The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, March 28, 1924, Image 4

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I'ulilishi'd Every Friday liy
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Khltfreu u:i ueoonil cluss mutter ut the
posliiflice nl lime, Orison, under act
of MjiitIi II.
Friday, March 28, h)2A
Oregon Candidates
The contest is on in full force
for nomination of candidates for
U. S. senator by both political
parties in this state, with four
contenders in each party. The
Republicans are Chas. L. McNary
of Salem, present senator; Geo.
L. Baker, mayor of Portland; K.
K. Kubli of Portland, speaker of
the house of representatives in
legislative session and E. E.
Smith, a former member of the
legislature from Portland as a
representative of labor. Mr.
Smith has been in the Held as a
candidate for Congress in the
Portland district the past two
months, but recently decided to
withdraw from that race and
come out for senator. It is not
expected he will attract much of
a follow ing, though the nature of
his platform may draw some votes
from McNary and the intimation
is quite widely voiced that he has
been brought into the race by the
Paker forces for that very pur
pose. On the surface of things
at present, the indications are
that McNary will tie the noniime.
The Democratic field is made
up of State Senator W. II. Stray
er of Pawer; Judge Will K. King
f Malheur county, who has been
iii Washington mo; t of the time
for several years; former State
Senator Milton A, Miller of Linn
county, who was collector of in
ternal revenue under President
W ihon, and Ceo. A, Mansfield of
Jackson county, who is a sort of
political orphan who has been try
ing for some years to crowd up
to tiie lunch count t r. The contest
lies between Senator Straverand
Milt Miller, wiih the odds in some
respect favoring Miller, but if
Strayer can make a tl oron.'li can
vass of western Oregon the odds
may be reversed, Straycr will
carry eastern Oregon by a heavy
majority, but the deciding votes
are west of the mountains und
Miller has an extensive aciiuaint
ance tnere. However, Straver'a
recoid in the legislature for
economy is good and the farmers
have considerable confidence in
The race for Congressional
nominations is also becoming
heated. In the first district W.
C. llawley has a chinch, with
only Peter Zimmerman, the radi
cal, ugainst him, and there is a
democratic candidate running; it
is only to fill a blank . ;ace on the
ticket. In this district, Ceo. T.
Cochran of I.aCrande, is seeking
to unhorse Nick Slnnottol Wasco
county, present congressman, for
the Republican nomination, but
it is thought dial Sinnutt's pow
erful work for his District and
state and bis influential position
on committees will secure such
recognition by the vnteis as will
insure his rrmuninntion. even
though he is opposed by a secret
organization w hich seeks his de
feat on the eroniiits ul.'iic ol re
ligious pivdjudice. I" t it Demo
crats of this district have for a
choice of nomination Harry (Ira
bam, the standing candidate from
liaker, or R. W. Swairler, an utile
lawyer of Ontario. In the Poit
land district there are three Re.
publican candidates Maurice F.
Crumpacker, Frank P. Koivlland
Arthur I. Moulton -with the
chances favoring Crumpacker.
The Democats will nominate tin
p-tsent congressman, Elton
Mr. (leorge Ritchie who has
had i severe lime with measles
and ho was very sick last week,
is now slowly improving.
Heppner bull players ore invit
ed to lone Sunday and gain some
knowledge in the art of the game.
For Counly Clerk
To tile lli'piilillciiii votcrH of Mor
row county: I hi'tvliyiiiiiioiiiitelliiit
I will lie i ciinilliliili' (or the nom mo
tion oM'omit.v Ork lit I he I'rinmrv
Klcrllnli to lie helil May III, pi.'l.
Hay M. Aniiiminon.
I Inciimlieiit .)
