The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, February 22, 1924, Image 1

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    Methods To Increase Taxation In Morrow County Is Not Desirable. Less Taxes And Better Wheat Prices Is The Slogan
nt n
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Qeposit Boxes
The School Unit Plan
Means More Taxation
iAre You Ready
for Plowing Season
Plow Shares or Land
Plow Bolts and devices.
Your Harness Repaired.
MAY Collars, Pads, Bridles.
Curry Combs, Brushes.
Leather and Rivets.
It was a beautiful day for the
Teachers' Institute which was
held at lone last Saturday, and
the teachers of the county were
here in all finery and wearing
broad, happy smiles for the great
event. In the morning an ad
dress was given; Mr. Smith, who
holds 'down a high priced job
i with the state superintendent
j being the orator. In closing his
! address he admitted that the unit
plan as fathered by our county
superintendent, would cause a
little more taxes upon our people
for a time,"
The teacher' ate their dinner
at the lone hotel, w here one could
have heard them discuss higher
I salaries, etc.
I The afternoon meeting was a
discussion of the school unit plan
and propaganda of that meeting
is being broadcasted throughout
the confines of Morrow county'.
During the day, the county
superintendent passed around a
paper for signatures to place her
pet tax burden scheme upon the
ballot. It was met with coolness
and indifference by many of our
Mr. Smith stated there will be
more taxes. The people know
there will be, and are against the
measure. What high salaried
position is to be acquired by the
county superintendent in case the
school unit is put over, is one of
the questions being asked by the
The citizens of this county did
not elect the present superintend
Murdered Kelso Woman Was
Cousin of lone Man
Mrs Olive Hutchinson who wss
murdered by her husband at Kel-j
so. Wash., Feb. 3, was a cousin j
of VV. Osborne, the battery man j
of lone. I
She was very well liked around j
Pendleton and Pilot Rock, where
she had lived with her grand-j
mother seven miles from Pilot
Rock. She has a brother Willie j
Sprague now with the grand- j
mother. The man she married
was very jealous of her, and they j
had been married only 9 months j
up to the time of the tradegy,
and seemed to be getting along j
fine together. Crazy jealously is j
the reason given for his act. De- j
ceaa'd had an aunt and uncle, j
Mr. and Mrs-. Sam Osborne, now j
residing at Pendleton, and twoj
cousins of the same city, Mrs. M. j
K. Long and Mrs. Howard How-:
ard. Mrs. Hutchinson was about
20 years of age. She was hurried
at Pilot Rock last Saturday. She
was born on the ranch of her
grandmother, Mrs. R. Dick, and
when but two years old, her
parents moved to Washington,
and shortly afterwards the fath
er deserted them and the mother
died. The grandmother then took
charge of the child.
Lexington Defeats lone
The high school basket ball
team was defeated last Friday
night at Lexington by a score of
16 to 2. The game was slow and
consisted of mostly defensive
work on both sides, The lone
boys had an off-night in both the
That strapping big new Overland engine
has everybody talking. It is till sinew
and power. It sends you zooming up
the stiflesr climbs as nimbly as you
please. This is Overland Power Dem
onstration week. Come in take an
Overland out and prove to yourself that
it is the most automobile in the world
for the money. Champion $695 ; Sedan
$795, f. o. b. Toledo.
Cohn Auto Co.
ent to devise ways and means toj basket shooting &nd passing,
increase their tax burden, but i hey hope to have better luck in
do expect of the individual that tt e game with Wasco tonight.
See my special Mule col
lars before buying.
Remember you get a cash discount
i of 10 percent on above items. Why
buy on credit and pay more?
Montana to Jail Cows
if They Eat Lcco Weed
Helena. Mont. A cow, or any other
animal which becomes addicted to the
narcotic habit In Montana, may be ar
rested and confined in the mute Mini
tiirlimi until pronounced cured by tli:
physician In charge, according to u
new Cute law.
The new law, legislators lay, la the
remit of a clerical error niii'le In the
rloslnt daya of the session. An
amendment. Intended to strengthen the
iintl-narcotlc law, was tacked onto the
hiw providing for the condemnation of
stock driven Insane by the etitlng of
loco weed.
attention be given strictly to the
educational advancement of the
boys and girls of Morrow county.
Taxes in Morrow county have
gone the limit unbearable for
many, and it's up to you Mr.
Taxpayer, to go to the bat.
Elevator Directors Confer
The directors of the Farmers
Elevator Company.C. E. Carlson,
C. J. Anderson, C M. Schriver,
Paul Ilietmann and E. L. Pad -berg,
met last Saturday and de
cided to secure an expert to de
vise some method for fixing the
break in one of the walls. More
housing space for coal was order
ed erected and other business
matters discussed.
New Pastime
Kidnap Trial Changed
A change of venue to Fossil in
the case against 0. A. Chaney,
11 V. Sinclair and H. Styles who
are charged with kidnaping one
Frank Smith, was granted by the
circuit judge at Condan last Sat-
A surprise birthday party was I urday. The courthouse was filled
given Miss Hazel Brown Wednes- with klansmen and opponents.
day night by a number of her in- Judge Parker explained that the
timate friends. A few presents evidence was aubmittfd by afii
were received ana a good time davits, and tnat th're would be
lone Rebekah's at Lexington
The lone Kehekahs went up I"
A- T . . ' . .... T I .. .. III
10 LiexiiiKi"!' iiirsuay evening
and put on the work for the Lex
ington lodge, there being two
candidates for the degree, Mrs.
