The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 05, 1924, Image 1

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Masons Elect Officers
' The Masonic Lodge of Ions
held an election of officers on
Wednesday of this week. The
results of the election are as
follows: Dr. C. Ii. Walker, W.
M; W. E. Bullard. S. W; II. J.
Hiddle, J. W; L. E. Dick, Sec
retary; and Victor G. Peterson,
After the election some sec
ond degree work wss done, and
a turkey supper was served later
in the evening.
Halph Harris suffered a quite
severe Injury last Friday when a
atone column he was prying on
buckled, and fell on his right
hand. The bones In his hand
were broken in six places and
two long incisions made, one
across the palm of his hand and
another across the back, nearly
to the end of the index finger.
Dr. WalKer dressed the injured
hand, about 24 stitches being
necessary to close the cuts. Mr.
'idarris was taken to Pendleton
en Monday by Dr. Walker, for
M x-ray of the injured hand,
which showed the bones all nicely
wet. Although recovery is ex
pected to be slow, Mr. Harris
will not lose the use of his hand.
B. A. Holteen and sons, of
Scio, arrived in lone on Wed
nesday of last week to spend
Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs.
Ekleborry, They returned to
their home Sunday morning.
A ChriBlmas bazaar and , food
sale will be held December Cth,
In the Ladies' Rest Room of the
McMurray building by the Ladies'
Aid Society of the Congregation
al church.
The Gift Store -
Bullard's Pharmacy.
Mrs. Jordan returned to lone
on Tuesday evening. She was
spending the Thanksgiving holi
days In Portland and Salem.
I have a full stock of furniture
which I am selling at 10 percent
All kinds of furniture repaired.
S. E. Moore.
Wesley McNabb arrived Sat
urday evening from Hood River
where he has been employed
the past three months.
Leave your watch repairing at
Swanson's Feed and Supply store
for Haylor the jeweler, Heppoer.
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
From Dot and Daddy
A Kodak
It has been hard for Dot to keep the
. big secret but she managed somehow,
' and mother is the most surprised per
son in the world. And pleased, too. A
Kodak is just what she wanted.
At our store you will find
a complete line of Kodaks
1 from which to choose.
May we help you?
Bullard's Pharmacy
The Kodak Store
Lexington High School Play
A nationally known play, "It
Pays to Advertise," will be
offered by the Lexington high
school in the public school audi
torium at8 P. M. on Saturday,
December 13, 1924. Seats for
the evening performance will be
priced at 50 cents. A matinee
will be held in the afternoon at
2 P. M. of the same day, seats
for 15 rents. THs royalty play
of unusual calibre ran in New
York for two years, and has
since been offered by many
colleges and universities as one
of exceptional value. Statements
used in the play concerning ad
vertising are facts. Come and
learn scientific truths while you
revel in two and a half hours of
the most wholesome fun.
The cast is as follows:
Mary (iriiyiun (We can do It)
Iari'lle leathers
Com tent (Ih Hfftiirlcu (Ob la In la,
inoimleur!) Nuva fcliluu
Rodney Martiu (Now, father!)
llimaell Wright
1'jru Martin (Yon young pup-!)
Clarence Carinlchael
AinbroHf I'ealt (That'ime, alMolute
ly!) U'Hler White
KlUvey (lark (Oh, 1 ny, now!)
Harold Hherer
Johtuon (Very good, ulr!)
JauifM Keller
Marie (Out, Madame!
bertha Tucker
William Bmltta I hould ajr not
Ulenn 8herr
Donald McChwuey t,.od thatfroe!
Paul Klchola
Alice Talmer
George Itronnon Rather!
2t . Marlon I'ulmer
Cecil News Items
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Curtiss
of Rhea Siding were called to
Minnesota during the week to
attend the funeral of Mrs.
Curtis's mother.
A large party of young people
from Cecil took in the big dance
held at Arlington on Thursday of
last week. All report having a
good time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Streeter
and family of Cecil spent Thurs
day with J. W. Osborn and Mrs.
Weltha Combest at Fairview
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Van
Schioach and children of Arling
ton were the dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Krebs on
Elvin Schafer is once more at
work at Buttrby Flats after
pending his vacation with
friends in Portland and Salem.
P. Cox of Heppner is quite
busy putting things in ship shape
at "The Shepherds Rest," ready
for R. A. Thompson's bands of
Ewes which will arrive here
soon for the winter.
W. H. Chandler, Oscar Lundell
T.. W. May were all doing busi
ness, in Arlington during the
" High School Notes
Hazel Akers returned to school
last Monday after a few days
Delbert Cool enrolled in the
Freshman class on Monday.
Walton Young broke his glass
es and was absent during the
Thfclma Forbes was absent
one day last week.
The boy's basketball team will
play a practice game with Pine
City December 12.
The senior carnival which was
planned for December 5 has
been postponed until Friday,
December 19.
The senior class has chosen
for the one-act play, "Bobby,"
to be given at this carnival.
Open house was held in the
new school building Wednesday
evening, in order that the par
ents might be allowed to see the
interior of the builaing before
the students move in.
Protect yourself against the
uncertainties of winter. We can
assure you a good position in
your own county, that will pay
you well. Write us at once,
Nogar Corporation, 301 Couch
Bldg., Portland, Oregon. 3t
Clinton Harper of Ewing was
visiting his friends in Lexington
on Tnursday.
