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    CUE 1 DAWES lira
Republican National Convention Comes
to End. Lowden Declines to Run.
Convention Hall, Cleveland, O.
President Coolldge was nominated
Thursday by the republican national
convention in a proceeding which was
actually a ratification meeting.
Only dissenting votes from Wis
aonsin and North Dakota prevented
the president's nomination by acclam
ation and making It unanimous.
Nominated by his personal friend.
Dr. Marlon Leroy Burton, president
of the University of Michigan, the
' president received solid blocks of
votes from all the states on the final
rollcall except from those mentioned.
Before the first and only rollcall
was half completed the story of his
victory had been told, as Btato by
state the votes of solid delegations
from east, vest, north and south were
thrown to his support.
t. .'vention Hall, Cleveland. O.
Chales G. Dawes of Illinois, the ''Holl
and Maria" general, was nominated for
the vice-presidency by the republican
national convention Thursday night
after it once had nominated Frank O.
Lowden, ex-governor of Illinois, and
he had refused to accept the place,
The convention was later adjourned
President Coolidge's nomination
was accomplished with only a ripple
of dissent from Wisconsin and North
Dakota, but the nomination of his run
nlng mate came only after the con
vention had once chosen Lowden am!
hud been forced by his declination to
choose another the "Hell and Maria
After a short race with Herbert
Hoover, who came Into the ballottlni:
after the declination of Lowden
Dawes galloped oft with tlis nomlna
Motions to make It unanimous ami
by acclamation were disturbed only
by the dissent frotit Wisconsin and
North Dakota.
In a brief and spectacular fight In
which William Butler, President Cool
idge's campaign manager, had said to
Senator Reed of Pennsylvania, "It
must be Hoover," and Senator Reed
had replied, "I can't be done. It must
be Dawes," the Dawes supporters.
after the declination of ex Governor
Lowden of Illinois, marshaled their
forces and put the general across for
the nomination.
San Tedro, Cal. Two premature ex
plosions killed three officers and 45
men of the battleship Mississippi
Thursday and Injured s score of
others, and the menace of death still
hounded the crippled dreadnought as
she left her dead and Injured behind
and headed out to sea to protect har
bor life and shipping from the peril
of a third and imminently expected
The first explosion occurred at 1
P. M. while the Mississippi was en
gaged In target practice off San Clem
ente island, 45 miles from here, spread
ing death among the SS men in No. 'I
turret. Officers said the prtmature
blast might have been due to a sailor
giving the signal for the electric flush
igniting the charge in one of the tur
ret's H inch rifles before the breech
was properly closed, or it may have
resulted from a "flare back" caused
when a fresh charge was being loaded
into the breech.
As the stricken ship reached the
goal of its race for surgical assist
ancethe hospital ship Relief, just in
side the breakwater here a second
blast rocked the vessel. The charge
In the damaged turret's second 14-lnch
rifle exploded, hurling the steel pro
jectile out to sea.
Embassy in Japan Acts
on American Boycott
Toklo. The boycott on American
made motion picture films, duo to re
sentment because of the recently en
acted exclusion of Japanese immi
grants from America, has been brought
to the attention of the Japanese gov
ernment by the American embassy
The direct cause of the embassy's
action was a complaint from repre
sentatives of the American film com
panies at Kobe, who reported that the
boycott movement was progressing In
western Japan and asked assistance in
combating It.
At the same tlmi tho boycott here
was breaking dow'i. The police have
announced that full protection wll
be given any theater showing Amer
lean films and have warned "patriots,'
as the most active supporters of tb
boycott term themselves, not to use
intimidation as a weapon for gaining
the assent of the theater owners to
plans to bar American pictures.
The leading Toklo theaters plan t
continue using the American films.
Tax Refund to Be Prompt.
Washington, D. C Taxpayers who
paid the full amount of their Income
tax on March 15 will not have to wait
until December for the refund of one
fourth of the amount, as seemed like
ly as the result of the failure of tho do
ficiency appropriation bill In the re
cent session of congress.
Director of the Budget Lord has ap
proved an arrangement by which the
treasury will pay the refund out of
another appropriation. The deficiency
bill carried an appropriation of $16,
110,000 for refunds to those who paid
the entire amount of their tax on
March 15 in advance of the action ot
congress In the new tax law granting
a 25 per cent cut on taxes on Incomes
of 1923. Congress In the annual
treasury department appropriation bill
appropriated $105,000,000 for tax re
funds In connection with the settle
ment of disputed tax cases. Under
the arrangement which has now been
made the treasury will draw upon
the $105,000,000 fund In refunding
amounts due to taxpayers who paid
In full on Murch 15.
