The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 19, 1924, Image 3

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    "TO HAVE
(0. 111. WMm hteoipapar Cslea.)
1XN"JC think that I cars to ac
cept Ui proposition, Mr. Uala."
Holfa Vine aild tbli with
glanca about (lit diiaty, poor
looking offlcs and shrug of ths slioul-
1 "I'll stick,' snnounred David ror
tr, simply and clearly.
As bo apoks, tbs aarurat farad, man
ly sppesrlng young uiun Iliad bis ayM
to framed portrait abovs tha, desk
( bis auiployer tbs plcturs of tils
hsgbler, fair, loyal Beulah Uale.
They were both young men, and
Kin tot over year bad been era
yees of John Llala, who was old,
ssr1ous and, uat at present, mora
ran that worried and despondent,
la his dainty, foppish way, Vanrs
jptekad hla ateps paat tha greaay ma
tabinea lying around, nodded brusque-
Send waa gone. Perhaps ha, too,
ought of tht beautiful Beulah. Un
iter eslatlng drcuaiatancea, however,
tha realised that It would ba tedloue
road to ths winning of that coveted
Mm. Ua waa naturally Indolent, self
jaacrtflce was painful to hla refined
ature. and. to tipreaa his aerret
phrasing, bs "throw up tha sponge."
It's hard outlook, III admit,"
ispoke old Uala, when ba and Iavld
.found themaelvea alone. "That bank
ruptcy of Merrttt k Co. haa about
bwept our coffers clean. The worst
of It Is that It will taks ua fully
lyear to get a saw atandlng with our
asodera prorves outm."
"But when you do, It'l clear lulling,
a't Itr submitted David In his
oeery, optimistic way.
I hop ao," and Mr. Mala went over
to his deak. He waa busy for soma
time, writing rapidly, finally ha arose,
proffering David a written abeet
"Sign that." ha directed,
"Why. what la thisr
"A deed of co-partnership. You're
shown youraelf s trus was In agreeing
Its hs out s forlorn situation. We're
partners from this on, friend David,"
sad ths brawny band of tha old work-
reeled tremulously, almost loving'
ly, en ths broad ahoulder of hla loyal
aaslaUnt. "To bavs and to hold,
share snd shir alike, ths business.
ths equipment, and all In and there
Again David glanced at tha portrait
To have and to hold" hs smiled.
with a quaint conceit In nitnd. Ah I
If only that Interact represented ths
original, aa wall aa ths mere portrait
of ths girt with tbs wild roes face I
Mr. Male's ayes wars Hied upon sn
satire! y different object It was
large, bulging, narrow-mouthed vase.
It stood at ths top of sa old fashion
Ms ess, where It had rested for 90
Bis dead father, William Male, had
mads It Ths buatneaa of tha Males
for three generation, bad bun beee-
wat bleachers and refiners. When
parrafln cams In, William Lisle bad
Bret la ths field. A proud ma
te of tbs same was that vase.
fashioned by bit owa baud, snd rest
ing now where bs had placed It to
show how stsunrhly It resisted heat
cold snd sgs.
Rather mournfully John Male viewed
tbs old vase. It had not fulfilled Its
Dromlee. Manufactursra with mors
capital bad outdlatanced bla business.
A year alors bs bad attempted aa In
novation. Everything looked prosper
sas, but now ths houas distributing
his goods had failed.
Beulah Lisle did not live st horns.
for two years she bad acted as gov-
srnsss In a wealthy family. Once
month, howsvsr, shs visited her fath
er from Saturday until Monday. Thoas
wars blissful hours for the old'man.
Shs mended bis clothes; she set his
three living rooms In order. And how
tftey hopefully discussed ths llttl
home they would Jointly occupy when
"tha new process" was a success!
Manfully sharing all tbs heaviest
burden a. David set at work In ths nsw
partnership. When ths Saturday
earns whan Beulah was to maks bar
regular visit bs anticipated ths pleas-
ant Sunday when she would preside
st tbs table snd bring new aunahlns
Into tbs rsthsr dreary boms.
Bs came Into tbs little parlor bark
of Itis offlrs tbat especial Saturday,
ts find Beulah thsrs, but In tears, sn
ksr father looking ths plcturs of de
spair. Beulah always greeted him
wtth a bright smile, for aha knew bow
good and trus bs was. . Ths atulle wsa
sacking now, for deep sorrow shad
swsd her fair face. Brill, David fan
dad that her band claap waa mors
fervent than sver before, snd a mute
gratitude tn her eyes told that she ap
preciated bis sterling fidelity in sus
taining bar father amid his business
"It never rslns but It pours," Mr.
