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ERR. A. T. HKFttIM, Cerr? r-t
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nmry H r ?'" f k tttd th rt-e-
.t ir hr fcrd believir.f in ?ci
fi?rcftT turned cut in numbers or,
V.uui" t !tud the Etua. The
vnntfUft f'siurei of the prpnra were
njojrd. ?ne cKriot rate u pr
t ifiiifcr iy tniiii.r e and tnt resting;
the l-uckiit cAT.tept whi pood, r,d
tie barthhfk rulir.f w excit.r.p. The
quirk chTipe rnce wesl n&nu-d
chfcpp srd ddifs mere en anted with
iiiinii"u'rjs fpeed. Contests of this
ort have received nome censure oi
lht" a btirp brutal both to ir.ari I
rd b at. After both the I
Kound-l'p and thf Frdeo only one
fffcture observed that could be
c;aned at brutal, and that waa the
Mcer ard eatf roi.infr. Altheuph rop
inp may be a ru-ceasary function of
toe rarpe it is urplcassnt from the
atandpf'int f amusement and s-port
to a e&.' or steer hobbie off
-ith a bri'Vfr, Irp or hip cr other
wise injured. The parade on Sat
urry wrs a fine exhibition of hor?e
tiny Shetland ponies mounted
by small boys and of ail
color and descriptions. It was a
pood exhibition for a town the aire
of Heppner. Amor.p Boardman folks
who attended were Mr. and Mrs.
Fck Warren, Mrs. E. T, Messenper
and Loi. Leo Root and sons, Mrs,
M. K. Flickinper, Maurice Goodwin,
Apple Waggoner, J. Jenkins and fam
ily. Miss Officer, Mr. Packard, J
Brice and Lillian, Jess Lower.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shell entertained
Sunday eveninp at a dinner of lovely
appointments. Covers were laid for
eseren and all enjoyed the delicious
dinner and a pleasant social eve
ninp. Tho?e present were Misses
Bougher, Officer, Mr. and Mrs. M.
Mulkey. Mrs. Olive M. Wilson, Miss
Mailoy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cramer,
Mr. Foriier and the host and hostess.
Mr. and Mrs, Nick Faler, Dan Ran
gier and family ar.d Mrs. A. T. Her
ein! and A. T. Jr. attended the Rodeo
Saturday. An elaborate picnic lunch
was enjoyed and the kind hospitality
extended them by Mrs. Natter and
Miss Katie Mmert at the noon hour
was appreciated. All enjoyed the
trip immensely.
Services at the Community church?
wilt be held next Sunday evening as
it is the first Sunday of the month.
Floyd Nunamaker and wife of Hood
River were recent guests at the Eu
gene Cumins home.
J. T. Healey and wife of Portland
came up Friday on business and
visited for a few days with their
numerous friends. They were former
residents and their friends are plad
to welcome them if only for a short
Chas. Harrington, J. Jenkins and
E. Cumins have about 20 acres of
sapar cane, and Messrs. Cumins and
Jenkins were out last week tring to
locate a sorghum mill so that they
could utiliie their product. Hot cakes
and old fashioned sorghum. Yum-yum.
"On October 6, Tuesday eveninp, a
meeting will be held at the school
house at which time the P. T. A.
will be organized. Everyone is urged
to be present whether a parent or
not. If you are interested in school
affairs you are privileged to join the
P. T. A,
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney McReynolds
and baby are house puests at the N.
A. M acorn ber home. Mr. McReynolds
is a brother of Mrs. M acorn ber. They
- motored down from Spokane.
M rs. Pearl Howell spent several
days in Boardman with her husband
before her departure on Friday for
Monmouth where she will complete
her normal course.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Carr were din
ner puegts at the Hereim home on
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Beardsley and children and
Mrs. Clyde Carr left Tuesday by
motor, the former for her home in
Lewiston, Ida., going by way of Mab
ton, Wn., where Mrs. Carr wlil visit
her parents. They p'an to be gone
about two weeks.