Frank Madden of Portland
accompanied by Gene Logan
and Sydney Willmott of The
Willows were doing the sights of
1 Cecil on Thursday. - -
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kopp
accompanied by Miss Helen Far
ley and Jim Farley, also John
ana artnur merson oi inerfor new machinery.
Lexington News Items
Mr. Karl Beach returned home
Sunday evening from Walla
Walla where he spent the holi
days with his family.
The Congregational Ladies Aid
is planning a social gathering to
be given to the people of Lexing
ton. Watch for the announce
ment. "
One of Lexington's former
residents, Jim Pointer was in
town last week. Everyone was
glad to see him.
Mrs. Gillander, wife of the
former pastor of the church at
Lexington,' was visiting friends
in town on Monday.
Mr. L..L. Davis of Grandview
was a business visitor in Lexing
ton yn Wednesday.
Mr. Howard Lane is improving
his slaughter bouse with new
sheds and corrals.
Mrs. Eva Lane returned last
week from a two mouths visit
in the Valley.
Mr. A. H. Nelson and his brother-in-law
were in town on
Sutter Christ of Freewater
was in town Wednesday selling
Mr. Oliver J. Cox has been in
Clarkston. Washington, visiting
his sister. lie also visited his
brother, J. I. Cox of Kamiah.
Idaho-. He had not Been either
of them for a number of years.
Mr. Carpenter of Pendleton,
representative of the Internation
al Harvester Co. was in Lexing
ton Wednesday, taking orders
were calling in Cecil
on Thursday.
Geo. Krebs and J. W. Osborn
were doing business in Heppner
on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Madden
and Mrs. Glen Kesterson of Port
land were the dinner guests of
the Misses A. C. and M. H. Lowe
at Cecil oi j Saturday evening.
Mrs. W. H. Chandler was
calling at Busy Bee ranch on
Saturday, and was introduced to
the line 9 ponnd boy which had
recently arrived at he home of
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Duncan.
No need to say R. E. is the
proudest man on Willowcreek.
Bob Lowe left on Sunday, to
continue his studies at Benson
Polytechnic, in Portland. Miss
Cleta Palmateer returned to Lex
ington High school on Sunday
and Miss Mildred Duncan return
ed to het studies at Bcardman
hiii a school, on Monday. All
spent Thanksgiving at their re
spective homes.'
Mrs. Geo. A. Miller and son
Elvin were visitors in lone on
Mr. rnd Mrs. Chas. A. Hayden
Basketball season has begun
at Lexington high school, with
eighteen candidates in training.
Iave your watch repairing at
Swanson's Feed and Supply Store
for Haylorlhe Jeweler, Heppner.
Loose Wires Are
Always Dangerous
No matter how innocent look
ing s wire danglingjn the strett
may be, says the Oregon Public
Utility Information Bureau, it
is nevertheless a potential death
hazard, and should be avoided as
one would avoid poison or small-Pox-
- '
Only a short time ago, two
Seattle boys were electrocuted
while trying to hoist a garbage
can to the top of a light pole as a
Hallowe'en prank. Numerous
fatal ' accidents have recently
been recorded where boys and
grown ups have attempted to
st'ing radio, aerials across live
wires of high voltage, or to
attach them to light poles.
Thtse high tension lines carry
almost certain death at all times
and sometimes even a "dead"
wire swinging in the wind strikes
a "live" wire and becomes an
.nstrument of death.
Therefore the best policy ia to
consider all loose wire as being
deadly, and keep as far away
from them as possible.
Look! Look! Look!
I. 0. 0. F. get together meet
ing at Morgan Thursday night,
December 11. We will look for
you there.
, I. 0. 0. F. Lodge,.
Morgan, Ore.
cii j& HRnls
Th Baptist Ladies' Aid Society
will hold another sale at Moore's f Taoomgi Ge0 Hgyden and
furniture store on December 6th
Besides several articles left over
from the sale last week, more
have been finished and will be
disposed of at the December sale.
S. W. Thompson, real estate
broker of Vancouver, Wash.,
was in lone Wednesday, on busi
ness. He returned to Vancouver
Thursday morning.
Mr. Thompson is an old ac
quaintance of W. E. Bullard of
this city, both being former
resideuts of the city of Bridge
water, South Dakota. This was
their first meeting since Mr.
Bullard left that state 22 years
family and Mrs. I. IV Wood of
Gresham, arrived in lone on
Thursday, and spent Thanks
giving with Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Olden, They left for Portland
on Saturday accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Olden, who visited
for a few days in Portland, re
turning to lone Tuesday evening
Wendell Balsiger and Edwin
Johnson, students at Willamette
University, arrived in lone early
Thursday morning and spent
Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs
Louis Balsiger. They left for
Portland Sunday morning, mak
ing the trip to and from lone
with Sam Simpson.
Are you ready for winter?
I have a good stock of
in Coal or Combinations
Portland Stove Works Cast lorn
Combination Heaters. Com
mon Air Tight Sheet Iron Heat
ers. If in need of a heater
see my line and prices.
I can get repairs for your old ranges and
heaters on short notsce. Be sure to
get name and numbers on old
stove if you need repairs.
s s
z :