Llels bslf groaned. "We shall ses lit
tle of Beulah for a long tlma to
Then Miss Lisle Is going" began
David, -and bis heart stood still
"going to bs married r bs almost
blurted out
"Going away to another part of ths
country, with ths Bartons," added Mr.
"It Is beat dear papa," spoke Boy
ish, soothingly. "My Income as gov-
srnsss makes ms Independent It re
lieves you of a grsat cars until"
"Until Lisle A Co. bavs mads a suc
cess" supplsmsnted David. "It shall
bs. Miss Lisle,- and ths young man
fait the surging tlds of a new smbi-
Vets inspire bis hopeful soak
Beaten could not remain with them,
la tbs Burtons wars already packing
for tbs removal. There was tearful
good by batweea father aod daughter.
Dsvld trod on sir ss ths former sug
gested that bs see Beulah boms.
All tbat blissful mile be sought to
cheer ber up, to paint bar father's
future to glowing colors. When they
parted sbs asked a timid favor.
I shall be obliged to leave a pet
kitten behind," aha said. "I spoke to
father about It Us fancied little
Snowball would bs a comfort to blm.
Could you burden yourself with the
charge, Mr. Porterr
And Snowball became thua a fixture
at tha Lisle place. When David re
turned home that day, Bolfe Vance,
arrayed gorgeoualy, was disappointed-
leaving It Ms bad found a new snd
paying situation, know thst Beulsb
was expected on a visit sod bsd ap
peared to show himself.
All through tbs long wintsr eve
nings after that the old man and Da
vid worksd and, planned to get enough
ahead to bar Beulah corns boms.
Trade was getting better, but ths de
velopment was alow. Ons day Rolfs
Vance drifted Into the old office. Pros
perity showed In bis every word and
action. Us bsd with him a fifty dollar
bulldoc and wnrs a diamond pin. Bs
vaunted grandly of bla good luck snd
ssked about Beulah.
Look out!" auddanly shouted Mr.
Bs waa too lata with his warning.
Tbs dog bsd discovered .Snowball-
The kitten made it spring snd sailed
to a lofty flight landing on top of the
file case, loaded the old vase ana
there was a topple and a crash,
Vance discreetly withdrew. Mr.
Male groaned at the wreck snd ruin
on tbs floor. Dsvld gathered up the
fragments. Then bs uttered a cry of
for aaoof them wars folded bank'
notes. The secret hoard of oia Wil
liam Male was disclosed fire ons
thousand dollar bills I
Banish waa sent for. New capital
brought new buatneaa Ons day Mr.
Msla entered the parlor to see dang ti
ter snd partner band la band, smiling
Holtv-toltv " ba exclalroeo. -wnaie
With a proud, quiet smlls David
Porter took from bla pocket a deed of
nartnerahlD. Be Indicated oos line
ths same:
To have and to bold I"
Dtpnd$ on Voict to
Show Man'i Character
Tbs other dsy I waa In Tommy
Michael's office. "J. P." writes la tbs
Kansas City Times, sad be nodded to
me to pick ap the extension telephone.
"I want u to listen to wbat this
bird has to aay ." said be.
Wall, I did, and except that I knew
nothing about the business he was
talking. I got slong all right Finally
Tommy cut tbs convsrsstion off.
I think I do not want to So bsei-
sess with you," ssld hs, snd bung up
tbs receiver.
Be knew nothing of the other man
except from bis telephone converse
tloa, bot did not Ilka bla voice. It
was, bs said, ths voice of a cheat and
s bully. Bs felt bs could not rely on
this telephone stranger, except to be
unfair and untruthful and trouble
some. Voices, said Tommy Michael.
are worth studying. Bs hsd been
fooled by fair appearance more than
once, and candid eyea bsd proven de
ceitful, sad ths written word bad been
deceptive when paased en by a lawyer.
But be could always spot tbs voice or
a rorua
"I don't know what there is about
It" bs said, vaguely. " Something
something falae."
