and ifttwll, at the Uhtw
ickim. 1 Im original utitlw tutor otL
FRPR llffrtrur en rvquMt to WALTER
JANV1I.K. Inc., 4i7 Carul St., Nw York
Tim rfwr-iff. W jor.
4 til govj afmj ttwm. '
You Want a Good Position
Very wall Talt the Aeeoiintanry end
Itualneaa Managnmont, Private B.orotart.
all CHli-wlalor, Comptometar, manners,,
phlc, l'nnutnhlp, or Commardlal Teaoh
re Couree at
The fnremnut nuntntM Cnllrge of the
N(irlhwBt which hni won more Acouracy
Awarda and (lold tlrdala than any other
ehool In Amnrlra. Hnnd fnr our Burro.i
('alalor Fourth 8triet nmr Mnrrlaon.
Portland, Or. Iwiao M, Walk r, Pre.
P- N. U. No. 20, 1925
rvsa m
ttii r abort iwy fak. (la.)
nr COMMANDING figure and
toldlerly bearing, with deep-
V, y let gray eye, hollow, cadav
trou cheek, and niustaclie
and hair an Intense blue black, hi iln
gular personality alon had anywhere
and at all time attracted special at
tentlon to the man ; but coupled with
thl distinguished personality, and sin
gling hi in out a remarkable In the
hlgheat degree, was the fijct that lie
lived In duplicate.
Thus If on Monday lie arose early,
breakfasted on coffee, toast, and eggs.
afterward retired to his rooms to oc
cupy himself until noon at bis desk;
then, after partaking of lunch, quit
hi rooms to ramble about the city, alv
Ing alms to the old blind organ woman,
going up and down partlculur street
and through particular quarters,
thence back to hi hotel, to his dinner,
to hi desk after dinner, and Anally to
bed on Tuesday he would go through
preclaely the same regime; arising
early, breakfasting on coffee, toast, and
eggs; afterward retiring to hi desk,
tbenca to lunch, to hi ramble up and
down those particular streets and
through these particular quarter
he had visited on Monday, giving aim
to the old blind organ woman ; thence
back tu hi hotel, to dinner, to hi desk
and papers; finally to bed.
On Wednesday he perhaps would
spend the day quit differently, arising
late, going out on horaetiack for the
entire day, attending the theater at
night, and to bed at midnight or later;
but howsoever he apent Wedneaday,
Thursday or the day following was
sure lo be a repetition down to the
smallest detail.
Friday would e commenced a new
aeries of action for Saturday M duple
That thl man should deliberately go
about living a If hi soul were a
steroacoi, and life, to be appreciat
ed, must be Ilka the stereoscopic pic
ture, double, was generally considered
an astonishing thing; and, beside. It
seemed such a reprehensible wast of
energy, tlihe and money.
To fall from bla horse npon a
Wednesday at a particular crossing.
bruising bla body and apralnlng hi
wrist was bad enough; but to repeat
the accident at that particular crossing
upon th follow big day wss a pur
wast of energy. To lo a half hour
on Friday by coming down to the de
pot too early was perhaps an error of
calculation ; but to rejieut the action on
th following Saturday waa a wast
or time. To visit his tailor on Monday
and order a new suit of clothing Was
nothing reprehensible; but to drop In
on th following day at precisely the
same minute and order a similar suit
of clothing could b nothing less than
a wast of money.
It wsl this trait of duplicating all
his expenditure that had first at?
traded attention to th man lingu
lar character. And, Indeed, on who
coolly and voluntarily paid all hi bill
twice over wa certain, sooner or later,
to have minute notice taken of him
self and hi coming and goings.
It may have been that th man'
mind wi divided, one half acting nor
mally and consistently, whilst lb oth
er half drove him each alternate day
to Imitate his conduct of th preceding
day, a a little impish boy Imitates
th actions of one going before him
In th street. Or perhaps b was
merely eccentric Itut there seemed
something more than eccentricity In
Ids conduct when, upon a certain Sat
urday, he deliberately returned and al
lowed a vicious dog to bit him In th
manner that It had bit blm some twenty-four
hour before. Such conduct
could arise from nothing less than
methodical madness.
