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    Orc-onHtorical Society.
The gazette-Tim
; . .
Volume 38, Number 39. IIKPPXEK, OREGON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1922. Subscription $2.00 Per Ye&r
Providing for the supervision and
regulation of the tmnsportltlon of
psraona and property for compensation
over any public highway by motor ve
hicle The new automotive leglslatlton la
Interpreted as affecting all corpora
tion!, persons or companies owning,
controlling, operating or managing
any motor vehicle used In the business
of transportation of persona or prop
erty for compensation over the public
highways of the state, exception being
made to auch vehicles aa operate ex
clusively within the llin.ta of an in
corporated city or town.
The Public Service Commission, In
Ita administration of the act. la author
lied to supervise and regulate auch
features aa rates, aervicea and facilities
from the atandpoint of their reason
ableness, safety and adequacy and to
exercise jurisdiction in such matters
affecting the relationship of auch com
panies with the passenger and shipping
All companies or individuals subject
to the act and engaged In the operation
of this class of public transportation
Viust first obtain from the Commission
a certificate or permit sotting forth
the terms and conditions covering such
operations, also to file a surety bond or
liability Insurance and good faith un
dertaking. The maximum license fee
la fixed at ten (10) dollars per vehicle.
The necessary application blanks, In
cluding a request for pertinent data,
accompanied by copiea of the lawf are
furnlahed by the Public Service Com
miaeton promptly upon request. The
County Clerks and County Judges of
the various counties have been sup
piled with copiea of the new law for
the Information of (lie general public
The Commission requeata the co-operation
of the automotive Industry and
the general public In the Introduction
of and compliance with the new law in
matter and spirit.
Heppner's Xmas Offering: to
Near East Relief Is Sent In
J. J. Nys, treasurer of the Near East
Relief committee for this county, re
mitted t24.I4. Heppner's Christmas
offering to the sufferers of the Near
Kaat Of this, the fourth grade of the
public echool gave 13.00; the Brother
hood, 125.21; the liebekah Lodge, $15,
"5; the Christian Hunday School, $33.
17; and the Federated Sunday School,
1167.01. There will be no more cloth
ing drives, but clothing Is needed, and
persons having clothing they are will
ing to donate may send the same at any
time by parcel post to the Near East
Itellef, (01 Stock Exchange liulldlng,
Portland, Oregon. Whenever a ship
ment has accumulated, It Is sent fur
ward by the first ahlp. Anyone desir
ing to assist with money may make
payment through Mr. Nys.
Federated ( kurrh.
The quarterly Communion Will be
held In the Federate! church Sunday
morning, January 8, 1922. We will be
glad to receive any who desire mern
berahlp In the church. Preaching at
7:30 p. m. Sunday School at 9:46 a, m.
Junior Endeavor at 6 p. m. Senior En
deavor at 0:30 p. m.
E. L. MOORE, Taator.
Commissioners CI. A. Hlcakman and
L. P. Davidson are In the city attend
ing the regular January sitting of the
county court.
Twelve men have been chosen for the
basketbtall squad, aa follows: Fergu
aon, Wltcrnft, Wright, Lee, Taul Mc
DufTee, Boyd, Clnhough, Doherty, Aiken,
Cason, Copenhaver, and Buselck.
Doughnut basketball will contlnuo,
although there haa been a now align
ment of players In the senior dlvlsou,
leaving three teama,
Messra. Philip Mahoney and Everett
Wilkinson motored to Lexington last
Saturday to see If the Lexington high
sophomores could play a game here
that night. They agreed to come up
and play us, but the car they were to
come In was disabled by a frozen ra
diator and the game had to he called
One of the main attractions at the
P.-T. meeting next Tuesday afteraoon
will be characteristic folk dances of
several countries given hy some of the
girls in physical culture class. Tho
list Includes an American minuet by
Florence Cason and Velma Case, a
Russian dance hy Elaine Slgshee, a
Norwegian nance Dy I'orotny 1'nttlaon
and Lunla Benge, a Spanish dance by
Dorothy Hill and a Scottish dance by
Ethyl Mlkesell, The work will be su
pervised by Misa Moore.