J. F. Barlow. Mr. and Mrs. Z. J.
Gillespie of Heppner were visitors
the fore part of the week at the
Jay Cox home.
Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley
and Mr. and Mrs. Carr motored to
Arlington to attend rfhe conference
f superintendents and athletic in
structors at which time the schedule
for the year's athletic activities wsb
tentatively made.
This issue completes the list of
prises of the North Morrow County
Fair, and the people wish to thank
Mr. Crawford for ao kindly extending
apace to print this lengthy li&t which
has proven of interest to aM. We
thank you, Gazette editors, you
have been generous with your space
for this far end of tbe county.
A big plan is on foot, and one
which should satisfy a need in the
community, name!y the school
planning to put on a movie once a
week, foe st'terai months, if the !
plan ireu with success. People mo
tor to the nearby towns each week
to attend the movies but re shall
have one here in our own home town
at the price of 10 and oOc. The first
him ii an excellent one, "North of
36" and will be given October 8 at
the school house.
Mesdames Gorhara and children,
Cramer and Hereim and A. T. Jr.,
motored to Htrmiston on Wednesday.
Mrs. Gorham visited a friend who
was there from Portland and Mrs.
Cramer, Hereim and A. T. Jr., had
dental work done.
S. L. Beck has started another well,
this one at the Jesa Allen ranch.
Mr. Tate has returned to his ranch
after an absence of some time. He
has been up near Condon during
From Seattle were W. S. Ayres,
Kay Hod gin and B. ictory at the
Highway Inn recently. J. D, Ham
mer of Deep Creek, Wn, J. P. Mullen
of Spokane, Mrs. W. E. Collinpwood
of Spokane. Geo. ii. Jensen and wife
of Hood Kiver were among those
Naomi Cobb of Walla Walla was
registered at the Hiphway Inn on her
way to Monmouth to attend school.
From Toledo, Ohio, came A. L.
Kauffman, P. J. Kuni and wife, J,
J. Loohang of Opdtn, Utah, and Kay
Bell of Troy, Idaho, were other
guvsti at the inn.
Ethel Broyles left last week to
attend normal school at Monmouth
and Edna went to Corvallis to attend
U. A. C.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Calkins of the
East End entertained at a lovely
dinner on Sunday evening. Those
who enjoyed this pteaaant affair
were Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Healey of
Portland, Let Md and family and
Mr. W. O. King. On Tuoaday eve
nine the same congenial group were
entertained at the Mead home at a
moat delightful dinner, gueata being
the Heaieya, Calkins', Mr. King and
The Geenfield grarpe is running
a Bun Ton socia. for Saturday eve
nit. p. A joiiiy time l anticipated, a feed and program.
Chas. Wick.ander tok his children
Gladys and Carl, and Vio:et Knight
a fur as Heppner Junction on Mon
day, where tney were m t by Mrs.
Vt a ker, county superintend! nt of
Htppntr who took them on to Salem
where they will represent Morrow
county in the club work. Curl has
been the pnie winner in the sweet
potato ciub, Gi&iiys in homemaking.
and Violet Knight first in f owing.
We are pleased to have thee young
sters receive this honor and hope
they will come home from Salem with
more laurels. We are sure of that
Carl's caie because he hut no
competition, Morrow county Having
the only sweet potato c:ub in the
Superintendent and Mrs. Beardsley
and children were dinner guests at
the O. H. Warner home on Sunday.
Lahmondiers pave a masquerade
dance at Bailey's hall Saturday night.
Mrs, Bob Wilson of Boardman, Mil
ton Shane took first prizes for their
John Brice, wife and son Warren
enjoyed a pood laugh at Harold Lloyd
in "Hot Water" at the theater in
Umatilla last wetk.
Seventy-five tons of hay were ship
ped this week by the Delano brothers.