Since then I have been atudying
vol res. Of course, a rough, quarrel
soma, mean, sycophantic voire may be
detected because of the Inflection. But
to catch the voire of a thief because
of some false note-
Tommy ssys It ess always bs done.
with practice. An honest man always
haa aa bonest voice. A thief never
haa, i
Trr It some time. Oueas oa ths
voices you besr on tbs phona
Htalth CrtaUr Than Cold
Tbs crew of ths old whaler Narwhal
that sailed to Die South aess tn quest
of treasure did not maks the voyage
without reward.
To be sure they did not flu the bold
nt the vesael with "pieces oi eignt'
The did not discover sny pirates'
loot Tbslr maps and charts did not
lead them to any cache of gold and
silver bidden away by marlnea pursued
by buccaneers, ssys ths San Francisco
Ttmee. No "X" marked any apot they
could And that yielded anything better
than blssted hopes of limitless hordes
nt me stuff by which men measure
But thli crew returned with woeiia
rr more substantial than gold
nreriona atone. They bavs that which
a Oroejus csnnot buy. Tlisy returned
with a" wealth of besim. new oioou
flows In thslr vslns. There Is mors
thsn wsslth In Health. There is nsp
ntneaa and the power to be up and
dolnc. There Is ths will to achlsvs
AncUnt Enil'uh Ltgtni
Th. etnreaalon. "Turn again, Whlt
tlngton," refers to Richard, better
known as Dick Whlttlngton, an Eng
lish merchnnt snd lord msyor or Lon
don. According to populsr romsncs,
Whlttlngton as a lad wsnt to London
snd obtslned work ss a scullion
drawing tired of Ill-usage, be started
to leave the city when the Bow belli
seemed to say to blm "Turn again,
Whlttlngton, lord msyor ef London."
Be,' therefore, went back and event
ally rose to tbs prophesied position.
Ducks ss a nils srs bsrdy. They
do not bsvs fa pee. The weakest part
duck If Its legs. Indigestion Is
apt to show Itself In the young, IX
coarse ssnd Is omitted tn the food. It
slwsys beat to put a handful of
and In a pall of .mash food, mixing
it thoroughly. Tbla wUI aid digestion.
Tbs oily naturs of tbs feathers makes
ths ducklings vermin proof. Exposure
to hot suns Is fatal. Tbsrs should al
ways bs a parttsl sbsds to tbs runs.
Ths market term "green duck" It
of late Innovation. The cognomen Is
applied for ths reason thst ths bird
has not yet matured. It abould weigh
not less than four pounds, snd be not
ever ten weeks old eight weeks would
bs better snd should never be allowed
bathing water. As sa artlds of diet.
If provided by competent chef, the
green duck resembles tbs famous and
fast disappearing canTssbn'k duck.
Ths Runner duck not inclined w
fatten so resdlly aa other varieties.
Its name originated from ths fact
tbat this duck bss a running rather
than a waddling motion. In color It
Is a light brown or fawn sbsds and
gray. At ths Joining of ths besd snd
bill there Is a narrow band of white.
Tbs Irgs srs orange. In carriage It la
erect with a long, narrow body, well
elevated In front and cloeely featn-
ered. The neck Is long snd slender,
and the head rather flat Ths bill Is
long snd broad.
Duck egga srs In demand by confee-
Uooers. ss they Impart a glass to their
Icing, which cannot be bad with ben
egga. For making plum puddings,
dack egga are more economical than
those of fowls, being both larger la
atxe snd rlchsr. , la ths .household
duck eggs srs uaed In making all kinds
of cakes, omelette, cooking generally,
and they srs also relished fried.
Production of Eggs.Is
Where Most Profit Made
iTobably ths greatest hindrance ts
Use profitable keeping of poultry oa
tha ordinary farm Is ths retention of
lot of fowl thst era poor layers.
do either to their being too old or
of a type to produce meat rather than
eggs. Tbs production of egg Is ths
end of the poultry business in which
the most profit csn bs made, so that
a heavy egg producing type Is best
suited to ordinary farm conditions.
Generally speaking, ths pullet year
Is ths moat profitable period of a
ben's Ufa. It is advisable, therefore,
either to mark the chlcka when
hatched, ualng s different mark for
esrb year, or to band ths pullets when
they ere put Into winter quarters, so
fhst st culling time the sgs of tha
different birds csn be seen st a
glance snd only thoas thst srs required
for breeding purposes retained after
the firat year's production, .
