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I 1 1 Ol H HHK KI T with the i
("hrti n, fti the M Fel- 1
t,v m f 7. w i Ti 1 1. s ( Kri'..y
( -j,f,.t.. ... m r-- hrtv.kf.i . et
( t!( ' A I'U'nty for tw enty."
Mr T-i M- l'n Vmi!ot. mhc
..-. n r M.::r.c on Kt M Mile for
tht IM'V xt-i H. iir;.irtfi the paH
h f'v t!i it !iomi m Hootl River
Hil v ht-'p ihrv own a nn.ill iraet,
ar.-l hp;c U. t .v; -vl to rtawle in the
KK 1U H MHtK rl OTMKS. And
run m ;whi -t h i hchtful lreakf:?!t
with the t hr;Tisn Kr..ieavorer of the
Otruitfin ihunh; ?t-rved from ( to S
. m
Hern:8Ti Npilson & down from his
far r. .t thf head of Kood canyon on
Tu- s.lav okin(f afwr busires affaire
in the city.
hrt-t kf;it ti-mi'T row -, Friday ) morning
at ( Kelli ws hatV just as pood
and h waiter thn ou ov-uM pet at your
own home, and then tiie isood time.
MMte-pon claims that he was runninu
the nm. hire not faster than ten miles
if' l.-'ur hen he struck Kder, who ap
p.irontly stopped m front of the ma-
!. ve when the driver thought he was
;,t . f the way. In order to save hmi
lf fro tu being run over by the car,
K'ifr grsbbe.1 hold of the fender but
a as thrown Joose and crushed between
he wheel and the curb.
P. T. A. MeetUjr.
Urcular meettrg of P. T. A. Tuesdav.
May 9 at J 3iV This will be the annual
meeting at whioh time officers for the
coming year will be electfM. treasurer's
and committee reports read and a very
entertaining program Riven. Mr. James
will give a review of his work.
. K Mmm Meettms at Lealmvlem.
A Christian Endeavor mass meeting
f nil the Christian Kndeavor societies
m the towns of Heppner. Lexington and
lone will be held at the Church of
Christ building at Lexington on Wed
nesday evening. May U, at 30 o clock.
The completion of the plans and elec
tion of otlicers for the union compoed
of all these societies will be taken up
at that meeting. Come and bring a
lunch with ou A business session
is to be held after supper after which
a short program consisting of a num
ber from each of the six societies rep
resented will be given. An enjoyable
evening: is assured.
The circular letter of last week hrot
splendid results in the financial budget
of the church. We also appreciated the
delegation of Christian Endeavorers
and others who came down Sunday
night from the Heppner Christian
church You are cordially Invited to
attend all of the regluar services of the
church, including the liible school at
10 a m.
Sunday morning sermon, "The Most
Valuable Thing in the World."
Sunday evening sermon. "A Trouble
some Question Answered."
ARTHl'R A H VHHTMAV, Minister.
FOR SALE Two-man
Inquire this office.
Don't forget we have hardwood.
All sizes. Suitable for making
hitches. Peoples Hardware Co.
.nrtT !?. May 7.
The keenest jo s the most intense de
lights and the most abiding satisfaction
is to be found in things spiritual; this
is bt'.vond guest ion. Spend at least
y our Sundays in spiritual service if you
would reap the greatest rewards. Bible
school contest is becoming tense, as
the two airplanes are keeping very
near each other; come and join in the
fun. FiHe school 1 Communion and
preachn:c at 11. Intermediate C. E. 4
p m . SVnior C K. at 1 p. m. with song
service and preaching at S o'clock. Note
change of hour of evening service.
Come and worship with us.
Injured by Automobile
While crossing Main street at the
intersection of May street Saturday
evening. Will Eder was run down by
a hew automobile driven by Lloyd
Matteson. and was very seriously in
jured. He received some broken ribs
and a fractured collarbone, beside in
ternal injuries. Fder is under the
care of Pr. McMurdo at the present and
is making progress toward recovery.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all reg
istered Morrow County Warrants on
the General Fund, up to and includ
ing September 30, 1921, will be paid
upon presentation at my omce on
May 10th, on which date all interest
ceases on said warrants.