All students returned to school Inst
Tuesday after a week's vacation, and
are now looking forward (?) to the
aemester exams which will begin next
An Informal dance waa given by the
alumni and students of O. A. C. In hon
or of the Seniors on December 29 at tho
Fair Pavilion. Invitations were also
extended to the Juniors. The hnll waa
decorated In the O. A. C. colors, orange
and black, and ft three-piece orchestra
furnished the music. Punch waa aerv
ed by two glrla wearing O, A. C. rooter
caps. It waa pronounced the best dnnce
of the season hy every one who attend-
ed, and we hope there will be more like
Geo. A. Miller of Hlghview waa call
ing on the mayor on Friday,
Mrs. Haxel Logan and chlllren from
lone are visiting friends at Four Mile.
Carl Troedaon and W. Swanaon from
their ranch near lone, were calling In
Cecil vicinity on Friday.
Misa I ties Easton of Myrtle Point was
the week-end guest of Mr. anl Mrs.
Geo. Kreba at the Last Camp.
Misa A. C. Hynd waa the guest of
MIsb Mildred llenriksen at Strawberry
ranch on Monday and Tuesday.
Evorett Logan and family of Fair
view ranch have moved into the Logan
cottage at Cecil for the school pterin.
Herbert Hynd of Hutterby Flats and
Clifford llenriksen of Willow Creek
ranch were Arlington vlaltora Friday.
Cecil Thorne and Walter Pope were
calling on friends around Cecil during
the week, before leaving for Eight
C. A. Mtnr." of honored Cecil
with a visit during the week and waa
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Krebs
at the Last Camp.
Misa Georgia Hummers, student of
Franklin High Schhool at Portland, ar
rived at the Last Camp on Saturday to
spend her vacation.
Misses Mallnda and Sara A. May ar
rived In Cecil on Saturday and will
spend their vacation with their par
ents at Lone Star ranch.
K.l Melton of ltockcllffe is a busy
man these days helping H. J. Streeter
with his wood saw. Ed spent Xmas
with friends at Pilot Rock.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Philips of Portland
arrived at Willow Creek ranch on Mon
day and will work for A. llenriksen
during the coming busy season.
Warner Stender and sister Miss
Flossie arrived on Saturday at Seldom
seen ranch and will visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Stender for some time.
Arthur Turner returned , from Hub
bard, Ore., on Friday where he has
been visiting friends, and will now re
sume his work at Dotheboys Hill
Mlas Mildred llenriksen, student of
Canby school, arrived at Strtawberry
ranch on Saturday and will visit with
her parents before returning to her
Hoy Scott, caml ender for Jack
Hynd, and Geo. Brander arrived Satur
day at Huttcrby Flats with'a line bunch
of sheep frum Hynd Hros.' ranch at
W. (1. Palmateer of Wlndynook was
seen In Cecil on Thursday delivering
turkeys we are told, but we think It
must have ben canaries by the size of
the box he was carrying.
Pavid Hynd of Sand Hollow and
campttMider (leo. J Anderson arrived
at 1'utteiby !!:' en Saturday with a
line bunch of cattle from Hynd Bros.
.ranch at Uklah which will be wintered
at Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. Oral Henrlksen and
daughter, Miss Anna Josephine, left on
the local for Heppner for their ranch
above Heppner after spending the holi
days with their parents at Willow
creek ranch.
The mayor and his family werS
aroused from their plumbers one eve
ning during the week by all their
friends on Willi. . who enlei
talned them with a delightful party
and lunch till the small hours of the
. morning.
Rabbit drives are the fashionable an
nouncements around the Cecil ranches
and no need to say they are well at
tended, especially now when all - the
charming young lady visitors are first
on the scene of action. Constable John
certainty has his hands full chasing
every one to their respective homes
after the drives. The mayor declares
there will be no more drives for he
can't get his men lined up for work any
more. The deputy says yes, there will
be drives, so It goes on.
Last Wednesday evening the fourth
number of the lyceum course was given
In the high school auditorium. The
entertainer was J. Franklin Babb.
"100, Man' la tho lecture that stirred
New England and also entertained tho
people of Heppner. Many praises were
heard for Mr. Habb as the audience left
I ho auditorium.
Hell Hinging (timrlrt.
The Boll Ringing Male Quartet will
be here Monday, January 16. These
hoys are one of the great hits of the
lyceum because thoy make their pro
gram full of brilliancy and snap. The
Bell Ringing is something different,
and these boys also sing, and give an
Interpretation of Shakespeare's "Mer
chant of Venice." This program will
be held at the Star Theater, Monday,
January 16.