Mr. Anderson who has been here
at various times and who was the
former owner of the ranch at Coyote
Serines has started a creamery of
his own called the Columbia crvam
erv in Portland, and was here last
week soliciting cream. Mr. Ander
son has been a butter maker for
Chas. Dillon who has a large poul
try ranch on the West End is cull
ing and shipping his old hens. The
young pullets are just beginning to
lay. He has been shipping two and
three cases of epps per week.
Mrs. Robert Lahmondier returned
last Thursday from Pendleton with
her new little son. She has not been
at all well but it is hoped she will
R. C. (Bob) Mitchell and Mrs. Gross
of Portland were married last week
at Klickitat, near Goldendale, and are
now at home at the Mitchell ranch
on the west end. They were married
bv Mr. Yates, a justice of the peace
Mrs. Gross came up from Portland
during the summer to visit the H
Cason home, and while here she met i
Mr. Mitchell. The groom has a ranch
on the west end and has quite a fair!
sited apiary also. Homer Mitchell
and wife witnessed the ceremony.
A crowd charvaried them on Sunday
night but Bob had treats ready and
the crowd was invited in and enjoyed
dancing and the candy and cigars
which were provided.
Dallas Mallory, a nephew of Mrs.
John Jenkins, visited Sunday at the
Jenkins home. He lives near Spokane.
O. T. Brown and wife of The Dalles
visited over tne weea ena at tne .nas.
Dillon home.
Dr. Moss, wife and son Donald of
Seaside visited Sunday at the J. C.
Ballenger home. Dr. Moss is mayor
of that thriving coast town which is
such a popular summer resort.
C. G. Blayden and T. E. Broyles
motored to Heppner Monday on business.
At a recent meeting of the l-eving-ton
high school student body the fol
lowing officers were chosen to conduct
its business for the year 125-26:
president. Loren Leathers; vice-president,
Velle Ward; secretary, Freda
McMillan; yell leader, Eva Pad berg,
James Leach.
At 2:30 p. m. on Friday Lexington's
football team will meet Hoardman's
team on the home field. It is hoped
that a goodly number will be present
to encourape our boys along athletic
J. M. Crawford of Walla Walla,
president of the Tum-A-Lum Lum
ber Co., was a business visitor in Lex
ington on Friday of last week.
Mr, and Mrs, Ray Young left Sat
urday for Pendleton where they ex
pect to reside during the winter.
Geo, McMillan returned recently
from Portland where he has been for
medical treatment. He is much im
proved in health.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marquardt are
entertaining Mrs. Marquardt s moth
er, Mrs. Miller of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Craber of Walla
Walla paid Lexington a short visit
last week.
R. B. Wilcox accompanied by his
sons Ciaud and Charles, his daughter,
Miss Eva and Miss Eva Padberp, will
motor to Salem on Thursday to at
tend the state fair.
Karl Beach returned Monday from
Walla Walla where he enjoyed an
over-Sunday visit with Mrs. Beach!
and the boys.
Miss Neva Shinn left Tuesday for
her home in Astoria after spending
the summer with friends and rela
tives near Lexington.
Misses Maxine Gentry, Opal and
Wilraa Leach left Wednesday of last
week for Corvallis to resume their
studies at O. A. C.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Gentry and chil
dren Leora and Virgil arrived Friday
from Portland to visit relatives and
attend the Rodeo.
Dan Tucker came in from Portland
on Friday evening to spend some
time with his family.
Westervelt of Boardman. The raising .
of sweet potatoes has been somewhat
of an experiment in the so two north
Morrow county irrigated sections, but
they are now making a success of the
game, and in coming seasons will raise
the sweeta in commercial quantities.
A sample of these potatoes was fur
nished the editor of this paper, and
e can testify that they are of Just
as good quality aa any that come to
this market.
The following is a detailed list of
the winurrs:
Hri hit Holboke Hrv.. Ut ; A. P.
Ayer. 2nd; K. Admnu. nt .
Srt White F. Adam. Ut; K. A Thump
on. Xttd and Ird.
Hard Krd Winter Raymond Wright, 1st;
.t' Gray, 2nd ; lieu. Peck, 3rd.
