The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, April 30, 1925, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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This Week's Cross Word Puzzle
Mrs. Carri Lewis and son Trav
rit arrived at Heppner on Sunday
evening from their homo at Braodus.
Montana. They will make a visit at
the home of Mr. and Mra. Stacy Rob
erta. Mra. Lewie ia a aiiter of Mrs.
Roberta and it haa been 23. yean
ince they met laat, when Mrs.' Lewis
and her husband left Hardman for
Montana. Her coming was a surprise
to Mra. Roberta who had no word
that her aiiter waa on the way here
until ahe waa called up from Arling
ton on Sunday.
A card thia week from C. M. Rung
of Willamina, Oregon, itatea that
ha and hla family are getting along
fine, and everything ! quite pros
peroua in that aection of the Willam
ette valley with plenty of moisture
and vegetation growing well. Mr.
Rugg atatea that he ia employed on
a good job a ahort distance from
home and ia well pleaaed with his
The proceaa of working over the
meat market in the Garriguea build
ing ia progrcaaing under the direc
tion of Henry Crump, and it will not
be many daya before C. W. McNamer
will have everything in shape for
the opening of the new market. He
will occupy the room recently va
cated by Dave Wilson, instead of the
one formerly occupied by Curdane
and Son.
Professor Jamei M. Burgess, newly
elected auperintendent of 4the Hepp
ner schools, arrived on Saturday from
Palo Alto, Calif., where he has been
attending Stanford University for the
past winter. Mr. Burgess has been
putting in the week here, getting
acquainted with the situation. He
expresses himself as well pleased
with his prospective field of labor.
Dean T. Goodman, accompanied by
Mrs. Goodman, his father and mo
ther, Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. Goodman
and Mrs. A. D. McMurdo motored
to Pendleton on Monday. Mr. Good
man brought home a new Star sedan
for Mrs. Frank Anderson, while Mrs.
Goodman drove the other car home
after the folks had enjoyed a pleas
ant visit at Pendleton,
Jasper Crawford, who Is a student
in journalism at the U. of 0., arrived
home from Eugene on Sunday eve
ning. He ia helping in the G.T.
shop this week, running the "lino"
and assisting the force with the wora
of getting out the 125 Hehtach, high
school annual. He expects to return
to his studies next week.
Ed Musgrave, who farms on Rhea
creek, waa a visitor in the city on
Tuesday. The cool weather ha
caused the wire worms to work pret
ty lively on his place, and aomc
damage to the growing wheat is
r.oted. This will cease with the war
mer weather conditions now pre ail
ing. .
Many were the fishing parties out
on the various streams accessible to
Heppner on Sunday. ' We have not
learned how great were the catches
made in every instance, but Orve
Rasmua reports that he landed 20
fine apeckled beauties up Willow
creek, one of these being a whopper.
Attorney C. E. Woodson departed
yesterday morning for Portland to
attend to business affairs, and from
there will go on to Eugene to attend
a meeting of the board of regents of
the state university. He expects to
be absent for the most part of a
The Frank Turner shearing crew
and outfit left town yesterday morn
ing for the Jaa. Carty ranch at Tub
Springs, where they will shear out
the Carty sheep, and perhaps sever
al other bands as well. (
Tha families of P. M. Gemmcll and
Spencer Crawford motored down to
Boardman on Sunday afternoon, en
joying a nice ride and taking a view
of the project, where they found veg
etation coming along fine.
Gilbert Coats waa down from
Hardman on Saturday and made this
office a pleasant call. Spring is open
ing up well out that way and the
warmer weather Is making vegetation
put out lively.
Mr. and Mra. Walter LaDusire re
turned on Sunday from Portland,
where they had been to deliver a new
Maxwell coupe to Miss Leta Humph
reys, Beauty work done every Wednes
day and Saturday at Mrs. Curran s
Millinery Shoppe. Marcelling a spec
ialty, Mra. Florence Seal Davis.
Charles Vaughn la out again after
being confined to his home for sev
eral days with alight attack of the
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sweek motored
to Pendleton on Friday where Mr.