Tho CIvIcb clnss is having nn exten
sive study of the charter nnd govern
ing bodies of Heppner. Tuesday nlghi
they attended a council meeting where
1 trey learned many profitable things,
The material for rooters' caps has
arrived and the Sophomores spent
Tuesday nnd Wednesday evenings mak
ing caps for the Freshles, or other new
students who desire them.
Because of the else of the second
year domestic science clnss, It has been
necessary to divide It. It has been ar
ranged for one half of the class to pre
pare the lunch while the other half re
cites from the text book. The classes
will exchange duties every two or three
Mrs. Hopper musio Instructor, Is de
tained In Arlington on account of Ill
ness. Otherwise all of the teachers
have returned.
Mr. James, while In Portland last
week, attended tho State High Sohoo.
Alhletlo Association and took a very
I active part In this meeting. Several
yWCy i -nT" felONT USED TO GO IP 000?m
"V' A V RiDiNG WITH "S Cgitzft
amendments were made to the athletic j
rulings. nr. dames waa ituii0iu
for the following: Students must not
only be enrolled in four BUbjects but
must be taking four subjects; all stud
ents, to be eligible for athletics, must
have done passing work in three sub
jects the previous semester. This last
amendment eliminates the old provle
lon for making up flunked work. The
association voted to suspend several
schools from the association, and all
athletic relations were severed with
Columbia University.
The high school rooms have each
been presented with a large calendar
through the kindness of Humphreys
Orug Company.
School Caleadar.
January 10. P.-T. meeting.
January 11, 12, 13. Final "exams"
for the semester.
January 16. Beginning of second
semester. Lyceum number, Bell Ring
ing Quartet
The first-year sewing class began
work on their middies last Wednesday.
The next ar'nlos to be made by the
second-year clasa are silk dresses,
which are expected to be completed by
Dongkaut League Basketball Per
centage to Jaaaary 1. 1S22.
Senior Division
Team Won Lost Per.
Turtles - 0 1000
Heart Breakers 3 1 750
Five Fire Files 1 2 338
Bears 1 25
Super Omnes 0 2 000
Junior Division
Bear Cats 4 ! 667
Beea 4 2 667
Bone Heads 2 I 00
Gray Backs 2 4 333
The roof of our school building la In
a very poor condition. When
weather does not act Just right.
often receive a shower from above.
Several Latin plays, one of which Is
to be presented to the assembly, were
procured by Miss Moore, Latin Instruc
tor, while In Salem recently. The Latin
and Caesar classes will learn the ploy
as part of their class work.
Report of Work Done by the
County Nurse for December
No. of visits made to schools 16
No. of children examined 878
No. of children 10...- 24
No of defects noted and referred for
Defects of vision 17
Nasal obstruction 9
Enlarged Tonsils - 62
Defective teeth 212
Skin disease .
lOxcluded from school
Home calls
Miscellaneous calls -
Home Social Service calls
School talks given -.
Talks to ParentB-Tenchers 4
Crippled children referred to State
Medical School 2
Lord's Pay, January 8.
Had Ood lorgotten you at the begin
ning of this week your funeral would
have been held on Tuesday; but he re
membered you nnd you are atlll alive
and active. It's a Byuare deal not to
forget Him, as wo make our plans; It
Is far better to Include In yours the at
tendance on the Sunday church ser
vices. You will bo cordially welcomed
at the First Christian Church. Bible
Bchool 10 n. m communion and preach
ing nt II, and Christian Endeavor and
preaching service In the evening.
"Come nnd worship with us nnd we
will do thee good."
A. B. Strait was over from Boardman
Wednesday to present a new petition
for a ferry franchise to the county
court. Mr. Strait has moved the loca
tion of his ferry again and desires to
get a landing on the Oregon side of the
Columbia at Boulder, which Is just op
posite Alderdale In Washington. If
this franchise is granted, It will not be
necessary for the Portland Chamber of
Commerce to take away that road
money from rendleton In order that
the Wnllula cut-off on the Columbia
highway be constructed. The Yakima
and all contingent Washington terri
tory that Portland Is Interested In can
route their tourists via the Strait ferry
and save lota of travel. Mr. Strait Is
convinced this new location la Just the
Ideal one for a ferry.
