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    Mr. Fred DewHz
If You're a Younj Woman
or Even in Middle Life
llare Is Some Good Advice For You
Sulriil. Orrg. "While bringing
tip my family I clrpfiiilcil upon Ur.
I'icrce's 1-itvorite l'rrscriptiuit to
keep up my tlrenKth. It was especi
ally linn lu iul to me during trie try
months ol expectancy, rclicvinn
ino id nuiiat-a mul cinrt iiik to my
liervca, mnl I do liclirve thut I woul.l
nut have come thru the critical tune
of life mi candy and comfortulily as
I did had it not ber n lor Ur. i'icrce's
1'ivorite l'rccriiti(in. 1 have given
the Timcriptnm' to my datiiffiters
kino when thry had nerd of a spaciul
tonic mid nervine and they have
always been benefited and ttrriigtlt
enrd by Its tine. Ur. 1'ierce'e
I avorite l'rucripiion U truly
woman's medicine that 1 take idea
lure in rrriimmcndiny." Mrs, J-'red
lrwit, d.'S N. Capitol St.
Send 10c to Ur. I icrce'a Invalidi'
Hold in HulTalu. N. Y., for Wwl
tint. Write for free advice.
Thrift of Time.
Oladatonn, whn prima mlnlatvr of
England, nmiarked: "Iltilleve ma whn
I tfll you that the thrift of time will
repay, you In after life with a uaury
of profit bi'yond your moat sanguine
dreams, and that the waata of It will
make you dwindle, alike In Inlellrc
tual and In moral atature, b)yond your
dnrkeat reckoning." Tlmg
Origin of Americana.
The habit of culling luhabltanta of
thia rountry Americana probably aroae
from the fact that any other dlatlnc
tlve title la awkward. Canada li-nde
Itaelf taally to the forming of the
noun Canadian!, Mexico to Mexicans.
Cllln-oa of the United Btates of Amer
ica are moat conveniently designated
aa Americana.
The Greateet Power.
' You ran't accomplish what you can't
Imagluti. The minute you aay to your
aelf, "Oh. that lah't poaalble." It Isn't
poaalble to you. Hut tome other fal
low who, with hie mlnd'a eye, awa
the thing finished, will coma along
and do It. Creative thought la the
grratcat ptiwer In the world.
The Work Habit
There are three habile which, but
one condition be added, will give you
everything In the world worth baring,
and byoud which tha Imagination of
man cannot conjure forth a alngla ad
dition or Improvement. The bablta are
the work habit, the health habit and
the rtudy habit. Elbert Hubbard.
Cartlaa. , .
I find the gayeat caatlca In the air
that ever were piled far better, for
comfort and for u than the dungeona
In the air that are daily dug and
caverned out by grumbling, discontent
ed people. A man ahould make life
and nature happier to ua, or ha bad
better never been born. Kmeraon,
Like Spoiled Children.
When we humor our weakneaaea
they force thmnnelves continually upon
our attention like epoiled children.
When we aaaert our mnatery of our-
aelvea and compel lit recognition, we
aland secure In our ativvrelgo rlghta,
Charlea II. Newcomb.
Retreat of Napoleon.
On the retreat from Moscow, Na
poleon traveled from near Vllna to
1'iirla In 313 hours, a Journey of about
1.400 miles. Tbla waa an average of
almoat five milea an hour, and waa
remarkable, considering condltlona of
roads and weather.
Hatred la Like Gun.
Hatred la Ilka a gun with tha end of
the barrel plugged up. Ha recoil la
more harmful than Ita ahot.
To Save Paint Bruahaa.
It la advisable never to put bruah
away, even overnight, full of paint. A
bruah ahould always be cleaned of all
Surplus paint attor uae or Ita chlaul
dg will bo damaged. Popular Bel
race Monthly.
Stray Bits of Wisdom.
Rwent la true love, though given In
vain, and aweet Is death that puta an
end to pnln. Tennyson.
You Want a Good Position
Tin Ttkn tha A iron n Inner ani Bttilneee
Manaaeiaent, Private Meerelarlel, Calculator
Omtomelor, Htennrrenhla, PMaaanaaip, at
Commercial Taafhers' OoorM at
Tha foiwmoet BoelneM Cnlleeu of ha WorthwMt
for nr Bwmm Cat-lo fonrth Htrel t
arnwnt runwnu, -
P. N. U.
No. BO, 1(24
A lilt, Weelero Heweiiniief Ualua.)