T. J. Humphreys, Treasurer.
Legal Guarantee Giveru
Ho nd of Kni7 nn pain continue work.
Ask to tee Gle-o-nia Pile Treatment.
Main Street, -:- Heppner, Oregon
for Floors Furniture Woodwork
Fioon subject to bardeat wear offer
the kind of Kit that Kyanize Floor
Fiuuh thrive! on.
Eaty to apply, right from the caa.
No miring. On today, dry tomor
row with the handaomeit liutre one
could deaire.
Clear vanmh, or eight attractive
ahadet from Light Oak to Dark
Mahogany. Waterproof absolutely.
So tonflh that
grinding heeli
cannot scratch it
Far tkal very
riason Kyanize
Floor Finish is
the ideal varnish
for furniture and
all woodwork, as
well as floors.
PlBlSNT THIS Advesthemsnt to the
dealer, below, with IS ceoti lor a ood
t broth to ptl r t , receive s quarter :
: ptat can ot A 1aruxK r loot ruuw iwi
color! fKtl carf.
Heppner, Ore.
For Governor
A vote for Charles Hall, of Marshfield
Coos Bay, Oregon, is a direct vote for
Lower Taxes
If elected, Charles Hall will put into operation the Illinois
System, namely, 10 commissions to run the State Govern
ment, instead of the 70 commissions now functioning.
He Stands for a
Clean AMERICAN Business Administration.
Washing is hard, hot work and
anything that will make this job any
easier is what everybody is looking
for. An electric washer in your
home makes washing easy, and it
saves a lot of time and hard work.
It is well to disc your ground be
fore plowing your summerfallow
we have discs, single or tandem.
Call on us for your sheep marking
ink. Also sheep dip.
The Devil is always to pay but we
would prefer you let him rustle and
pay us first for he will probably get
you anyway.
We do not make the goods we sell
but if they are not made right or pric
ed right, then we make them right.
yilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllll
I The Holt Combined
1 Harvester
j A. J. CHAFFEE, Agent
Located at Heppner Fanners Elevator
i Pioneer Employment Co.
With Two Big Offices
Is prepared to handle the business of
Eastern Oregon better than ever before
Our Specialties
Farms, Mills, Camps, Hotels, Garages, Etc.
Portlaaa Office
U N. SeeoBSl It
Paadletm Oale
US a. Ws St.
The Only Employment Office in Easteri Oregon with Connections in Portland
Lexington, Ore. 1
Box 14
E Uses up-to-date traction drilling outfit, equipped for
I all sizes of hole and depths.
Harvest With A
Harris Combine
The Cheapest, Most Satisfactory Way
Karl L. Beach, Morrow Co. Agt.
Write or call on me at Lexington, or see
IBi3IWil!liilll ill lllBIIIHi:- BiliiHlill IS
Judge R. J. Kitchen Lays Political Facts Bare
Senator on the
"Faithful Four-
Municipal Judge R. J. Kitchen, of La Grande, Oregon, has entered the race for Joint
Republican ticket, of Union, Umatilla and Morrow Counies. Gives facts regarding
teen" Asks fanners and business men for nomination at May 19th primaries.
R. J. Kitchen, Municipal Judge of the City of La Grande, Oregon, has entered the race for joiut sen
ator from Union, Umatilla and Morrow counties on the Republican ticket and is asking the voters of
the 19th Senatorial District to support him at the May primaries.