Sweek was called on legal business.
Jaa. Carty and ion were visitor
in the city for a short time Tuesday
from their Tub Springs ranch.
Judge R. L. Benge and family drove
over to Pendleton on Saturday, where
they spent tha day.
. FOR SALE head of No. 1 dairy
cowa. R. D. Wilson, Wells Springs
LOST Pair of ladiea black fiber
gloves. Findes. leave at this office.
Spring Fries, extra fine, 60o each.
See Art Minor.
The first letter of nek word Is Indicated br a number placed In the blank white
paces, and kr referrina to the lUt of worda civen below, roll will find the drnnttioa.
ror Initmnee, number one horiionUU fives the definition of a word which will fill ia all
the white spaces to the first black space at the riirht. Number one vertical rivea the
nnitlon for a word which will fill in all the white pacea to the (rat black space be.
w. -I tae black spaces Indicate the end of a word, and no letter la placed In them. When
completed, the pusale nuit read both boriauntailr and vertically or acroae and down.
i Tp rs
' ; a -
io t " n a
i5 -- jj -
U U it 3A IS 2
87 """"" J 2fl - 23 SO "" """ "
31 31 33 4
i i i i
1. It's misuse is inexcusable.
7. It takes more than one to make
8. In the eye and in the sky.
10. To spread one's self boastfully.
11. Canvas shelter (plural).
13. To move slowly.
14. Adam did it and we've had to
work ever since.
16. What you can't stand up and
17. An Indian tribal appellation.
19. Lima is its largest city.
20. This word could apply to "Jack
be nimble, Jack be quick."
21. To pull along by main force.
24. An agreement.
27. Eternity.
28. A tree with a chewey bark.
30. The unfortunate absent mem
ber at the Ladies' Aid.
31. What the boss did to the office
girl while she was doing it to a bill
of lading.
33. What you are as soon as you
are out of bed.
35. What Abe Lincoln pulled the
pig out of.
36. Cupid's best friend.
37. Half man, half beast.
1. What Dad does to the coal pile
with a speculative eye in cold wea
ther. 2. What we should hate to ride
into town on.
8. A small sunken court in front
of a basement.
4. A very simple amount or par
ticle. 5. A form of the verb "To be."
6. What a small boy does when he
Introduces water to his face and
7. A small piece of land.
9. What gossip creates.
10. The pirate's aspirations.
12. DemoBthenes as he walked the
IB. A crucial time for the plaintiff.
18. What the ladies hate in skirts.
19. What the originator of a cross
word puzzle possesses.
22. To move about uncertainly
from place to place.
23. A monkey shine.
25. An American lady prominent
in England.
26. What we all do too much of.
29. The friend a feller needs.
32. Before.
34. A French coin.
Anawer to last week'i puzzle.
unc LTJe ffjH -LB.
R" o" 3" DJ IA If T O
Hsnclo" L OJNL
apnftjE a cIhueQ
a p ELj ri at He g o
Our Washington Letter
(By N. P. S.)
Washington, D. C, April 24. There
Is on foot deliberate attempt to
hollttla President Coolldge'i program
of economy. There is no douht In
the minds of many In Washington
that thia attempt is being made not
only by political opponents, but also
by some who are Interested to aee
that the government shovels out
money In expenditures which would
result In their personal gain. This
is evidenced by the heterogeneous
collection of rumors, Inuendoes, skil
fully thought out propaganda, Infan
tile Imaginings and doublo-meaning
articles which, with the Washington
date line, Is being broadcast through
out tha country. Under the classi
fication of vicious and misleading
propaganda, one can, by carefully
reading articlos sent out from the
nation's capital, discern the effort
that la being made to misconstrue
the attitude of tin President In the
mattor of economy. H ! extremely
doubtful, despite the efforts of some
of the writers of this kind of matter,
that any impression has been, or will
be, made upon the peojle of the na
tion. The originators of this plan
have overlooked one important fac
tor, namely, that the people of the
country have witnessed a material
demonstration of the benefits of the
President's plan to stop the wasting
of the tax-payer's money. It is not
an easy matter, even for clever pro
pagandists, to fool the people when
they know that the present plan of
stoppi ngwastage has resulted in the
saving of their dollars. It must be
recognized that national economy and
th edecreae in the expenses of the
government has brought about a de
crease 'in federal taxes.
