The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 23, 1924, Image 1

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    Republican County Ticket Strong One. McNary, Sinnott And Helen Walker Given Big Vote. The Eagle Yet Screams
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
Buy Tin Cans ?
Coffee in fancy tins
cost yuf rm 5c to 10c
.per pound more than
bulk coffee.
Try my bulk roast
coffee. You can save
money every pound
is sold on guarantee
of satisfaction or your
money back.
This Is A Republican Year
Strong County Ticket Out
Republicans of Morrow County
To Win in November
Below we give you the Official
Republican Vote of Morrow
County from U, S. Senator down:
Senator: McNary 537; Baker
ICG; Kubli 33 and Stallnrd 32.
Representative: Sinnott 4"8;
Cochran 275. 1
Sec. of State: Kozer 672.
State Treas: Kay 437; Sever
109 and Campbell 165.
Justice of Supreme Court: Belt
249; Westbrook UO;Knowls 315.
Atty. General: Van Winkle
265 and Kuykendall 396.
Dairy, Food Com,: Mickle 3u6
and Miller 323.
Public Service Com.: Corey 478
and Service 189.
Circuit Jugde: Phelps 708.
tiep. of Morrow and Umatilla
countiess: Barratt542 and Shum
way 224.
Dist. Atty. of Morrow county:
Notson 688.
County Judge: Campbell 341;
Morgan 273 and Bleakman 190.
For Commissioner: Davidson
County Clerk: Anderson 767.
Sheriff: McDuffee 743.
School Superintendent: Walker
436; Shurte 89; Clarke 80.
Coroner: Case Col.
The-county school unit measure
was defeated by a 5 to 1 vote.
For President: Coolidgu 510;
Johnson 133.
The democrats pave Binge for
county judge 194; 45 votes Mc
DufFee and Lieuallen 37.
' They gave Helen 'Walker for
superintendent 43 votes; Shurte
12 and Clark 92. For president,
McAdoo received 172.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our sincere
lone Student Honored
0. A. C, Corvallis. Catherine
thanks and appreciation to the Jones of lone, has been elected
friends of Marcellus Williams, to Scribe, women's local journal
deceased, and the kindness andji-tic fraternity. Pledges were
sympathy expressed at the death i announced at women's convo-
of our beloved brother.
J, A. Williams and wife; J.
S. Williams and wife; Mrs. F.
Hall and R. C. Mathison and
and wife. '
On his return from Maupiri
from his tete-a-tete with a real
nice looking ex-school teacher and
u play with the finny tribe ol the
Deschutes, some of bis friends
had the audacity to remark that
Frank Griffith was swelled in the
head on relating his experiences
of the bin catches made and how
school teachers change with age.
The swelling was in the ankles
and knees from contact with the
boulders tht' line the river.
cation. Scribe considers progress
in the field of journalism, scholar
ship and activities in choosing
its pledges. Those pledged have
been prominent on the Barome
ter and other campus publications.
Miss Jones is a senior in home
Church Burned After Stormy
Klan Meeting
Half an hour after a stormy
congregational meeting in the
First Baptist church at Hastings,
Nebr., on the night of Muy 16th,
the building burned to the ground.
According to officials, the blaze
was of an incendiary origin.
The meeting woa called by the
church deacons to allow the con
gregation to decide on the advis
ability of permitting an alleged
Ku Klux K'an lecturer to hold a
series of revival meetings in the
church. The building was valued
at $40,000 with $17,000 insurance.
Born: To Mr, and Mrs. A. M.
Jeppesen of Burlingame, Calif.,
May 10, 1924, a fine little daugh
ter, given the name of Laura J.
A few fish for the wife and
baby, was the catch made by Lish
Sperry and Raymond Shaver on
the Deschutes this week.
F. A. Lundell was at his ranch
in the Gooseberry district several
days this week superintending
the building of a 30x56 barn.
Seven cayotes were killed last
Friday morning by Harold Ahait
and John Cochran on the Halver
son buttes southeast of town.
Swanson's Chop Mill Has
Fuller Paints, Oils, Glass, Screen
Doors and Windows.
The lone hotel building looks
greatly Improved with its new
coat of white paint,
T- 1
G&exv&llzx Ml-$'.cel Harvesters
-for stationary HsresMng, too
The All-Steel Model 32 not only stands supreme as a combined harvester, but
is an excellent machine for handling stationary threshing as well. Wherever,
because of conditions or custom, it is considered preferable to thresh from
stack or shock, Model 32 offers unique advantages. It can be pulled into
place and is ready for work without any setting, lining up or blocking. It
all-steel construction and open design minimize smut explosions and fire
hazard. Tne powerful four-cylinder motor provides steady threshing power.
Above all, the Holt system of separation and cleaning insures a first clasa
threshing job. Model 32 can, if desired, be equipped with detachable bundle
feeder and straw stacker, for stationary work.