R. H. Lee and family are new ar
rivals from Portland, Mr. Lee being tho
fireman on the Heppner local at the
present time.
Rabbit ShOOterg Slid "Gun
Men" Please Take Notice
At a meeting held In the office of
County Agent Calkins last evening, a
rabbit hunt waa organixed to take :
place on Sunday next Some fifteen peo
ple were present at thla meeting and
signed up for the hunt, and It la de
sired to get aa many more aa poasible.
Those who will take part In this shoot
are requested to leave their names
either with C. H. La tour ell at hia gar
age, or at the store of Patterson ft Son.
On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Latourell
and Capt. J. W. Cook will choose teams j
from the list of names and complete the
organlcatlon for the hunt. No guna of
larger calibre than .22 specials will be
allowed, and the loosing team in the
contest will "set up" the eats to the
winners. The contest gives promise of
being a hot one, and in the meantime
Mr. Rabbit better be seeking out safe
places for hiding, for his tribe will be
greatly reduced when, the assault la
made. The hunt will take place In the
north end of the county.
I,le mm lt Mr."
"bne of the most appealing features
of 'Live and Let Live," William Chris
ty Cabanne'a powerful Robertson -Cole
production to be seen at the Star Thea
ter Sunday is the humanness of the
characters which move throughout the
story. There are no "movie" of fic
ticious types; no dark, smirking vll
llans "still pursuing," no curly-headed,
strong-armed heroes or simpering, sob
bing little Ingenues. There are Instead
the simple, kindly folk one meets Is
every-day life.
Indeed "Live and Let Live" Is a pro
duction which, from every angle, be-
I sneaks sincerity and genulness. Writ-
theiten and directed by William Christy
weir.ah-nnB himself. It shows how very
often well-intentioned people may be
cause of prejudice and bigotry Involve
not only their closest friends and rela
tives but also themselves in heart
breaking tragedies.
PatroB-Teaehrn' Association Meeting.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Patron-Teachers' Association will be
held In the High School auditorium on
Tuesday, January 10, at J:30 In the af
ternoon. The program will be as fol
lowa: Playlet, "Washington at Valley
Forge" and dramatlxation of "The
Mountain and the Squirrel" by the 4th
Piano duet by Willetta Barratt and
Doris Mahoney.
Folk dances by Miss Moore's class.
All members and friends are urged
to attend.
County Agent Calkins has been busy
nt Irrigon and Cecil this week In help
ing with big rabbit drives. There is a
determined effort being made to rid the
various sections of the county of these
pests, and the present time would Beem
to be propitious,
r ,
Star Theater
Sunday, January 15th.
Tuesday, January 17th.
IjV f
ik BEAUTY )h v
sill U!OCA3T TO.
First Legion Smoker Friday
Night Was Snappy Affair
A good crowd attended the first Le-.
gion amoker of the season at the Fair '
pavilion last Friday evening, and they
were entertained by several good bouts. I
The first match on the card, between ;
Copenhaver and Witcraft. went to the
former on two Btraight falls. Witcraft
uuvu nit wiu as uu, guunB
promise of being a very clever mat man
when he haa had time to develop.
The four-round boxing match be-
tween Johnson and Eads was a snappy
one, and although Johnson seemed to
have the edge, Eads made him extend 01 "er "ere present. the enrisuan cnurcn nere.
himself. These two will take on lone's One of the little daughters of M.r. and .j
best slugger, at lone the last of thU1. Jam Farley had her hand brok- , Mrs- V"lgS'0t .uMetf
...,. tA- .u,. .... r... ei, D. ,iv thi. w..u. .wi. ..tiJ& the meeting on the subject of
" n, ,vuiuuu tuccuiiK nuati miu baud
...... i
mug, urn wiemiiiig uco. wii
Harry Turner and Harvey Bauman was
, tar and away the best. While both men
took one fall, they were working all
the time, and were very evenly matched
although Turner outweighs Bauman by
a score of pounda. The other feature,
four rounds of boxing between Lieu
alien and Valentine, was rather disap
pointing because the boys did not show
the pep that was expected of them.
A fast match between Bucknum and
Ward took well, Bucknum winning the
It is expected that the Heppner post
will entertain a team from lone soon,
and when that comes off there will be
something worth while attending, for
the local boya want to even up their
football record.
