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Ione-HardmanHigh Bank nf ,onc Makes improve
. Play Close
GaiTlC 'nar''J8 Allinger it busy
this week makirifr some improve
ments in the local bank building.
Clean Playing Is Outstanding . An additional window is being
The (tame between the high
school basketball teams of Hard
man and lone, played last Satur
day afternoon proved to be of
imore than usual interest. The
teami were quite evenly matched
ard the outcome was not decided
until the last few seconds of the
game. The score was 12 to 13
in long's favor.
The Hardman team not only
Iplayed in good snappy form but
displayed Ine spirit of clean
sportsman ship.
installed and a partition ereaied
across the rear room.
Cecil News Items
' The High School teams went
tto Arlington on Friday night and
'succeeded in wirvningboth games
rather easily. The score of the
:boys game was 31 to 18. We are
unable to learn the girls score,
but understand that they won by
a good margin.
Both teams go to Condon to
night and have high hopes of
bringing home the bacon making
it three straight wins.
Morrow County stands in rank
23 among the counties of Oregon
in the sale of lied Cross Seels in
l:i2l' with a total of 3.3 seats
iper capital of the population.
Deshutes kas ranked first with a
dotal of 9.4 seals yer capital.
Found on the ktreets of tune,
cons glove. See it In Independ
ent window.
W. V. Pedro of Ewing and
Mr. Joe Pedro made a short call
in Cecil tn Sunday, before leav
ing for the home of Mrs. Pedro
at Vinson,
Messers Clarke, Gaunt and
Maddison left for Heppner on
Thursday having finished tagging
for Kreb brothers, at The Lam
' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Farns worth
of Hhea Siding, were visiting
in Boardman during the past
C. J. Kolhase of Bertha, Min
nesota is visiting his daughter,
Mrs. GroVer Curtiss near Hhea
Tat McEntire, and also Tat
Curran are busy hauling corn
from the Cecil warehouse to
f heir renpective lands of sheep,
which are wintering near Cecil.
Mrs. T. II. Lowe and daughter,
Miss Annie C. were calling on
Mrs. K. E. Duncan and infant
son, at Busy Bee ranch on Tues
day. Zenneth Logan of Boardman,
spent Thursday and Friday with
his brother, Leon in Fonr Mile.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hardeity and
son, weraviaitiog at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Streeter,
f ciintlniieil on iiik 4)
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
. Safe Deposit Boxes
Prescription Service
We keep a fire department constantly in
readiness to cope with any blaze. The fire hose
and other equipment deteriorate and
replaced from time to time, regardless of cost.
We have to pay for all this and keep it in good
order whether there are any fire9 or not
The druggist and the drug store stand in
much the same relation to the community. You
do not often need a prescription filled, but when
you do it is vital to you to have it filled both
promptly and efficiently. But if you give the
druggist only the prescription business, he can
not prosper. He cannot keep his store and his
stock fresh and up to date. If you expect him
to be ready with his skill and with fresh and
pure drugs when you need him then you must
co-operate with him by buying other things be-.
sides medicine at the drug store.
Caupot Be Obtained From The
Federal Land Bank
I. N. Mackay, secretary of the
Condon National Farm Loan as
sociation has just received a
letter from George C. Jjwett,
secretary of the Spokane Land
Bank, in which he says:
"There is no provision where
by tne Federal Land Banks can
furnish seed, and-there
has been no provision of this
cUracter. Along in 1918 we
acted as agent for the Govern
ment in distributing about
$2,000,000 that was -alloted lo
the northwest in connection with
seed wheat purposes,' but that is
the only connection we have ever
had with the subject. Condon
Globe Times.
Nursery Wheat Not Injured
Reports from I'eridleton statt
that no damage to wheat was
done in county grain nursery.
County Agent Fred Bennionsays
it will be necessary to wait
a while before an intelligent op
inion be formed as to the amount
of possible injury to wheat gener
ally. His present opinion is that
the damage will not be serious.
Senator II. J. Taylor of Uma
tilla county reports that his
wheat was not injured by the
cold weather. All the wheat on
Taylor'i is Hybrid 128. --Condon
Globe Times.
H. W. .Collins has purchased
the Scott, McMellan warehouse
at Lexington and will take posse
sion In the near fu ture. ;
Your J)ruggist is more
than a merchant
Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of an execution and order
of sale, Usued out of the Circuit
Court of the Sta of Oregon,
for Morrow County, dated Jan
uary 14th, 1925. to me directed,
in a certain action in said Court
wherein Bert Mason as plaintiff,
recovered a judgment against J.
W. Puyear, Mabel Puvear his
wife, and P. P.. Puyear, defend
ants, for the sum of $400.00 with
interest thereon at the rate of 8
per cent, per annum, from the'
1st day of October, 1920, and
the further sum of $50.00 attor
ney's fees, and costs and disbur
sements alio we 1 at $36.36. and
an order that the real property
attached in said action to secure
the payment of said sums be sold
to satixfy said judgment.