Narthera Sprint- J. N. Batty, 1st; Ben
Thonw, 2nd; Fred Akers, 3rd.
Western White Ida IVterson, 1st; Chas.
Hemrich, Hud ; J. ti. Key. 3rd.
Hybrid lis Cha. Hemrich. 1st; A. W.
CerumeU, 2nd; Phil Hirl, 3rd.
Turkey Red Raymond Wright, 1st; Gene
Gray, 2nd : Georira Peck, 3rd,
Fortyfold F. Adams. Ut ; R. A. Thomp-
aon, 2nd ; San ford Farming- Co., 3rd.
Bluestcm F. Adams, 1st; Minnie L. Mc
Millan, 2nd: J. P. Hughes, nt
Federation R. A. Thompson, 1st.
Hard Federation Molboke Brothers, 1st;
Eric Berirtrom, 2nd ; Frank Fratus, 3rd.
Baart, irrigated A. P. Ayers, Ut.
Baart, dry land- Karl Simon ton, 1st.
Red Chaff J, B. Key, Ut ; J. S. Young 2nd.
Marquis J. N. Batty, Ut ; Ben Thomas.
2nd; Fred A ken. 3rd.
Jenkins Club P. S. Griffin, 1st
Hyhrid 143 Ida Peterson. 1st.
Sweepstakes Holboke Brothers.
Barley George Moure. 1st ; Ward Gravea,
2nd; Hayea Estate, 3rd.
III il
(Continued from Pint Pa)
North Morrow County Fair prize
list, continued:
Sewing Doshis Graybeal 1st; Belle
Fredrickson, 2nd; June Knight, 3rd.
Sewing Violet Knight, 1st, trip to
State Fair; Shirley Fredrickson,
2nd; Lillian Yerger, 3rd; Alilce Pal
mer 4th.
Sewing Dorria Wilcox, 1st Eva Wil
son, 2nd.
Potato Clnti Claude Wilcox, 1st.
Wheat Project Eva Wilcox, 1st.
Garden Club Fletcher Walker, 1st.
Sweet Potato ClubCarl Wickland-
er, 1st; Vernon Partlow, 2nd.
Manual Training Hector Wicklander,
1st; Delbert Johnson, 2nd.
Home Making Gladys Wicklander,
1st; Helen Boardman, 2nd.
Domestic ..Science ..Exhibit Gladys
Wicklander, 1st.
Sewing Ruth Dinges, 6th..'
Best Article in Domestic Science
Gladys Wicklander, 1st
Notice is hereby given that the
board of directors of the Westland Ir
rigation District, acting as a board
of Equalizatoin, will meet at the of
fice of the district in Hemuston, Ore
gon, on the first Tuesday in October,
1925. at 8 o'clock, p. m for the pur
pose of reviewing and correcting its
assessments and apportionment of
taxes to be levied in said district for
the year 1925.
J. W. MESSNER, Secretary.
Lexington Christian Church.
All vacations must come to an end
and most of them end at the same
place where they started. And altho
wa have seen a considerable portion
of the Willamette Valley and west
ern Washington, we come back to
Lexington with renewed strength and
a firm resolve to serve it's people in
the work that God has intrusted us,
with renewed activity.
Before we ask for a continued co
operation of the Lexington people we
wish to thank one and all for their
loyalty, which has been expressed by
their contributions and by their un
selfish service.
Tot only do we wish to express our
thanks but we believe the people
have a right to know what our pro
gram shall be for the following year.
1. We expect to keep our services
free from sectarian teachings and to
have them so filled with the spirit of
Christ that every true Christian with
out regard to his denominaitonal
affiliations or preferences will find a
home for worship and a field for service.
2. We desire to preach only the
Gospel and to do it in such a way
that all seeking the truth shall hnd it
3. To provide for regular prayer
4. To give occasional public lec
tures on vital subjects.
5. To provide a clean social pro
gram for the young.
