The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, January 04, 1924, Image 2

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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Event! of Noted People, Government!
nd 1'acJfle Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing
Work was roiiumrd on Tutmikha
mon's tomb Wodnosrtay mornlni? aftor
tlio cuntomury bronk for tho weekly
market (lay, which also this tlmo hup
penod to ho Christmas.
An valunrhn Weilnosdnjr cnrrlnd
way council betwoen Hoaelunil mid
llouufort, Krnnre, 30 nillos northeast
of Chumliery. klllliiK nlno of the 11
orcupniita of (lio bullillnK.
Jnmei Nlnoirt. IX I'nlvernlly of
Cincinnati font bull plnycr, illiil Tuck
day of blind polminliiK whlih remill
from a alight rut In tho leg suffered
In a football gamo Thanksgiving iluy
Heavy anew storms nnd avalnnchi'a
arn rnMirlei frnm aeveral polnti In
Hwllierland. dim mtin was killed ami
enteral ratlin destroyed In tho col
liiimo of studies In KliiKKonberK, In
tho llerneno oborhuid,
Cleo do MitihI", French mollon pic
lurn ai'lrena, hut loxl her milt for 100,
Iiihi friimt iiKJiltnt tho owner of the
film "I'dirmk Alley," Willi tl she
rhnrgod Injured her reputation by bur
lcmiilng Inclileiila In her inner.
Seventeen wroii arn known to
havii perlnhiil Wiilncmlny nlKht In
fire whli h destroyed a part of ono of
llm framo slrmluros of tho ChltiiKo
lain himpltal for Ihn Innnnn Ml luin
nliiK, on thn iiorlbwcHt edge of Chi
Tho nilnlnlry for JewlHh affairs In
t.ithuiinia la lo bo illmoiitlnuiil. (he
national aeinhly having rejected the
bill providing for lit flnanrlnl main-
lenancn. Tho nilnUtry for tho affairs
of tho whlto Ituaiilan population waa
, corded alitillur trralmenl.
ttoliglntis and rlvic nraanlxntlona
III Ihi aak'41 In Join with official of
tho I'renbylerlan church In a rngres
lo ho held at Washington Kehrunry II
and 14. lo plan a rainpalKn for nation
al legislation to bring nil motion pic
turn 'lhlbilioni under federal centred
Three New York person, two of
them omen morn than CO year old.
ern dead, too were In a critical ron
di Hon and morn than a acorn of others
ern In hospitals Tuesday nlc.M a a
result of drinking polininou Christ
tnaa liiior. Homo of tlio victim were
In a aerlou mndithin.
I'riMluctlon of meat tlila year wan
Ihn rrenle.t In history, tuem-dlng lust
year' figures by UeHt.rwO.oin) pounds,
according lo estimates by Ihn Insll
luto of Ameriian Meal I'm ker. A
big Jump In pork production was law
ly responsible for llm Im rouse, M.nnn.
(mil morn hi r being liouaht by Hie
pinker than In in::'.
If llm American peoplo npprovn the
plan seleiled by llm Jury of Ihn lino.
000 American pcaeo award created by
K.I ward W. llok, Mr. Ilok will takn n
aecotul atep Inward Ihn advancement
of world peiicn with a fur wider acope
and Intent and an award larger and
more Important In every ronpect, In
antiounce In Ihn January Ihhuo id
thn Atlantic Monthly.
Thn veritable iiueen of tho boot
tenters will arrlvn In New York short
ly from Nassau, capital of tlio Italia
inn and capllal aim) of llm WcHt In
He boollecKlni: triiiln. Klin I ruining
to lnvnt aeme of her wealth in Fifth
avenun finery and to "do" llrondway
a aim ha always longed to do it. but,
according to her few Intimate In
Nassau, her chief denim la marriage
with "Hio right man" and a suburban
cottage, for which (ho would gladly
forego thn adventure nnd large In
coma of her present poat.