Two Bombs Shake City.
Harrlsburg, III. Two dynamite
bombs exploded early Sunday, blinking
the entire city, and causing the partial
destruction of two houses and break
ing the windows of several other ad
jacent homes. No persons were Injur
ed by the explosions.
The bombs were thought to have
been sent by persons opposing re
cent liquor rulds in Saline county, III.
Biby Drowns In Pail.
Albany, Or. The nine months old
baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fltzwnter of
Stuyton was drowned Saturday after
noon when it fell Into a pail of water
setting on the porch.
Mrs. Fllzwatcr left the house to
attend to some duties in the yard.
The child crawled after her until
It was attracted by the pail. The
Infant fell head first into the con
tainer and was dead when Its mother
returned to tho house.
Isabel, S. I). A tornado which
struck Clad valley, in Ziebach county,
west of here, lute Saturday, caused
probably a score of Injuries. Property
damage may run over $100,000, ac
cording to word received here today.
Storm Leaves 12 Dead.
Johnson City, Tcnn. Twelve known
dead, four seriously Injured, more than
a dozen houses, barns and mills de
molished and thousands of acres of
furm crops ruined, constitute the toll
of the most disastrous cloudburst ever
recalled In this section. It appeared
to have Its center near Hunter, on
Little Stoney creek and Blue Springs
creek, where a house, H which two
families lived, went to pieces, taking
nine lives.
Commerce Italy Likely to Act This
Summer on Railroad Values.
Washington, 4). C. Valuation re
ports fixing the final values ot Import
ant railway systems ut the United
States tiro expected to bo issued by
the Interstate commerce commission
this summer. The valuation work hns
progressed to tho stage where a num
ber ot reports on large systems may
be completed in tho next few months
The field work of the bureau ot
valuation, Involving Investigations
made In the field by engineers, land
appraisers and accouutauts, has been
practically completed.
Records ot the bureau ot valuation
show thut the underlying reports
which are made the basis for tenia
tive final valuations huvo been com
pleted as to approximately S5 per
cent ot the total steam railway mile
a?e In the country.
Tentative valuation reports buve
been completed as to 22 per cent of
the mileage.
Valuation of rullroads begun In 1913.
when congress made an Initial appro
priation of $100,000. In thut year the
commission had 31 employes in It
bureau ot valuation and expended $10.
372.91 .for valuation work.
By 1915 the expenditures had in
creased to $2,183,296. and the num
ber ot employes hud increased to 1291
Expenditures and the number ot em
ployes Increased until 1919, when ex
pendltures totaled $3,560,098 and tin
number of employes totaled 1530.
In 1920 expenditures decreased to
(2.983,021 and the number ot employes
dropped to 990. Tho following year
the expenditures were $2."33.0U0 ami
the number ot employes 926. In 1922
expenditures further decreased to $1.
595,000 and the number of employed
declined to 585. At present the bureau
of valuation has approximately 250 cm
ployes and congress has authorized un
appropriation ot $647,000 fur the fiscal
year ending Juno 30, 1925.
Valuation of the ruilrouds was start
ed In 1913 with the general cxpecta
tion that it would be completed In
about three years. The magnitude of
the undertaking was not rcullzed at
thut time. The work is now in It
tenth year and it is estimated thut
two or three more years will claps-
before final valuations have been made
on all the railways ot the country, al
though officials directly in charge ot
the work decline to give an estimate
at this time as to Just how much long
er it will be before final valuation re
ports have been completed.
When the reports have been IhkumI
the final values found will have to lie
brought up to dote, the final values
being fixed as of June 30, 1915, 1916 or
Many ot the final values fixed by
the commission will be contested in
the courts by the railroads and lit I
gallon will delay the final establish
ment of value as a basis for rate muk
t Where Shall We I
I Fly the Flag? V
Japanese Seek Entry.
Seattle, Wash. Immigration In
spectors examining 23S Japanese who
arrived hero Monday aboard the Ail
mlral oriental liner President Mi-Kin
ley with passports from Japan, found
scores who claimed long years of res!
dence In this country could not speak
a word of English, according to of
ficers of the immigration station.
Advices received by the department
In Seattle asserted that 2700 Japan-
ese will seek entrance to the United
Stutes through this port before July
1, when the Japanese exclusion act be
comes effective. Dozens of brides and
bridegrooms were among the pas
Warship Hits; Floated.