President Coolidge's program of
economy, put in plain words, is this:
he is determined to stop the wastage
of government funds, funds secured
by taxes upon the people of the na
tion for inconsequential, non-esnen-tial,
bureaucratic activities. This
means that with these expenditures
eliminated less money has to be paid
to the government in the form of
taxes. Consequently, It means more
money for the individual to spend
as he or she pleases. The President
intends to stop the wasting of the
tax-payer's money, and there certain
ly has been a great wastage of the
people's dollars since the beginning
of the World war.
President Coolidge is concerned
only with the manner in which the
government spends the tax-payer's
money; what the individual man or
woman does with their own wages or
income is a matter that the President
considers their on personal busi
Already this effort to belittle his
work is in evidence. Some of tl'eac
stories are feeble attempts to be
witty; others are veiled aticmns to
dl. credit the President's determina
tion to save the tax-pnyer's dollars.
There are those who, for purely
selfish reasons, would be delighted
to aee the President's policy of econ
omy killed killed in order that they
might put their hands in tne tax
payer's pocket and pull out every dol
lar therein.
There are some very clever propa
gandists sending out stories from
Washington. One thing is certain,
the President will not be harpooned
by those who now seek to belittle his
economy Droiram. as tno puonc com
monsense already detects the objec
tive aimed at. The public win ao
well to continue to analyze stories
of the before-mentioned character so
they can draw the conclusion as to
what particularly selfish interests are
tn he hencfltcd bv the stopping of an
economy program. Those back of
movements of this character have not
the courage to come out and openly
attack Calvin Coolidgo. They realize
full well that ho possesses the re
..i and esteem of the people; if
th. In.tlirators of this closs of pro
puganda hnd the sense of an infant
in arms they would realize that no
method of propaganda, no matter now
sugar-coated It may be, ia going to
stop the President from carrying out
his plan of stopping government was
tage. Th s conspiracy win DO aeieat
d hv the sunnort of the decent,
niean.thlnklnir citizens of our land
and by the President's unflinching
continuation of the program which he
has outlined and Is already execut-
irrigation begins until notice ia given
at this office that same has been dis
continued. Irrigating without a nozzle or
sprinkler will not be allowed.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account
as administrator of the eBtate of Lu
la Marquardt, deceased, and the
County Court of the State of Oregon
has fixed Monday, the first day of
June, 1926, at the hour of 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said day. as the
time, and the County Court Room in
the Court House at Heppner, Oregon,
as the place, of hearing and settle
ment of said final account. Objec-
ions to said final account must le
filed on or before said date.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. LAND OFFICE at La Grande,
Oregon, April 25, 1925.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt Hen
ry S. Crump, of Heppner, Oregon,
who, on March 8. 1920, made Addi-
ional Homestead Entry, Act 12-29-16,
No. 018089, for NWH and SWVi, Sec-
ion 12, Township 1 South, Range 27
East, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before United States
Commissioner, at Heppner, Oregon,
i the 12th day of June, 1925.
Claimant names as witnesses: J. C.
Sharp, W. H. Turner, Fred Crump,
A. L. Casebeer, all of Heppner, Oregon.
J. H. PEARE, Register.
Houra for irrigation will be from
6 A. M. to 9 A. M.. and from 5 P. M
to 8 P. M. The whistle will blow for
turnlnff on and off water, If whistle
does not blow for turning on water!
do not Irrigate,
The hours for Irrigation may lessen
aa the season advances and water
gets low; thoso irrigating will have
to be governed by the whistle.
in case of fire turn off water for
Charge will ba made from th time
Department of the Interior.
U. S. LAND OFFICE at The Dalles,
Oregon. April 21, 1925.