Ths trap-neat is ths moat reliable
means to uss la culling ths flock, but
ths ordinary farmer does not uss trap
neat, se that reliance must be placed
en physical characteristics. Ths high
producer will bs of sn sctlve disposi
tion, early off the roost In the morning
snd lste to go on st night snd slwsys
busy. Ber hesd will be clear cut, face
smooth and tree from wrinkles, with
bright prominent eyes; skin soft, pli
able and of fine texture; and a general
appesrsncs sf health snd vigor.
Feed in Severe Weather
Many successful poultrymen follow
ths practice of supplying a little mora
feed thsn ususl when ths weather Is
unfavorable and soms of them changs
tbs ration slightly, supplying a tittle
mors ef the best snd fst producing
element. This is dons en ths theory
thst ths fowls srs warmer snd mora
comfortable when so fed snd there la
no doubt but that this ts the esse, la
any event special attention when the
weather Is bsd Is tbs beat way to
avoid ths beginning of dlseaaa and dis
orders which mar throw tbs sntlra
flock out of condition for sn sntlra
Poultry Notes
i in i hhihii i un
Show your best fowls st ths fairs,
Feed ths bens to force them through
tbslr molt
Cull all undeveloped pullets and eld
bens from the flock.
Grain will put on flesh and tbat la
tha Ideal that ons should strive to at
Bavs you soms chickens to sell I
Tall your customers tbat poultry li aa
cheap as other Jhjgh-grads meat
. e e e
Silling a crippled chick Is as act ef
greatest kindness snd ought to bs dona
a soon as tba deformity Is discorerea
Of course egg shells are more brtttla
at ths snd of tbs hatch thsn at tba be
ginning. If tbey weren't bow could
tbs chicks break thslr way out!
,It Is better to discard bens with
defect tbs momsnt they are detected
thsn to bold them at a loss until lata
summer, or until the end of tha year.
when thsrs Is a general culling.
Bend. Consolidation of the Bend
Brick company, located 2Vt miles west
of Bend, and lbs Central Oregon Brick
company, located near Terrebonne,
wsa announced recently.
Eugene. Louis Btass, S5, was killed
instkntly at 11 o'clock Friday sear
Coburg, when be was struck by a fall
ing tree. Bs wss cutting wood on
Oeorge Smith's farm, a mils east of
Salem. Expenditure of 12,009,480
by Oregon's ten largest snd most Im
portant state Institutions for 1925 snd
1926 hsve been spproved by the state
budget commission, according to an
announcement Saturday,
Moro. About (0,000 bushels of Tur
key Red wheat passed from farmers
to dealers here Saturday st prices
abovs f 1.60 a bushel. Ths differential
between Moro and Portland, Including
accrued warehouse charges, la now
18 cents a bifthel.
KuKune, A survey of 138 farms in
Oregon, made to determine -the use
and extent of electrical equipment snd
facilities, wss made recently snd s
report on the surrey bss been pre
pared, sccordlng to Ralph P. Laird of
Pleaaant Bill, a member of a commit
tee of nine In charge.
Eugene. The Western Lumber com
pany, which has spent many thou
sands of dollars and many months In
building a sawmill at Weatflr, near
Oakrldge, la planning to open the
plant In late January, according to
George B. Kelly and F. W. Sullivan,
members of the firm.
Tillamook. A taxpayers' associa
tion, whose membership will include
resident taxpayers of Tillamook couo
ty snd have tor Its purpose reduction
of the tax burden by reducing public
xpenditures snd promoting efficiency
In the bsndling of public business, la
being formed In this county.
Salem. Ths West Coast Power com
pany, with headquarters In Portland,
bas sbsorbed ths Shore y Electric com
pany st Reedsport, ths Florence Elec-
trlct company snd the Wsldport Elec
tric company, according to announce
ment made at the office of the public
service commission Saturday.
Tillamook. By a vote of SI to 81 a
levy for $20,000 was voted last Satur
day In road district No. 1, In ths Man
tanlta Nebalem country for road con
structlon. An open grade as wide a
the money permits will be msde to
the county line around Neah Kah-N'le
mountain and the road will b survey
ed on a permanent alignment
Klamath Falls. In an effort to
bring bla marriage record to an even
200 during hla term of Office, Justice
of the Peace Emmltt bas announced
bargain rates for swslns between now
snd the first of the year. Heretofore
It bas taken a "five-spot" to perform
ths ceremony, but aa a special appeal
ba bss consented to officiate at 12.50.
