The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 12, 1924, Image 1

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Auto Accident Near Cecil
While on his way to a ranch
near Alderdale, Wash., Mc
Meniman'i car and a Ford driven
by E. II. Turner collided about
one mile below Cecil lust Salur
day night. It is understood thut
on meeting the car driven by Mr.
Turner, McMeniman drove too
close to the edge of the road with
the result that the front wheel
wont over the bank, throwing
, the rear of the car toward the
tV center of trie road. Mr. Tur
ner's car crashed into the rear
of the Dodge, losing a. front
wheel and a fender. One of the
rear wheels of Mr. McMeniman'a
car was broken and a fender
bent, but after few repairs by
. J. H. Bryson, he was able to
continue his trip.
, Mr. McMeniman Is a former
Ueppner attorney and is now
practicing law in Portland.
Mrs. Guy Cason and children
and her uncle, Ixmis Padberg,
arrived here from Portland on
Monday. Mrs. Cason will re
main in lone during the illness
of her father, E. L Padberg,
and take care of the Padberg
children. ,
Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Mathison
MtonFridaoof last week for
Portland where they will spend
about two wjeeks visiting rela
tives. Mrs. Cason and Arlie Padberg
made a trip to Pendleton on
Tuesday to visit their father
E. L. Padberg who is seriously
ill at the Pendleton hospital.
Mr. Pad berg's condition is report
ed to be unchanged.
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
comes but once a year.
This season, Xmas Stationery,
Dolls, Toys and many, other
items at lower prices.
Put Kodaks on your Xmas list.
A gift that is always in season.
Dullards Pharmacy
The Gift Store
Pres. J. S. Landers to Speak
Friday evening, December 12,
the citizens of lone and surorund
ing places will have an exception
al opportunity in hearing Pres.
J. S. Landers of the Oregon
Normal School. Mr. Landers in
un educator and lecturer of wide
experience and reputation, and
his subject, "The New Emphasis
in Education" ia said to be one
of great interest, especially to
those who are interested in the
local school problems. No ad
mission will be charged, as Pres.
Landers is coming solely for the
purpose of inspiring community
interest in the local schools.
The lecture will be given in
the new high school auditorium
at 7:30 P. M.
Don't forget the Lexington
high school play to be presented
in the Lexington Auditorium, at
8 o'clock on the evening of
December 13. "It Pays to Ad
vertise" is a play well worth
your time and money, and one
you will bb glad to have set-n.
It is seldom that a high school
attempts such a heavy play, but
Lexington is going to put it over
b.g. Remember the matinee at
2 o'clock for children, seats 15c.
Seats for the evening perform
ance are only GO cents. Come
early in order to get a good seat.
II. C Wood, local real estate
broker and Al Zink spent a few
days in South Bend, Wash., last
week on business. S.W.Thomp
son, a real estate dealer of
Vancouver, Wash., accompanied
them pn their return to lone.
Lexington High School Play
A nationally known play, "It
Pays to Advertise," will be
offered by the Lexington high
school in the public school audi
torium a( 8 P. M. on Saturday,
December 13. 1921 Seats for
the evening performance will be
priced at 50 cents. A matinee
will be held in the afternoon at
2 P. M. of the same day, seats
for 15 rents. THs royalty play
of unusual calibre ran in New
York for two years, and has
since been offered by . many
colleges and universities as one
of exceptional value. Statements
used in the play concerning ad
vertising are facts. Come and
learn scientific truths while you
revel in two and a half hours of
the most wholesome fun.
The cast is as follows:
Mary (Jniytton (We run do It)
ljivelle l-ntlii-m
('(mtPHiw iIh lieaurtco (Oh In In la.
tiumittaur!) ' Neva Slilnu
Koriix-jr Martlii (Now, fiithi r!)
ItUHwII Wrlt!it
C'yru Martin (You yuung iip)'.)
ClnriMire CuriuMim-l
AmbroM I'rult (Tliut'a me, ulHtoluto-
ly!) IpUr While
KlU'Vey Clark (Oh, I nay. now!)
Harold Slicrer
Joliimon (Very good, lr!)
Jumtw Keller
Marie (Oul. Madume!
llertlia Tucker
William Smith I should ay not
G. leu n Slierer
Donald Mc-cln Kiiey (Ancl that got!