Living his own life In his own re
served way, cultured and studious,
troubling do one, offending none;
doubly liberal In hi eipendltures and
never pressed for means, tteadfaat In
bla choaen eccentricity If such It
were and In bis face and manner no
questioning doubt of himself; perhapa
In time Henry Ilobart bad been ac
cepted Ilk any other man, th curl
ou bad censed to b curious, and bl
mysterious character, without any fur
ther or deeper scrutiny, had become
one of the mysteries of human life,
bad not th nian been suddenly struck
down as by an luvlslble hand and tha
appalling mystery of his death height
ened tenfold th mystery of Ida life.
On a Tuesday morning, at fifteen
minute of ten o'clock, an attendant
was summoned by th call-bell to room
03 of th Sumner house, and upon
obeying tha call found Henry Ilobart
struggling In the throes of a strung
and unnatural deuth.
The Man Who Did Things Twice,
half-dressed, (funding In th center of
hi outer room, wa buttling with th
Invisible sir about him for breath, or,
a tha attendant put It later, "Llk h
wa flghtln' with something that
weren't there."
The bote! was aroused, Doctor Thlel
was hastily summoned from hi of
fice on th next floor, and everything
wa don that science could suggest
or despair persuade, yet In less than
ten minutes Henry Ilobart lny dead
on tha floor, within hi stilled brain
hidden the profound mystery of bl
life, and still echoing In th death
room bla one strangled cry er death
sealed bit blue lip Tomorrow I
It wa a strains caie. a Question
able, cue, frightful case, but bejondl
all It proved a baffling case, for th
pollc Ctn, removed th body to the
morgue, Intimating death by poUon or
other foul play, and examined the
room and overhauled th possessions
of th dead nian, but who th de
ceased was, wbu hi kindred or what
bis former residence, or th cause of
bl death, they could not discover
Th scholarly tome that filled bl
shelves bore no signatures or book
mark, and private papers of any kind
there wer none. Th autopsy mads
th auiutt day afternoon upon the
body of th deceased failed to discover
any poison, and Doctor Thlel's belief
that th man had been strangled
seemed without support, as no foreign
substance or growth of any kind was
found In th wlndplp or air paasegea.
Nevertheless, Doctor Thlel was firm
and blunt : "The man wa strangled,"
h maintained. "Mk the best of
that, gentlemen, and then go to your
On thing only seemed certain, one
thing only wsa undisputed The Man
Who Did Things Twice, with levered
windpipe and autopsy-marred buuj,
would not duplicate his own death
upon th morrow. II had com to bis
death on a Tuesday, a Tuesday with
which had he lived he would have
begun a new coume of action to be
duplicated on Wednesday. Hut he had
died, and now for once The Man Who
Did Thing Twlc would fall In hi
eccentricity. Perhapa for that bis
spirit would be troubled. '
Next morning, while the attendant
who had been first on the death scene
of the previous day wa holding forth
at length on th tragedy with certain
servant cronies, th call-bell suddenly
rang and tha band Of the call dlui
spun around and pointed to No. 63.
Tha man haateued to obey th sum
mons, not noticing that the band of
th hall clock pointed to fifteen min
ute of ten, nor delaying to recollect
what gueat occupied room 03. The
tragedy of tha preceding day had been
the event of hi life, and he bad not
aa yet descended to th trifle of bl
dully routine.
A be tspped briskly at the door of
room 63 and put hla band upon the
knob to enter, It suddenly ram over
blin that he had don preclaely such
a tiling before. That at about that
time of some other morning he bsd
been summoned by th call-hell to
room 03 bsd knocked, turned the
knob, entered and a loud cry, a
about thick with horror, broke from
th man lips, and be reeled back Into
th hallway.
There before him. In the center of
th fateful room, half-dressed, battling
with the tnvlalble air, with blue Up
and protruding eye, stood Th Ms
Who Did Things Twice.