I have endeavored to set forth the
purpose of the Lexington church for
this year and to every one that be
lieves the program is a worthy one,
we are confidently soliciting your co
operation. W. E. JONES, Pastor.
An examination for forest ranger
will be held on October 27, in twen
ty-six different states, according to
word just received by district forest
er C. M. Granger, at Portland, im
portant changes are that receipt of
application will close on October 17,
No applicant will be allowed
to try the examination unless he has
received fin admission card in ad
vance from the U, S. civil service
commission, Washington, D. C; hence
forest officers urge all prospective ap
plicants to secure at once form 2415,
either from the commission at Wash
ington or from any forest supervisor.
Entrance salary for forest ranger
in the U. S. forest service is $1500
in the United States, and $1900 in
Alaska. Outside of the salary, the
government allows a mileage' on pri
vately-owned automobiles when used
in official business, and actual ex
penses when absent on official duty
from official headquarters. Houses
or ranger stations are furnished
rangers or an allowance made in their
salaries in lieu of quarters. In addi
tion to the above, forest officers are
protected by the federal compensa
tion act, which covers accidental in
juries and monthly payments to de
pendents in case of death. The age
limits for the examination are 21 to
35 inclusive.
Forest rangers with experience and
proven ability are eligible to a max
imum salary or $2400 per annum.
Many of the higher positions in the
forest service are now filled by men
who started in as forest rangers.
The examination consists of three
parts, educational and mental test,
practical questions relative to the
duties of the position, and experience.
A medical certificate is required but
no photograph. Applicants with mil
itary or naval records must attach
to their applications original, photo
stat or certified copies of their or
iginal discharge.
Forest officers state that there are
openings for good, live men with prac
tical experience in the woods, and
forest school graduates with practical
In Oregon the examination will be
held at the 13 headquarters towns of
forest supervisors and at the eight
in Washington.
LM ! enteMnta Jack French. II. W.
Rivera, Slim fcdwardft. Art Huker, Pat
Car key. Herb French, Orvilte Car ley. Cliff
John Mm, Neil White, Vernon V aid. llillie
IlueU, Tex Prichard, Koi Wallins. 1'hil
litfyer. Fred Moore. Cecil Iowe, Art Alder
man, Clvde Ha i ley, Kenneth LVpuy, J.
Mills. Frank Gentry. Peti)liland. A. W.
(iilliland. Sam Smith. Kalph Keade, Emery
MMre, Ikilph Drown, Lloyd Mattetton, Ho
ard tioff. Hill Kilkenny, ivl Mieridan, Joe
Kenny. Raymond rerttunon, Monty lialvor-
sen. Abe Hiatt. Jack Terry, Ed Scruaiiina,
Buck Fadbera, L. V. Uqntry, Lonme Cop
enhaver, Oscar Hanks, Antone Cunha,
Krnet Cunha. Waldo Terry, Ralph J one,
Albert Lawnon, Vernon tfrown, Johnny
Eu banks.
The clown wm Munk Avery of Pendleton.
Sddlt Ho rat Ract -First day: Phil Guyer.
1st; Raymond Ferguson, 2nd; second
day: Raloh Joneti. 1st ; Pete GUhlimd
2nd; third day, Pete Gilliland, lut ; Ken
neth IVimy. 2nd.
Calf Kopine First day: Frank Gentry
1:15. Ralph eade 1:04. Neil White 1 :0H,
Sam Smith :40, Joe Kenny :f9 1-2; sec
ond day : Ed Sheridan 1 :0'J S-6, Joe
Kenny. :5S t-fi. Sam Smith 1:16; third
day. Tex Prichard :52.
Boya Pony Race First day. no J-ace ; sec
ond day: Vernon hrown, 1st; brnest
Cunha, 2nd; third day: Johnny ' Eu banks
1st, Albert Lawson, 2nd. ' I
Steer Roping- First day: Ed Sheridan1
:27 1-2, Neil White :62 1-4. Hill Kil
kenny 1:03 1-2, Vernon Waid 1:29 1-2.
ftpcond day: Jack French :49. Tex Prich
ard 1:16. Vernon Waid :56 : third day:
Neil White 1:25. Tex Prichard. 1:07,
Vernon Waid 1:10.