His opponent in Union county, Senator C. R. Eberhard, is a member of the Senate from said district
and in the last regular session was a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Judge Kitchen dif
fers with Senator Eberhard relative to state and public affairs and he desires it to be understood that
all statements herein made are relative to Mr. Eberhard 's official career and in no wise are meant or
intended in a personal manner. Some of the numerous and cxhovbitont appropriations of that ses
sion are as follows:
Armories in certain cities ? 115,500 00
Artesian well investigation 10,000-09
Blind institutions 59,a50.0rJ
Board of control 57.Oo0.00
Bounty on wild animals 100,000.00
Capitol and Supreme Court buildings and grounds.. . 109.779.50
Cedars ..... 60,000.00
Charitable and corrective institutions 150,000 00
County fairs 126'nH"
Dairy and Food- Ci remission 49.400-00
Deficiencies 224 04i;
Eastern Oregon State Hospital 46S.960.00
r'eeble Minded institution 392,357-00
State Hospital 997053-00
Live Stock Sanitary Board 112,307.9.1
Pacific International Livestock Exposition 175,000.00
Pacific Northwest l'ourist Association 100,000.00
Penitentiary ?S'H2a2,
Public Service Commission 178,47-9.72
Social Hygiene Society 34,506.00
State School for Girls 107,8o8.3a
Training School 423,348 01
State fair 'li'JM
Tax commission 29,Jix !
Training School, State UI'2
University of Oregon Medical Department i57,788.00
Water Board .... 30,000-00
Oregon Agricultural College millage tax, estimated.. 2,260,107.64
University of OTegon millage tax, estimated 1,695,080. 74
Roads and Highways, millage tax, estimated 2,081,679 00
Making a total with millage tax of over $15,175,931.78
NOTICE $7,260,890.00 appropriations, $368,603.00 more than
budget, $2,188,856.00 more than 1919-20.
Some of the bills voted for by our-present senator, originating
in the Senate, are as follows:
Senate bill 94 Raise of salaries of county officers of
Multnomah county, as follows: County Treasurer,
$1,100-00; County Auditor, $600-00; County School
Superintendent, $1,100.00- Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 101 Appropriation for Harney County ex
periment station, annual appropriation increased
$1,000-00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 107 Increasing salary Superintendent Public
Instruction from $3,00000 to $4,000.00. Eberhard
voted Yei
Senate Bill 112 Increasing salaTy Attorney General. Eb
erhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 114 To amend Section 8445 Oregon Laws, dou
ble appropriation in Session Laws 1921, page 37. Eb
erhard votsd Yes.
Senate Bill 125 Authorizing collection, establishing and
maintenance of permanent exhibit of the agricultural
mineral am1 industrial products of State, $20,000 00.
Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 134 Increase of salary of Clerk of Supreme
Court from $2,400.00 to $3,000.00. Eberhard voted
Senate Bin 1 41 Increase of salary Tax Commissioner
from $2,500.00 to $3XK1.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 145 Introduced by Eberhard to pay Chaplains
at State institutions at State expense, reported un
favorable (unconstitutional). Eberhard voted Yes
Senate Bill 15 Relating to salaries in Deschutes County,
every county officer's salary raised f'om $200 00 ui
excepting treasurer. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 154 Relating to salaries Jefferson County
officials- All officers of county raised except sheriff.
Eberhard voted Yes
Senate Bill 156 All salaries of officials of Lake County
raised exctpt County Treasurer. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 15? Salaries Klamath County officials raied
Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill l.K8 'KaiRed salaries of eight district attorneys-
Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 165 Appropriate money to establish Oregon
Employment institution for the Blind, $15,000-00- Eb
erhard voteo Yes.
Senate Bill 179yTo increase salary of State printer, $600
Eberhard vrted Yes.
Senate Bin 271 Providing for construction of State build
ings and appropriation for- Eberhard voted Yes.
benate Bill 277 Appropriation of $20,000.00 for purpose
of carrying out Child Welfare Act. Eberhard voted
Senate Bill 281 Increase salaries of officials of Uma
tilla County as follows: County Judge, $600.00;
County Treasurer, $500.00; County Clerk, $400.00;
Recorder, $20000; Sheriff, $500 00; Assessor,
$9d0-00'; Cotnty School Superintendent $600.00- Eber
hard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 283 Increase salaries officials Grant County
as follows: County Judge, $300 00; Sheriff, $400.O;
County Assessor, $200.00; County School Superin
tendent, $300.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bin 28i Appropriating money for Kerr Nursery
Home at Ptrtland $5,000.10. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 289 Appropriation for Hood River Experi
ment Stat'or from $4,00000 to $5,000 00. Eberhard
voted les.