Ralph Sperry and Woman
Companion Hurt in Crash
Patrolman Ralph Sperry,
231 Knott
street, is In St. Vincent's hospital with
broken collar bone and Mrs. Jose
phine Newkirk, his companion, is in the
same hospital badly hurt, the result of
an automobile smashup at East Elev
enth street North and Schuyler Btreet
about 9:30 last night At the time of
the accident Patrolman Sperry was sup
posed to be on duty.
Margaret Cook, 17, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter M. Cook, 436 East
Eighteenth Btreet North, who drove the
automobile that was struck by Sperry's
machine, alleged In her acoldent report
that Sperry was drunk and that a pint
bottle of liquor was taken from him
after the accident
Sperry's car struck the Cook car on
the richt rear wheel, spinning it around
and shaking up the occupants. His ma
chine then overturned, pinning him and
Mrs. Newkirk beneath it. Miss Cook
was unhurt. Tuesday's Oregonlan.
Former Hrppner Tailor Die.
Word was received here on Monday
by Gay M. Anderson, secretary of the
local lodne of Elks, announcing the
death on January 1, at Salt Lake City
of Louis Pearson, a member of the
Heppner lodge, and formerly engaged
in the merchant tailoring business in
this city, Mr. Pearson retired from
business here shortly after the big Are
of 1918, in which his place of business
and stock of goods were destroyed.
When he left Heppner he was in fail
ing health, but had been much uetter
since going to Salt Lake. His death
was from heart disease.
Revtvnl at Lexington,
Evangelist F. Wallace Zook is now
with the Church of Christ at Lexington.
The meeting began with him Sunday
with a packed house both morning and
evening. The spirit is fine and a great
ingathering is expected as well as much
help to the church and community.
Evangelist Zook is making good all
that is expected. He is a very live
speaker nnd is full of Pible knowledge
In the old Gospel. Services are held
every evening except Saturday at 7:30
o'clock. The Bible School expects to
reach the one hundred mark next
Lord's Day. Not only Is everyone In
vited to come but you will all be glad
that you came, Arthur A. Harriman,
Rcllrf Corp Will Initall.
The annual InstaUation of olricers of
the Relief Corps will bo held at I. O. O.
F. Hall on Wednesday, January 11th,
at 2:30 p. m. Refreshments will be
served and all members are requested
to be present. A special invitation la
extended to the veterans of the Grand
Miss Opal Briggs, of the local tele
phone exchange, is spending the week
In Tortland enjoying her vacation. 1
For .o4 Mat aot bis lorn Lata tke j
world to eoadeaaji tke worldt bait 1
that tke world through Hlna aalsht j
b saved. Jobs 1:17. Suggested 7 j
Sam Turner returned home from
Portland the first of the week. He en
joyed a few daya of the vacation aea
son in the big city.
Elmer Peterson and Thoa, Hughes, U.
of O. students who have been spending
the holidays with the home folks, re
turned to Eugene on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Keithly returned
to their home at Walla Walla on Satur
day, after spending ten days visiting
with relatives and friends here and at;!".
Born At their home in thte B. F.
Swaggart neighborhood northeast of
Lexington, Tuesday, January 3, 1S22, to
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Way, a 9-pound
J. E. Musgrave runs a small farm on
lower Khea creek and he reporta condi
tions quite good in hia locality. He
was in Heppner on Wednesday looking
after business affairs.
Dr. Mc-Murdo reports the birth of a
10-pounU son to the wife of Guy Ful-
ler, at the home of Adam Knoblock on
' Rhea cieek, Dec 30. The home of Mr.
and Mrs. Fuller la at Monument.
! Mia. Frank Turner took charge of
the echool in the K.elley district Tues
day morning and will finish the term.
Miss Gertrude Lee, who waa teaching
thl" -hool, resigned at the
W. T. Mcltobertg underwent an oper-
".on , ome , in - Uy on We-.
ation, and in the course of ten da'8 or
two weeks Mr. McRoberts should be.
A short letter received from Mrs.