Delia Mobley and Miss Lee, the
work being put on in very line
shape. After lodge, the Lexing
ton ladies served a fine lunch and
all went home feeling like they
had spent an evening well worth
while. About 21 members from
lone lodge were in attendance.
Open For Business
New Tables
New Equipment
An Old Timer in a Big City
The Oregonian says that Frank
Engelman, merchant of lone, is
in the city on business and is at
the Imperial. He has been at
lone for many years and knows
Willow creek from one end to the
other. lone isn't much of a place,
but it is a great shipping point,
nearly a million bushels of wheat
having been shipped from there
during the past season, and there
are still tnousantls of bushels that
have not left the hands of the
I will carry a complete line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Calljand see me
Laxton McMurrey, Prop.
Kubanks has been off
no public hearing.
The three men were indicted at
duty at the Bert Mason store for j the last tenn of circuit court at
several days on account of sick-1 Condon and charged with kidnap-
EGGS for hatching, thorough
bred White Leghorns and K. I.
Reds, winter layers, at 75c for 15.
Mrs. Ward Graves, 2 miles weit
of lone.
Man, Eighty-One, Prefer Prison.
Kansas City. Kans. "I'd lota rather
he In prion in Kansas than free In
California." declared eighty-one-year-
old Mile Lnnrierhack, n paroled Jr
nner Lauderback deliberately vio- j
lated hl parole so be could leave hit
home In California and be returned to
prison In K arums, he told penitentiary
officials. ' I
Live Steam Trapt Sixty Wemen.
Nyack, N. Y. Eight women are dead
and a nunibw He in hospitals, seri
ously bnrned, aa the result of a col
lision between a nwtorbus and a
heavy toad roller. The bn, which
contained ffl women, struck the roller
and knocked oft a steam valve. The ,
paaaengen were trapsed In tht
isg repor -.Z. ' :'"' I
ing Frank Smith, beating him on
the head and holding him in jail
at Arlington and Pendleton.
Fix Up Vour Tax Returns
i Deputies from the internal rev-
Rev. Judson Brown, pastor of entie office at Portland will be in
the lone Christian church, made1 lone next Tuesday and Wednes
aspeechfortheKuKluxKlanatjday, Feu. 20. 27, to assist tux
Hardman Tuesday night. ' payers in the preparation of their
The judge of the court at'GoM- S federal tax returns for the
endale, Wash., has paroled Floyd ! 1923. Their headquarters will he
Graybiil to his father at lone. ' at the bank.
For Sale.-2-year old Shetland
pony. Gentle for small children j
to handle and ride.
Some Fighting lloat i
When U. S. S. West Virginia, I
moKt powerful fighting craft in!
the world, takes to water in near j
future, she will be propelled by
four 8000 horsepower General
FJeetric induction motors, i feet
in diameter, weighing C2 tons, ,
and among the largest ever built.
Power that would be sullicient
to supply a city of 100,000 popu
lation will be derived from thesf.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Masonic Building
Trained Nurse Assistant
lleppner : Oregon
On Your Farm
Free of Charge
Our demonstration car Hoes
everywhere within forty miles'
of lleppner, anJ will give you
and your neighbors a fine I
evening's entertainment.
B. F. Morgan, Morgan, Ore.
Boost for L. P. Davidson for
County Commissioner, the man
who has always made good.
The trimming and topping of
trees on west Main street is an
innovation that should be carried
out in general over the city. It
lessens the danger and probable
destruction of the tree in case of
a severe wind storm.
"Memory brings back lo irie,"
remarked an lone fisherman last
Saturday, "When I stood up in
Sunday school and sang 'I want
to he an angel' when what
really wanted was to go fiHhing.
All Leading Makes
The Campfire Girls of this city
entertained their friends with a1
party given at the Christian
church last Saturday night. All,
present report a good time.
Kverything Electrical
Phone 471'
Millions Arc Starving,
Says General Allen
In a letter just received al
Oregon stale lii'uiliii;irleiu (or
tin Anierlrun committee for re
lief of (leriiiiiu children, "li
Cor belt hml'liiiK, Portland,
iiinotiK oilier thuiK" Major ;cn
etnl Il-nry T. Allen, former
'iiiinriiiiiii-r of Ami' troops
In Hcrinutiy and now minimal
chairman of Hub relief work,
Hit lit :
"My survey of (lie eviiliaie
I. in ciiiivliii cil ni that Merre
lury Hoover Is fullv JustifM In
aayint; Hint 20,iiiiii,ilon (ii-rinmia
are now In aerlou riiinitir Aa
la alwiiva the rase in sin-li emer
Bcmli's. Hie most ui iiii- nutter
Iiik la to lie tmltirl umolli; Ihe
children iiml the iisci-tt Tim
cflililluiOil of (.eiliuillV is now
Ki'u.'cly niermietl by l.u k of
proper food iiinl iloihlni' and
iliaeHHea ri-.'llltilm tMrn-from."
Kemember the big dance this
j Saturday night. Co.