Senate Bill 304 Appropriating $10,000 00 for purpose of
investigating artesian well conditions in Fort Rock
Basin. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 311 Salary of Warden from $2500 to be de
termined by the Governor. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Kill 330 Salary of Insurance Commissioner raised
from $3,000.00 to $3,600.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 3o9 Increasing salary of District Atto'm y
i illamook County, and declaring an emergency. E'
erhard voted Yes.
Senate Bill S42 Multnomah County Justice of Peace
on salary $75 00 per month- Eberhard voted Yes
Senate Bill 343 To increase salary of constable of Clats-;
Countyi from $1,090.00 to $1,380 00 per annum. Ebc
hard voted Yes.
Senate Bill 360 Assessor and County School superin
tendent of Josephine County raised. Eberhard voted
Senate Bill 368 Washington County officials raised as
follows: Judge, $600 00; Commissioners, $2.00 per
day; Treasurer, $300.00: Clerk, $300 00; Deputy Clerk,
"300.00; Recorder, $300 00; Sheriff. $600-00; Assessor,
$300.00; School Superintendent, $300.00. Eberhard
voted Yes
Senate Bill 377 Increase of salary of two county officials
of Lane County. Eberhard voted Yes.
Sernte Bill 378 Increase salary of Governor from $5 -
000.00 to $7,500.00, or 50 per cent. Eberhard voted
Senate Hill 379 Salaries of Clatsop County officials in
creased as follows: County Judge, $600 00; County
Treasurer. $600-00; County Clerk $300.00; Sheriff,
$500.00; Assessor, $300.00; School Superintendent,
$600.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Some of the bills voted for by him originating in the
Hou.- are as follows:
House Bill 8 Creating office of county meat and herd
inspector for Coos County and providing a salary.
Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 37 Appropriating $800 00 for improvemcn'.
of Soda Springs at hodaville- Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 68 Assessor's salary for Baker County in
crease $500.00: Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 101 Creating State Game Commission. Eb
erhard voted Yes.
House Bill 115 Salaries of Curry County officials raided
as follows: County Judge, $40000; County Clerk.
$500 00; Sheriff, $500.00; School Superintendent,
$920.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 117 Raising salary County Judge and Treas
urer Coos County. Eberhard voted Yes
House Bill 124 Increase salary of constable Seaside pre
cinct $100.00- Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 125 District Attorney Clatsop County increase
$600 00 per year. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 136 Salaries of officials Malheur County
raised. Et.erhard voted Yes.
House Bill 155 Raise salary Superintendent of Schools,
Lincoln County, $200.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 182 Appropriate money for soil and irriga
tion at O. A. C. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 198 Salary of Justice of the Peace The Dalles
District, increase from $60.00 to $100.00 per month.
Eberhard voted ies.
House Bill 201 Raise salaries Wasco County as follows:
County Judge, $300.00; Clerk, $200.00; Sheriff,
$100.00; School Superintendent, $300.00. Eberhiij.
voted Yes.
House Bill 207 Increasing State Aid to mothers from
$10.00 to $15.00 per month and not to exceed $.60 CO
per month. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 210 Appropriate $15.000 00 to investigate dis
ease of cattle by O. A. C. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 2 lv Raise salary Assessor of Wheeler Coun
ty. ierhard voted Yes.
House Bill 218 'Raise salary School Superintendent Til'-i-mook
County $200 00. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 220 Salaries of Jackson County raised as fol-
!ovs: Treasurer, $600.00; Assessor, $500.00; School
Su; cvintendrait, $200 00. Eberhard voted Yes.