Its performance in stationary work is operate, that is built for service and
particularly appreciated by Model 32
owners who do cuiiom work. They have
equipment that will handle any job, that
will last a lifetime,' that is economical to
backed bv service.
Write for information on Model 32 (12
ft. cut) or Model 30 (18 ft cut) or larger
size Holt Harvesters.
33 W
v .. v l cr sr
rr -si -rt.
-- i??hit4 04mrr
B. A. AMY, Special Agent, Motel Condon, Condon, Ore,
Primary Day Was Quiet
Primary day passed otT i i a very
quiet manner. Saturday the re
publican farmers came to town
a happy and joyous bunch. It
was a day of happiness to all
good republicans of the county.
The Klan element of lone were
busy but they went down to de
feat by intelligent, patriotic, and
law abiding men and women who
voted for honest and tried can
didates, and not those who were
favored by the nightgown squad.
The city ticket was renominat
ed after having to write
names of J. il. l!rj son an
lone Heals Arlington
Arlington sent a reconstructed
team comprised mostly of High
school boys to lone last Sunday
and met a disastrous defeat by a
score of 9 to 3. At lington scored
one run in the 3rd inning and
lone tied the score in their part
of the 4th inning, with another
in the 5th, and from then on the
game developed into a farce.
For the ClIi inning, our boys
walked and ran the bases for G
"core1!, for cing a change of pitch
ers, Conley succeeding CttinplHI;
in the j finally ;-t'ipped the slushier.
JudiM Arlington scored two more rur s
Big Time At Juniper Canyon
The dance and wrestling match
at Juniper Community Hall last
Saturday night was attended by
a very large crowd and it is said
that the very best of order pre
vailed and everyone had a most
enjoyable time. Manager John
McDevitt, let it be known in a
timely speech to the vast crowd,
that an officer would always be
present on these occasions, and
that all should govern themselves
with respect, etc.
lone School Closes
Friday ol lhia week, the lone
llobmson. For Mi.yor, Mason T'J;j .n the 7lh ntnl lone niaue 1. then school closes lor the summer
Conncilmfti three year, Bristowj Dutch done tne heaving in the ' vacation. The nrhool year that
77: Walt Smith 85 and G.;o. W. 1 7Ji, 8th and O h, looking like a is closing has been a very sue-
! Ititcliie 75. Councilman for two j big leaguer, di-;pl ing a wri(ier. , etv.sful and h.-.nnoniousone. Most
! years, P.ryson 21 II conli r, K. j t'ulss-irtrm-iitol hook, up bhoota of the teachtrs have worked to-
H. llobinson 31) S- liool unit, yes, i and puz.iors. gcllipr for the past two years and
ill; no, lt'l. Oh Htij it just suited i II il Arlingt'in wM a lirsi- it. is t be regretted that the same
to a T. Among the few Klaus piiehcr un-l at least one or teach u.g force could not be kept
Senator McNary
Renominated by
A Three to One Vote
and Daker wept
in a big, two fisted manner
I men of lone, are s".ver,il who are
i highly respected, good, i-it 'Z -n h,
i but their 'affiliation in this organi
zation is a set ha 1; to lio-ir old
! friends who regret the mi.-guid-'ed
course thy arc pur-uiii.g, and
i we among others, rcg-(.t that the
(principal of their order ca-.its a
shadow over their friendship,
i The power of the dinky Klan in
two good fielders to steady their
boys in th" piti"li-'i. t.v fan.
ia much
Ui'lJlJiiei' comes
would have been ireMe.l U
better game,
here Sunday.
Ceo. KitcSie, Mrs. Kail HroA-n
Morrow county is now feeling the ' and Mrs. J. W. llowk, drove to
(after afTects of a powerful ca- Hood River Monday morning to
; thartic, properly administered in attend the Odd Fellows Itehekah
, the year of our Lord, May lGth, ' invention to which Mesdarnes
1924. Henceforth, this organi-1 1'.rown and llowk are delegates,
'zatioh is in disfavor by the people K. It. Lundell and wife ami M. It.
. of lone, and to some of its mem. ! Morgan: J. K Swanson and wife
Beat Cccbran for Congressman bera. they may in time realize 'and several others from this vi
By a Two to One Vote the benefits of tood citizenship. ' einity are alao present.
Nick Sinnott
for another year. The senior
class hart their graduating exer
cise this Thursday evening, Prof.
N. II. Cornish of 0. A. C, being
their commencement speaker.
The class this year has the honor
of being the largest ever graduat
ed from lone High school. They
are as follows: Gladys Lundell,
Inez Clark, Eleanor Swanson,
Carlton Swanson, Carl Linn, Ray
Harnett, Vivian Fletcher, Susan
Liebig, Nolan Page, Elvin Ely,
Robert Harbison, Carl Ray, Irene
l.Vvin, Helen lialsigur and Dollie
Musgrave. v
The li. & 13. store at Morgan
will receive your watch repairing
for Hay lor the jeweler, lleppner,