NOTICE is hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land office, under provisions
of Sec. 2455, R. S., pursuant to the
application of Waiter W. Wright, Se
rial No. 023432, we will offer at public
sale, to the highest bidder, but at
not less than $2.50 per acre, at 10:15
o'clock A. M., on the 19th day of
June, next, at this office, the follow
ing tract of land: NEKNE14, NWK
SE14, Sec. 20, SWliNWW, Sec. 21,
T. 6 S R. 26 E., W. M.
The sale will not be kept open,
but will bo declared closed when
those present at the hour nnmed have
ceased bidding. The person making
the highest bid will be required to
immediately pay to the Receiver the
amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on
or before the time designated for
J. W. DONNELLY, Rcg'stcr.
of th Stat of Orgon, haa taken up
th hereinafter described animal,
found running at large on hie prem
ises in Morrow County, Oregon, and
that he will, on Saturday, th th
day of May, 1925, at th hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of laid day;
at his farm one mile north of Jordan
Elevator, sell to the higheat bidder
for cash in hand, th following des
cribed animal, to-wit: One bay horse
mule, about 6 year aold, weight about
1000 pounds, branded JR connected on
right shoulder; unless the said ani
mal ahall have been redeemed by the
owner or owners thereof, or legal rep
resentatives, i. C. MEAD.
In tha Circuit Court of the Stat
of Oregon, for the County of Mult
nomah, Department of Probate.
In the matter of th Guardianship
of Earl W. Slocum, a minor:
Notice is hereby given that Edna
L. Slocum, guardian of the person
and estate of Earl W. Slocum, a mi
nor, has been authorized and empow
ered by the above entitled court to
sell at private sale the said minor's
undivided one-third interest in and
to all the following described real
property situated in Morrow County,
State of Oregon:
The south half (Stt) of tht
northeast quarter (NEK), the
north half (Nty ) of the South
east quarter (SEU), the south
west quarter (SW) of the.
southeast quarter (SE), the
east half (E!4) of the southwest
quarter (SW); and the south
west quarter (SW54) of th
southwest quarter of Section
25; the southeast quarter (SE4)
of the southeast quarter (SE4)
of Section 26; the northeast
quarter (NEK) of Section 36;
the north half (Ntt), the west
half (W) of the southwest
quarter (SW14), the southeast
quarter (SEK) of the southwest
quarter (SWtt), and the north
half (N) of the southeast quar
ter (SEVi) of Section 36; all in
Township 4 South, Range 27 East
of Willamette Meridian;
Also, the west half (WK) of
the southwest quarter fSWK)
Neighborhood Items
It's a good thing those Put
nam boys are going back to
school next week
OU heard the latest exploit,
didn't youT Left the water
runniim in the bath tub and
ruined the living room wall. Just
redecorated, it was, and Mrs. Putnam
knew she couldn t ask to have it dune
over. But her cousin Jim, the decora
tor, said if the boya would buy the
Acme Quality No-Lustre Finish he
would do over the walls himself. Mrs.
Putnam Bays now she isn't sorry it
happened the walls are simply lovely
and she has learned something about
wall finishes she wishes she had known
years ago.
tmr wmll, emilingt anf woodwork
All th nttiffhborhftiv! btivm it Acm Oitnlitv
Faint, Enamels, tStaim and YarniM-'n in ur
ton. It you want to join every ono f!w in
brifhtcniua up the home in the iiPiKiiltiirhtioi'
we can ten you just how to bo about it, tml
Acme Product! to use. and tow to um them
Coma io any time.
and touthweat quarter (SW) of
trw northwest quarter
of Section 30; the west half
(WH) of the eouthwest quarter
(SWW) and the west half (WH)
of the northwest quarter (SW!4)
of Section 31; all in Township
4 South, ft a ripe 28 East of the
Willamette Meridian.
On and after the 22nd day of May,
1925, the said guardian will receive
bids at her residence, 1226 Wilbur
Street, Portland, Oregon, for the laid
minor's undivided one-third interest
in the above described real property.