Steer Maverick Race First day, Joe Ktn-
;ny second day, no race; third day, Tex
Prichard. Phil Guyer..
Quick Chanke Raca First day. Ken. De-
puy 1st, Tex Prichard 2nd; second day,
Ken Dfpuy'lut, Phil Guyer 2nd; third
day. Ken Depuy 1st. Tex Prichard 2nd.
Special Race Swond day, Tex Prichard
lat, u. Uopenhaver znd ; third day, r.
Gilliland 1st. Neil White 2nd.
Cowboy Rncf First Day, Joe Kenny 1st,
A. W. Gilliland 2nd; second day. r UU
liland Int. Tex Prichard 2nd ; third day,
P. Gilliland 1st, L. Copenhaver 2nd..
Free for All Rar Last day, Frank Gen
try 1st, Bill Kilkenny 2nd.
25 subscriber; Frieda Seaman's
team, 16; Otto Beneftel's team. 10.
Total 61 names, which means $25. SO
for the school treasury. Hurrah for
these loyal workers, and thanks to
the subscribers. Raymond's team will
be entertained at a party by th two
losing teams at a later date.
About an acre of the southwest cor
ner of the school grounds is. bung
graded and leveled by Messrs. Corey
and Dempsey. Aftr this tract ia
seeded, it will add very materially
to the appearance of our campus. It
ia understood that the board is plan
ning on having two blocks more lev
eled this fall.
Violet Knight of the 8th grade left
Monday for Salem where she will at
tend the state fair with all expenses
paid by the state. She waa one of
the county champions in Club Work.
Friday afternoon the larger boys
spent a couple of hours at putting
the football field In condition, while
the girls worked at the basketball
court and backstops. The boys plan
on playing one or two games of foot
ball with nearby schools. A little
later both boys and girls will begin
basketball practice.
Recently the high school students
elected the following officers: pres
ident, Robert Smith; vice-president,
Gertrude G ray beal ; secretary-treasurer,
Earl Stewart; sergeant-at-arms,
Russell McCoy.
Walter Warner, a graduate of Ir
rigon high school, left Friday for
Monmouth where he will attend the
Normal until June.
Chas. Powell and his sister, Mrs.
Gurber, of Payette. Idaho, are in
town for a short stay. -
Mrs. Bert Knight, Mrs. Bess lam
oreaux, Mrs. Rider and Mrs. Elray
Lamoreaux were school .visitors on
Tuesday afternoon.
The contest for taking subscrip
tions for the "Country Gentleman"
ended Tuesday with the following re
sults: Raymond Lnmoureaux's tetim,
There are some splendid library
books in the office of Supt, Walker
for the following districts: 2, 3, 6,
9, 10, 11, 14, 18, 23, 25, 28, 32, 33, 86.
37, 38, 42, 48, 49, 60, 61, 62, 63, 21, 27.
The superintendent desires that some
one from these districts call for
these books, especially for those be
longing to district No. 61, as the
teacher and the children will not have
an opportunity to use the books long
before school closes.
Three wheat farms going at one-half
price. Total, 2737 acrea.
At $10 per acre; one-third cash,
balance -on time at 6. Sandy loam
soil; about 2400 acres plowed on
which are three houses, three wells,
schoolhouse, and other improvements.
2 miles from Cecil postoffice and R.
R. station in Morrow county, Oregon.
Free with this land a 75 Caterpillar
engine with 4 3-bottom plows, a 24-
foot combine, a header, two drills,
two weeders, chain and other harness,
32 work horses, mares and mules,
two harrows, three wagons, etc. Rea
son for selling; security and other
debts after leaving the farm, wife
dead, no children and 78 years old.