Klamath Falls. The Klamath coun
ty rhambt-r ol commerce started the
second of Its series of get-together
meetings with agricultural sections
Friday night whn a delegation from
the local chamber attended a ban
quet given by tha people of Merrill.
Residents of that section are now in
veatlgating the desirability of growing
sugar beets.
Salem. The work of issuing 192
motor vehicle licensee started in the
secretary of state's offics bers Fri
day. Under the taw these licenses
csnnot be used legally until January
In Issuing snd sending out 19
motor vehicle licenses earlier than
usual this year ths secretary of state
Is of the opinion that an eleventh-hour
congestion wilt be avoided.
Gold Bosch. Ths pact forest fire
sesson wss one of the most disastrous
In the history of the 8isklyou National
Forest, according to A. B. Wright
supervisor, wbo wss here this week
front Grants Pass. Mr. Wright said
that while he had not all bis facts and
figures compiled, he bad learned
enough from all the reports (lied to
make known the loss wss beavy.
Roseburg. With mors buyers In the
field than have been present for more
than ten years, ths pre-Cbristmss tur
key market Is becoming stronger daily,
and the price Is mounting rapidly,
Buyers, who a few days sgo sent
out notices to growerthat they would
pay SO cents, bavs increased tneir ot
ters to 32 cents a pound, and an
evaa better pries Is not Improbable.
Pendloton. Ths demand for cross
bred lambs to form ths foundation of
breeding flocks has grown so keen
that the price bss been raised to 11
cents a pound. Contracts on this basis
tor both ewes and wethers for deliv
ery next fall already bars been sign
ed for several thousand head, and dur
ing the last few days 6200 were re
ported to hare been purchased at this
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OUI1 Turkeva & Fresh Epcs
Cedir Chests
V17A0 rartonr. UrraUa
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Cut, mm, hem snd machine
pleat aklrta raadr for band
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Hematll hlnr, nicotine an4 turklM.
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Woman and Tailor-.
PRYBICIAN 14 Lafaretta Bids BUROKO
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lit Third Htrt Port land, Ortfon
Your "TEETH SLEEP" Whll W Work
Our K'bufntlon u our creatMt imL
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aVTTKNTIOV LADlKrV It ftmn mbm
Mtiiiar DMtiif Mnr: in yum p;
Busk kit kind of hir pic Mt ot combmr;
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$' Kull court, f bemulf wltara, $29.
4U0 Iltum bulldltTf. PgrtlMetj. OrffiB. v
Too Will real Ricfct M Hoaw Ban
Sehsal Ciahw-g Hi law.
Euallant Cafe. 8 pacta! Waaler
Rataa. Bua Mm alt Traina. 1 ltd and Stark.
Wbolaaoma food aaokad )nat riant
br eooaa who know. BHl.UAL lit
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ba aarollad. Park straat batn-aan
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YOU WANT A SHOW? Wl til fonilst
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Portland. Omjoa. Taiavkoae Mais awu.
aaaaav niaole Oaantna- Bad Dr.
rfSTtv hs aarrlea aaad poreals sa aa.
-T.if O toewraura poaun Inforaa
ettoa aad antes gnaa a poo aa.
JlrjfflrW taA
Eatabhanad 1M0.
Pertlaad. Ora
Portland Sines laej. I Uala OS
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All ktndaof Hair and Bawtr Work br eiporta.
tUanobiit Co. aiVt aak. ataaMjWaat Park
Prostate Cured Without Operation
pacta! siuaiioa la stoaara. itatraia, jucui
ana f aaaia I root laa
Broadway Bldf. Portland, Or.
Dr. Lake, Divine Healing:
129 fourth Street,
W. U Ckk-ta froai MrrtM
Wal an 4 double Drdiffrvo
alrvo. fin an-nxlltrd. Al0
rbolra H. Soraa, lrt
prtoa. 1WI II, a dVHr.rj
Suaraat!. ratable frao.
QllllhN r IATCJ in RY-Jv Tobi
"City of Thres Kings."
Cologne, In Germany, waa for many
centuries known ss "The City of the
Three Kings,'
lines it Was Supposed
tq be ths burial place of ths magi from
the East wbo were guided by the star
to the stabls ,1a Bethlehem on the
first Christmas night
Must Pay ths Pries.