Th ominous, ghostly huah that fol
lowed the frightened attendant'a cry
wa quickly broken by the hurry of
many feet, and soon again th hotel
wa aroused and again Doctor Thlel
bent over the prostrate and dying Hen
ry IIoharL
Outaide and dlatantly could be beard
th clang of the fire bells, but In the
room of death all wa sudden alienee.
all were bushed by tha frightful, ghost
ly thought that th cen before them
bad been enacted before th . dying
man with hi discolored face and
struggling hands, th idiyilclsn bend
Ing over blilt, the alarmed, pitying
faces of th gathered guests, and th
frightened servant buddled In th
background. And th man muat die
die a he hid died I
They looked on, and watted. Then
th end came, and Doctor Thlel, aris
ing, said, "He 1 dcadl" II bad ot
tered those words one before and un
der Ilka conditions. And th guests
and the servants spoke together In hor
rified whispers, a they had don be
fore; then th issembly broke up and
tba hallway waa cleared a before!
There wa something Immeasurably
painful about It all, to live a thing
over In that frightful way, to be, aa
It were, mere puppets at a show, and
on day to be to another day as a re
flection In a mirror.
For a time tho wbo hid witnessed
both tragedies seemed to live In a kind
of trance, and moved about and whis
pered together Ilk being In a dream;
but finally th natural reasserted It
self, and then curiosity selr.ed them.
What wss th meaning of It Hen
ry Ilobart hid died and hi body bad
been mutilated by th surgeon's knife.
How, then, bsd he died a second time
and his body shown no marks of the
knife? Had they been deceived by a
ghost T No: there In room 03 lay the
dead man flesh and blood ond seven
blocks away, resting on a marble slab,
with th water dripping continually on
It, lay the other body of Henry Ilobart
Tha Man Who Did Thlnga Twice.
A sudden doubt enme Into the mind
of Doctor Thlel, a misgiving that
frightened him. Wss that other body
that autopsy-marred body still rest
ing quietly on Its slab at tha morgue!
Hastily quitting tha hotel, he hur
ried towards the morgue, and sudden
ly came up against an Insurmountable
blank wall of mystery. The morgue
wa a heap of charred ruin and smol
dering, steaming ashes, and If tha autopsy-marred
body of Henry Ilobart
had been lying on Its slab during the
period of th fire, then It had- been
totally consumed, and that other body
up at tha hotel wa that of a second
Henry Ilobart; hut, If tha autopsy
marred body of Henry Hdbnrt had not
been lying quietly on Ita alub during
tha raging of the Ore, then, In Qod'e
name, wbo and what was he who hid
died up at th Sumner house Uiut
By ( of Ultra-VioUt Ray
Science, working toward creation of
aynthetlc tissue by use of the ultra
violet ray, la now abl to produce
vegetable matter artificially.
pOH half a century, and more,
A Th feet of boys forever wore
A pathway to th teacher door.
let, fifty yearr b took bl stand,
A Latin grammar In bl band,
And taught th chlidien of th land.
A general, a great divine.
Tea, men whose names with luster
shine, ,
Learned Latin at that simple shrine.
For often here th great began
To dream, to wish, to hope, to plan;
Today la born tomorrow's man.
And so tha teacher grew to gray ;
Tea, fifty years have passed away
When someone happen on a day
To pause before the teacher' door,
The threshold tha, the children wor
A half a century or more.
And asks, as that good man appears:
"Are you not weary, tired to tear.
Of teaching Latin all th years?"
A slmpl answer be employs
To tell a teacher holy Joys:
"I don't teach Latin 1 teach boys."
God bless th teacher who can look
Above, beyond, the open book,
Th one wbo teaching undertook.
Not merely for th Latin's saka
But for th boly chanea to make
Tomorrow' man, a soul to wake;
Whom nothing wearies, naught an
But glsdly all bla life employs,
Not teaching Latin teaching boys.
g kr Hectare Npr Sra4ll.)
Laving- words will east but little
Journyln up th hill of lit.
But lhy niaks th wsak aad wsary
Mtronsr lor the strll.
Da yoa count thsra only trifles?
What to wrth are sua and rala?
Navar waa a kind word wasod,
Navsr was oaa aald la vala.
A LUSCIOUS basket of fruit gar
nlahed when posilble with Ita owa
leave, la aa ornament to any table.
Next to taste and palatablllty, w ilk
to bav osr food appeal to th eye.
Food nicely eerved and daintily gar
nished will b much more appetizing
than that w hich la served carelessly,
Salplcon ef Fruit.