I serve
SORRY for you, Ned,
served Cyrus Moore.
m sorry for myself," re
sponded Ned Dayton, rather
grewsoroaly. "Look here. Cyrus, you're
my beat chum and you are tha cousin
of tha girl I lore. You must know
her father and bla ways pretty well,
la ha really tha terrible tyrant they
describe hlrar
Ned," explained Cyrus, solemnly,
"he's a regular ogre. He'll probably
gnaah hla teeth and Jump on you and
maybe throw you from Ms office win
dow,. 1 know two fellows who made
up to Leila and submitted tbelr pros
pects to tba old man. One baa left
town and tha other la running yet."
Ned looked pretty much concerned.
If ha had not been ao much In love,
ba might have noticed a aly twinkle
la tha eye of bla mischief making
Well," obaerved Ned after a mo
ment of aerloua thought, "I'll beard
tbla deaperata lion In hla den, coma
what may."
Ned waa Inspired with no ordinary
lova for pretty petted Leila Allen, tha
alleged ogre's only daughter. Ha had
coma down to Ilopeton ar tha Invita
tion of Cyrua Moore, hla rhutn, to meet
hla fata. It waa decidedly up to him
now to advlaa atern dignified old
Judge Allen that he wlahed to enter
bla family aa a son-in-law.
There could ba no poaalble objec
tions to this, except that Ned had
Co bualneaa experience and waa credu
lous and Innocent of the ways of tha
world. If this latter had not been
true ha would have discounted Moore's
lurid references to Leila's father and
bava recalled Moore'e reputation as a
practical Joker on all occasions.
Ned bad not as yet seen Judge
Allen except at a distance. Of a ver
ity tha Judge was a rather aevera and
ultra-dlgnlfled looking person. Ned
could show up pretty well, however, aa
to farm: income and proaperta, If
ba was only given a chance to pre
sent bis clalma.
That'a lust It, you are." declared
Cyrua, tha aly tea a, "It's breaking
tha Brat lea with tha Judge that
"Say, couldn't yon Introduce mtV
euggeated Ned with eagerneaa.
"Mel Why." declared Cyrus, "It
would doom your caaa at tba start.
Truth la, I am down In tba Judge'a
bad books for a Joke I played on him.
Mixed up some law references ba bad
In -an Important caaa and made
monkey of blra In open court Ha
never forgave me. Oh, aayl" fairly
abouted Cyrua, aa though at ruck by
a audden Idea of tremrndoua force
"the vary thing I"
"What Ur Inquired Ned hopefully.
"Why didn't I think of It before)'
exclaimed Cyrua; "magnificent I It
aotvea tha problem. I can put yon
la Just right with tha Judge hurrah
L D. L. A. 8. O. M."
"Eh!" stared tha bewildered Ned,
wondering It bis friend waa taking
leava of bla senses.
"'I Dearly Lova A Soa Of Momus
see?" propounded Cyrua.
"I don't." confessed Ned la hope-
leaa wonderment.
"Secret society. Great go In town
two years ago. Got tha Judge to Join.
Initiated him. First thing yon do
when you sea him shout that at htm.
Then glva the password."
"What Is Itr Inquired Ned In his
artless way, catching an.
"Wbat'll he do thenr
"Recognlie you aa a brother mem
bertake you to bis fraternal and
paternal arms. Oh, bow lucky
thought of III" and Cyrua chuckled
till ba wriggled.
In perfect good faith Ned Dayton
called at tha office of Judge Allen tha
following day. He stated bis name.
Yea, hla hoat had heard htm men
tioned by bis daughter, but ha aald so
gruffly and ba scanned tba young man
over as If ha waa on tha witness
"Judge Allen," apoka our hero, "I
have coma on a very particular er
rand, but first 'L D. L. A. 8. O. M
"What I"
Tha eminent Jurist turned black In
tba face. Ha gave hla Innocent vis
itor a terrible look.
"Seaquepedallan," added tha over
confident Ned with a knowing smile.