J. W. OSBORN, Cecil, Ore.
(Continued from First Page)
the courtesy of the Moro experiment
station. There was also a display of
threshed wheats in jars taken from
the Lexington nursery as a demon
stration of seeding tests. These sam
pies were of 6 different varieties of
wheat, snowing the yield and qual
ity from date of seeding. The plant
ings were on f'eb. 27, March 11 and
March 25. The quality of March 25
wn vprv much noorer than the otlv
lers, and the average yi4d per acre
Dated this first day of September, was oui ousneia .ess man u. u.
1925 March 11.
Aside from the grains there was
80 acres Alfalfa and Fruit Ranch , also a small exhibit of sweet potatoes
cheap, near Umapine, Ore. Write, from the farms of N. Seaman and
Frpewator. Ore.. R. 2. Box 154. 2t. Grim Bro?. of Irrigon and Elmer
The high school Btudents are again
resuming their work after a short
vacation for the Rodeo, during which
our principal, Mr. Meidinger, and as
sistant, Miss Cornelison, took a trip
to Walla Walla. Much to our disap
pointment Miss Carnelison could not
return for a few days at least owing
to illneas. Mrs. Skeen is now her
substitute whom " the students
agree is a very capable instructor.
Hard man boastB of having six stu
dents in the Oregon Normal school,
five of whom are graduates of our
high school. We also have three col
lege students, two of them attending
O. A. -C. and one the Oregon univer
sity. The freshmen initiation party will
be held Thursday. Some are looking
forward to this party with dread
and others as a fit time to show phy
sical strength.
The seniors now have their class
organized and are planning strongly
on graduation this spring.
Reduced To Sell
To make room for new stock
announces big cut in prices on
all models.
. . ' n .. - r, ,. . . tt-jti'
THI l TWIT TT" '''nII ll I 4fi''
r nRa -first ArrcswoM ' "ff?, A 1 k ;i
Bozo butts- I -re fjevJ6 kw 1., ' ? i 1
They Drive Him TTmy ) Jl
"Rube" Coldberg j f W
I HeLf V&O ,1.1 3Lass , OM WET-TEft, 1 SO I V MUTf
1 lf"i X. T CT 1 t " VI VI a4 v y- J
; M tH A lcy i f
1 H.J A. U r ; f vt i .1 1 t 11 -I Mi-1" a I 1 I. ..t-n
, , -
3jrj)UJo,-rHAws-i wexrT ll
iMt it was
Model 'CZHtZ
CUT to--P
All models in proportion.
Also, just received several'Swanson port
able phonographs, little dandies carry like
a grip just the thing to take on a picnic.
They're a buy at $30.00.
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Star Theater
A thrilling drama of the Golden West. Buck Jones,
the Cowboy; Pal, the Dog, and Silver Buck, the Horse
a screen trio hard to beat.
,. Gold and the Girl has nothing to do with a gold-digger."
It's real gold and its a real girl.
Also third episode of
(First two parts shown last week during the Rodeo, but
the synopsis will start you off fine.) It's good.
And THE HUNT, two reel comedy based on Richard
Harding Davis's VanBibber stories. You'll like it too.
Lois Wilson, Noah Beery, Raymond Hatton and
Raymond McKee in
From the story by Clarence Buddington Kelland, and
he never wrote anything better.
The story of a girl who tried to run a town and was
almost run out of it; and of a man who was too proud to
fight, till he fell in love with a fighting girl.
Two-reel comedy.
From the story by Sada Cowan, in which Miss Mumty
plays a dual role as a Russian peasant and a luxurious
society belle fine acting, beautiful costumes, unusual
story and Mae Murray at her best.
Also Comedy.
TUES. and WEDS., OCTOBER 6 and 7:
Zane Grey's
See ad on front page.
John Gilbert in Cameo Kirby, by Booth Tarkington.
Anna Q. Nilsson in. HEARTS AFLAME.
Marie' frevost in THREE WOMEN.
Irene Rich in A LOST LADY, by Willa Cathor.
Show Starts at 7:30 Doors Open Half Hour Earlier.