Shred pineapple, add a bansna or
two cut fine, aa orange and a grape
fruit broken Into bits. Mix with a
cupful of sugar and a tabieapoonful of
water, boiled together until It hairs;
add a tableapoonful of lemon Juice,
and when cool pour over the fruit
Serve chilled In tall glasses and gar
nish with a cherry. For those wbo
cannot eat uncooked apples or pesra.
her la a dainty dish: 8tew the fruit
In a rich alrup until tender enough to
plerca easily, then decorate with quar
tered blanched almonds, dust with
powdered sugar and return to the
oven to finish cooking, pour th sirup
around them and use to baste the ap
ples during th cooking. Serve with
whipped cream and th thick rich
alrup. If pears ara used add a little
lemon Juice te th alrup.
When fresh' fruit Is not to b ob
tained us a few preserved strawber
ries added to a lemon Jelly or orange
Jelly ; serve In quivering mounds with
whipped cream and garnish with a
few berries.
Cored apple filled with nuta and
marmalade, covered with a meringue
la an attractive way of serving such
Grated appla added to th whit of
an egg and powdered sugar and beaten
until atlff makee a delicious dessert
Berv garnished with cube of bright
colored Jelly.
Peaches put through a slevs added
to plain almond-flavored Ice cream
are delicious.
Halves of rip peaches, filled with
chopped nuta, neaped with sweetened
and flavored whipped cream ara very
good. Canned peachea may be Uset
placing one-half on rounds of sponge
cake, with plenty of th fruit Juice.
Serv with cream.
8 tewed pear cored and filled with
Jelly,, served with cream, la still anoth
er way with fiuit
Orange Julo.
For an elderly member of the fam
ily who need a tonic and a Jog to
the digestive tract, orange Juice, from
on orange, at least three times a day,
la a wonderful health-given A month
of Ita use will ahow real results. The
orange Juice contains mineral salt,
fruit acid and life-giving principle
which cannot ba given In a more pleas
ant form. Very amall babies ara fed
a teaspoonful of orange Juice between
feeding, tho doing away with ca
thartics which, except In rare cases,
are Inadvisable.
For Supper or Luncheon.
Oysters wrapped In bacon and
cooked under a gua flame until the
bacon I crisp, served on toast with a
pepper aauc prepared as for pepper
on toast omitting th celery, mak a
fin aupper or luncheon dlah. Place
the oysters on a deep platter and th
aauct In th center.
(& till, WMtara Kitime Ualoa.)
Portland. Oregon.
Slect Residential & Transient
lit an4 YamhllL Portland, Onm
Modem Fireproof American Plan
I Better Franklin Service-Storage and General Repairing
j ANDERSON & RICE, 40att5rNm,k Portland, Ore
Explaining Daw.
Three concurrent source of dew
are recognized: the condensation of
the moisture of the atmosphere (when
dew may be aald to fall); the con
densation of waterjr vapor arfslng
from the earth (when dew riaes), and
the moisture exhaled by plants.
Gal Piaya Queer Prank.
When a gale struck the borne of
George Nelson In a small New England
town, It ripped off one chimney on his
house and blew a bole through the
other, leaving a atable ahell and In no
way disturbing the top layers of brick
or other part of the building.
Great American Surgeon.
Tfb father of American surgery Is
a title aometlmea given to Philip Syng
Physlck, a Philadelphia surgeon and
physician, born In 1768, died In 1S37.
HI name and profession made blm a
butt of the punsters. '
First Whit Hout Bride.
Lucy Payne Washington, aister of
Mrs. Dolly Madison, was the first
White House bride. Her marriage to
Associate Justice Todd of the United
States Supreme court took place in
the President's mansion In 1S11.
Keeping It Dark.
In Manchester, England, a magis
trate who remarked: "You are mar
ried?" waa Interrupted somewhat In
dignantly by the exclamation: "Hey,
not so loud It ain't a thing I boast
about, anyway!"
First Map of the Atlantic
The first map In which the Atlantic
ocean Is depicted and given Ita proper
name waa published In the year 1306,
and wa th work of an Italian geog
rapher, Marino Sanuto, of whom lit
tle 1 known.
Celebrated Trick Horse.