"Why why I" fairly shrieked tha
Judge, Jumping to his feet and seis
ing a lew book. "Did you coma here
to Insult met If you don't get out of
thla office double quick I'll break
every bona In your body I"
Dang I Smash I Clatter I tha per
turbed Net got through tha doorway
Just as tha ponderous law torn erased
hla head, ahattered the glass in tha
office door and preceded mm on
rushing roll down the stairs and to
tba street 1
Ned sought hla friend Cyrus for
consolation, but found that ha had
suspiciously and mysteriously left
town on a fishing trip. Ua dared not
Ventura to call at the Allen home that
night but managed to meet Leila on
tha street
"Oh, If I only had that scapegrace,
Cyrus Moore I" cried Leila, when Ned
bad narrated his dismal story
"Why, what haa Cyras got to do
wKh ltr asked tha unsophisticated
"Ha has played ona of his practical
Jokaa on you and I will take delight
In boxing hla ears when ha puts la an
appearance again I" declared tha Irata
little miss. "About two years ago
soma Jokers got papa to Join tha 'Sons
of Momus.' They gave bho a terrible
Initiation and ba never forgives aven
an allusion to tba host."
"I certainly have put my foot In ltr
groaned poor Ned.
"ion certainly have," agreed'Lella.
"What can I dor
"Go and soa pspa and explain," ad
vised Leila.
Somehow Ned could not summon op
the courage to do thla. Ua passed tha
Allen home tha next evening. There
were no lights In tba bouae and ba
took up hla station la tba shadow of
big tree.
"The family have gone out to soma
neighbor's, I suppose," ba reasoned.
I'll stay bera and catch the Judge aa
ba returns."
It wss nearly one-half an hour later
alien Ned pricked op bis ears. Tha
gate latch of tha Allen place clicked
and some one caine out He recog
nized tba light overcoat the Judge
wore. As tba pedestrian paaaed Win
Ned stepped out from cover.
Just a word, Judge," ba began
biff I
Tha wearer of tha overcoat ahot out
bis flat, dropped something ha was
carrying aod pot down tha street oa
a run.
"WelL this Is queer r commented
Ned. staring vaguely after tha fugi
tive. "He dropped a packuge, I de
clare!" Ned Stared hard aa ba opened a pil
low case to find It atoffed full of all-
verware, documents and Jewelry. Ha
gueaaed the riddle apeedily a burg
lar bad looted tha Allen borne, taking
the Judge's overcoat as welL
Ned sat down oa tha front steps to
await the return of tba Aliens, Soon
Leila and ber father cama Into view.
Why, Ned!" exclaimed tba daugh
"That young man!" growls
Judge., "Too'U find a better password
tbsn your laat one. If yon expect to
stay around here."
Yea. see thla la my paaaword oa
the present occasion," explained Ned,
as be hsnded over tba stolen piunaw
and explained about it
Tba Judge waa fairly dellghtea to
recovey the papers of great valne, ba
declared. Ned took heart
"Judge Allen." he aald manfully,
"there's only one password I'll aver
nse. If you consent to my plea for
"And whafa thatr aaked the juaga.
"Leila first last and all of tha
time Leila 1"
Experimenti Shota Coal
1$ of Vegetable Origin
Though geologists bava been fairly
sura that hard coal waa formed Ilka
aoft coal from plants which grew la
remote geologic ages, there baa been
no absolute confirmation of thla.
However. Prof. IL 0. Turner of La-
high onlveralty clalma to have proved
the vegetable origin of anthracite.
Soft coal el Iced tbla enough for light
to paaa through and aubmltted to mi
croscopic examination ahowa definitely
Ita vegetable origin, but thla method
has been Impossible for use wits an
thracite because no matter bow thla
hard coat Is cut It la still opaque.
Frofeaaor Turner found that by first
living the surface of anthracite a
fine polish, then drying it thoroughly
aod later beating tha polished surface
la the flame of a blowpipe, it waa poa
alble to make out tha structural da
tails of the coal through a microscope.
Tha final heating burned away some
of tha coal, leaving a sort of skeleton
ised surface or etching.
As la the case of tha soft coal, soma
pieces of anthracite reeetnble frag
ments of modern woods, aucn aa ua
maple or pine. Other spedmena ahow
a pithy structure Ilka bamboo and
weeda unlike those of tha present aay.
Snores of the giant ferna of tha far
distant past before tha time of tha
true trees hsva also been. found In
the fragments. Pathfinder Magazine.