Mciileiiant Osborne C Wood, aon of
Covernor Hem nil Leonard Wood of
tho Philippines, who I reported to
havn accumulated a fortuno of be
tween ,"00,000 and fSOO.OOO In Wall
sireet, received tho Information on
which he acted through a Wall street
"tipster" service, which sent him
nightly cablegram and for which he
I reported to hnva paid J1000 a
month, Including cabin charses. Ac
cording to tin) New York Time, the
war department investigated the
young officer' transaction and found
no causo for censuro.
Time and Place of Delivery Kept Se
cret Airplane Included.
Washington, D. C Details of the
contemplated sale of surplus army
war materials to the Mexican govern
ment occupied war department of
ficials Sunday end It we Indicated
that orders to depot commanders from
which the rifles and other equipment
are to he taken will go forward within
a day or two.
Final decision to grant the request
of tho Ohregon government and make
the sale direct by the Washington
government wag not reached until Sat
urday, nlthough tho request Is under
stood to have been bofora administra
tion offlciuls practlcully all of last
week. Although there has been no
indication that the proposal was the
subject of extended discussion at the
cabinet moellngs on last Tuesday and
Friday, It Is unlikely that President
Coolldgo reached the decision to de
part from tho policy of the Harding
administration In relation to the sale
of surplus arms without laying the
mutter before his advisors'.
Presumably no publicity will he
given by tho Washington government
to the tlmo or place where any of the
supplies are to be turned over to
Mexican forces. Reasons of military
prudenco would requlro the Mexlcun
official to conceal the route by whii
the arm are to be taken Into Mexico,
so far a that Is possible. Tho de
liveries, hownver, will he made from
the depot of thn Klghlh Army corps
difficulties of tho Ohrugnn govern
mi nt in transporting military supplies
to tho active front between Vera Crux
and Mexico City nro Increased by the
fact that thu rebel stronghold at Vera
Crux closest to thu federal force ro-
lulrc Ihn sea route of delivery.
Thero have boon no large outbreak
of revolutionary activity In northern
Mexico, however, and presumably of
filial at Mexico City are satisfied
that they ran safety transport arms
and uminunltion from tho border to
lie Mexican government storehouse
In tho capllal.
Seeks 25 Per Cent Exemption
on "Earned Income."
Several Hundred Amendments
Existing Revenue Law
Are Proposed.
Aid For Veterans Asked.
Washington, I. C. Assistance In
llm task of finding Job for rehnli
luted former servlro men has been
keil by President Coolldgo In letters
to thn American Federation of tabor,
tho I'lilted .Stales chamber of com
mercn and Ihn chambers of commerce
if thn larger cities.
Thu president, in letters addressed
lo these organizations and made pull
He by tho veterans' bureau, declared
that "while much ha been achieved,
especially by tho I'nited Stale veter
ans' bureau. In Ihi very vital prob
lem, I lo re still much lo ho nccom-
lished for the approximately 70,000
who urn at III In training and who are
to becoiun ready for employment at
the rale of about DOnO per month.
Invent New Microphone.
New York.- Perfection of an eloc-
rlc ull'a nudildo microphone, Invent-
d by Dr. Phillip Thomas, which, it
I claimed, will permit scientist to
record sound vibrations which now
are too faint for tho human ear to
catch, was announced Saturday by the
Westliighouso Kleclrlc & Munufi. dur
ing company.
In it experimental, accord
ing lo S. M. Klntncr, director of re
search for the Westlnghouse company,
the microphone has been used success
fully to transmit by radio tho highest
notes of the voice nnd of musical
Instruments, which tho ordinary trans
mitter and receiver reproduce as more
Mr. Klntncr declared the device
had been perfected and simplified to
a point wliero It count no used py
vessels at sen in picking up tho warn
ings of fog horns or other sound wai n
lug beyond tho ruugn of tho human
ear; In studying the finer sound vibra
tions of organs of tho human body,
such as the heart and tho brain, and
In the realm of tho entomologist who
ha tried in vain to pick up sounds
known to bo made by tiny insects,
but Inaudible to humans.
