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    During The Year 1924, Patronize The Merchants Of lone. Mail Order Houses Do Not Help You When In Distress
mm. 3wht pa? mfatmt
ITH the low prices being secured for all products of the farm, comes
a call for reduced profits by dealers selling the necessaries of life.
Volume of business enables a merchant to guage his cost of doing busi
ness and the larger the business, t'.ie smaller the overhead cost of selling goods. I
have the largest assortment of goods used on the farm or in the home, of any mer
chant in Morrow County. I own my building, I employ active and experienced help,
and just enough to serve the trade in the most economical manner and support no
idlers. I have had 25 years experience in supplying the needs of. the community and
know what to buy and how to buy in the most advantageous manner and quantities.
A clerk selling $25,000 00 worth of merchandise does so at much less cost than one
selling $5,000.00 during the year. That is the plainest evidence that I do business
on smaller margins than my competitor.
Your prosperity means my prosperity, and I am going to give the citizens
of Morrow County the advantage ot my ability and experience In the merchandising
game' by starting the New Year with a complete revision of prices for the needs of the
home. Cash is the greatest aid to lower prices, and every price quoted will be for
cash, and will be as low as it is possible to handle first-class goods at, and I shall make
it a point to have only such gjods as will cause you to return for more.
Quality has ever been my motto and shall be ridgidly adhered to incvcry
, You are invited to call, compare prices, secure samples and be your own
judge. Help me to do a larger volume of business and thereby reduce the
prices of your needs.
Yours truly,
Helms Frank
we wish you All a
Happy New Year
The Banh of lone
Frank Enarelman sptnt several
days this wek in Portland on
business. Charlie Notd acted as
utility clerk of the pasttime dur
ing hia absence.
Mr. C L. O'Neill expects to
leave within a short time for Los
Angeles where she will make her
future home, her husband being
there at present.
E. J. Brtstow and family were
at Walla Walla, Wn., several days
laat week visiting at the home of
Mrs. Bi istow'a parents. Thee re
turned home Sunday.
The buy at home spirit was
manifested hre last week. 'The
Christmas sales by our merch
ants were targe and of a high
quality merchandise,
, J. F. Haynie ot Forest Grove,
Ore., is hers on a visit wlih his
daughter and family, 14 r. and
Mrs. Walter R, Corley.
There will be an all day meet
ing at the Ions Christian church
this Sunday. This is the annual
meeting of the three churches
Lexington, Heppner and lone.
A good time is expected. Sister
Livingston will preach in the
morning and Bro. Livingston in
the afternoon. Dinner served at
noon, free to all. Rev. Brown
preaches in the evening, subject:
A Text outside the Bible," but
preaches in the bible. The young
people will Uke part in thrie
At the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Frank in lone, on Tues
day, Jan. 1, 1924, at 10 o'clock
a. m., Mr. Hcbart Helms of Lex-'
linRton, was united in marriaue ,
I to Miss Doris Frank, Elder Wat-1
I son of the S. D. Advent church j
j of Pendleton, officiatinpr. After j
the wedding a delightful dinner;
I was served. Those present were I
! the parents of the groom, at.-o ,
brother and sister; Mr. Kenneth j
Calkinsof Gieshom; Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Gibbs; Mrs. Dale Ray; Miss )
; Brashiers; II. B. Calkins and the
bride's parents and sisters. The j
i happy couple departed for Lex- j
j ington where they will reside on
i a farm near that city. We all j
wish them joy and happiness.
Pleasant Watch Meeting j
The union watch meeting hi'U
'at the Christian church cn New
! Year's eve was well attended. '
; About 9 o'clock people bey an to
i gather and at 10 o'clock the pro-1
I gram commenced with song ser-1
! vice bv the congregation followed
; by talks on "What tho Sunday
, Schools of lone Need." They were
' well discussed by Louis Balsiger
of the Congregktionsl; Mr. Ceson
of the Baptist and Mrs. Engul-j
msn of the Chrixtian Sundsy !
schools. Gladys Lumlell gave a j
piano solo; Arleneand Helen Hal-;
siger a vocal duet; Zelma EngeM
man a vocal solo; fclva and Helen j
Balsiger a piano duet, and a vcl
quartette by Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Balsiger. Mr. Canon and He v.
Brown presented very forceful
talks on "What do the Churches
of lone titt-d." and Mayor
a very enthuiastic tali on the
ned and general welfare of lh
At 12 o'clock sha'p, I he meet.