Each bid should state the amount of
cash the purchaser will pay when his
Did is accepted and the terms upon
which he will pay the balance of the
purchase price. -
Guardian of Earl W. Slocum a minor.
Dated this 23rd day of April, 1925.
First publication April 23, 1925.
Last publication May 21, 1025.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County, adminis
tratrix of the estate of W. A. Rich
ardson, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against the estate of said
deceased are hereby required to pre
sent the same with proper vouchers
to said administratrix at her resi
dence at Heppner, Oregon, or at the
law office of J. J. Nys, at Heppner,
Oregon, within six months from the
date hereof.
Dated this 16th day-f April, 1925.
Notice is hereby given that tha un
dersigned, by virtue of the statutes
of the State of Oregon, has taken up
the hereinafter described animal,
found running at large upon his
premises in Morrow County, Oregon,
and that he will, on Saturday, the
2nd day of May, 1925, at hit ranch
one half mile south of Gooseberry
Springs, southwest of Eight Mile
postoffice, in said Morrow County, at
the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, sell to the highest
bidder for cash in hand, the follow
ing described animal, to-wit: One
yearling steer calf, black with mot
tled face, no other visible marks or
brands, unless said animal ahall have
been redeemed by the owner thereof
or his legal representative.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, by virtue of the statutes
of the State of Oregon, has taken up
the hereinafter described animal,
feund running at large on his prem
ises in Morrow County, Oregon, and
that he will, on Saturday, the 2nd
day of May, 1925, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
at his farm, one and one-half miles
east of Heppner, Oregon, sell to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, the
following described animal, to-wit:
One gray mare, about 4 years old and
weighing 1150 pounds; no) visible
marks or brands; unless the said ani
mal shall have been redeemed by the
owner thereof or his legal represen
tative. L. V. GENTRY.
Kenneth Harlan starring in
Harold Bell Wright's "Recre.
at ion of Brian Kent",
wearing a Hardeman Hat.
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hat -endurance. They are guaranteed to
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Who Burns the Forest, Burns the Welfare
- of the World.
Mrs. Rotafia Eania, 39 Silver
Street, New Britain, Com.., had a
terrible experience and jrirra foil
credit for her recovery to Pe-ra-na:
"I had eramos for three
years and thought I would
never be any better. I oould
not eat without distrrs.
Nothing helped me. I had
catarrh of the stomach.
Now, after taking Pe-ra-na,
I have no cramps and am
feeling well and healthy. I
with every sufferer from a
catarrhal disease would take
Hiert are thousands, patn
racked and miserable as tbe
malt of some catarrhal com
plication who could juit as
well be strong and healthy.
Ginghams, Etc.
A colorful array of brightly hued materials in checks,
plaids stripes and solid colors, 32 to 36 inches wide.
You will need plenty of fresh tub dresses during the
Spring and Summer months. We display excellent val
ues in cotton mtaerials, including, Linens, Voiles, Flax
ons, Crepes, Striped English Broadcloth and novelty
fabrics in the most desirable spring colors.
QDT7PTAT 1900 Line
Ginghams 25c
Malcolm D.Clark
Printing is the Inseparable
Companion of Achievement
Department of the Interior.
V. S. LAND OFFICE at La Grande,
OrcRon, April 22, 1026.
NOTICE is hereby given that Floyd
M. Duncan, of Lena, Oregon, who, on
May 3, 1922, mud Additionnl Home
stead Entry, Act 12-29-16, No. 020187,
for NV4SE14, 8EKSE14, Section 2,
Township 1 South, Rnnge 28 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of Intention to make final Proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before Clerk of Circuit Court
at Heppner, Oregon, on the 6th dAy
of June, 1025.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Goorgo R, Pearson, Wiley Pearson,
F. A. Gentry and R. C. Cullck, all of
Lena, Oregon,
J. II. PEARE, Register.
Notice Is hereby given that tha un
dersigned, by virtu of the statutes
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Getting Started
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intentions but fail because of lack of
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