The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, March 21, 1924, Image 1

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    "All Indebtedness Outstanding Of Every Kind, Becomes An Obligation Of The County District" Unit School Law
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository .
, ' 4 Per Cent
On Tims and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
There is a Reason
' 'WHY
My Cash Sales for the past'
month were double those of a
year ag'o.
I have the largest assortment of
goods in Morrow County.
They are the best that money can
They are priced ror Cash Business.
Service is our motto.
Buy where your dollars brings the
most in Quantity, Quality and Service.
New Pastime
Open For Business
New Tables - New Equipment
I will carry a complete line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Calljand see me
Laxton McMurrey, Prop.
lone 9, Linemen 4
Owing to lack of practice, the
linemen were hardly a match for
lone last Sunday and our boys
tried to put the ball out of the
field. Dutch Rietmann has just
found his real position, and had
he started pitching 20 years ago
he might now be shareing the
fame of Walter Johnson, Roche
at first base showed up like Jim
Poole and hit a 3 baqrger. The
team are all corning along in good
form and expect to be playing
real ball when the season opens.
Echo has been asked for a game
at lone on March 30th, and if
they can't come, then a game will
be arranged with some other team
and we expert Boardman hereon
Sunday, April 6. x
School Bonds Bring $920
M. R. Morgan was in Heppner"1 vhieh you are interested. Lists
Tuesday afternoon on business
with county treasurer regarding
signature on the lone school bonds
sold to the Commerce Mortgage
Co., of Portland, at the Board
meeting Monday night. These
bonds were sold at a profit of
$102 3, which amounted to $920,
and draws 5J per cpnt interest.
Schriver Sells His Ranch
Through the H. C. Wood agen
cy of lone, a deal of some magni
tude was consumated last Satur
day when C. M. Sahriver dis
posed of his 2175 acre ranch near
lone to -Messrs O. M. Richmond
and J. E. Lewis of Walla Walla,
Wn. In the deal Schriver secures
as part payment a section of land
near Walla Walla. The consider
ation is placed at 75,000. Mr.
Lewis will move here with his
family at once and operate the
ranch. This is said to be one of
the largest real estate deals that
has occurred in tliis section since
Subscriber Hears a Rumor
Editor Independent. We take
it that the K'attsmen of lone are
endorsing LaFollett for President.
We hear on the street corners
from that source that Coolidge
cannct be elected, but we think
that the most of us will try and
put him over. Subscriber.
Note. Probably the Klan lias
had a message from their Btate
Cyclops whose tieasury has been
Don't forget the progressive 3
course dinner on Friday, March
28, beginning at 5:30 o'clock.
The first course at Tucker's,
the second at Paul Balsiger'g and
third at Troedson's withn eight
o'clock program at the Congie
Rational church all for the sum
of 50 cents for adults; children
under 8 years, 25 cents.
Get your tickets at Tucker's
which entitles you to the rupper
and program,
Heppner to Import Players
Heppner fans have decided to
have a base ball club and in order j
to make a respectable showing,,!
are to import a pitcher and catch-
er for the season. They will need
them and then some, when they
buck up against the lone boys.
It never has been understood
just why Heppner never could
assemoit a team that could play
ball. Thev had the guts to steal j
ine court, nouse away irom Lex- by holding a dance for the com
ington and they certainly ought 1 munity that was well patronized
to have the nerve to organize a and where all ' enjoyed a good
team of some make shift. It is time. The Roardman orchestra
said they start in on a game with! furnished excellent music. The
a grudge and end up in a bilious
LOST.-Base ball catchers mitt
on south Krade of bail park Feb.
16th. Return to Bert Mason.
lone Has Traveling Library
A traveling library has just
been- received fftm the State
Library. This is one of the see
tions of the State's free lending
libraries, sent for six months, and
tree for the ufl of everyone, both
in town and in the country. These
books are kept at Mrs. Sperry's
in care of the Camp Kire Girls.
These books are for you. Make
use of them. Look over the list
given below and select the bonks
which you wish to borrow next
time you visit your library. You
will notice that there are boons
for men, women and children,
both fiction and interestingly
written books of information.
If you do not find the hooks you
want in this list, usk the librari
an to send to the State Library,
Salem, for books on any subject
f books on agriculture, child
care, fiction, business, trades and
Best bool(3 for children will be
sent you by the State Library up
on request and you may Beleet
books you wish from these lists.
