The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, January 16, 1925, Image 1

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Mr. Herb Witzel lift on the lo
cal the flrBt of the week fur Val
ley points.
Fred Pettyjohn helped Jamil
Hardetity butaher last Wednes
day. Mrs. PatMeclock and Mr, and
Mfs. Hardesty spent Tuesday In
lone attending to busim'sr.
Mr. Noah Pettyjohn wan busy
'hauling wood laHt week.
I Dick Logan was hauling wood
for Mr. John Gray liBt week.
The children of Mr. and Mn.
John Gray are improving ilowly.
They have a nurse now and Mrs.
Gray'a father is bIho with her.
Mr. and Mrs. II. 0. My visited
with her sinter Matiie Morgan
and family last Sunday evening.
Congratulations are extended
to Mrand Mrs. Chas. Gray on
the arrival of a new plowboy at
their place January 2, l'J-5.
Several of the Morganita at
tended the 1.0 O.K. lege meet
ing in Lexington laat Thursday.
Wid Pa'meteer of Windyoook
is now quite ill.
Howard Hardesty went lo
Cecil last Sunday to visit his cou
sin Noll. He. concluded the road
down was several miles shorter
than the return ttip.
Earl and Ellis Pettyjohn called
on Howard Hardesty Sunday.
Mrs. Mattie Ulna hat been
with Mn. Gray the pant werk.
Mr. Karl Morgan of Brosdacre
was in Morgan Tuesday and re
ports every one there doing fi n.
Mrs. Pat Medlock Vnterlained
Mrs. Okay Wiggleswprth and
children last Wednesday.
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
m wpt - n aw. nmmrm n. mmr
Prescription Service
. We keep a fire department constantly in
readiness to cojie with any blaze. The fire hose
and other equipment deteriorate and must be
replaced from time to time, regardless of cost.
We have to pay for all this and keep it in good
order whether there are any fires or not.
The-druggist and the drug store stand in,
much the same relation to the community. You
do not often need a prescription filled, but when
you do it is vital to you to have it filled both
promptly and eflkiently. But if you give the
druggist only the prescription business, he can-,
not prosper. He cannot keep his store. and his
stock fresh and up to date. If you expect him
to be ready with his skill and with fresh and
pure drugs when you need him then you must
co-operate with him by buying other things be
sides medicine at the drug store.
W.E. Bullard
City Council Meets
The regular monthly meeting
of the council of the town of
lone was held Tuesday, Jan. I'.i
with all members present, except
Georgo Ritchie.
Committee appointments for
l'J25 are oflkcrs sworn in as
follows: Finance, Ritchie, Uria
taw and Bryson.
Wuter and lights, Ritchie Smith
and Lundull,
Police, liridtow, Smith and
Street and public property,
Bryson, Linn and Lundell.
Current bills to the amount of
$4-V) were allowed.
Mi nor street improvements in
the north end of town were or
dered. Several of H. 0. Ely's friends
spent Suturday evening with him
a..d saw him ofT on anot her mile
stone. All report having a grand
feast and wish htm many more
happy returns.
Mm Cleta Palmeteer who has
been attending the Lexington
school is now at i.ome.
Mr. and Mrs. Cochran of lone
were attending to bnsintss in
Morgan last Sunday. Eudora
Hardesty and Geriude Pettyjohn
accompanied them back to I)ne.
Meadatnts Louis and Paul Hal
aigrr spent 'tween train times on
Tuesday with Mrs. Harbhun.
Bert Palmettcr returned from
lha Valley, where he bun been
spending the holidays, last.Tues
oay. His wife remained for a
longe vir.'i.
... ...-T1T-r l"f -T 1T T"T fH TIT 1"T T'
Birthday Pat ty
Of what shiill a man be proud
if he is not proud of his 'friends?
So wtote Robert Louis Stevenson
and Hal 0. Ely was hetird to
voteo something similar lant Sat
urday evening. It was the o
cauion of his 48th birthday and
all unawares h found his home
invaded by friends and well
wishera from the countryside.
Of course the good wife was in
on the secret and by the o opera
(ion of the guests a banquet was
spread that gave no indication
of short crops last year or boded
anything of ill for the future.
Care was forgotten and afl was
made merry with mus'ic arid
games until midnight, at which
hour the guests reluctantly de
parted wi-hing friend Hal many
jovous returns of the day and
Those present wera Mr. and
Mrs. Hal Ely and family; Mr.
and Mrs. O. E. EimMrom and
family; Mr. and Mm. J. E. Swan
son and family of lone; Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Troedson and little
Francis Jones; Mr. and Mrs.
Ken F. Morgan and family'- Mr.
W. F. Palmateer and son Bert;
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Harbison:
Mrs. Baueinfeind and son Martin;
Mrs. Furrens and daughter Zoe
of lone. Misses Thc!ma and Mil
dred Morgan.
Eslray Notice.
Strayed to my place Nov. 15, 132 1,
13 miles southwest of lom, one
black yearling horse with no bran-Is
visible. Owner can have posesien
on payment of pasture t ill and. cost
of this notice. .
Chas. W. Christophurson
Leave your watch repairing at
Swanson's IVd and Supply store
for Jlaylor the jeweler, Heppner.
A lighted match to the wick and your
oil cookstove is instantly ready. 1 1 con
centrates dean, steady heat directly
on the cooking utensil.