Norfolk, Va. The battleship West
Virginia, which went aground soon
after leaving Hampton rouils for
France Moniluy, wus pulled off the
mud bunk, where she had held fast at
high water and proceeded to Lyun
Haven roads to anchor for minor repairs.
Minn sweepers and tugs pulled the
ship free. Abourd were members of
the navy contingent ot the American
Olympic team, whose departure bus
now been delayed through the crock
ing of a condenser head and the los
ing of a tower when tho West Virginia
struck In a dredge channel.
Stolen "Treasure" Lesd.
Reno, Nov. Six bars of bullion.
stolen last Friday from a railroad at
ficrlueh.'Washoe county, Nevada, und
supposed to bn worth $0000, were
really 97 per cent leud, according to
a dispatch received from a special
agent by Chief Klrkley of tho Reno
police. Ono man, under, arrest here,
confessed the theft of tho "treasure"
and It was being searched for In Hun
Francisco, Sacramento and other
places. The vulun of the bars Is $60.
St. Paul, Minn. Magnus Johnson,
Minnesota's "dirt farmer" senator, was
renominated on tho farmer-lubor ticket
by an overwhelming plurality In Mon
day's statewide primary, returns avail
able at 10:30 P. M. showed. He de
feated two opponents,
WtlKRE hull w fly the nt?
The ranks of msrchlna ment
Ah, yea. becauee that flnr they love,
Would die to eave ea-Mn.
But nut alune the soldier lad
The flaa ehnulil proudly bear)
Let none pararie the land he made
Unless the tluf la there.
Where ehall we (ly the flag! upon
Our ehlpe that (o to era,
Whoae flaming guns will light the
For all humenltrT
Ah. yee; and peaceful merchantmen.
Eaet, West, and ev'rjrwhere
In ev'ry port or ev'ry eort
Let men behold It there,
Where ehall we fly the flag ? dleplay
The etanitsrd ot cor alrrer
Above the Judge', brow ot gray,
L'pon our atlileil eplree.
Tea, over ev'ry altar rati
And ev'ry Juilit. e chair
Because we need no court norvcreed
That dors not want It there.
Where ehall we fly the flaa? that all
The flag; may Irarn to lovet
O'er ev'ry college, irreat or email.
And ev'ry achnol above.
Te. over ev'ry teacher's desk
With children In hie rare,
Fnr In thle room our huile will bloom
We want no treason there.
Where ehall we fly the flag? that you
And t may umteretamt
Cur bleaalnsa and our duty, too.
To home ami (lo.l and land?
The freateM wealth, the highest wage.
ut moriaie anywnere i
O'er fertile bill end buey mill.
Oh, let ua fly It there.
Where shall we fly the flag? with
theee I
The treaeurea we pneeeea.
Our tlbertlea. our luattrlee? I
What better place, ah, yea. j
What bettr place our love to enow,
Our loyalty to wear? I
Where'er we roam, when we come
Oh, let ue And It there.
Where shall we fly the flac? that each
May underetnnd and aee;
Tee. all who toll, or trade, or teach, 1
Whoever we may be? j
O'er marching men, o'er sturdy ehlpe, I
Bchonla, churchea, ev'rywhere,
O'er mill and mart and In tlta heart.
Oh. let ua fly II there!
tfi by Mcl'lure N'.wtp.per Syndtrete ) '
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THE Wift Who Insists On Cheering
a Man Up Whert He Is Feeling
"Sorry for Himself' Is Just a Spoil
sport The first tiling a bride tins to learn,
after the honeymoon, is thut she Is no
longer a fascinating mystery but mere
ly an accepted "fact." Hut. after all,
FACTS are the only thing which a
man values, respects and ellng to.
At ten, a hny regards girls ns pests;
st twenty as a mystery; at thirty as s
dimger; at forty as a divine dispensa
tion; and at fifty, as a rejuvenator.
The first sign of advancing age Is
a predilection for the "todilla"; the
older and futtcr a dancing man, tho
more violently he takes it.
Temperament Is a "gift" If you liar
It yourself and a "curse" If you art
married to It. Because, then, you
never know whether you are going to
huvo bouquet, klesea, or the cream.
Jug thrown at you.
A girl la not really in love until aha
discovers that a kiss ran be Just as
satisfying and thrilling In a 1013
Flivver as In a 1024 Twin-six.
Never try to break the heart of a
mon of forty-seven. For If the woman
of the moment falls hlm, there are still
his philosophy, his work, tils golf, his
tobacco, lils clubs, his books and an
other woman to console him.
(Copyright by Helen Rowland.)
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