Several of these lists are at your
library and may be consulted
there. Following is a list of the
books now here:
"On the Edge of the Wnr Zone"
"Last of the Chief" Altshclor.
"Senae and Sensibility" Aiibteu.
"American History for Little Folks"
Illaisdell & Hall.
"Surprise House" Drown.
"Green .Manile" Hut luui.
'Aiound the World With the Child
ren" Carpenter.
"Scott llurton, Forester" Chcyncy.
"A Treasury or War Poetry"
Clarke. Ed.
"Men and ThinKs" (.'lemon (Mark
"Those Times and These" Cobb,
"lli.ok of Eliclrlelty" Collin.
"Uunning Free" Connolly. ,
'Chronicles of the Little Tot"
"Hoy.;' liook of Moun.ed Police"
"Skinner's Ha by" Docile.
"Insert Adventures" Fiibio.
"Vagabonding Down the Andes"---
"The Major" Cordon (Connor).
"Ualnbow Trail" Ony.
"Kitchener's Mob" Hall.
"La Salle" llasbrourk.
"Sunny fi'upes" llucton.
"Fairy-Tale Honrs"--Johnson, F.d.
"Famous Iiiscovorers and Explorers
of America" Johnston.
'Vanguards of the Pluins" McCar
The Indian
Drum1'-- .Maellurg h
"The Rustier or Wind River" Ox
den. "Heroes of Today" I'arkmi'.n.
"The Newcomers" I'ealllo.
"Dutch Twins Primer" Perkins.
"Wilderness Honey" Pollock.
"An American lu the Making"
It (i vat; p.
'Calvary Aly" Rice.
"Hoy With tliu V. H. Mall" R,;lt
"Folding (he Family" - Rose.
"f Iniift Abe" Hoshschlld.
"Opening the Went Willi Lewis and
Clai ke" -Rubin.
"Worry and Nervousness"-- Sadler.
"The Cold Cache"- Srhultz.
"The Sapphire Signet" -Siuman.
"The To.-iaz story Hunk" -- Slilnner,
A. M. nnd E. L.
"Nan of Music .Mountain" Spear
man. "Our Llitle Prankish. Cousin of Lone
Ago" Hteln.
"The ure story of a Itus-.dan F.xiio
"A" A'""lt ''"'""ti"1"' I'lsmv-
cries" Talbot.
The le Hook of the Flag"
i "When I Was a Hoy in Itounianla"
Van Teslaar.
'An American Crusoe" Verrlll.
Th new Juniner Community
Ha Was dedicated Monday night
lunch, served after midnight was
of the best and abundant. A few
from lone were present an I en
joyed the occasion.
Read the Btate library books.
! Jv
A. D. HCE10RD0, K. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Olfice in Masonic Uuiuiht
Trained Nurse Assistant
Heppner -;- Oregon
On Your Farm
Free of Charge
Our demonstration car goes
everywhere wilhin forty miles
of Heppner, and will give you
and your nei.Ljiibora a fine
evening's enlei'laininciit.
All Leading Makes
Everything Kleclrical
I'hot.c 172
Hl'ITNKR :: f)!!!-.
News From The .-ar F ist
Athens, Orvvi-f, March:;, 1!)21.
Mrr. P. C. Hurt of Il 'iul, Ore.,
has'c of SfiU w s on tin-
island of Coi'ftl unJer the shelter
of Mt. OlympiiH, v.lnic (Iret-k
and Arnieniun orphan wni'd;i of
the Anit'i ican Near ii.nt Relit f
may booh use t ho legendary pltiy
Rround of the mods of Ancient
Greece. The Greek (Jovcrnincnl
has offered thirty thousand acres
of land on Mt. Olympus to the ft
lief organization for usu in con
nection with lis program for the
care and train injf of 11,0.10 or
phans in Greece. Relief ollicials
are considcriiiir the r lfllii.;!jneiil
of farm bi ttli ments unon the
land to provide fur Kraduutrs of
orphatiKc tichoulH. It may also
be used to provide farms fi;r ref
ugee families from Turkey who
ai?rce to adept youngsters from
the orpliune, in line with the
policy of thefii j.'anialion Id place
children in private home where
ever possible in order that they
may enjoy th's family life which
it is impossible to tdve them in
the orphan;;".