Morocco, a horse owned by one
Banks, amazed all London by bis clev
erness at the close of the Sixteenth
and the beginning of the Seventeenth
century. Mention la made of him In
contemporary plays.
Grouchy Reflection.
An old bachelor says that the most
prolific source of a woman's worries la
her Inability to think of something to
worry about.
Kp Your Credit Good.
Ef you don't pay de tiddler, you'll
have ter depend on de wind ter whis
tle for you when you wanta ter dance.
Atlanta Constitution.
Wstches Must Be Exact.
Railroads Insist that employees'
watches do not vary more than 30
second a week.
Nothing Gained by Hurry.
Business dispatched I business well
done; but business hurried 1 business
ill done. Bulwer-Lytton.
For Treatment of
Rheumatism and Neuritis
SIT Mamly Tlchnm Blilr., Portland, Oregon
ll or Jim. tulrhxl W L.
I'liklu III t IM. hi a Hn ka
II. Itto'4. Iln Atllxrr u.r-
ulral Writ, for .im-lil prlcM
t Uilmm, a. 1. KM ur llttrwl
Huk 1'ull.u, ClLlui (IN.
avawv' "SSATTLS
New Fluff Rugs
Mad From Old Carpets "Wear like
Daal Dlmct with tho lUnufaeturor. Ahoolut
Bitlafactlnn UiMrantMd. bona la lour no
torial or Wrlto lor Prico.
M-H Unioa Aran Nor. Portland, Orofoa
Compltti Chmji Saturday
Athilta Wulr A,i Vr.,;.. on-.
Evenimrs, 3.rc. (Winous 1 to li
p. m. Children 10 cent all times
"ALL MAIIZG" Guaranteed
Rebuilt Typewriters
Sat Terms; KMmmMylt dMinrf. Rmtud II mm., t.U A so. Band
fur iUiuuib piiea Hat.
IIS Prttal. Or
itomich aiwrdMS, kataay,
bUubUr troablM, aO atH,
coattipUoa, appaadklus tmi
all foul ompUint. T.l m
Uk. tiwtmats at hoa II t
ftrmd. 12 mam BL, aw
nr AI4r. Portland. On.
Moler Barber College
Teachea trad In I weeks, Bum pay
whUe learning. Poaltiona aacurad. Writ
toe catalogue. t3t Bunurid Btraet, Pert
land, Ortson.
EARWIfIS "r ktnd of (rain, for
"lIWlUa mn. truck, orrhard or tin.
brr InaaxtT If at, mri tat my frar tibntur. Ml
Ina about IM lurkallr milnl. officially InvvMi.
mud Mm of controlllna V. KmnUrtn,
IM Wnt Kilpatrick St.. Portia, 4. Onm
Clarke Broa Ptorlata, Ml orrWoa a.
One Ounce of
Prevention Worth
Pounds of Cure
Serious Sickness
by taking
A Mild Laxative.
A System Builder.
that aMtnts Nature
In kaepln- your bow
la oiiea and your
InrmW sy.t.m la
prfct working or
der at all tlmoa,
at Your Drug Store
Powerful Light Ray.
A special ray of light which will
penetrate for a distance up to 300
yard under water at any depth, ba
been Invented by an Italian scientist.
Natural Taste.
"Peoples Jes natchelly like to be
scared." said Uncle Eben; "which Is
what mukes 'em want to listen to
ghost stories an' git 'nltlated In secret
societies." Washington Star.
Droughts in Grace.
During droughts In Greece children
are sent In processions to all wells
and spring under the leadership of
a girl adorned with flowers, who alnga
at each halting place.
Charg, Account
Another time man get the laBt word
Is when he says: "All right! All right!
Just tell 'em to charge It." Duluta
We Specialize in
Mn, Hit, Woel Moksir,
TaDow, Casein, Orefoi ;
Crip Roe!, ' Coat Sluat,
Horu Hair
Wrllo tor Shipping Tin 4 latoat Pries Uot
Portland Hide a Wool Co.
its nmmw saint, ntTuue, MIM. ,
Braaeh at Pocatollo, Idaho ' !
Ktiwt. Portend, Orwon, will mall a torn.
plu Catalog of TniMM, Klaitla Blocking.
anil Abdominal Oriu
Write at Once.
r .a
'- 1 j