Washington, D. C The complete
text of the new tax bill was made pub
lic Friday by Chairman Green of
the house ways and means committee,
which will meet again as soon as con
gress reassemble on January 3 to
continue It study of the sweeping re
visions proposed by the administra
In all its fixtures the bill follows
the recommendations previously made
public by Secretary Mellon. It pro
pose several hundrod amendments of
tne existing revenue law, many of
them of a highly technical nature and
designed to put an end to tax evasions,
and many others dealing with the
changes advocated by Mr. Mellon in
Income and other tax schedules.
So far the bill has been the sub
ject of only a preliminary study by
the committee, which has made no
attempt to reach decisions as to what.
If any, changes it will make before
tho measure Is reported to the house.
It ha been agreed, however, thut the
administrative provisions shall bo
passed upon first, before any attention
Is given to Mr. Mellon' proposals for
changes in tux schedules.
Ono of tho principal revisions pro
vided In the bill Is a reduction of sur
tax rates so that tho surtax would
begin at 1 per cent on net Incomes
from (10.000 to 112,000; would pro
vldo an additional 1 per cent for each
additional Jl'OOO up to $36,000; 1 per
cent additional for the next 40O0; and
would then add 1 per cent for each
JGOUO up to a maximum of 25 per cent
on Income of $100,000 or more.
t'nder the present law surtaxes be
gin at 1 per cent on net incomes be
tween $0000 and $10,000 and scale up
ward to a maximum of SO per cent
on net incomes exceeding $200,000.
Tho new bill also provides that the
normal tax on Incomes shall be 3 per
cent where it now Is 4 per cont, and
6 per cent where it now Is S per cent-
reduction which the treasury esti
mates will result In a loss of revenue
f $91,600,000 a year.
Provisions also Is made in tho bill
that 25 per rent of "earned Income"
which is defined as wages, salaries
and professional fees, shall be count-
u as exempt in computing tax re
turns. Tho greater part of this ex
emptlon Is expected to fall to those
having small incomes, which the re
suit that the treasury experts a reduc
ion of $97,500,000 from this section
The bill proposes tho outright re
peal of tho present taxes on tele
grams, telephone and radio messages.
healer admissions and of certain
other nuisance taxes, including thn
levle on silver-plated flat silverware,
pencils and fountain pens aelling for
ot more than $1, nnd clinks and
watches selling for not more than
Something to
Think About
HP HE very pleasurable ease with
which many of us break our high
er purpose and turn aside In feverish
haste In the pursuit of some elusive
object, does not argue well for our
future content or prosperity.
The gray hairs that fringe our tem
ples and the hard lines about our
mouths bear Intimate relationship to
the pitiful Job we have made In hold
ing steadfast to a fixed course.
We humans, at least some millions
of us, are fickle, impetuous and impa
tient, Inclined upon the slightest
provocation to change our minds over
nlglit, nt a sudden veer of the golden
When we wnke In the morning, we
are not quite sure whether we are
steering our craft toward the north
star or heading It for the southern
Hut we do know that the purpose
nt yesterday Is gone. We have a
new one which apnenls directly to
our lofty ambition, so much so, in
deed, that we draw In our chin, puff
out our breast and stride briskly
down the street, forgetting In our ela
tion to acknowledge the smiling nods
nnd cheery good mornings of our
Iiy night our certitude ha some
what withered before the Intense
heat of cogitation, and we nre filled
with doubt.
For year nnd yenr we have gone
around and around with the compass.
P.ut on this occasion everything la
different. We cannot move.
Our grent project, for which we
have been husbanding our strength,
Is hidden somewhere In the mist, our
sight Is defective, our hnnds are un
steady and there Is a tug at the heart
Hint we cannot much longer endure.
Krent ha succeeded event, not as
we expected, but a our solicitous
friend linve foretold. Our old smiling
habit Is gone. We are discouraged
down In the depths.
The world goe on merrily. There
Is no tenderness In It heart. It enres
net a whltllng whether we sing or
sigh, whether we are clothed in purple
or In tutters and rags.