Author$hip'$ Penaltieg
Tha editor aent for a certain author
who bad aubmltted aa onsoilclted
"I am glad to make yoor acquaint
ance, air, aaia tne euiior, enthusi
astically. "The story yon aent as la
splendid. But -why nse a nora de
plume? Let as publish it over yoor
name and U will make yon famoua.
"I'm not after fame," objected the
author. "It'a money I want"
"Hut youll got Just aa much money
In either case."
"No, I won't If I publish It under
my own nsme my wife will get the
It Wat Patrick Henry
A certain officer waa la bad humor.
Ills superior had Just "called him'
about tha condition of hla troops. 8s
ha tried to pass it on down the line.
In a gruff voice ha bawled out "Not
man In thla division will be given lib
erty today."
At that a disguised voice from th
rear said, "Give ma liberty or glva me
death 1"
"Who said demanded th
angry officer.
Voice from tha rear: "Patrick Hen
ry 1" Wall Street Journal.
Watch the Bach Door.
A few days ago a burglar broke Into
Kansas grocery store. He found It
easy to Jimmy that back door, al
though, the front door Contained I
large expensive borglarproof lock.
Many people, aays tha Progressive
Grocer, protect Cielr homes tha aami
way big strong locks on tha front
doors email cheap locks on tha back
door, that any bright school cblla cu
plek without any difficulty.
A A A AatiAaaa - --"i aaia at
ffffrffTTf? WVWwWWWW ???? fT
X w a
(aa g . aa al dh afa -a-- - -WWW
I'endloton. A reunion with two
brothers from whom she bad been
separated for 40 years, was effected
here Friday, when Mrs. Hose Orn
duff arrived from Hlilaboro and met
C. F. Daniel aod W. I', Daniel.
Tillamook. The Coast Power com
pany of thla city was hoat to Its exe
cutives and employes and their fam
ilies at Its third annual banquet Tues
day In the baaement of the Methodist
Kplscopul church. About 75 were
Albany. Inspection of the country
schools of the county has been about
half completed, according to reports
of the school superintendent, Mrs.
Kilns Geer. The condition of the
c.choola, as revealed by Mrs. Geer's
report, Is generally good.
Salem. .The Garibaldi water dis
trict has filed with the state engineer
application covering the appropriation
of water from Etruby creek for domes
tic and industrial supply for the city
of Garibaldi. The cost of the develop
ment was estimated at 130,000.
Klamath Falls. To meet the over
head and Interest charges on outstand
ing bonds and to raiaa funds for Im
provement and construction work on
the first unit the Klamath drainage
district has made a special levy on
property holders within the district of
Dallas. The home of Mr. and Mrs.
I'. 8. Loughary, Just north of tba city
limits, was destroyed by fire, with
all Ita contents, at an early boor Fri
day. Mr. and Mna. Loughary were
absent and were unable to explain
the cause of the fire. Some Insur
ance waa carried.
Roaeburg. Turkey buyers Saturday
procured a carload of birds In the
northern half of tha county for ship
ment to New York. Approximately
23.000 pounds of prime birds will be
moved in the ahlpment. The buyers
paid 30 cents for tops, 24 cents for
seconds and 20 cents for culls.
St. Helens. The school census for
Columbia county shows there are 6SS1
children of school age residing In the
county. Thla Is an Increase of 244
over th 1923 censns. There are 3009
hov, to the 2872 girla. St Helena dis
trict has" the largest school popula
tion, the census showing 1017.
KUmith Falls. As a result of the
approval by Prealdent Coolldge Satur
day of tl.3 deficiency, the board of ill-
ret tors ot the Klamath Irrigation dis
trict has tailed a meeting for Decem
ber IS to devise ways and meana for
the relief tt farma on the Klamath
project, It as announced this even
Bend. A contract for 10.000 wool
fleeces In 192& at 42 centa a pound
was sign d Frldiiy by a group of local
sheepmen with a Portland wool buyer
Forty-two cents wss said by local
woolmen to be the beat price ever paid
for Oregon wool. It Is unusual for
contracts to be mrde so far In ad
Salem. In accordance with a legal
opinion handed down by the attorney
general a few days ag.i, the atate tax
commission announced Friday that the
collection of the atate Income tax for
1921, baaed on Incomes for 1923, would
proceed aa if tha law had not been re
pealed at the general election last
month. x '
Soot ts Mills. At a community meet
ing held here Saturday largely attend
ed by cltfxens of Salem, llverton,
Mount Angel, Wllholt, Scotta Milla and
vicinity, It waa the unanimous opin
ion that Scotta Mills needs a rail
road and has the natural resources
tributary to It to guarantee a large
Salem. There were three fatalities
due to Industrial accldenta In Oregon
during the laat week, according to a
report prepared Friday by the atate
Industrial accident commission. The
victims were Clarence Ingalls, Blrken
field, logger; Jcmes Holobow, Oregon
City, laborer, and Morrll Lofton, Glen-
wood, loader.