I'buI McholR
Mix llurke Vw, ilr!
Alice Puliner
(ieorgH Hromon Kntlierll
2t Marlon Palmer
A collision between cars drien
by Cecil Sargent and Wesley
McNabb occurred last Sunday
night between lone and Jordan
Siding.' In meeting on the road
the lights were dimmed but a
spotlight apparently blinded Mr
Sargent, and the 'impact that
followed threw Mrs. Sargent and
children out of the car. Mrs.
Sargent was slightly injured and
the children suffered a few
bruises. Except for a broken
wheel on each car, not a great
deal of damage was done.
Don't forget the big Xmas
dance at lone December 20.
Iave your watch repairing at
Swanson's Feed and Supply Store
for Hay lorthe Jeweler, Heppner.
High School Notes
The seniors of lone high school
will present the one act dbmedy,
"Bobby" by Norvell Thompson,
on December 19, in the high
school auditorium. This play
deals with the adolescent love
affairs of Bobby, a spoiled young
man who is engaged to several
girls at the same time, all of
whom he thinns. are madly in
love with him. Come and find
out how he gets out of the mesa.
The play will be given to cover
the graduation expenses of the
seniors. The admission will be
25 cents for adults and 10 cents
for children. A carnival will be
held following the play.
The baskets were put in the
gymnasium Friday by Mr. Alli
son oi Lexington, aided by Mr.
Tucker and some of the high
school boys. .The basket at the
south end of the gymnasium is
stationery but the other one is
on hinges so it can be raised in
order not to obstruct the view
of the stage.
The first practice was held
Friday but the floor lines were
not painted until Saturday.
No practice was held Monday
because of the fresh paint.
A freshman class meeting was
0. S. T. A. Program Complete
Eugene, Oregon (Special) VIhe
general program of the Oregon
State Teachers' Association has
jimtbeen completed by Superin
tendent A. C. Strange of Astoria,
president of the association, and
Dean E. D. Ressler of Corvallis,
The meeting of the Represen
tative Council will be held in the
Lincoln High School Auditorium.
Monday, December 29. Reports
of standing committees will be
presented as follows:
Credentials, P. F.'Gaiser; ex
ecutive committee, E. D. Ressler;
finance, J, C. McLaughlin; legis
lative, J. E. Myers; necrology,
E, H. Hedrick; loan fund, Miss
Viola Ortschild; districting the
state, C. A. Howard; time of
holding convention, Mrs. Maud
K. Darnall.
Reports of research committee:
visual education. Mrs. A. E.
Watson; Oregon's facilities and
responsibility for training teach
ers, G. W. Ager; teachers' retire
ment fund, H. D Sheldon: state
course of study, E. D. Ressler;
retardation. Charles Franseen;
moral training, Harold S. Tuttle;
N. E. A., G. W. Hug; committee
on investigation, Miss Cornelia
J. Spencer.
The first general assembly will
be held at 9 A. M., Tuesday, De
cember 30. The program fol
9:00 A. M. Assembly singing
under direction of W. H. Boyer.
supervisor of music, city public
schools, Pprtland.
9:15 A. M. Invocation.
9:20 A. M Introductory state
ment, Superintendent A. C.
9:30 A. M. Education in a Dem
ocracy, President Thomas W.
Butcher, Kansas State Teachers'
College, Emporia.
10:30 A M. A nation-Wide Pro
gram for Rural Edncation. Miss
Mabel Carney, Teachers' College
of Columbia University, New
11:10 A. M. Address -Miss Olive
M. Jones, ex president of N. E.
A., New York City.
Tuesday afternoon and Wed
nesday morning, the teachers
will meet in the various depart
mental sections. On Wednesday
afternoon, December 31, the
association will conclude its work
with the following program:
1:15 P. M. Assembly singing.
1:30 P. M. Report of committee
on resolutions P. E. Christen-
son, chairman.
1:45 P. M. An Outsider's Views
of O'egon's Rural Needs Miss
2:30 P. M. Address Miss Olive
M. Jones.
3:15 P. M. Some Observations
on Government in America
President Thomas W. Butcher.