Swanson's Chop Mii! Has
Rabv Hci-atch fn d, cluck mash,
crit, oyster shull, charcoal, poult
ry pepper, poultry regulator, e!c.
Mr. M. R. Morgan has his an
nouncement iri this issue as a can
didate for county Judge. Mr,
1 Morgan came to Morrow county
I in 1832, locating on a ranch be
I twecn Rhea creek and Kightmilc,
jand is well known over the en
jtire county.
I In order to get their names In
I the Orcgoiiian, p, j, Robinson
was registered at the Imperial
Sunday and Walt Smith scratched
his name on the Oregon register.
worth $2,500
the du Pont International Crow-Shoot
fJ,300 in merchandise prisca. It com you
nothing to register. Deitroy this tnsnace to gam
and cropa. Wtita today for booklats about the crow.
Sporting Powder Division
Man Eats Ten Pies
in Sixty Mouthfuls
Luncusler, Pa. Arrvstvd for
hcutlng a man who refused tw
pay a wafer Inst when he ate a
pie In six bites, Harold Kekman
of l.nucaster further added to
his laurels In police court. Mayor
Musser Kiive him ten pies, telling
liollcemen that they could divide
what remained.
The "cops" licked their chopa
at sight of the pies, but Kekman
smiled. He ate the whole ten.
crust and all, Inking six bltei to
the pie.
Succeeds in Making Rescue De
spite Swimmer's Struggles;
Injured by Kick.
Petrnlt, JIlch.A fifteen-year-old rlrl
saved u man from drowning In tha
('Union river, although palnfullj In
jured by a kick Inllli'led by blm In lilt
frenzied strngglea.
The man, Kay Kelly, thirty-two
year old. living near Crutlot avenue
and the Seven Mile road, win power
ful swimmer. He waa attempting to
cross the mouth of the stream, near
Mt. Clemens, when he win iclwd Willi
Although sevem I men were within
hearing of the man's cries, Mlllau
Veraecl.e, Ijikepolule avenue,
Arouse polnte I'urk, a school girl, was
the only Tsnn to net.
Klitt Jumped Into the river without
hesliiiilon and swum to the man's aide.
He bail gnne down twice. Ilia anna
wero Mailing the water desperately, In
the attempt to keep his head above
the wavi'S.
The kIi'I took a number of blowi on
her arum as she circled Kelly, seeking
to gnep his body, A violent kick
enuseil her to falter. She plucklly con
tinued her ailempt, however, and sue
eee.led III getting around to Kelly'i
hack. ,
She forced him on till bark and
kept hlui a limit In tltat poltlun for
several mlnules. He struggled dea-s'i-nti'ly
all through the rescue. It wae
only wllh the greutest dlfllrulty that
the girl waa able to keep her hold.
I'lnally, a boat put out and Klmer
A. Orth, lietrolt contnaetor, hauled
both Into safely.
Lillian Is thu daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. t'amlle Vnrvaei-ke. She li pu
pil at (lie ('iidlciix Junior high school,
She Is a slight girl for her age, but
has hud eoiiHlderahle athletic training
us a member of the girl scouia. Hhe
suffered no III cfTivis from her rescue,
I'xeept that she was badly bruised by
the kick.
Lillian's mother Is an Invalid, and
she has been her mother'! helper In
brlnglna t;j. several younger children.
"It ui 4 Hie only thing to do," was
her only comment al'ier the rescue.
Quart of Pebbles Taken
From Stomach of Child
Morrisvllle, I'. Fondness for swal.
liming pilibliKi cost the life of diaries
V. t'lh, Jr., live years old. The child been III only a few days, his con
ditinn became wori.e and he expired
lieiore a physician could lie sum
llioneil. (111 two nr three previous occasions
the child was taken seriously III, and
for a time the cause of the attacks
was a mystery. Klnally, when the na
ture of the trouble was learned, a quart
of iiehhles were removed from his body
by a local physician. L'pon another
occasion the hoy had a more eerlomt
attack and was removed to a hospital,
where he sns os-rated upon anil an
other large quantity of pebblee re
moved. Tlie home of the family ii In Manor
I'ark. where there are a number of
gravel lieds. Why the child persisted
In swallowing the stones wai mys
tery, but It had been hie uraillce ever
since he was three years old.