Salem. The per capita coat for
housing and caring for prisoners In
the Oregon state penitentiary haa de
creased 110.50 during the present
blonnlum, as compared with the cost
for the blonnlum of 1921-22, according
to a roport filed with the atate board
of control by A. M. Dalrymple, warden
of the institution.
Salem. Oregon receives the lowest
rate of Interest ot any state, with the
exception of Delaware, Georgia and
West Virginia, on Ita deposits ot pub
lic funds In Inactive accounts, accord
Ing to a statement issued by Jefferson
My or a, state treaaurer. The atate
treasurer's statement shows that Ore
gon, West Virginia and Georgia re
ceive t per cent Interest on deposits In
Inactive accounts, while Missouri, Cal
tfornta and Ohio, which demand bid
for public funda, receive a much high
er rate of Interest,
1 J2. 1 StLVU
W I ar Hn-ilund,
till CompUta Cti( Hal
li I L 'J Millnn, 3ui K-
i7f ana 1 f ll p. m. my
I si 1 1 J A' J 'J itf J
Select Residential & Transient
latk an4 Yamhill FortUni). Onion,
Modem Fireproof American Plan
.Portland, Oregon
17lC r vrnrr. irraDM
a-Vtf war ronjaM.
Cut, aram, ham anil machine
Dlml aklrts rd for bund
iiamntlti hlna. pimtlnc and tur-klna-.
It'i Fifth Htract Purtland. Orai
Clark Mroa., florists, ay Morrison HI
TachA tiada In I ra. Roma pay
whIU Ir-amlng. f'oaltlona aacurad. Wnta
rir rninirua. u Burnalda btraat. Pert-
Buttona. Hevlloninr. Farl I'irol Kdaa. Wld.
HiKiatitrhii (. KralinJarj, BuUoa Hulaa. AU
Smith Heating and Batlrnl Worka
S2S Moraaa Bids., Poftland. Ota.
Vi nm-a artd t. ai - r
frValura Printing fur Laa
111 Third Kiiaat Portland. Orafaa
Your "TEETH SLEEP" Whin We Work
Our Imputation la our aroatMl aat.
Dr. Kno, iut Washington Bt., Portland
Rlamn or thoaa thai fan talk ma aoai-
Ulf earn SIOnO to I.IOOO and tkia paid
dailf. Hnmethina nair. I d bj ever eiia
and Mi frat rfmand. Write for Relliog PUa.
iui loni oiQg roniaao, urtgon.
AT-rrxTiov 1, Antra 1 ,..r, uw ait
naruiarr iamy parlor: ant lit ro op; wt
ajiakf- all kit,d of fiatr ntfa out of eotoblnfa;
) at-ai eaitrh. IWj 2 atema. SI 50; a at-ma
$ .'. I' ill w-itw of t.attr raltnra. $J0.
duO IvkiiiB building, Portland. Oregon.
Voo Win Fool E girt at Hon Ban
ah aaa Caatral-lraimali lata.
Election! Cafe. Special Waoktg
Bo lee.
BuaatmaaJI Traina. llth ad Stark.
W)iomm fond took wi jvit right
by eoolit wh know. HPKC1AL 26c
f , (V luncriaagpal strran OKI 1 7 Waal CaUttV
lafpIPTia ba?ieitod. rk Htraj tHs4t
YOU WANT A SHOW? Wi eai fumls. B
Orehoa-rtu. Sinroro. Donee. Comodkuto. Haci-
eiane. uiiwtom tor nente lajont Btanoarnpta. etc
II HASZ AMCM-.MKNT CO, Hipmdnm Bklg.
Portlai d. Oreaoo. Telephone Main luau.
For rekakat CVuina aod Dr.
tut aareieo oowJ porroia to oa.