E. F. Carlcton, U. of 0. Press
Representative, 0. S. T. A.
held last Tuesday to change
plans concerning a farewell party
they had arranged to give in the
old school building. No dates
were open until after the holi
days. Mr. Landers, president of the
state normal school will. give a
community talk in the school
auditorium, Friday evening at
7:30. The address will be follow
ed by a practice basketball game
with Pine City.
'For Xmas-An Ideal Water
man Pen. Writes messages the
year round. Bullard's Pharmacy,
Cecil News Items
Roy E. Stender was a business
visitor in Cecil, Monday.
Mrs. Karl Farnsworth and
Mrs. H. V. Tyler of Rhea Siding
also Mrs. 'J. H. Franklin and
Mrs. Clark Key of Milton and
the Misses Annie C. and Violet
M. Hynd were calling on Mrs.
R. E. Dimcan and infant son
during the past week.
Mrs. T. H. Lowe and daughter
Miss Annie C. Lowe were busi
ness visitors in lone on Monday.
Mrs. L L. Funk and Mrs. W.
Sexton also of Cecil were doinar
the sights of lone on Friday.
Peter Bauernflend arrived in
Cecil a few days ago after taking
treatments at Ritter Springs for
several months. Pete declares
he never felt better in hia life
and is ready for any eort of work
that may come hit way.;
T. W. May is spending a few
days visiting his brother L. D.
May at The Dalles.
Mrs. L. L Funk and daughter
Miss Gtraldine were visiting
friends in Wasco on Sunday.
J. W. Odborn of Fairview was
a passenger on tHe local, Wednes
day. J. W.. was transacting
business in The Dalles.
H. J. Streeter is busy assisting
W. H. Chandler, county road
supervisor. They are clearing
the roads near Cecil which were
filled up during the sand blows.
Max and Sam Gorfikle of the
Pendleton Army t'id Navy Store
were busy men in ite Cecil vicin
ity on Monday.
R. E. Djncan was a business
visitor in Arlington on Thursday.
Mrs. Este Bauernfiend of Mor
gxn was visiting Mrs. L. L.
Funk at Cecil on Thursday.
Mrs. J. H. Franklin accompan
ied by her daughter and eon in
law Mr. and Mrs. Clark Key of
Milton were the week end guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hynd.
I Read Compare j
j Saturday Special Cash Prices g
1 doz. Sun-Kist Oranges 20c
3 1 can standard corn 15c j
2 cans solid pack tomatoes 35c E
H 2 cans Lima beans '25c
H 2 cans sliced beets 35c
E 1 can peaches 20c
H 1 can apricots 20c
1 can standard peas 15c '
S3 ' 3
1 I have large stocks of canned g
goods that were bought on the
1 lowest market ot the year and
jj ; guarantee every can. f
jH . Try a sack of ff
I Sperry Drifted Snow Flour 1
Annual Morrow County
Farm Bureau Meeting
The annual meeting of the
Morrow County Farm Bureau
will be hele at the Odd Fellows
Hall at Heppner, December 20.
The meeting will start at 10:30
in the morning and will be finish
ed early in the afternoon. Mr.
Paul V. Maris, director of the
Extension Service from Corvallis,
will be the principal speaker at
this meeting. Business of im
portance to the farmers of
Morrow county will be transacted
during the day. Dinner will be
served at noon in the dining-
room at the hail. All farmers
and business men of Morrow
county are invited to attend the
meeting. County Agent Morse.
There will be a prize Christ
mas dance in the Legion Hall,
Saturday, Eecember 20. Don't
miss it.
Why not something useful for
the home, Xmas? A few sug
gestions -a Rocker, Rug, Day
Bed; Library , or dining room
table; Sewing Machine; Daven
port; Dining room or Bedroom
suite; pictures and baby car
riages. Call at the Furniture
Store. S. E. Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morgan
were busy at Cecil on Friday
morning, shipping nogs and
geese to the Portland markets.
Mr. Morgan has between three
and four hundred acres of wheat
beginning to look well, and is
looking for better remits next
Several bands of sheep belong
ing to Hynd Bros., are now at
their winter quarters at Butter-
oy Flats, and awo bands belong
ing to Krebs Bros., arrived at
The Last Camp during the week.
Gus Davis arrived from Mosier
on Saturday and is assisting
Walter Pope at Hillside for a
few days.