Bank of lone. lone. Oreffon d" hearty hand.
j shake and best wishes fir the
The annual meeting of the stock-' js-ew yMr 1924 x
holder of the Bank of lone, lone, I
Oregon, for the election of direc
tors and the transaction of any
other busiuess that mav come be
Notice To StockhoUert Of The
To BuflJ Community ILU -The
farmers of Juniper com-
fore the meeting, will be held ' '
tha r, nf a.i.4 i,.nk Jan. S""-W erreuna iprgr
uar, 10. 1024. between the hours !ffm.U.nT tlT,
of 4 and 5 o'clock P. M.
, K. Gl'NZEU
Notice Of Meeting
To the Officers and members of
the lone National Farm Loan As
You are hereby notified that
the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the association will be
held in the 1. O. O. F. ballet
lone, Oregon, on Tuesday, the
8th day of January, 1924 at 1.30
o'clock P. M., for the election of
of Directors for the ensuing year
it i earnestly requested that all
members of the association be
present at this meeting as there
j John McDevitt is acting as chief
promoter and his fsrmer friends
are all pushing the project with
a determination to get ahal they
go after. A community hall is
badly needed In that Section, the
school house being entirely too
email to accommodate the people.
The building is to be modern with
cloak rooms and kitchen and all
conveniences. The hall will be
built because the spirit of go-vet
it is in tha blood of the promot-j
The New Yew
This is the time to forget the
past and turn your thoughts to
better deeds in 1921 Itegafdless
nf raanliitlnna nut henken. steiva
r. m.uer, 01 imporianc. to begin lh. ,w wln , d.
taken up at this lime.
E. L Padrero.
Sec Trees, of A mo.
W. J. BLAKE, President
Weather Riport
j termination to do better. You
. should strive to cooperate more
! generally and more heartily in ail
! movements for the good of the
community. Try to stick a little
closer to our business firms for
they are the help and inspiration
Tha aiaathar peroet nf R P. .
Harblnson. Observer for Morrow :ff ' community; they afe the
county at Morgan, for the month 1 that promote and
of December state the mU pre-! m?,nUin lht ,ub,l,, f ,f
cipitation of rain was 1.21; clear,,h, U Pwr ' 1924-
rfa. n.etl. eL A, I J- elo.M. i ndl our hIP. B booster is
The Harris Combine
You can cut your harvest expens
es if you use a HARRIS.
It will save the (rain
Tor particulars inquire of '
Lexington 1-1 Oregon
. Tfca VzihrzcA Favcsrlta
Weary of folding seats end scat-climbing,
th public h:3 litemlJy Hocked to
the Willys-Knight Coupe-Sedan!
Doers front and teat. You enter and
leave without awkward contentions.
And it has the wonderful Willys
Knight sleeve-valve engine same
type as Prnhcrd, Dainler, and others
cl Europe's linest cars. See it! Try ill
WMt. '
li it i tm, M.t!t t-p'tm.
i J SliV. J i !,!, ?
com AUTO CO.
New Pastime
Open For Business
New Tables New Equipment
I will carry a complete line of
12; wind west. Total snow fall
S 3 4 Inches. Total precipitation
since Sept. 1. 2.71
Mrs. J. N. Peiffer. a sister of
Mrs. C. a Bowers and Ray JuHy,
left Sunday for her home at Star-
buck, Wn., after a w eek's
ant visit here. She states that
Starbuck is a busy place, beinf a
railroad town, and climate there
is fsr better than at lone.
the one Ideal rititn of the town.
Without exaggeration, e believe
the next wheat harvest is to be
one on which tha farmer will
. ,! - i I L t I
1 1 , -rt-r ream over oouar a uusnei.
Mea and teams before the sea ithf P"c,r'c
son opens on the south side, to do f on comin(,"l- in
pless-'-ly discing on the far north of r ,wr""r" w vf""'
......lone, which season open, week si hpPin!",nd nd tn"
ing 10 00 oeuer, set s aiso w en
joy that greatest blessing-ths
blessing of good health.
i Staple and Fancy Groceries
Call and see me
Laxton McMurrey, Prop.
earlier. Six hundred acres to be
disced. Feed and board furnish
ed. Addiea. C- W. BAKZES.
1036 Clackamas St, Portlsnd.O.
B a liome Booster.
Mr. and M"rs. Northcraft of For Sak.-Any amount of wheat
Olympia, Wn. are at the lone headings for hay or feed at cheap
hotel this week. They expect to price. See J. L. Calkins or Iona
locate in this vicinity. 1 bank.