We pay rotor poatago. Infqro
atioa aod prlna ai-ea apea re-
EatBjHehe4 USD. Pertioad. On
fltiwn !m& "
All kindeof Hair and Beauty work br ex porta.
Haanebut Co. oaSJrVaah. near Wert Park
Prostata Cured Without Operation
opocjaj attoottoa to aioaera. rlewole. Bactal
ana rooaaJO Treotlee
Broadway Bldg. Portland. Ore.
Dr. Lake, Divine Healing
129 l-oartn street,
W. U Chirks frrwn artd-rtH
Itval aV-na 4 k)t'l (ktJijcrw
!rHi, fMitt aixltlvtl. At
rttott-o U--t- li.p k. IMt
'Tell a man you think a boss rare
Is Rlooter ba crooked," said t'ncle
Ebva. "an he'll ba pow'lul Indignant.
Jes' de same he's liable to hang
around fob Information aa to what de
aurcthlng bet la glneter be."
Origin of Name Calvary.
Tbe name Calvary la derived (rom
Calvarla," which la tha Latin equiva
lent for Golgotha, meaning a bare
akull. Tha name was given to a rock
or prominence shaped to give the sem
blance ot a akull.
Another Blasting
There la this to be said (or burial
in the potters field no one 3,000 years
from now will disturb tha peace of the
grave. New York Tribune.
Thlnga You Can't Buy.
It'a good to have money and the
thlnita that money can buy, but It's
good to check up once In a while and
make sure you haven't lost the thlnga
that money can't buy.
Might aa Wall Die Young.
When everybody lives to reach the
century mark It won't be so easy for
centenarians to get a bearing on their
philosophy ot lite.
!f taken In tlnw. prevent oner.
atlona for lliatieteo. Catarrh.
Aathma l.mia. Throat, Liver.
Kulney, lUieumatlam. Hkmd.
NUHnaeh and all female die-
onlera. Plodder Trouhtea.
The C. Oe Wo Krmedle are
aarmleaa. aa no druaa or nntenn
are ward. Cnmniierd of tin
chnlaeal medicinal mot, herba.
huda and bark, Imoortrd by ua
11 jj from far away oriental cmin.
hiea. CaU or Write
r Inform-
at Ion
C. Cee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
New l.ocatlow-2624 Alder St.. S. W. Cor. Third.
P.irllan.l, Ore. Kaubllahod 28 Yearain Cortland
at t
, Orarna f .
Halurdar. Adalla, Waak
nit flb- flotilla.
DilMran 10 fnta all tlmaa
Turkeys & Fresh Eggs
Writ, for Prttaa
Cedar Chests Tennessee Cedar
u LKIajr an. R.-.twri. m K. Rraad-
for Chronic Diseases
IndtHdual Effective Convenient
Each mm fa fflvM, praonal attwtion. Hirh
lf mirint rmMlls pria.m. fur aawh imiivd
tt!. Trrtitnwnt baiawr. on our Uhtmitory sm
alyia rtd dtariMMia of pitint'o ilmamta.
SsjBd for aympiun duMrnot.ia Unk, bkjod tatat
hsMtann full Inform
atMMi. jNo otjiihaLtufi.
flpoelaliata on Chronie
tn.eoaeo. Suite tli
Columbia RMa.. Wool
Park and Waahlnaton
Bta. Portland. Oreaon.
W Spectallz In -
BltH Pelts, f sol, Kobiir, TaCsw. Catxara,
Crttn Gspt Coat Csal Stai, Hone Hair
Writ for tipping Tag, a lateet Price Uat
las aaiea annnji aaara. Pitruna. aauaa.
brareh at PmouIIo, Idaho
and Avoid
R the Rush
A Mild Laaetfn
A Intern Builder
And Avoid
At ah
KclUble Dniggiara
AhrlominaJ 8uppnrtan Arrk
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When In Portland
' Park Your Car in Our Garage
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9th and Hoyt, - Portland, Ore
Exile Wrote Famous Book.
Rudolph Eric Raspe, author ot the
Duron Munchausen tales, waa an exilo
In England when be wrote his famous
book. He bad fled from Cermany to
escape prosecution for alleged theft
from the Cassel museum.
Usually Absent.
Opportunity knocks once at every
man'a door but generally he la down
street telling some one about the good
chances he has missed.
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