Carrie Vaughn this week states that
she is with her brother at Centralis,
Wash., who has been very sick but is
now improving. They are having lota
' '
new iiiai. Vi u in thi. n.r,. r.. Ki.i.
o-.....e j
A. A. McCabe, who is an extensive.
tarmer residing in the Fairview dis-
trict south of lone, was In the city for
. a short time yesterday. He Is hoping
I for a heavy fall of enow; says it will
'; be a mighty good thing for the grain
that la comnlg up. - - )
Mrs. Tom Johnson, who has taken
the place of Miss Bunge aa county
nurse, was called to Pendleton for a
, few i!tya this week. Miss Bunga re-
1 signC(i her position here as county
1 nra ,i rotnmeri tn hor h in tho
j eaat t0 be marrlea,
.,.,,,. .,. ,i . kj
by the alumni and students of O. A. C.
at the Fair Pavilion on last Thursday
evening. Students of Heppner high
school were specially invited guests
and some fifty couples were present to
enjoy a few hours of dancing.
land on the first of the week. With
I Mrs. W. P. Mahoney, Miss Vera Ma -
noney aim airs. a. ij. Ayers, mts. .lara
was on last rriday evening initiated
into the White Shrine, a new "side
degree" of the Order of Eastern Star.
John G. N'illson, for many years a
resident of the lone section, died at
that place on Monday evening after an court on a charge of violalinir the pro.
illness of some duration, Mr. Nillson hibltlon law.
was a carpenter and builder by trade J
and had followel this line for many: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mahoney re
years in this county. He was a mem-; turned from Portland last evening,
ber of the I. O. O. F. and Masonic or- They have been spending several dayt
ders. His funeral is to be held at lone of the past week visiting in the me
at 2 o'clock today. ; tropolia.
Rev, Walter
Revival Will Begin January 15
Harmon aiul liatos, national cvangt'lists, will begin
a scries of revival liieelinss at. the First Christian Church
here, January 15, and plan to continue as hm as the in
terest in that work justifies. This is a strong team, ami
tho community has every reason to anticipate a great re
vival of religion under the inspiration of their leadership.
The teachera and pupil of Lexington
school were very agreeably surprised
by a visit from Santa Claus Friday
morning, December 23.
When the teachers arrived at school
in the morning, each teacher's desk was
nlltd with candy and orangea for each
pupil in her room, with an extra box of
choice candy for the teacher. A little
American flag waa tn the middle of each
huge pile. Santa also left a long letter
to be read to the pupils, telling of his
hardships in reaching the echool houss.
Many little hearta were made glad
by this generous and big hearted Santa
The first of a seriea of educational
films from the Extension Department
of the University of Oregon was shown
Tuesday evening, Dec. 27, at the movie
hall. These pictures were shown under
the auspices of the I'arent-Teachera'
Association of Lexington. It Is hoped
that a program of tbia kind will be held
once a month during the remainder of
the school year. About 200 parenta and
children were present.
A delightful Christmas program waa
given Christmas night by the Sunday
School and choir of the Congregational
church. This Sunday echool also re
membered the Near East sufferer! and
sent in an offering of 140.3d to the re
lief fund.
The Lexington High school boya are
i practicing basketball in the movie hail
.hnol and the
, m gW. a program COIffli.ung
of drills and calesthentica in the near
The regular monthly meeting of the
j Parent-Teachera" Association will be
held Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 10, at 1
1 o'clock In the High School auditorium
instead of Tuesday evening on account
1 of the aeries of meetings being held tn
, ,
i "Good Literature.'
She la a very able
) something good.
I urged.
The members of the C. E. of the
-Christian church of Lexington held ft
; watch party last Saturday evening, Deo.
31. Devotional services were begun
shortly before the ending of the old
j yeai. ana were continued until the qe-
ginning of tho new year,
Friends of Vernon Waid are glad to
know he ia out of the hospital and 1ft at
home at Stanfield, getting along very
nicelv. He has been In tho St, Anthony
hospital at Pendleton for the past two
months with a broken leg. A
bucked into a concrete watering truogh
with him. He threw himself clear ex
cept his foot which caught, breaking
his leg just above the ankle. It was ft
bad break andb y the time he reached
the hospital it was in very bad condi
tion. Contributed.
j un t. pi.
H. P. Sweetland, deputy U. a Marshal,
arrived from Portland on last Thurs
day evening, and on Friday morning
returned to the city, having in charge
Harley and Elmer Matteson, who will
have to answer before the U. S. district
.1 'I
-... .... ' ' .- -i k $
E, Harmon
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