And some of the merriest are car
rying a load In their souls, because
they, too, have broken their purposes.
Hut they refuse to yield to discourage
They have resolved to try agnln,
nnd to keep on trying a fast as ever
they fall, trusting not In themselves
for sustaining strength, hut In the
higher power being prodigals seek
Ing their father's house!
I by McCturi Nawaptptr SyndlcaU.)
In a school essay a child wrote that
a thrush ald. "Mr. Hewitt, Mr.
Hewitt" so often and so dourly In
their village that at last Mr. Hewitt
came to her door aud said "Ye?"
Dauntlei Is Wrecked.
.Seattle, Wash Crowless nnd help
less in tho grip of a 60 mllo gale, the
steamer I'auntlesa, owned and oper
ated by the Paget Sound Freight line,
hroko loose from It mooring at
Kingston, Ilainbridgo Island, Saturday
nlglit, drifted across Puget sound and
was pounded to piece on tho rock
at Meadow point, near the town of
Kichinond llcach, ton mile north of
Seattle. The boat, valued at $00,000,
is a total loss.
The administrative feature of the
111 Include a provision for rreatlm
board of tax appeals, composed of
not less than seven nor more than
l member, appointed for ten-year
rma at salaries of $10,000 each by
the secretary of tho treasury and
without senate confirmation. The
hoard would hear nnd determine rases
Involving tho assessment of taxe. bin
both tho government and tho taxpay
er would bo privileged to appeal any
decision to the court.
Veniieloa on Way Home.
Marseilles. The Andres, a Creek
steamer, flying the llrltish flag, with
M. Vcnlzelos aboard, left Sunday fur
Greece, notwithstanding tho bad
weather prevailing. M. Venlzelns,
who is returning to his homeland in
an endeavor to straighten out the po
litical situation, went aboard Saturday
night, lie declined to see any per
sons but Intimate friends.
Uncle Sam Gets Blamt
Pari. The United States wa held
chiefly responsible for present condi
tions In Kurope by Taul Raynaud,
speaking In the chamber of deputies
Saturday during Interpellation on the
government's foreign policy.
M. Reynaud, referring to the Inter-
niiieii ucuis ana incir eriert Unon
Kurope, said:
"America weighs upon England'
shoulder. England weighs on ours
nnd we are a burden to Germany. Thl
1 a strangely Impressive pyramid.
Volcano Belches Lava.
,IIilo, T. H. Superintendent Roles
of the Hawaii national park telephon
ed from Volcano house this morning
that tho volcano Kilnuea h,ij shown
unusual activity ever since dark last
At least 10 to 15 feet ot lava, he
said, ha overflowed into the main
pit of the crater, covering an area
of about 40 acre, and a number of
fountain of lava, were spurting from
openings in the pit.
IT SEEMS we scarcely knew her
In lm- ni.inn ,-nu p. ..n ... I.
Nor realized, 'til she had gone,
Her wondrous woman's worth ;
To much she gave, too freely tolled
For others, all the while.
Too much we blindly let her give
Forgetting thanks or smile.
Now, looking back arms the yeara.
Our heart are wrung with pain.
Remembering the price she paid
That we her own might gain;
She placed no price upon her deeds,
I-ove prompted every one;
We simply knew she filled our needs
Cm 11 her work was done.
Those toll-worn hnnds bad never
So much to ns, until
Upon her quiet breast they lay,
So white and cold and still;
Wht service they had done for ot
We never paused to suy,
Cntll we missed their ministry
When she had gone away.
The thin gray hair upon her brow
Was like a halo-light,
Rut we had never known It
Til she went away that night;
We longed to tell our love at last.
And how wo held her dear,
Rut oh, the hour had glided past
Our word she could nut heart
Heart breaking tears! At Inst we taw
With vision clear and bright.
The beantle of that noble soul
Who went away that night ;
With aching heart we knew, too late,
There never wns snolher
So fine and true the whole way
A she whom we called Mother.
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