No coal or wood to lug, or ashes to
shovel out-a clean, cool kitchen free
from dirt and smoke.
To -obtain best results, use Pearl Oil
the clean-burningj uniform kero
senescientifically refined and re
refined by a special process. '
Pearl Oil is sold by dealers every
where. For your own protection order ,
by name -Pearl Oil.
i ' -
Mrs. Delia Mobley and Mis.
John Bryson of lone were visiting
at the Wm, Harnett home here
on Thursday of laBt week.
Mrs. Harry Hinges and little
son left on Sunday morning for a
vmt with relatives in Portland.
The basketball games here Sat-,
urday night between Arlington
and Lexingtons boys and girls
teams resulted in a victory for
the Lexington teams.
Mr, Tury .Peterson of Eight
mile was a business visitor in
Lexington on Monday.
Mini Opal Leach, who has boen
attending 0. A. C. returned to
her home here orr Sunday to be
with her mother, who is recover
ing from an illness.
A good crowd from lone was in
attendance at t,he C. Church
meeting here on Sunday night.
The Get Together meeting of
Oddfellows and Rebekaha was
held here Thursday, the 8th and
a grand time was enjoyed by
everyone, about two hundred be
ing present, lhe next meeting
will be in Heppner Feb. 4th.
Miss McNeil and Mrs. Gerald
White entertained with a .five
hundred parly at their home
Monday night. Those present
were: Messrs. and Mesdames
Fred Lucas, Robt. . Fortner,
Bruce Grady. Alva iones; Mrs.
Rolte Pa uin, Mr. Tom Barnett,
iMrs. Gerald White and Mies
J Myrtle McNeil. The piize win
j ners were: Mrs. Lucas and Mr.
Grady grand prize and Mrs. Pa
Uin and Mr. Barnett booby
'prize. ;
G-orge McMillan returned Sat
urday frm Portland where he
1 hits been visiting the past two
Mr. and Mrs. Rnlph Finley ol
th Alpine district was shopping
in Lexington Wednesday of this
High School Notes
The first semester of the school
term was closed by thd final ex
aminations given on Thursday
and Friday. . The new semester
began this Monday. In the course
of study solid geometry has been
substituted for plane geometry.
Clel Ray enrolled in the Fresh
man class the first of this semes
ter. Jessie Wiles retuned to lone
from Portland t o finish her
schooling herev ,
After the basketball games
were over, line's two teams and
subs gave Board man a reception.
Three or four games were played
then we were asked to get part
ners ar.d go to the assembly room
for refreshments. After refresh
ments were aperved Boardman
thanked us for the reception and
then stood up and gave us a yell
Everyone seemed to- have a vary
delightful time.
Next Friday evening the high
school boys and girls will play at
Arliniiton and on Saturday even
ing they will play Hardman at
lone. Both lone teams are
practicing very hard this week
with hop'.S of winning all four
Many farmers are at a decided
disadvantage when forced to
plead their cause before groups
vf commercial and business men.
Njt so with Mr. A. R., Shwnway
the representative from Morrow
and Um-aillu. He can defeml
Lis position with more force and
tffectiventss than many men who
pride themseiveson their forensic
abi lily. Oregon Voter.
No booking orders for day
old chicks. Terms one half cash
with order. 12, 11, 16 cents each.
When eggs are furnished will
run 144 egg capacity for $6 00,
cash w hen set.
Wi low Creek Poultry Farm.
Morgoti. Oregon.
Inventory over
I I find many articles that mnst be g
sacrificed for cash , g
A nice line of ladies crepe aud . f;
. georgette waists at i
Half Price R
Men and boys clothing at special H
Bargains p
Odd lot of childrens underwear at j
1 15c per garment and ladies and p
childrens hosiery 10 to 25c per i
I pair . U
j Bring in a little cash aud we will g
1 show you bargains . D
Damage To Wheat Uncerii
The extent of the wheat dam
age done bv the recnt freic,
in Morrow county, is very hani
to estimate at the present time.
Apparently, all wheat in the
county has been damaged to
some extent. The real extent
of this damage- depends largely
on the weather from now on.
Continued freezing and thawii n.
or another cold snap without
snow protection, will probably
mean that a large acreage w ill
have to be re-seeded. On the
contrary, favorable weather
may leave enough of a stand to
that it will not pay to re-seed.
The safest plan to follow v, i'l
be to prepare for reseeding b7
getting a line on available spring'
scd and getting the outfit in
shape to start seeding on short
notice. In a telophone conversa
tion this morning, D. E. Stevens,
of theMoro Experiment Station,
stated that he believed little re
seeding would be necessary it
Sherman County, provided th
weather from now on was favor
able. He estimates the presc nt
damage at about fifty percent of
the stand in most fields.
Should reseeding be necessary,
will be advisable to sow wheat
that will grade the same as the
wheat now in the ground. For
reseeding turkey, where there
will be part of a stand of turkey
left' Ked Bobs or Marquis would
be the best varieies. For r
seeding hybred 128 or fortyfolc",
feueration or hard federation
would be used. Where the stand,
is entirely gone, spring barley
would be a good ' crop to plant.
Unless it could be done at once,
it is not considered advisable to
reseed to any, of the winter
grains now in the ground.
Information as to available
spring wheat is being obtained
ty the County Agent so that a
supply ean be secured aa soon
it is definitely known how mucn
Feed will be needed.