I will on Sat. the 21st day of
February, 1925, at hour of 10:00
oJcIock in the orenoon of said
day, at the front door of the
Caurt house in Heppner, Morrow
County, Oregon. Offer for sale,
and sell to the highest bidder for
earth at public auction, all of the
following described-real property
situated in Morrom County, State
of Oregon, to wit: Lots Fourteen,
Fifteen and Sixteen, in block
three in the original town of
lone. Morrow County, State of
Oregon, being the real property
of said defendants attached in
said action to secure the pay
ment of sai l judgment, anj or
dered to be sold by the court for
that purpose.
Date of first publication Jan
uary 23rd, 1925. Date of last
publication February 20th, 1925.
George McDuffee,
Sheriff of Morrow County,
County Commissioner, G. A.
Bleak man, who was returning
from the convention of County
Commissioners in Portland,
stopped off in lone Saturday to
witness the basketball game be
tween the lone and Hardman
high school teams. He went on
to Hardman with Mr. Sailing.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Gray, of Four Mile, who
has been a victim of infantile pa
ralysis is reported as consider
ably improved.
Mr. Earl A. Brown, teacher of
the 7th and 8th grades was quite
ill the last two days of last week
but again Is teaching the young
idea how to shoot.
Miss Elva Balsiger substituted
for Miss Mortimore, .Wednesday
of this week.
H. W. Collins is considering
the ejection of a fire proof build
ing on the lot adjoining that on
which the office of the Independ
ent stands.
C. W. Swanson is considering
the erection of an addition to his
store and warehouse in which
will be installed a refrigurating
Mr. Ted Blake left Tuesday
morning to visit .his brother
Mearl, at Eugene.
Mr. Charles J. Hudson has
been in lone the past week, and
is registered at the Hotel lone,
He ha3 been looking afttr farm
lands in this vicinity.
Mr. George Ritchie and broth
er Fred, motored to Portland
last week returning Saturday.
They were accompanied home
by their sister, Mrs. E. E. Miller,
who resides in Portland.
i ,
Mr. Wayne Sperry is Lute from
Portland, visiting friends and
Chas. benedict was seen visit
ing with friends in lone, on
For Sale
Meeting Of Grain
Men Largely
Opinion As To Condition
8 0
If yon need any plows, wagons,
horses, harness, collars, hitches
or leed bars, see.
Walter Corley
lone Oregon.
' The meeting of farrrtars an 1
others interested in the growing
and handling of grain, held at
LexingtSn last Monday - evening
was quite well attended, aboic
200 being present
Opinion was divided as to th
amount of frostdamagc to wheat.
Mr. Stevena of the Govern
ment Experiment Station aC
Moro, reviewed the situation m
the sections under his observa
tion and was inclined to a hope
ful view.
After gereral Interchange of
information and opinion it teem
ing best to psepara for the con
tigency of reseeding. A com
mittee of five was appointed tt
draft resolution! summing
the situation for submission to
the State Legislature. The com
mittee consisted of the following
named gentleman, viz:
Benge, Cutsforth, Turner,
Carlson and Ed. Rietmann. -
The meeting authorized the ap
pointment by the County Agent,
of a committee of three to loo!:
out for seed wheat and take u.-
the matter of special rates on
seed wheat with the railroad
companies. t .
The meeting adjourned without
Mr.F,. Lv PiCWg ia-reportei
to be improving.
Mr. H. C. Wood and wife, mot
ored to Portland Sunday return
ing Tuesday evening.
Mr. L. P. Davidson wis in at
tendance on the convention o!
County Judges and Commission
ers in Portland last week, retur.i
ing Saturday afternoon. .
1 oava vniir watch rvnnirinff ft.
Swanson's Feed and Supply sto.
M . t f
tor nayior tne jeweier, neppner.
Inventory over
A lighted match to the wick and your
oil cookstove is instantly ready. 1 1 con
centrates clean, steady heat directly
on the cooking utensil.
No coal or wood to lug, or ashes to
Bhovel out-a clean, cool kitchen free
from dirt and smoke.
To obtain best results, use Peail Oil
the clean-burning, uniform kero
' gene scientifically refined and re
, refined by a special process.
Pearl Oil is sold by dealers every
where. For your own protection order
by name Pearl Oil.
I find many articles that mnst be
sacrificed for cash
A nice line of ladies crepe aud
georgette waists at
.Half Price
Men and boys clothing at special
Odd lot of tchildrens underwear at
15c per garment and ladies and
.childrens hosiery 10 to 25c per
pair ..
Bring in a little cash and we will
show you bargains
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