For County Judge
To the lli-iiiilillnin voIith ut Mor
row counly: I hereby announce my-
a caniliilale tor the nomination
al your IimiiiIh tor llieollieeot County
.liiilue nt tlir primary election In
May, tic'4. My cxperlciii-e of many
yearn intromity cniiiiiiliHioiicr inaken
me conviTMilit Willi thelutie of the
oltlee I wi'k, ami I hIihII greatly up.
pri-elate your Hiiiiort at the pri
mary ami lor nil pant favors, 1 thank
you klmlly. ,
U. A. Hi.i:akm.n, lliinlnian.
For County Commissioner
To the Voter of Morrow county:
I hereby announce myself iih'ii
candidate fur fhe otliee of I'oiinl.v
ronimlHMloner for Morrow county,
n'on. ut tlie Itepiilillcan priuiarv
noiuinnlliig election to be held oil
Mnv III, I'i.'I, If nominated mid elect
ed I pledge to give my het and care
ful attention la the future an III the
I'UKt , to the htinlucHH of iIiIh oll'u'c.
For County JuJc
To the Voters of Morrow cuunty :
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the olllce of t oinity .Indue
on the democratic ticket, at the pri
mary nominating election, I II. lav,
May Hi. HCI,
li. 1.. Bkmii:.
For County Judge
1 To the Republican olerx ot Mor
i row count, :
I hereby antioiince thai I will be
! a caiiilldale tor he nomination for
futility .liidite. at the primary elec
tion, to be held May III. I'i.'I jiiirlng
I iny present term, my policy lias been
j to obtain elllclelicy in public service,
! Willi economy ami fairness, and If
1 nominated and elivted, I pledge the
' siuiie In the fiiliire.
j W M.,T. ('AMPIIKI I..
' Ftir County Judge
' To the Itepiibllcnn Voters of Mor
row counly :
j Having decided to lieeoine a can
didate the olhce of I ouuly .IiiiIkc
of Morrow county. Oregon, at the
primary election to be held May PI.
' ls:'l, I take this opportunity hi an
hoiiuclng the same and It nominated i
(Hid elivteil I will holiestlv. fait hfnllv i
and Impartially Hrform theduiieH
of (he tiltuv to the U'st ot my ability.
M. It. MomiAV.
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i Elevator
iCoal and Wood
Flour and Feed
Best Lump Coal, ton, . . $13.00
16-inch Cordwood, fir or pine, 12.90
Rolled Barley, ..... 44.00
Whole Oats, 44.00
Mill-feed, -35.00
Heavy 7-foot Cedar
Walt Smith closed another real
estate deal at Heppner Tues.lay
afternoon, beinjr accompanied to
that burg by L, P. Davidson who
had business at the court house
and who also secured a dozen ex
tea tine seed potatoes for the
little garden plot nt home.
A pretty lone school teacher
residing on 2nd street was heard
tr scornfully remark "I can't
imagine anything more dreadful
t)ian a man without a country."
Second school teacher "Oh, I
can! Imagine a country without
a man.
Miss Hazel Brown is visiting in
t i
Posts . 21 cts I
A Food Sale on Saturday, Apr'd
12, also some fancy articles and
aprons at Paul Bal-'itfer's store.
Dokcas Society.
The students of the lone Hijrh
School wish to express theirgrati
tude to the American Legion for
the use of the legion hall during
basket ball season and to the
school board for paying the light
bill, and to the people of the com
munity for the support they have
given tha athletic teams of the
C. B. Biwershas sold his in
terest in the city dray to his pard-j
ner, Mr. Troge, who has employ-!
ed D. J. Bonner as his right hand
man. J
f If
J i
n ess cfsw t m
: i -X
Monobile Oils for the Auto, the Tractor and the
Machine that needs good Lubrication
Everything in the Plumbing Line, such as
F. S. LANG CO. RANGES. Come and see them.
no trouble to demonstrate.
$2,500 in Prizes
ENTER th International Crow-Shooting
Comm. Du Pont oners $2,500 in m.rchin
di prizes. No entrance fees. Destroy the
menace to frame and crops. Write today (or
booklots giving full information on the crow.
Sporting Powder Divuivn
Tom Davidson, Keith'y and James Howard of McMinnevill
Earl Blake of O. A. C. who wereCollge, returned Monda to his
here a few days last week on a
vacation, returned to their school
studies Monday.
studies after a short visit here
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ue Howard.