For anything worth having one
muat. pay the price, and the price Is
slways work, patience, lovs and self
sacrifice. No paper money, no prom
ise to pay but the gold of real serv
ice. John Burroughs.
Power of the Mind.
It is only by thinking about great
and good things that wa come to lovs
them, snd it is only by loving them
that we come to long for them, and It
is only by longing for them thst ws
are Impelled to seek after them.
Francis Bacon, the philosopher, was
snother selt-medlcator. When It rain
ed hs would ride out In an open coach
with bared hesd to receive tha bene
fit of Irrigation, ss hs put It.
Rare indeed srs ths rings worn by
Stuart partisans in Englund after the
execution of King Charles I. Under
a large diamond, tn a hidden capsule,
was concesled a miniature portrait of
ths king.
wttti auARJurrnD
.BATOR. Madoiatwo
tueal l u a mi JMa aaoa
lona. Addaaaptionaar
lima. Karri aarttoa a
aomplrto Ineubalor.
arse capacity small
Spaos automatic regulat
ion, leal work, low over
all na root. Yotl ran't
both In Prtoa ot Hatch.
Aiidraaa ma at once lor
i V t
1. al. If
MIS 100
la M O U B A TOR I
fraaoatalmuo. Nnrrfat-
Incubator tsIim obtainable, rraa trial provaa
is vaaro praotioal atpariaaos and Monar
A. E. Badsw.Prop. bos M Can tela, ffaah.
Portland, Orefna
AtroaviLLs PHoto-riATs
Coaplata Caania Saturday. Adiilia, Vta.1
daf Matlsaa, aue; r.-.oi,,i. fWinu
esli It p a ehllrlraa 10 mi all lma
Writ, for Priaaa
-Jtef Tennessee Cedar
at Da lay 81a. Odlca, baiaaroom. m E.
for Chronic Diseases
Individual Efftclivt Convenient
eaa la ln paraonal attention. Iliih
Xf afflrtant rrmlia prapared forra b ladtvd
al. Treatment tauad on our latoratorr an
alyala and dlaffnoaai of iMtttvnt'a ailmanta.
Band for armetom diarmaia Uan, blootl Wat
stuatand full Inform-
No oolihal
RpedaHata an Chmnle
Duaaaaa. Hull, tit
Columbia Rids.. Waat
Park and Waahlnstoa
8ta Portland. Onsoa.
We Specialize in ,
Bidet, Petit. Weel, Italair, Tilfow, Citcirt,
Orefsa Grape Root God Skits, Borst Baar
W rite far Sklppi nt Tacs A lataat Prtoa Uat
Portland Hide a Wool Co.
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aarrioa rraon mail ordrro
Troaa Elparta. in Third St.. Portland. Ora
When In Portland
Park, Your Car in Our Garage
If Your CAR needs attention, wa ban a COM
PLkTE MACHINE SHOP Ik connartioa and ax.
Wa wlU Si your CAR whila yog SHOP, Tha
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9th and Hoyt, Portland, Ore
Fort Was Called Chimes.
Old Fort Tlcontleroga, In New York
state, was built In 1705 by tha French,
who called it Carillon, or 'Chimes, in
allusion to the music of the watcrfulls
at the outlot of Lake George nearby.
Need of Popularity.
Jud Tunktns says In order to be
eloctod to office "most sny man must
have enough personal popularity to
cause him to be forgiven for a few
things. Washington Star.
The ninth death ss a result of a
collision Thursday botween a Sacra
mento short line train and a Koy route
train took place Monday In Oakland,
Cal.; when Tony Stillapos succumbed.
His skull was fractured. All other In
jured sre expected to recover.
You Want a Good Position
Yarr walV Tsk Ike ArcoonUnrr snd Boalnaas
Management, Private BenreWrtal, Cairo lata r
Gomtoaetor, Btanofraphia, panauaanip, or
OosuaaKlal Teachers' Co ores st
TVs foremost Bnelnsas Collars of ths Kerthweet
which has woa aura Accuracy Awards and Hold
Medals thaa any other school la America. Band
Sir aor Sueoeaa Oatalor Fourth Htreet aear
Morrlaoa, Portland, Or. I aaaa M. Walker, Pres.
P. N. U.
No. 81, 1924