Hon e Kill 231 Compensation State Board Fore-itry
raise salary $600 00, and deputy $700 00. Eberhar'i
voted Ves.
llou e Bill 212 Appropriate money to reconstruct Ump
qua Kiver Hatchery. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 247 Appropriate $5,000.00 survey O'.vyhce
District. Eberhard voted Yes.
House llill 262 Raising salaries officials Polk County.
Eberhard voted Yes.
llou e Hill 268 liaise salaries officials of Denton Coun
ty as follcws: Sheriff $200.00; Clerk $300.00; School
Superintendent $300-00; Judge $20000. Eberhard
voted ies.
House Bill 269 Appropriate $50,000.00 for water surreys
Eberhard voted Yes.
House iill 271 Appropriate money to improve mouth
H(K(I Kiver. Eberhard voted es.
House Hill 274 Appropriate money hatchery Necanicum
Rive-, r.hcrhard voted Yes.
Houte Hill 275 Appiopiiate money Klatskanine Hatch
ery, Eberhard voted Yes. ,
Hou e J!ili 277 Anpronriate money for Santiam Hatch
ery. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Bill 286 Salaries officials Morrow County in
creased as follows: County Judge $70000; Treas
urer $500.00; School Superintendent, $400.00; Eb
erhard voteu Yes.
House Bill 288 Increase salaries of Wallowa County
officials as follows: County Treasurer $20000;
Sheriff $100 00; Assessor $500.00; School Superin
tendent $300.00. Eberhard voted Yes.
House Hnl 2S9 (Appropriating money hatchery Oak
Kidire. Eberhard voted Yes
House Kill 291 Appropriate money fish ladders Des
chutes River. Eberhard voted Yes.
nouse Hill 298 Appropriate money crop pest 0. A. C.
Eberhard voted Yes.
Hou Hill 320 Construction armories at Mcifford, In
dependence. McWinnville and Marshfield and appro
priate money thereof. Eberhard voted Yes.
Houie Bill 322 Increase salaries of Union County of
ficials as follows: County Judge $800.00; Treas
urer $300 00; Clerk, $200.00; Assessor $100.00; School
.Superintendent $150.00. Eberhard voted Yes Refer
endum attached.
Tie .Venator is proclaiming the fact over this Senatorial
District that he was one of the "Faithful Fourteen'' in the special
session called by the Governor just before last Christmas. The
fncts are ns follows: At the special session there were three
companion measures to pass regarding the support of the World's
Fair to be held at Portland in 1925, one to pass a law regaraing
gasoline tax; one to bond the state, and the third to call a special
election to vote on the question as to whether or not we would have
the fair. Mr, Eberhard voted "yes'' to call the special election to
have the fair and every other member of the fourteen senators
voted no. Was he one of the "Faithful Fourteen," or was he rot?
We don't think so.
Demands Reduction In Taxes.
If nominated and elected Mr. Kitchen will favor the reduction
of taxes by all taxing bodies, no more bonds issued until a method
is devised for paying those alread y authorized. Cut over-lapping
commissions, upply strict economy in expenditure of all public
funds same as in private affairs, not affecting our efficiency. i
Fewer Offices Advocuted.
. Mr. Kitchen advocates fewer offices and the raise of no sal
aries and placing Governor's salary back where it was before the
50 per cent raise. He stnnds for the organized farmer and laborer
and the cutting out of all frills in education and the giving of
preference to ex-service men on public work.
Cut Out Extravgance,
He advocates rhange in auto tax law so owner will pay on
value and not weight of machine; let holder of note secured by
mortgage on real estate pay taxes on it and not mortgagor pay
double taxation; cut out all unnecessry appropriations and stand
lor poll or income tax so taxation on real property will be more
fair and uniform. "Cut out extravagance. Reduce taxes nol
just talk about it."
Kitchen is Out to Win.
He is not in this race to divide the votes between any other
candidates but to be nominated himself and the voters of the
19tn Senatorial District snould support him.
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LOU HARRIS, Seorctarjrr
40B ir street,
-' V
La Grande, Oregon.
Gilliam & Bisbee